Those who all hard work and want to put your website traffic into leads, then don’t waste the time, it is the time when you can turn your visitors into leads and increase rates, generating more sales and increasing your income; after all, that’s why you’re in trade isn’t it? More traffic to a website does not always mean additional revenue, unless the income model is decently based on display advertising. If you’re prepared to learn the ways to convert traffic into leads which is all about making website visitors customers.

How to convert website traffic into leads?

Here you will learn the ways of making website visitors, clients then look no back. Let’s start with some main points as the basis of our SEO crash course on converting traffic into sales and leads. Display publicity model brings the lowest income per visitor associated with all the other income models and there are some studies that advise that only 27% of the internet visitors actually end up looking at a display ad.

So one of the best ways to monetize internet web traffic is to adapt them into leads and then approve a product or service to them via email marketing or a follow up phone call. This is also called Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing advertising is no lengthier actual, because people are getting better at tuning out of phase.

The next best method to appeal traffic to a website is through seo content marketing. Content marketing is best done through blogging, social media and email marketing. All the guidelines below are found in my personal experience working on blogs which run on the WordPress stage. If your blog or content system is not based on WordPress, you will still find these tips valuable.

In this post we will not be covering how to attract traffic but rather we will talk about how to convert this traffic into leads. So come and lets see to it.

1. Landing Pages

But today, thanks to search engines that have repeatedly improved their search capability, the home page of a website isn’t essentially the one shown in search results. The page is most relevant to the search request is the one accessible. Landing pages are one of the most active ways to change a visitor into a lead. It is  a chance to present your message to a specific spectator. While the determination of many content pages on websites is to provide info landing pages are planned for collecting contact information. Landing pages combined with targeted traffic can give a change ratio of as high as 50-60%.

You can also plan a landing page on your own by using some plugins and themes that are accessible in the market,which makes the formation of landing pages very easy. Optimize Press is one such WordPress theme which can help you create landing pages easily. Different landing pages are most striking to different people or groups and one should never trust on only one landing page. It is often a decent impression to send traffic to the landing page via a blog and then measure which landing page performs better.

Here is the example of a landing page which is known as It is a leader in Inbound marketing software and methodology endorses that a business should have as much as 40-50 landing pages with different proposals.

2. Have a contact number on your website Home Page

By having a contact number on the top of the home page, it becomes easier for the users ask questions directly to the website owner. It takes trust to the customers and they get impressed with your services. This is a good positive sign for your website.

3. Announcement Bars

Announcement bars are the complete width symbols at the top of the websites. Internet operators have been “trained” to pay dedication to the notification bars because the browsers usually display warning messages like a missing plugin or a blocked popup in the notification bar. These bars stay on the top of everything and many such bars can be configured to stick to the top even when persons scroll down the website. It is a very decent attention grabber.

One can put an email form in the announcement bar itself or there can be a link to one of the landing pages from the announcement bar. is a good answer and example for notification bars. They have dissimilar plans based on how many clicks you will receive and they also offer split testing choices where you can track the performance of different words and call to action links.  It is a bit costly and if you want a free solution you can go to the WordPress plugin called Notification Bar. The options in it are incomplete and works only for WordPress. Website Traffic Into Leads, If you search around, there are many free and paid replacements to put up a notification bar on your website.

4. Opt-In Forms in Sidebars and Below Posts

As you can see that the sidebar of any blog area are great sites for opt-in forms. People pay kindness to the sidebars when they are not attentive in the content and there is a high chance that they will opt-in for an applicable offer. People finish reading blog posts, they typically don’t know what to do. If you have nothing to arrest their care they will just leave.

You can create your own opt-in forms or you can use WordPress plugins like OptinSkin where you can create beautiful forms for blog posts and sidebars.

Plugins such as OptinSkin also has click tracking and split testing built it so it develops very easy for you to optimize the opt-in form.

5. Unblockable Popup Formulas

As you have seen in many websites and blogs, Unblockable pop- ups are one of the finest methods to convert web traffic into leads. About 2% to 10% of your everyday blog traffic are conceivable to convert into leads based on the achievement of your offer. For WordPress, there is a plugin called Popup Domination which can make artistically pleasing popup forms on your website. Popup  plugin is a premium plugin and it also offers split testing and tracking options.

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6. Welcome Redirects

This method makes  possible to redirect the first time guests of your blog to a landing page where they are asked to opt-in in return for something valuable such as a free e-book or a bulletin. Such plugins will only redirect  to new visitors and returning visitors will only see your home page. The below image shows how has made use of the welcome redirect to convert first time visitors into leads.

It is a very good choice for capturing a lot of leads in a small period of time, it is not the most optional method. It touches the user experience on various levels. The welcome redirects can be used for a short period of time to get an improvement in leads and then it can be twisted off.

QuickSprout has launched a free plugin called Welcome Redirect. Another choice is Welcome Gate by a corporation called LeadBrite.

7. About Us Page

By including an about us page on your website, you are encouraging the user to trust your services. If you have an about us page, with some great back story about yourself, sharing the motive of starting your business with a great mission statement, not only it will bring interest into the visitors but it will also inspire them.

You can easily include a sign up page on your About Us page. When people become more engaged in your story, you will have a chance to get the leads. Moreover, you can also offer your stuffs from your About Us page.

8. Let your videos speak to the audience

Now a days visual communiqué is so important. And the  on-site video is the most important visual tool you can use to keep clients on your website. With the approval of web videos, a new breed of opt-in forms have become popular with digital marketers. They are opt-in methods inside videos. The following screenshot shows a video with an opt-in form which pops up during the video and lets the internet user  is continue watching the video after an opt-in. You can also make it mandatory to opt-in by disabling the skip this step option. The form can be organized to appear in the opening or the end of the video.

9. Headers Systems

You can place an opt-in box in the header zone, it is the most treasured piece of real estate on any website. Studio Press has a theme called Generate which has a header opt-in form built into it. You can also grow a custom theme if you have the resources and also divided test it to improve its changes. Reading this post will get the idea and develop somewhat which will help guys like you and me!

10. Contain Opt-in form on homepage

Having an opt-in form on the front home page is always cooperative. It supports people to improve the change rate. When the companies visit your website or blog, like your services, straight they will submit their details.

Make assured your Opt-in form looks striking with an exclusive hit line that clearly shows the benefit for the operators. If your form is attractive, you will confidently generate leads through it. Try to tool the form on the top right of your website.

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Now is your time

So I hope now  you’ve learnt the most significant features for your blog or websites. convert website traffic into leads, Now you are ready to follow it! You need to do for your business when it comes to making website visitors clients. Though there are different techniques to lead generation, the underlying concept is the same.

Attract visitors by providing them valuable content and then get consent to email them in the most real way. Give persons something valuable in the email so that you can build trust and then you can present what you have to sell a non-obvious manner.

You must generate leads. Try to include a lead capture form so that it becomes easier for the users to make contact. Whenever you release new products, you can easily shoot mails.

Do you know any other method of converting traffic into leads? Let me know. If you have any point that can improve this article, please do suggest it. There is always a room for improvement. If you stick to all these basics, surely you will grow your business at a rapid rate.

The information given above,  you should use it to your best benefit to make the changes you want or attention on new parts to promise and you are converting your traffic into leads.

So, what do you think how much you will produce traffic after understanding this one?

If you’re not fully assured in what to do why not consent it to the professionals, leave it to us the  SEO Company’s.

If you have any queries regarding this guide, ask me. Drop your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below and Don’t forget to hit that social sharing button.