We all know what a domain is, right? But what about “Expired Domains?”

Have you heard of them? Domains will expire if we do not renew them or if the user cannot afford to renew them. The majority of people forget to renew their domain or simply don’t have the money to do so.

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Why expired domain Work for SEO

If you do not renew your domain within 30 days of its expiration date, then your domain will be considered as an expired domain and will be put up for auction by the registrar. There will be a 7-day auction, and the highest bidder will receive the domain within these 7 days. 

It is very easy to buy an expired domain and make a handsome profit using it. In this article, we will look at Domain Coasters Review: how you can easily find premium expired domains with Domain Coasters and how expired domains can benefit you.

Why Do You Need an Expired Domain?

As I said earlier, expired domains are already established domains but fail to re-register before the expiration period. By having an expired domain, you can save money as well as time and effort in establishing it. Here are a few successful ways to use an expired domain:

Expired Domains Backlinks

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1. 301 Redirect

There is no better way to build links than by using 301 redirects. Digital marketers and SEO firms use this method to establish new websites rapidly. 

301 redirects are a really easy way to pass all link juice to a new website or a blog. For example, if you buy an expired domain that has backlinks from websites like HBC, Forbes, or Mashable, you can redirect that domain to your money website so that your money website’s performance keeps improving along with its ranking. 

In a couple of seconds, you can use your expired domain to redirect millions of backlinks to your money website without having to do any further work.

Setting up the 301 to Get the Best Result 🚀

So far, you’ve learned the best use cases of 301 redirects and how to pick the domains for 301.

Now, all that is left is how to set them up properly to get results! We’ve tried and tested many domains over the years and come up with a bulletproof strategy.

301 redirects can be extremely powerful if done right. Here’s how,

Check Where Links Are Pointing To:

Head over to Ahrefs.com and plug in your domain and select “Best by Links”. You will see a bunch of pages that will have links pointing to them. Pick the inner page URLs which have a minimum of 5 RDs.

Restoring the Domain:

Based on our experience, it is a good idea to first restore the website and the inner pages which have the most links and publish content and let it sit for 4 – 5 weeks before implementing the redirect.

Domain and Page-Level Redirection:

Now that the domain is aged a bit, it’s time to implement the redirect.
Create a press-release type content (acquired page) on your main site saying that the expired domain has been acquired and then redirect the expired domain to the acquired page. Then, point the internal links from the acquired page to the money pages for passing the link juice and relevancy.

Example: expireddomain.com redirects to xyz.com/expireddomain-acquired.

This method is the safest yet effective method because, in a “real-world” scenario, acquisitions happen all the time and many huge corporations do plenty of similar redirects.

After setting everything up, it can take up to 4-8 weeks to see results on your main site. If you want to read more in-depth about 301 redirections, check out this guide.

expired domains buying guide

2. Build an authority website on that domain

I have personally tried this method and this method works like a charm every time. I basically bought an education domain and added around 100+ articles to that blog. This domain was getting backlinks from many popular educational websites. 

It didn’t take me any extra effort to create backlinks for this domain. I was surprised to see how well the posts on that domain and all the articles I wrote ranked in Google. 

This didn’t happen for a long time, maybe a few months, and during these few months, this domain allowed me to earn quite a lot of money.

3. Private Blog Network (PBN)

This is another sneaky method to trick Google. When an expired domain has a high domain authority and page authority, and links from some popular websites, it can be very beneficial. 

By building a good website on those domains and adding links to your main website, you will be able to easily improve your main website’s ranking. In fact, you can sell backlinks to other websites, which is highly profitable. SEO experts build their own PBN blogs to link back to their personal websites as well as sell backlinks.

expired domain tips

What you need to know before you buy an expired domain

An expired domain can be highly profitable, but you need to consider these factors carefully before purchasing it:

  • Always Check DA/PA of the Domain Before Buying 

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are two very important metrics for analyzing the quality of an expired domain or live website. The concept of DA and PA was introduced by Moz. Having a high DA PA gives a particular website a better chance of ranking on Google.  

  • Always Check Domain With Google Banned Checker

If your domain is banned by Google, then it has no value for you. The only way to remove the ban from that domain is to request Google to do so, but this procedure is time-consuming and less effective. So before buying a domain, don’t forget to see if it is banned.

  • Check Google AdSense Ban

We all buy a domain to make money from it, but if the domain is blocked by Google AdSense, earning money will be a little bit difficult. So before buying a domain, go to the “AdSense Sandbox Checker” to make sure it isn’t blocked.

Can I buy expired domain?

Domain Coasters Review: Easily Find Perfect Expired Domains

It is not that difficult to purchase an expired domain. However, finding an expired domain with excellent revenue potential is difficult and time-consuming.

Domain Coasters makes it easy to purchase profitable expired domains because it offers a variety of expired domains suited to your needs.

Domain Coasters ensures that all expired domains are clean and do not have any kind of ban on them. 

Domain Coasters offers both budget and premium domains, and you can find domains under the “Domain Inventory” option on their website. You can also acquire domains with 50+ DA and 50+ DR from them.

It is possible to sort the domains based on DA, PA, price, and other important factors. Clicking on the “More Data” option will reveal more detailed information about a particular domain.

Through this website, you can purchase domains at a very low price and resell them with a reasonable profit margin.

DomainCoasters Domain-Inventory

Domain Lists – Expired Domains

Why You Should Choose Domain Coasters over Any Other Expired Domain Seller?

Domain Coasters was created to provide the best service to their customers, so they follow some strict standards to make sure they give their users the best of the best-expired domains. The standards that they follow are –

  • Huge Collection

It offers users the choice between 50+ niches, letting them pick a domain based on their interests.

  • Finest Backlink Profile

They offer domains with the best contextual backlinks from popular websites like the BBC and the New York Times.

  • Spam Free Domains

Domain Coasters ensures that their domains are spam-free. No ban from Google and Google AdSense.

  • Link to Root Domain

All of the domains have link points to the homepage, so you will get more traffic to your website, which will improve its SEO ranking.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Over thousands of clients have saved a huge amount of money using Domain Coasters. Therefore, it is a brand that can be trusted.

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Final Words:

Domain Coasters is an expired domains provider for various SEO purposes like PBN, 301 redirections, and building Money sites.

If you Domain Coasters – Your One Stop Solution For SEO Domains are looking to purchase expired domains and then resell them for extra money,  is the perfect website for you.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of purchasing a domain from another website, I would recommend not doing so. The domains from other websites may have too many issues. Domain Coaster is a great choice if you would like to acquire a highly profitable and perfect expired domain without investing your time in research and analysis.

Go ahead and check out our Expired Domains Inventory to find the perfect domain for your project.