Event Blogging now becomes the most popular and there are many bloggers who work in event blogging, maybe you also planning to create an event blog. Because event blogging can actually generate a high-quality income within two or three days.

Event-based blogs are the best ways to earn money in a short span of time with less effort, less site-building cost & less maintenance. If you are working on an event-based niche blog and got it ranked then you can easily make a one-year income in just two or three days.

is Event Blogging Dead?

The answer is No, event blogging isn’t dead.

If you do not hear of event blogging words then it will sound like a fake. So today in this article I am sharing some tips for Blogging platforms for beginners to succeed in the event blogging guide niche.

What is Event Blogging Or Event Niche Blog?

An event blog can also be considered as a “micro-niche blog” as it covers a specific event and topic.

Event-based niche blogs are mostly focusing on an upcoming event, festival, or special day. The event blogging guide is all about taking the advantage of receiving a huge amount of traffic on target events in a short span of time. It is not a Long-term blog you just have to work only for 30 to 40 days.

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1. How To Choose An Event

There are a lot of events that got popular searches you just pick one event and create a blog on this event. Here I have listed some most popular events that you can start your event blog. Also according to your interest, you can choose one of the below events.

Holidays: New Year, Christmas, Independence Day, Diwali, Holi, etc.

New Launches: iPhone, Cars, Big Billion Day Sale, Black Friday.

Sports: IPL, BigBoss League, Wrestle mania, Olympic, FIFA World Cup, Barclays Premier League, World Cup.

2. How To Make Money With Event Blogging

There are a lot of ways to monetize your Event blog and make a huge income. Google Adsense and Affiliate are some of the best ways to monetize the event blog. You can also monetize your event blog in many ways.

  • Google Adsense (Recommended)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Infolinks
  • CPA and CPI
  • Net
  • Promote your own product and so on!!!

3. How to Find Keywords For Event Blogging

Keyword research is an important part of a successful event blog. Because properly keyword research will do your half work. Keywords are the main words that are searched in google results.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best tools to find keywords for your selected event. Make a proper notepad list of keywords that are top searched in google and which have less competition. These are simple and effective tips to rank on google first page.

4. Purchase A Domain

Once you have select your event then you need to purchase a top-level domain name relevant to your event. And make sure to have the keyword in the domain name. Because the keyword in your domain increases the click-through rate.

After Google, the algorithm update domain name does not matter a more, but it does matter. If you are on the page and off-page SEO is fine then you can easily rank any domain and subdomain on google’s first page.

If you are doing any Indian event like Independence Day then always go with .in extension. But if you are doing an international event like Christmas then buy a domain with .com, .net extension.

5. Setup An Event Blog

After purchasing a domain for your event you need to set up the best Event Blogging Guide. You can choose whether a blogger or a WordPress platform.

For event blogs always go with bloggers because it’s free and easy to blog set up in minutes. If you have a good budget then go with WordPress.

The best part of the blogger is you do not need to worry about the hosting downs and it is highly secure for security purposes. After creating the blog upload a user-friendly template for your event blog. Always use a well-optimized and fast-loading template like the ABT blogger template.

6. Write Quality Content

Now comes the content part, I recommend that you always target your main keyword and create a long and quality article for the event blog. You can start posting content for the event blog nearly 30-40 days before the event and can easily get it ranked in Google.

Your event post covering all keywords like Independence Day images, Independence Day wishes, Independence Day quotes, etc. The article should be more interesting, well researched, and informative so that your visitor spends more time on your blog. If the length of your article is more than 1000 words then writing 15 articles is enough but if you have a short article then write near about 35-45 articles.

7. Create Quality Backlink

Link Building is the most important part of rank your event blog on google’s first page. For creating instant backlinks you need to find do-follow and auto-approves blogs. You can comments on blogs also comments increase the chance of getting a good amount of traffic to your blogs.

You can make backlinks daily or even in a single day. Always start the backlink-building process after publishing five to six posts.

For creating backlinks only for event blog SEO Profiler is one of the best tools and it is totally free to use. Just visit the SEO Profiler website and enter your top ten competitor event blog links. Now click on link profiler < backlinks option and you will get a backlink report of your competitor blog. As experienced by seo expert for event, you have to take only LIS green signal backlink for creating backlinks for your event blog.

Don’t create all backlinks for the same keyword again and again. If you create all backlinks with the same keyword then Google will not rank your site. And also build some no-follow backlinks too.


 First You should take the domain 6 months before the event.
Then you start posting the content, put some spurned content that is readable.
 Then Go to Keyword Planner and search for the long tail Keywords.
 Collect some long-tail keywords by using the Keyword planner and KWfinder.
Because for short-tail keywords, you have lots of competition, and when you focus on building links and
concerning the main keyword then you are doing the mistake.
Short Tail Keywords has much competition as nowadays bloggers taking links from the same and hidden PBN SEO links and ranking them in a short period.
Even you can do it if you have enough money to experiment on these factors.
 For an article, you can get more than 10-15 long-tail keywords. Then sprinkle the keywords and Give interlinks for it in the first month.
 Don’t do keyword stuffing in the article. When you do it even the web page ranks temporarily. Eventually, you will lose your rankings.


 Start Building Links from the Second month. take links from low OBL websites.
 Don’t Build 100’s of Spammy Links. Build Less Number of Quality Links.
Anchor Texts should be optimized well in this process. Build links to the ” Long tail keywords” which you have taken.
 Take Sitewide Links,10 days before the event to sustain your rankings.
 Don’t rely on a Single Source. Do all types of Links: Comments, Web 2.0, Profiles, Forums, etc.

Final Conclusion:-

So we hope you like this guide to how to make money from event blogging in a short span of time. This event blogging guide will definitely help you to choose the best event. If you still need help or have any doubts about the event blogging guide then you can comment below.

I will help you and solve your query. If you find this post helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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