Sure, we want higher search rankings for our blog, but that does not mean we can attract users. If we write all our blogs using so-called New SEO Techniques, sometimes it gets gibberish and we are unable to develop a connection with our readers.

I take blogging as a passion, I get frustrated with the lack of success, but that does not hold me back. I write and write day in and day out. Blogging is something I do out of love for writing and helping others.

People always come first when I write, and you can understand that when you read my blogs. If I am finding a trouble with some stuff and find the solution for the problem, then why not share it with others. These post might ease what they are looking for and well there it is. The formula to success in building a great relationship with your readers.

Try and solve their problem, see what the audience want to write on it. Help them as much as you can with your post.

In short, Write post that develops a bond between readers and the blogger!

To the reader, it’s the useful nature that helps them to connect with our blog and keep coming back for more articles. Believe me, you will read this article more than other posts like web hosting and be making money online. That is a fact, it’s the very human nature of this post that will make you read this post.

I am also a reader, I need good stuff. How can a blogger write good blog posts?

Yes, I am also a reader. I developed an idea of making a blog while reading. I am addicted to reading blogs related to my niche. I read many top blogs and some sweet ones that has made Website Reviews and Blogging Tips Blog so popular in just 6 months. I know how much I get pissed off with stupid content.

If you are looking to inspire yourself with the art of writing a blog that will make your reader connect, here are some recommendations:

  • Shoutmeloud
  • BloggingCage
  • Allbloggingtips
  • BasicBlogtips

Make it a habit, reading. The more read about your niche at different website and blogs, the more you learn and educate yourself. A learned person can provide information to others more accurately and in a friendly manner. Work hard and never lose faith, try to inspire yourself.

Write on stuff what you love. Develop a sense of humor or a storytelling method. Try every possible stuff and don’t ever get discouraged. Remember this is the world of internet, there are more than billion users surfing the net daily. If a thousand does not like your post, there is a chance that million others would have a different opinion about your blog posts.

Guidelines for Good Blog Post for Readers

1. Keep it Unique in a different manner

A blog post should be Unique, and from Unique I don’t mean that it should be copy free or duplication free (though that is necessary to keep your blog rising).

All the content in the top and average blogs are somewhat unique. In the sense that they original content but I am not talking about that unique. The Unique word used here, stands for rocking, convincing and fun to read.

How can you make your blog post unique?

Whenever you write a post, give it your own style. I was watching You, Me and Dupree, a Hollywood movie, one day. There was this line, add a “ness” to your name. Yes, “Ness”, Like Pavitra becomes Pavitra-ness. It has a simple meaning, whatever you do in life add your flavor and style in it.

Seriously it does work. Whenever you are going to write a new blog, add your style. Rather than making the blog sound gibberish, why not make it more interesting by adding your own ways. Apply your knowledge and tips.

Like when you write about “Premium Theme vs Free themes”. There are many posts on this issue and you can certainly not apply much of research in it before writing a post cause it’s all common. Still, you can add a little flavor and make it stand better than the rest. When I wrote this article, I even shared my own tips that applied on themes and today I have visitors flowing into that page till date.

So, remember to add your style to a post and make it unique and stand out to your reader.

2. Make The Most Useful and Informative

Apart from writing on blogging, I am also an avid Android user. Time to time I write about Android and most of my Android posts are on the top page of Google search.

How did got to the first page? Well, it was not through backlinks or PPC campaign but because my topics were useful to people who came in looking for those tutorials. These tutorial pages have served me very well and through them, I discovered what useful posts are capable of.

When you write posts that are useful to readers, they keep on checking your blog from time to time for new posts and therefore your blogs in a winning situation.

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To make a post useful write it with precise knowledge and screenshots for every step and every product. Let the reader know what to do next. If they get stuck, add in your email address so they can contact directly on your email and get their problems solved. At the end, it all lies in building relationships with your readers.

3. Make The Tips Applicable

Usefulness is complimented when the tips and instruction are applicable, people will love your post where the tips are totally applicable to the readers.

Share tips that do not require much work and does not need us to buy any stuff, let those tips work for free. The more practical tips are the more genuinely your blog excels.

When the reader uses your blogs to solve a solution, make sure they do it by giving useful and applicable tips.

4. Have a Solid Web Page

Yes, this does matter. The better the web pages look, the more readers will love to read your blog. I hate to break it to you, but this is where selection and money plays a role.

Try to get a good web host like Hostgator or DreamHost. A good web host will provide better loading speed for your blog. Have a clean theme that looks attractive but has no clutter, goes for premium themes like Elegant themes. Have the low amount of ads and that too from good advertisement network.

5. Structure of a Good Blog Post

Till now, we were discussing the way we should killer articles that will be loved by readers but how to implement them with total impact. Here the structure plays a crucial role.

If you have good structure, readers will take less time reading them and their learning curve will increase. More of all, it will make your blog attractive. So get on with and here is a structure that you can implement on your blogs.

  • Have a good blog title: This will attract readers.
  • Have a hooking intro: This will make readers curious to read the full post.
  • Add one or more images.
  • Have lots of white spaces to avoid clutter.
  • Have a fantastic theme design
  • Use a low amount of ads and avoid pop up and pop-under ads.

So, This what Makes a Good Blog Post for Readers

So, these are tips I guess will help you write an excellent blog post for your readers. Blogging is alive due to you all readers out there, else we would never exist. 

If I may have missed anything, Please Leave a comment below right now!

Till then  🙂 Happy Reading BlogDada Blogging 🙂 And, remember to write good posts so that readers love you.