If you are serious about YouTube SEO, you’re certainly familiar with TubeBuddy. Its time to go deep down with the TubeBuddy review.

TubeBuddy is effectively a licensed YouTube SEO tool and chrome plugin that links directly to your Youtube dashboard. If you update it on your browser (which is really easy!) and log in, your YouTube dashboard becomes totally upgraded! (With lots of new features!). It’s YouTube certified because you know it’s 100 percent secure and it’s fast to install too.

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As you know that YouTube is a platform from which you can make money. And to make money from YouTube, you have to upload videos to YouTube, and after that, you have to monetize that video.

Monetizing a video on YouTube is difficult because if you want to monetize your YouTube video, then you must have at least 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel.

And it is very difficult to fulfill this requirement for a YouTube channel that has just started uploading videos on YouTube.

But there is a tool named TubeBuddy that can help those who have just started a YouTube channel and want their YouTube channel to get 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers as soon as possible.

Their YouTube channel gets monetized, and after that, they can make money from their YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy is an extension to the browser that lets you improve the way your YoutTube channel is managed and growing.

You’ll love TubeBuddy if you want more followers and more sales from your YouTube channel. 

In this article, I will give you a review of TubeBuddy, and I will tell you how you can use TubeBuddy to grow your YouTube channel.

What is TubeBuddy?

So as I said above, the TubeBuddy is a browser extension that works in Chrome and Safari browsers.

TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified extension that works accordingly to standard YouTube guidelines.

This is a free tool that anyone can use on YouTube.

Many YouTube-certified creators have developed the TubeBuddy.

This is the only such tool with the help of managing your YouTube channel and group it on your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy offers several excellent features, which have proven to help you expand your platform. All functions of the YouTube dashboard are available. 

They are additionally equipped with a convenient browser feature so that TubeBuddy doesn’t have to swap between tools.

What will TubeBuddy do for you?

You can quickly optimize your YouTube SEO videos using this app, which can help you get a better ranking on YouTube. And you can also quickly and efficiently monitor your YouTube channels.

Search for the competitor’s Rankable video tags.

Learn more about the YouTube channel of your rival.

You will export the social profile list of subscribers

You can watch your videos score.

It has the function to analyze all videos in depth.

Help you choose the right time to share images.

Allows your analytics to be compared to your rivals.

You can also make video thumbnails directly on YouTube.

Allows you to backup titles, tags, definitions in favorite formats such as excellent or doc files.

Why choose TubeBuddy?

  • Helps you master YouTube SEO
  • Allows you to “draft” views from other channels
  • Free for the basic features
  • YouTube Certified
  • Easy to use
  • Only one license per channel

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Who is eligible to use TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a great tool for YouTube creators who want to expand their channels quickly. Find out who should use TubeBuddy by looking at the list below.

  • Creators: TubeBuddy is the perfect one for creators who just want to expand their channel and get their fans involved. They will now quickly streamline their workflows, allowing them to devote more time to making quality content.
  • Brands: users who seem to have a brand and want to concentrate on positive workflows and the growth of their company on YouTube.
  • Networks: This reliable collaborator tool can be conveniently and easily offered here.
  • Agencies: Agencies can effectively use this platform by handling customer networks easily.

How TubeBuddy work?

TubeBuddy can work three segments based on their use:

1. YouTube SEO Enhancement

SEO improvement manual work is a very time-consuming operation. It can become an additional layer for a developer like you that takes time off to create quality content. 

Tube Buddy analyses the YouTube algorithm dynamically and gives you relevant keywords. The explorer is useful, along with the tags, to highlight your video in accordance with trends. 

Furthermore, it also offers proposals on the optimum time to upload your video to the full audience.

2. Analytics

The use of social media contains a large array of evidence. This big data is really handy for viewers’ tastes. Advertisers use these insights both for the content form and for the time of broadcasting to help position their advertisements. 

You should also know well about the analytics and their channel implementations. It allows you to know which episodes work well. This is a key insight into how to create material that catches the public’s eye. In an easy-to-understand way, Tube buddy offers insights into various analyses.

3. Advanced Tools

A special mention in this Tube Buddy analysis is needed for some advanced efficiency resources. This helps to prepare, automate and post the video for a number of activities. 

Thumbnail is a key tool that offers enticing video-based thumbnail symbols. Tube Buddy also has a tool for posting your video directly to your Facebook account. Also worth noting is the comment moderation function.

TubeBuddy Features:

Below I have mentioned the features of TubeBuddy:

  • Keyword Explorer

Just like you probably might know the importance of Google’s conventional SEO keyword planner. This Explorer keyword tool provides YouTube with the same strength. 

You can find the right keywords that attract more traffic to your videos by using the TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer App. 

Free users would have unbalanced score access, and a weighted score will be sent to Pro or higher users.

Unweighted is an overall ranking for how well the search frequency and competition were used to target the keyword. 

Weighted is how strong this keyword is to target the search frequency, relevance, competitiveness, and so on with your particular channel.

  • Video A/B Testing

TubeBuddy A/B Tests allow you to match two or more types of ways of finding out which one will work best. 

The TubeBuddy A/B test function allows you to save hypotheses about what types of thumbnails, titles, and explanations provide better outcomes.

The testing of TubeBuddy A/B includes the TubeBuddy’s highest TubeBuddy Legend license.

  • Thumbnail Maker

Boatloads of time and ethics are necessary to create professional thumbnails. Now you can generate skilled thumbnails in a few clicks of the mouse using the tube buddy thumbnail generation app.

TubeBuddy has an amazing app to help you create Thumbnails for your uploads. Thumbnails are an extremely crucial aspect of YouTube SEO, so you would want to be investing as much time as possible making the ideal thumbnail. Photoshop is the best, but very complex, so I suggest starting on the thumbnail maker!

  • Videolytics

Another fantastic Buddy tube function is video lyrics. It is a helpful function that shows you the whole analysis of a video you play on the right side of. 

A function collection of instruments is video lyrics itself. Some are freely available, and some need a Premium License.

You will now find a lot of interesting information on the content being viewed and see the effects of video technology only go to the video viewing link.

  • Competitor Scorecard

You should add competition and equate the graph of your platform with your channel. The details will allow you to understand how your channel grows compared with the channel of your rival. 

You can incorporate as many competing networks as you choose and countless times compare the statistics.

So these are some of the best features of TubeBuddy and let’s talk about TubeBuddy’s pricing.

  • TubeBuddy’s Pricing

TubBuddy provides its mobile app for paid customers only unrestrictedly. Details of the three levels are given here:

“Pro” plans cost $9 a month, with the firm giving fewer than 1000 users a 50% discount on channels.

The “Star” Package comes with advanced schedules, monetization, and optimization features in addition to the Pro software and is priced at $19 a month.

The “Legend” package, with a monthly price of $49, is the top-level of TubeBuddy’s full range of features. You can test your videos, analyze competitors, log search ranks, and many more.

The company also offers business plans to handle more than 20 networks.

If you would like the above plans to get a 20% discount, use the code “EliteContentMarketer” when checking out. 

And to get a further 20% off on all these plans, spend the entire year in advance. Register here to prepare TubeBuddy.

  • Comments Moderation

If your channel expands, this will become an invaluable time-saver feature as you get more and more feedback. It lets you filter through comments, fast-reply using canned replies, and highlight comments from supporters or recent subscribers! I use it a lot! It is a must app to help you connect with your friends!

  • Publish To Facebook

Before TubeBuddy, had to use to only post YouTube videos to Facebook page as links to try to bring more traffic to YouTube. Now, I can upload directly to Facebook from TubeBuddy, saving me a lot of time. This enables you to take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature and get quite a lot of views on Facebook as well.

  • Opportunity Finder

This tool lets you get more views from Google instead of YouTube. It recommends tags to incorporate that will improve the web-search traffic. Since you apply the annotations, your videos have the ability to improve in rankings on Google.

  • Auto Translator

This helps you convert your video titles and explanations into other languages. You will massively boost your global audience!

  • Best Time To Publish

This one is a lifesaver. In the past, I can just imagine is the right time to publish on YouTube based on my present timezone and my follower’s geography. Today, using  TubeBuddy’s deep analytics to know the best upload time depending on your audience. This helps a lot putting the videos into the YouTube algorithm and will give you a huge boost!

  • Competitor Scorecard

This helps you to compare your channel against your rivals in terms of monthly viewers, monthly uploads, users, and interaction. You should export this data to a CSV and dig straight into the data as well!

  • Health Report

This gives you an overall insight into how your channel is going. It shows you what’s working and what isn’t for your channel. It gives you a quick look at metrics, search traffic, relevant videos, and view time.

  • Social Monitor

The social monitor helps you to find out where the videos are being viewed and talked about. It checks Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. This has been a huge support to me to see what people are thinking about my videos on Reddit. You won’t have to manually browse each of these social networks for your images but can easily do it with TubeBuddy.

  • Upload Checklist

This is one of the most useful functions of TubeBuddy. You’ll no longer miss any moves in the upload process! There are 9 key areas to tick off any time you post a file!

  • Brand Alerts

Another awesome TubeBuddy feature! I use it to get updates about my brand, with TubeBuddy scanning videos that are using my brand name in the title, definition, or tags. It’s a perfect way to track the general mood of your brand on YouTube. You can also use it for any keyword you need, which can help you keep an eye on your rivals.

  • Channel Valuation

This calculator lets you decide how much to charge for brand offers! You add it to SocialBlueBook, which then looks at the average traffic per post, monthly views, and overall subscribers to see how much to charge for a dedicated video or a shoutout! It’s also a valuable tool to know whether the channel’s value is that or dropping.

  • Demonetisation Audit

The demonetization audit is important for me! It scans your title, keywords, and marks, and alerts you if any of them are “sensitive” enough to cause a demonetization. There is nothing worse than putting in too much work to a video just to find after the upload that one of the words in your title or summary is unacceptable. So you’re out of your earnings for the most critical time, right after upload! Even if YouTube vets the video and finds it acceptable, you missed out on the initial earning! Any vocabulary you can never even guess!

  • Channelytics

Dive deep into rival networks! You can compare your tags, monthly views, and more with TubeBuddy channel ticks! You just need to visit every other channel and press the Channelytics tab!

  • TubeBuddy Customer Support

TubeBuddy has done an excellent job of including an explanation, seeing how it works in a “how-to” tutorial, and offering even more ideas.

However, those functions do not have such a tutorial as “Tag Rankings” in the screenshot below. However, they have a search query connection for YouTube to find TubeBuddy user tutorials.

TubeBuddy: FAQs

Q1: How to use TubeBuddy?

Using TubeBuddy is very simple. It’s offered for both Chrome and Firefox, so once you’ve chosen which browser to install the extension on, use that browser to install TubeBuddy. Then, you’ll need to build an account, log in, and that’s it! If you’ve enabled it and are logging in, head over to your YouTube Dashboard and you will see a brand different layout! It’s that fast!

Q2: Is TubeBuddy Safe?

If you’re concerned about what TubeBuddy is safe to use, there is absolutely nothing to think about! TubeBuddy is a 100 percent YouTube accredited extension that has been helping thousands of YouTubers expand their channel since 2014! I’ve used it for over 4 years without a single problem or complaint. And all of my YouTuber friends use it too and we all can confirm for it helps us rise.

Q3: Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes! Tubebuddy is totally worth it! I grew 1M subscribers in 1.5 years thanks to TubeBuddy! I learned hard and used TubeBuddy to learn what stuff works on YouTube and what doesn’t. Without TubeBuddy I feel like I might have been just shooting in the dark and praying my videos would land. With TubeBuddy, I built a YouTube SEO understanding and became a stronger content maker. To me, it’s the ultimate YouTube growth hack.

Q4: Is TubeBuddy YouTube certified?

Yes! TubeBuddy is 100 percent YouTube Certified! As soon as you launch it, it embeds into your YouTube dashboard and starts helping you expand with its many tools!

Q5: How many channels can you have per license?

To me, the only drawback about TubeBuddy is that you can only get one channel per certificate. However, I do believe that TubeBuddy provides excellent value for its price, particularly as your channel starts to expand! You can access the TubeBuddy deals when you have under 1000 subscriptions too, so it’s just not that bad! And if you order for more than one channel at the same time, there are more discounts too!

Q6: Is TubeBuddy or VidIQ better?

I use both, but I choose TubeBuddy over VidIQ. This is the only other possible alternative to TubeBuddy. They are both pretty decent products and have their strengths and disadvantages, but if I were to pick just one, it would be TubeBuddy.

Conclusion: TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy offers extraordinary value for money when it comes to premium packages. TubeBuddy Legend is the most highly regarded package entitling you to all premium features.

In addition to having access to advanced features, certain participant benefits receive additional discounts.

TubeBuddy Premium is a must if you seriously want to build your YouTube channel. I strongly advise 

TubeBuddy Legend if you have a good number of users, as long as you have a budget. If not, the TubeBuddy Star can be stuck to.

A 20 percent discount on every tube buddy package will currently be received. You only have to use the TechBuddy voucher code throughout the billing process. 

And you can save a further 20 percent off if you want to pay monthly. That means that if you want to spend to use the TechBuddy voucher code every year, you can save 40% on any TubeBuddy plan.

After Tube Buddy has been mounted, just go to YouTube.com to see our features on the TubeBuddy logo inside their website. Currently, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge TubeBuddy are supported. Opera will also be used with Chrome extensions with an extra extension.

To know more about TubeBuddy, and get access to more features by clicking at https://www.tubebuddy.com/blogdada and get more in-depth knowledge on this expert Youtube SEO Tool. Hope this exclusive tool will help you in getting another level of success in your digital journey.

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