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Because in this article, we are going to review a platform named Muvi that will help you launch the best White Label Multi-Device OTT streaming & Video Streaming platforms with the included features like VOD (Video On Demand), Live stream, monetizations, CDN, DRM, and a lot more. 

Muvi One has worked with many top-notch brands like SONY, ZEE, intel, HARMAN, Onlyfans, CAM, NIKE, etc., giving them a flawless streaming experience. 

Let’s begin the Muvi review and figure out whether it will fulfill your needs or not !!

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Muvi Review: What Is Muvi One Platform? 

Muvi One is a New-York based company launched in 2014 and has covered top Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood studios with 45+ live platforms across 20+ countries. It is one of the best platforms to connect the content creators to the audience by building exclusive end-to-end audio and video music & streaming platforms that can provide seamless video and audio content on almost all the platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, Tizen, WebOS, Fire TV, Vewd, etc. 

Muvi One can be your go-to partner platform to build an online audio & video streaming platform because it is fully managed, end-to-end, with single CMS controls, and without coding or IT teams. 

About Muvi Review

Muvi Review: Why Choose Muvi?

Muvi is a different all-over platform with a different vision. They are here in the market to build numerous OTT audio and video streaming platforms to disrupt the business market of the giant companies and give startups a chance to build better businesses. 

If you’re also planning to build your audio and video streaming platform cost-effectively, they could help you with your vision because your vision is theirs. They also have the ready-to-launch monetization model that gives the keys of your business in your hands so that you don’t need to rely on any others, not even on them. 

Therefore, if you’re planning to build a live audio and video streaming platform, you can take their cost-effective SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription and start building your platform today. 

Who Should Buy a Muvi One? 

Muvi One is one of the top-notch brands building video and audio streaming platforms to help the numbers of people to have their platform to gather spectators and generate revenue.

Here we have mentioned whom Muvi One is ideal for:

  • Broadcasters, TV Networks & Channel
  • MSOs and Mobile Operators 
  • Studios, Production Houses, Music Labels
  • Distributors and Content Owners 
  • Live Streaming (Sports, Religious, Concerts, Events)
  • Live Streaming from Mobile (Facebook Live, Periscope)
  • IndeFilm Makers & Documentaries
  • Conferences and Training
  • eLearning and Coachings

If you’re one of the above, then, believe me, Muvi One will be the best platform to build your video and audio streaming platform for various purposes. 

What Will You Get In the Muvi?

Muvi One is a complete bundle of various products that help create the best audio and video streaming platform with 500+ features and much more.

Like you get your own branded app or website, stream on-demand features, seamless integration with API and SDKs, real-time analytics, professional services, content management, etc. 

In the Muvi suite subscriptions, you get the following products:

  • Muvi Flex

Muvi flex helps the owners to host the platform, publish the videos & audio, and manage the videos & audio from a single place. 

  • Muvi Live 

Muvi Live allows the platform owners to live stream events, tournaments, and shows on any of the devices and platforms worldwide. 

  • Muvi Playout

Muvi Playout helps the platform owners to launch the online live TV channel and broadcast the content 24/7. 

  • Muvi One 

Muvi One is the main platform that helps you with audio and video streaming platforms such as Netflix and Spotify. 

  • Alie

Alie is one of the main components of your video and audio streaming platform because it makes your platform an AI-powered recommendation engine. 

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Benefits of Muvi

There are so many exclusive benefits of choosing the Muvi One over any other platform builder, and these benefits are as follows: 

Muvi Best OTT Platforms, Video Streaming

Benefit #1: Easy-to-use

Muvi is an easy-to-use platform and interface. You can do the full end-to-end management from a single place. You will also get the out-of-box services and single-click deployment feature in the Muvi. The support team of the Muvi also helps in all possible ways to make things easier.

Benefit #2: Customer Satisfaction

The previous Muvi users have always provided happy feedback on almost every aspect, such as technicalities, platform building experience, team behavior, results from the platform, streaming experience, audio, and video quality. Thus, these platform builders know how to satisfy their customers. 

Benefit #3: Zero Coding Needed

One of the best benefits of this platform is that you can create a video and audio streaming platform even if you don’t know the basics of technicalities. However, you will get the experience of that coding one because the experienced team members at the back end side are the experts in all technicalities. 

Benefit #4: Team Support

Once you start work with Muvi, you will get in touch with their team members. Then you will realize that your streaming platform building process is going very smoothly because you have an amazing team that is almost 24/7 ready to help you resolve any issues and provide all the things before the deadline. 

Benefit #5: Maintenance Team

Once your audio and video streaming platform is built and you have paid all the money, most platform builders will leave your platform. But, Muvi One team will always be there for you and maintain your platform well until you’re connected with them.

Benefit #6: Free Trial

With the help of Muvi, you also get a free trial for a limited period, allowing you to check the functioning of the platform to decide whether it is the right fit for you. 

Muvi Exclusive Features 

There are so many features that Muvi One allows you to build your streaming platform at its best. Here, we have mentioned all of the features offered by the platform:

Muvi Features 

  • Multiscreen: Muvi One builds a multiscreen platform that allows viewers to directly use the platform for video and audio streaming through websites, mobile apps, or TV. 
  • Platform Modes: This platform builds extraordinary platforms with different modes of live streaming, Video-on-Demand, mobile streaming, audio streaming, hybrid, etc. 
  • Security: Muvi One knows and maintains the security of all of its streaming platforms through Firewall, SSL, DRM, Encryption, etc. 
  • Marketing: Muvi One knows the importance of marketing, and they also help you apply all the strategies related to SEO, Analytics, Email Newsletters, Social Media, and Coupon Codes to your platform so that you can have all the in-depth insights. 
  • Monetization: They will also upload all monetization features in your audio and video platform to generate money. You can make money through Subscriptions (SVOD), Pay Per View (PPV/TVOD), Ad-Supported, or Hybrid. All these features are upto the mark to generate good revenue for your company. 
  • Design: Here, Muvi One has the best offerings in terms of designs because they offer ready-to-use templates, BYOD (Bring-your-own-design), and custom templates. This feature surely satisfies all the needs and requirements of the owner of the streaming platform because they get their wishful designs. 
  • IT Infrastructure: These platform builders help the platform owners to provide almost all the IT Infrastructures such as Cloud Based Hosting, Servers, Storage, CDN, and Bandwidth. 
  • Online Video Player: Muvi One helps the streaming platform owners to provide their viewers with the top-notch online video watching experience with the Cross Browser and Device HTML5 Player, Subtitles, Dual Audio, Auto Bitrate Management, Embedding, and Ad. 
  • Real-time Analytics: In your platform, you can monitor and analyze the performance of the video or audio content uploaded on your platform. You can also monitor your viewers’ movements and figure out their attention span, viewing habits, drop-off rates, browsers and devices, and their locations. Thus, it creates the entire demographics. 
  • Professional Services: With Muvi, you get the CMS Management Service, Professional Service, and End-User Support. The Professional Service Team of Muvi takes care of the integration of streaming capability into the existing IT infrastructure and processes of customers. The experts of Muvi also help the platform owners to identify their unique value proposition of the business needs and gives your online streaming platform a kickstart. From building the platform and deploying the features to finishing the project, these Muvi teams will always be with you and help you create an amazing user experience. 
  • Enterprise Grade Security with Multi-DRM: The Multi-DRM feature of the Muvi assures the end-to-end security of your video and audio content from the ingestion and streaming to the in-app downloads and purchases. The other security feature of the Muvi also assures your audience’s data security 24/7 with the Server Level Security, Multi Firewall, Dynamic Watermarking, Screen Recording Protection, Geoblock, and VPN Detection Single Sign-On (SSO). 

Muvi Video Platfrom

Final Verdict:

Muvi is the first choice of leading film studios, television networks, independent content owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and literally everyone who believes in the power of video and audio to reach out to their audience for better connectivity and communication.

Muvi connects content owners and media distributors to deliver media to viewers across multiple screens. With 500+ happy customers under its belt, Muvi is known for its end-to-end streaming platform that enables seamless video and audio content delivery on all leading platforms including iOS, Android, Roku, Tizen, WebOS, Fire TV, Vewd, etc. through the instantly deployable website, mobile, and TV apps

Muvi is an amazing SaaS-based platform consisting of 5 suites to develop a brilliant OTT Video and Audio Streaming platform backed by expert technicians.

We hope this Muvu review article helps you understand every essential thing regarding the Muvi platform. 

All the best for your future OTT platform !! 

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