Adsense is often the easiest and most out-of-the-box product for ad monetization. But by using just one pool of advertisers, the revenue potential is rather limited. The advertising industry is huge and has gatekeepers making it hard for normal website owners to access premium campaigns. Prompting the critical question, ‘How do I make more with my website?’  In this newor media review, we will explain all about newor media.

Newor Media ad network is one of the Best Google AdSense alternatives for publishers. Sign up today, monetize your websites and start generating revenues. take a look at a detailed newor media review.

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 Newor Media Review

Newor Media – the best alternative to Adsense – is a header bidding provider. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that auctions ad units to an array of ad networks simultaneously.

The company emphasizes that it uses optimizing ad technology and insightful analytics to succeed with revenue maximization. 

They concentrate on generating high ad rates through their relationships to some of the largest ad networks on the web while staying true to user experience and site speed.

Newor Media vs. AdSense

Both Newor Media and Adsense are designed to take ad units and sell them to advertisers. They also both have features and solutions meant to help publishers make the most of ad monetization. Let’s jump right in and compare the two. 

The Technical 

With Adsense, a pool of eligible ads is created then the ad auction determines which ads are placed onto a site and how much advertisers will pay. Adsense then uses an ad rank system to select the winning ads. Because they use an ad ranking system,  the chosen rate will not always be the highest. This means the publisher (that’s you!) gets short-changed on revenue. 

Newor Media works by creating a ‘fair’ auction. They serve ads to multiple demand partners simultaneously and take the highest offered bid. This means the publisher (yes, still you!) gets the highest revenue you can from the auction. 

The Demand Supply

Besides knowing how bids are selected, it’s important to note who is receiving bid requests. Or, in Adsense’s case, who not. Since Adsense is an ad network, ad units are offered only to advertisers within its network, giving publishers a limited demand pool. 

Newor Media works with multiple networks (even Adsense) and agencies, creating an ample demand-supply for publishers. Publishers need to have access to many and diverse advertisers so that users experience relevant and engaging ads.  The increase in competition will also lead to higher yields for publishers. 

Ad Units 

Both offer various ad formats for publishers to use–text, images, HTML ads, video ads, and much more, and in many different sizes and layouts. With AdSense, the burden of optimizing your ad placements is solely on you. You have to use your own time and energy to experiment with ad units and figure out what works best for you. With Newor Media, you get ad placement optimization services. They’ll create high-performing ad units that treat your users to a quality website while you enjoy revenue boosts. 

Adblock Solutions 

Many users have some form of adblocking implemented. Ad units will be deemed ‘low-value,’ and publishers lose revenue by not serving ads. Adsense’s approach to a solution is to have you apply for AdBlock Plus. Publishers are subjected to fees, and restrictive guidelines, and prohibited from using displaying animated and video ads on their sites.   

Newor Media allows publishers to identify and filter what ads are shown to what users. Meaning you can show acceptable ads to users using adblocking and still show animated and video ads to those not using it. Because animated and video ads perform better (and put more money in your pocket), it’s overall a better solution to minimize revenue loss. 

Ad Refresh

Ad refresh is a nifty technique that increases impressions served per session by refreshing ads on a page for active users. When implemented correctly, it increases revenue from traffic with above-average session times. It’s basically like a bonus for having engaging content! 

Newor Media works with advertisers who support ad refresh, and they have a team of professionals who know the dos and don’ts of its best practices. It’s prohibited under Adsense. If you attempt to force it onto your site, you risk being banned by Adsense.

Brand Protection 

Malvertising has become a rather large problem in the programmatic ad industry. If you’ve visited a website and were redirected elsewhere or received a pop-up, these are examples of malvertising. Newor Media works with industry leaders to monitor each-and-every ad delivered to scan and block malvertising. 

In addition, Newor Media only works with premium network partners, so you know the ads being delivered to your audience are relevant and safe for your brand. 

Newor Media also allows individual advertisers to be whitelisted or blacklisted to ensure publishers work with those they want and deem most appropriate for them. If you’re attempting to grow your brand, this helps to keep cheap and irrelevant ads from tarnishing your credibility.  

Newor Media takes brand protection a step further by working with publishers on the back-end of things too. As a publisher, you must adhere to data and privacy laws (GDPR, for example). Failure to do so can result in advertisers being hesitant to bid for your units or view you as credible. Newor Media offers a fully up-to-date Consent Management Platform to make your site compliant with privacy laws and regulations. 

User Experience

When ads hinder user experience, publishers experience a decline in website traffic and revenue. Unlike AdSense’s set-it and forget-it type approach, Newor helps you regularly assess the different aspects of ads that can lead to poor user experience. Assisting with everything from the number of ads (because why keep units around that don’t make you money) to page loading speed and mobile-friendly ads.

Make More Money With Newor Media
Make More Money With Newor Media

Why I Make More Money With Newor Media

They improve several aspects of my website and ad monetization strategy through all their added features and services. 

Increased ad rates: Between the quantity and quality of the demand pool and solutions offered, I can maximize ad unit rates. I also have access to direct deals because of the scale of their client base.

Better user experience: My ads don’t compromise my website’s integrity. I don’t have to worry about losing traffic to poor page-loading speed or interrupting user intent. My users also receive more relevant and engaging ads because of the large supply pool. 

Control: I have front-row access to the auction process and can see how my ad units are doing, set floor prices, and ad strategies. 

This especially comes in handy during seasonal lows like quarter one of the calendar year. I can minimize revenue loss during low months with ad optimization and help make the most of high-yielding months with increased floor prices and optimization. 

Newor Media Requirements 

Newer Media only has a few requirements to join, making it easy for smaller publishers to get started. 

They require a minimum of 30,000 unique users per month, which should come as no surprise. Traffic is king in the game of ad monetization as advertisers are paying for their ads to be seen.  Their traffic requirement ensures that you’ll actually make money off of ads. They also require that a majority of the traffic be English speaking which is desirable to advertisers. 

Your site can’t focus on borderline content, meaning they won’t work with a gun, sex, drug, or gambling-related content. They work with premium ad networks and agencies, so quality is a must. 

Newor Media also requires managing two ad units on your site. If you’re looking to boost your ad revenue, it should not be a problem! 

Newor Media Onboarding

The onboarding process is very easy and straightforward with them. They’ll send you over an insertion order agreement, which lays out their partnership and terms. Once you supply them with a signed copy, they’ll send out your website for approval on google’s AdX platform.  

Once approved by AdX, your dedicated account representative will reach out to you to discuss your ad units. Right away, they’ll take the time to offer recommendations for optimizing placements and ad earnings–a bonus for publishers who lack the time (or desire) to deep dive into the abyss that is ad layout strategy.

They’ll make the ad units for you and send them over with instructions for implementation. Since most publishers use WordPress plugins, implementation is easy, but if you don’t feel confident, they’ll happily take care of it for you. Your dedicated account representative will ensure everything is running smoothly and check in with you when you go live.

They supply you with login information for their reporting dashboard so you can track your earnings and important metrics like impressions, CPM, clicks, etc. Overall it’s a very easy process that sets you up to enjoy passive income through ad revenue. 

Newor Media

Newor Media vs. Other Header Bidding Providers 

Many of the advantages discussed above are advantages over AdSense and often other header bidding providers. 

Some other great pros of the company are:

  • They’re demand-agnostic, meaning they don’t prioritize specific networks over others. Publishers don’t have to worry about losing out on a higher bid because of network favoritism.  
  • They don’t hold publishers to contracts or exclusivity agreements. You can use their ads alongside Adsense or other direct advertising methods, like fixed banners.
  • Newor Media guarantees payment on a NET30 basis and pays you what you are owed regardless of network claw-backs. 
  • Their customer service is GOLD—live people with a quick response time. 

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Newor Media is the best alternative to AdSense, and if you’re looking to maximize your ad earnings, it’s time to leave AdSense behind. They offer an earnings calculator on their site to provide you an estimate of what similar sites are making. I’d suggest starting there if you’re curious about what they can do for you.

Increase Ad Revenue with Newor Media