Are you aware of blogging?

Have you heard the word “Blog” these days, and it’s the most current word in the world of the internet.  Newbies or freshers often have a question “what is blogging” And “what is an seo”.

Blogging has become the main source to attract a niche market. and  SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization as the names sound the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

So l will give you a brief description of what is blogging. BlogDada” gives you some easy and simple tips for Blogging.

History of  Blogs: Blogs ongoing during the early 90’s as a journal and from then it has been growing it’s status day by day. Now in 2020, there are more than 800 million blogs and the sum goes on. There are numerous free and self-hosted stages of blogging, but if you are earnest about your blog or website, then you must go for self-hosted stages. Many people wanted to choose a profession as a blogger and they will not because numerous of them nervous about one thing?

That is the future of the blog, is there any future of the blog. I say Yes, as you know that nowadays shopping is also online, no one has to go to the mall for shopping all is done while sitting at home. So think if you have a chance to can earn from home, obviously, no one wants to lose this opportunity to earn from home, all want this chance, so there is a future of blogging.

Forthcoming Blogs:

The internet is increasing its workers and as the network is spreading its arms around the world, successful bloggers is also flying high on seven stars. Blogs are attractive, popular nowadays, and in the future, it will be having a more vital role in career selections.

Today, many have started their blogging careers, some are struggling and some are earning on it. They will convert twice or thrice or even more in the upcoming days.

What is Blogging?

In easy words:- A blog can be supposed as a web book or a web journal. Every blog has its specific subject, which is well-run on a regular basis. A blog is also called a weblog. A Blogging Platform Sites for Bloggers.

A Blog can be signified in text or video or image setup, or it may include two or more formats at the same time as some blogs use both text and pictures for the symbol.

It consists of a post showing in opposite written sequential order which suggests the foremost recent post is displayed at the top/first; then consequent recent post comes down/last to that, and it follows. The recent post seems at the bottom or end of the actual blog. It’s just like a news journal, currently, let’s grasp the language and definitions of a blog.

Blog’s Terms:

The Blog’s vocabulary generally consists of the terms related to the word blog. The terms include blogosphere, blogging, blogger, etc.

Here are the definitions:

Blogosphere: It is nil, but the public of the bloggers.

Blogging: The skill of writing a post on a blog.

Blog: A platform that shows all posts, which are enrolled by a blogger.

Blogger: The person who writes a post is a blogger.

How do you identify?

Blogs are attractive more current now a day. Various people have made their alive by blogging while others are showing interest to start blogging. It is useful for some people to gain knowledge concurrently to earn money for others.

Apart from earnings, you can start a blog to precise ourselves, it could be like your individual blog, or may shot into a hobby. You can be creating a successful blog on any niche in which you have awareness in it or any niche which you have desired. Blogging is supportive of both small and large scale industries to recover their sales. A successful blog can be either a commercial or a non-commercial blog.

Who can run a blog?

Well, the reply is simple, everyone can do blogging, and for blogging, it doesn’t need any kind of documentation or any criterion. It’s only blogging can be done by learners or housewives or retired officer or anyone.

The only thing is compulsory to do blogging is to have a PC, a net connection and good English/writing talents. If you are not good at the English language, and you want seriously want to start a blog then don’t worry you can also blog in your own language like Hindi, Arabic, Marathi, Urdu, etc.

This is the question, which frequently doubts the beginners like the previous question, what is successful blogging and who can run a blog?  So don’t worry, I have mentioned above all these questions.

If you are one of them and you seriously want to run a blog then you can do it in any niche, like technology, reviews, music, movies, beauty tips, and news, etc. There is not at all such things that you must blog about only one specific topic like music or somewhat else. You can do blogging on any topic or niche.

Selecting a perfect subject makes your blog more effectively and it also marks the particular group of a spectator and it also recovers your abilities in that specific field.

Types of Bloggers

They are normally many types of bloggers, but usually, we divide them into two types of bloggers. The permanent or full-time blogger and other is the freelancer job or part-time successful bloggers and Successful SEO. Now let’s know about these types of bloggers in brief.

  • Full-time or Permanent Blogger

Full-time bloggers are bloggers who devote their lot of time to successful bloggers means devoting whole time to blogging. These bloggers are called as professional bloggers whose full-time job is blogging only. Full- time bloggers make them alive by blogging strategy and write a good blog post. These bloggers are more serious linked to other bloggers because they pleasure blogging as an occupation.

In this current world of 2016, this is one of the top options where you can work from home and is also an unsafe option too, if you are solemn about it then you can realize a lot in Successful Blogging. If you tried to do new actions and got wedged by anything else, then it may lead to a nasty practice.

  • Part-time or Freelance Blogger

Part-time blogger is those who give 5- 6 hours, don’t spend full time writing a successful blog. A part-time blogger regularly works during his free hours. They generally blog as a pastime or just for fun.

Various part-time bloggers take blogging very seriously, and they always try to change themselves into a pro-blogger and full-time blogger. There are many examples of part-time bloggers, who have already twisted themselves into full-time Blogging SEO Strategy.

Easy Guidelines to Get Better Results

Write imaginary, beneficial content that uses words and phrases used by people who hunt for your products and services.

  • Make it stress-free for folks to share and tie to it.
  • Keep posting regularly!
  • Blog Comments

If any of your visitors are commenting on your blog and asking for some information then you must be ready to reply to him/her. This will not only improve the relationship with the visitor but also increase the visitors. Google still seems to like Blog Comments so I will keep doing them until I see otherwise. Increase Website Traffic Free

You want comments from various IP addresses that look like a conversation is taking place on your site. If you look at some Acne Cure and Weight Loss Blogs, this makes them look great. The easiest way to get various IP addresses is just to outsource the comments, however you can participate yourself. Make sure you do not log in to your actual site while at these other internet access points when you get home you can approve the comments you have left.

To find these an up to date discussion is easy, just check here:

About Blogging Last Verdict

Blogging is the best option for learning and for sharing data. We can earn money from Successful Blogging, can help you in making new friends in this blogosphere from around the world.

I hope you are now clear about what is a blog. So just try gear up yourself to start a blog or a website. You can also choose for online business which will help you in raising your sales through your blog.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it’s vital to seem back at its past. new SEO techniques are the simple activity of guaranteeing a website can be found in search engines for words and expressions applicable to what the site is offering. In many greetings, it’s just quality control for websites. Search Engine Optimization is the single thing a lot of people talk about SEO basics, it’s something that not only can raise your traffic and your website rank on keywords but ultimately will mean to more sales.

The simplest thanks to accomplishing these strategies were higher acknowledged to Black-Hat SEO Strategies as “Keyword Stuffing” and “Link Farming” Google’s procedures had a supercilious goal, serving up the most effective results. Nowadays, things make calmer yourself, below may be a guide that essentially explains what you ought to be searching for in an SEO strategy. What makes one strategy higher than another? Why do you have to ignore some methods completely?

What methods you use to assist, guide your digital selling efforts? my favorite methodologies for strategic design. I am a full-time blogger and write about Blogging SEO and WordPress Perform the job of an SEO professional. So for some SEO strategies, you require only to have exclusive tools. I found that actually work, so today I’m going to make it easy for you, the top one? They are all actionable and you can start using them immediately.

All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and grab one of the white hat SEO techniques below. Here is the first step to becoming an expert at perceptive what strategy may work after another.

Finding Your Keywords & Domain

Keyword research is incredibly important here because this method focuses on ranking your review site on Google for specific keywords. The long-tail keyword that I love the most is “product name + scam” because most people are typing this into the search engines. I go more in-depth into Keyword and Domain research how to find cheap old domains, this Successful SEO guide is primarily about Ranking a site Page one in Google once a site has been built so I will not be going into this area too much. I like to keep this fast and simple, I usually find other sites that work and build around those niches, everything around you is a niche so just take the time to look around your house and backyard if you run out of ideas.

I use 2 free tools for this step: Google Keyword Tool.

  • How to find a Domain

Both of the software can find Exact Match Domains, I particularly like how LTP can search KWs for you only if a domain is available. I like .com/.net/.org exact match domains.

Remember that a good domain is easier to rank than something off the topic of your chosen niche.

  • How to find your RSS Feed

The RSS feed of your site is usually something like

What is SEO Marketing?

Marketing a startup in today’s Internet is a whole dissimilar ball game from 10 years ago. The new face of the Internet needs a fresh strategy when it comes to emerging SEO basics that work to keep your business application in search engine results. SEO and Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses changed. They are more thoroughly interlinked than ever before. This guide will familiarize you with several ways in which your business can make a victory out of SEO basics and marketing.

A Search Engine Optimization mechanism by consuming dissimilar strategies and techniques to develop noticeable improvements to your user’s practice and your presentation in organic examine the results. In a nutshell, successful bloggers SEO basics help search engines find and rank your website over all other websites in answer to a user’s search within an online search engine.

The procedure to improve your website ranking is frequently about making slight changes to your website over time instead of an all-at-once processed. Learning how to type the most out of SEO basics and your website’s content can be cool to pick up but mastery takes time.

1st – Technique 

Write Lengthy Form Content

Many people study articles lengthier than 800 words to be long-form, while others presume that articles need to be excess, 1000 words to be believed of long-form.  Let’s assume that long-form content refers to articles of around 1400 words long. Google continuously rising and also the block entry in the top 10 results became larger. Today, the typical content length of the best 10 results is over 2000+ words. So please make length article and in points which makes the audience easy to read

2nd – Technique 

The practice of synonyms and LSI Keywords: Google started thoughtfully and providing higher outcomes for long-tail search. After that, Google additionally began to read replacements and LSI keywords greater. LSI suggests that hidden grammar collection, that could be a system employed by Google to see a sheet.

To clarify it in frank words, LSI suggests that mistreatment the word gift within the support and explaining that means from it. SEO relied solely on keywords, the keywords that you just wish to rank for in your content isn’t enough. To show a lot of contentedness towards topics, you must embrace several synonyms and different LSI keywords to rank higher most successful blogs.

  • Reason to Use LSI Keywords

As you know that Keyword padding or reciting a similar keyword over and completed on your page in order to rank well doesn’t work like it used to work before. It can really get you in worry these days because it looks scheming, replica and spam.

You will see that Google uses word’s current on the sheet to fix the significance of your or website blog on an exact subject. By using a synonym and other LSI keywords rises the relevancy of your content in Google’s senses. You should use normal words and synonyms make you contented look normal for your blog lovers also. While building backlinks, Mix up your presenters.

The practice of Hidden semantic indexing keywords as well as your board keyword in the anchor text. Use LSI keywords while observing on other blogs of the same place, LSI keywords, you will surprise position for a share of other suitable keywords as well.

  • In what way To Find LSI Keywords

From numerous tools you can see LSI keywords, is one of the simplest device all you want is LSI Graph, a tool which supports you to make LSI keywords. This process, how it seems.

  • To use LSI keywords, you have to go to and enter your key keyword.
  • Answer the Captcha word and click make it. You will get trickle keywords that are associated with your keyword.
  • Take the complete list, paste it into the Google Keyword Planner and fold search data on all keywords.
  • After that choose the keywords with the top sum of traffic and use them as a base keyword in LSI graph application. Now you will have several more keywords to mark.
  • Replicate the process as numerous times, until you produce keywords with attired search volumes.
  • Later you have set your main list of keywords, a choice some keywords that are cautiously related to every other that you can practice in your blog column.
  • It’s that easy process.

3rd  – Technique 

Split Content Suitable Headings

The customer experience is becoming a very significant metric for SEO. The numerous factors that make your user experience. Some of those are:

  • Portable sociability
  • Website Swiftness
  • Use a decent color palette
  • The practice of a worthy font payer
  • A font scope that is not too solid to read
  • Content and User Experience

If you know that People on the web frequently don’t read your complete content branded and improved. They test your content.

  • By splitting content with headings

Please make your content attractive for readers to read and attract them. Make in short points.

  • Need Index Page

Most valuable posts that are very lengthy are to have an index page. To make an index page, you can modest use a plugin for Word Press. It’s free of cost.

  • Write Smaller Paragraphs

Persons hardly recite lengthy paragraphs. To mark it stress-free for folks, write small paragraphs that are no lengthier than 5 lines.

  • Use Headings

A person looks only for the detailed information blog post. By dividing your content with headings, you make sure that -h1 tag with a keyword, -Keyword density – around 3%+, –bold keyword

-a keyword must be at least in the first and last paragraph sentences

-ALT tag in the image with a keyword

-Link out to Authority site

-Link to another post on your site

4th – Technique 

Submit Your Sitemap: When new content is added, make sure to submit your sitemap again in Google. An XML sitemap is created for search engines so they can find your web pages. Make you use the Google XML Sitemap Plugin When you have created the sitemap, create an account at each major search engine to submit the sitemap:

Yahoo! Site Explorer Bing Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools

This is Free and very quick to do.

It is mainly for quick indexing and if any drastic changes have occurred to your site such as category changes, new links, major content on pages added.

5th – Technique 

Use Internal Linking: The idea is to build backlinks to your website, you can do this manually but first, you need to have a list of backlinks. Click-through rate (CTR) is accessible as a level aspect by Google and CTR joint with on-site experience generally counts as a ranking factor Successful Blogging. It has always required providing a superior involvement to its users.

If a worker snapped on a link and remained on the website for a long era of the period, recite more content and engaged with the website, then that worker got the response to the question that you are observing for. You can be profiting from your users spending more time on your website. Operators who apply additional time on your website stay more pages, involve often and result in higher income. The vast manufacturers realize this and used numerous methods to keep clienteles on their websites for a longer period of time.

MIDDLE LAYER – These links will point to the top layer, they are usually web 2.0 properties such as Hubpages can also be other backlinks like profile, forum links, etc.

BASE LAYER – These links will point to the middle layer, they are the same type of links as the middle layer but usually ones with lower PR.

High PR backlinks are what you want pointing at your site. To find them is a bit of a hassle but you can use Google, and a Firefox Tool called SEO quake. First, you will just do a quick search in Google. When you have Successful SEO Quake turned on, under each result it will show the PR of each site. One will find blogs, and one will find Forums.

site: .com inurl:blog “post a comment” “keyword”

site: .com inurl:forum “post a comment” “keyword”

  • Internal Links

Internal links are known as the present links in your content in fact to your own website quite than some other website. These are the hyperlinks that point at (target) a similar domain as the domain that the link happens on (source). Link building Techniques and Internal links useful benefits a subject on your own blog. It can answer queries about your content before the operator leaves your website to find them. SEO basics Keep in mind that next time you write a blog, make certain that you link to your earlier posts. It will make a big change to your most successful blogs.

Code Pattern: <a href=”” title=”Keyword Text”>Keyword Text</a>

6th – Technique 

Use Pictures, Graphs And Multimedia Video: Videos are easy to rank in Google, in fast they shoot up very fast through the rankings. If you have uploaded your video and your articles are ready, embed the video into the article you add to your site. This will give your site more value on Google. Hypermedia is a strong instrument for successful bloggers. In research, it has exposed that images are treated 60000 periods sooner than plain text.

It’s also thought that an image is a value of 1000 words. As you can see that Facebook is mostly focusing on your news feed, it is now completely filled videos & pictures. You can start your YouTube channel content in the video method. This method you use will extremely depend on you and your spectators.

7th – Technique 

Improve For Social Networks Sharing: Social stuff is fantastic for your site, Google is relying a lot on social interaction with websites. SEO authorities are not social signs support with a Successful Blogs SEO. New research by me gave diverse thoughts about social networks sharing. I did find that page on the top of the outcomes had the supreme social shares, but there is no method to check what caused what. I think that by social shares you can come on the top results page on Google page. You can easily produce traffic from social media as well. If you somehow got blessed social networks sharing benefit. It’s well recognized that Google also measures optimize your post on social sharing key on your posts and inspire your readers to share.

  • Social Markup

Have you heard about schema markup? To benefit Google appreciate what content is about, It can comprise some markup in your postcode which will sign to Google what your post is about.

Google will practice this markup to make a choice for your website rank. When you share something on the Facebook page and make thumbnail images. Share Facebook your timeline or page. Then share the post on applicable Facebook groups.

WPSSO plugin for Word Press that insets the suitable markup all your social media. This plugin presently supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, and Schema markups for commercial profiles.

8th – Technique 

Yahoo Answers is a great place to get backlinks, especially if you get the best answer. Yahoo Best Answer and had a site zoom to page 1 overnight Successful Blogging. Type into Google – in site: “keyword”

Replace “keyword” of course with your very own keyword, a list of Answers will come up that you can respond to in your niche.

9th – Technique 

Article Submission: This may not be as powerful as it used to be according to some, however, I still continue to do it for as many backlinks as possible from good sites SEO basics.

If you are going to do it yourself, submit to the following sites:


These are only a few sites, but these are all great to use. I, however, prefer to outsource this method as usual.

9th – The Technique (A)

Site Submission & Ping: Once you have added your first piece of content and publish it, you need to get your site indexed in the search engines. Ok so now it is time to get some quick backlinks, these will also help your sites get indexed.

Just go to each site I have listed below, enter your URL and Keywords, it is pretty straightforward with this.

First I ping my site on:


and bookmark the site. This process usually gets your site indexed in 24 hours or less. Do not start backlinking until your site is indexed.

How do you know if your site is indexed? That’s easy, just head over to Google and type in your site in the Search field like this:

When your site is indexed, it will show up in the search results, so if you see it then you’re indexed. If not, you’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer or you can go to and bookmark your site there. Digg is a very popular site and the Google spiders are crawling it constantly, SEO basics so your site can get indexed pretty quickly that way.

10th – Technique 

Without promotion, your content will be useless, no matter how interesting it is. Most bloggers devote most of their time creating new content, a waste of time. You may transcribe the top, most astonishing, feature-rich, backed by unique research, Your blog can be much more positive creating the content. Promotions can be numerous types. Some can be free; some might be paid. I prefer and use some of these promotional learn blogging SEO strategy: After that, share your post on other content sharing stages.

I have covered wherever to find, how to discover and where to practice, though my first guide to you is that never overdo anything, rather inscribe excellence content for users, you will routinely end up with having these keywords once you are done with the article. Do your exercise and know what kind of content your possible customers are looking for.

Create a great site, create content persons need and make it stress-free for them to share it. Do this and you’ll shock to see your website traffic increase.

Add Tracking To Your Website: You’ll want to make sure to set up a solid tracking platform such as or a perfectly good free one, Google Analytics. It is a matter of personal preference, but you can use whatever you like. The important thing is that you can see what all your visitors are doing on your sites.

I would like to you get better results and better traffic applying these SEO strategies. All these Strategies are dominant and actionable.

Content is King for your website, a well-written article with Successful SEO can rank high very quickly. Remember that great content will be shared naturally and may go viral which will bring a flood of traffic.

Good luck and I hope you take action on this post because it’s absolutely possible and the opportunities are endless.

I hope you all enjoy Successful Blogging and Advanced SEO Strategy. Please share your experience with us. If you have any queries regarding this guide, ask me.

Drop your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below and Don’t forget to hit that social sharing button. Thanks for reading, keep visiting us for more updates.

Happy Blogging 🙂