Are you planning to start your online business? Looking for the best value-for-money hosting provider that can fulfill all your hosting requirements? As there are lots of hosting companies available, it is quite difficult to choose the perfect one. This hostinger web hosting review will give you a complete idea about web hosting.

Don’t worry, I understand your trouble. 99% of people face the same situation as you are facing now.

To answer all your queries and reduce your confusion, I am going to introduce Hostinger Web Hosting Service, The one-stop Hosting solution for any business owner.

After reading this complete Hostinger Web Hosting Review, you will be able to understand whether Hostinger Web Hosting is capable for your business or not.

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Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

Why should you Choose Hostinger Web Hosting Service?

Now you are thinking that there are lots of hosting companies, so how am I sure that Hostinger is the best one for your business?? 

Hostinger was founded in 2004. Since then, they have been offering quality hosting services to millions of websites. Their features at the minimal price range, attract the people to enjoy their services.

Some of the popular advantages of Hostinger Web Hosting Services:

  • Most Affordable Hosting service (starting at just 59 Rs/month).
  • Plans for both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain Registrations.
  • Free Professional Business emails
  • Reliable Customer Support Service.

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Now for better understanding, we are going into the depths of Hostinger Web Hosting review.

Hostinger User-Friendly Control Panel

Hostinger User-Friendly Control Panel

Hostinger Uptime:

Did you know that almost 35%of people who are looking for a new hosting provider, check the uptime and performance of a hosting provider? Why! because these are the two main pillars that will help you to find out the perfect hosting service. 

It is the uptime that decides how long your website is going to stay a life and how long other people can access it. Hostinger provides 99.04% of uptime which is not bad. During our testing of 6 months, we barely noticed any downtime and this makes Hostinger the fastest hosting service in this range. 

Hostinger Performance:

What’s really important to look after uptime when choosing a hosting service? It is the performance. The performance of your website matters, because a survey says that if a user has to wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load, then they will go somewhere else.

In this department, Hostinger got you covered, because they provide a 43ms response time which is absolutely awesome. Some more expensive hosting services provide response times far greater than this. Hostinger Web Hosting got a globe rating of A+ for its performance. This is what makes Hostinger a premium hosting service considering the price point. 

Hostinger Web Hosting Data Centers:

The more data centers your company has, the fast the loading speed you will get.  

Hostinger has 7 data centers around the world. They have data centers in the UK, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania.

As they have maximum data centers, you can expect fast data fetching and fast website loading speed, which is a good indication for any business or website. 

Hostinger Domain Registrations:

Do you know any hosting service provider that provides hosting service along with a free domain at a very affordable price? Can’t think of a service provider right?

Yes, probably because at Rs 259/month Hostinger is offering you a fully managed hosting service along with a free domain. Hostinger is the only hosting service that is offering the package of these two at this price range.

Hostinger SSL Certificates:

SSL is the main and most important security factor for any website to gain trust among visitors.

Hostinger provides free SSL certificates for its users. But with their basic plans, they don’t provide an SSL certificate. If you want an SSL certificate with the basic plan, then you have to buy one, which will cost you additional charges.

However, they provide free SSL certificates with their premium plans that provide an extra layer of security for your website and also helps you to earn the trust of your customers.

Hostinger Cpanel:

Recently, companies are moving from the usual Cpanel to their custom-made dashboards which provide the exact same functionality to the user but the interface is a lot different from the usual one.

Similarly, the control panel that comes with Hostinger isn’t your usual control panel.  It is their custom-made control panel, known as Hpanel, that provides almost every important feature that you will need to manage your website. 

If you are a long-term user of the usual Cpanel, then it will take some of your time to get used to it. But, if you are a beginner, then hpanel can save you lots of extra effort and time.

Hostinger Website Builder Tool:

Now, you don’t have to learn coding to build your website from scratch. Because nowadays many hosting services are providing website builder tools that will help you build your first website without any hesitations. 

These website builder tools come with a very easy and simple-to-use interface. They are usually made out of a simple drag and drop interface, so anyone can use them to build their website.

If you want me to be completely honest with you, then I would say that the Hostinger website builder tool isn’t the best in the market. They lack many important website building features. But if you just want a basic-looking website, then this will do your job perfectly.

Hostinger Customer Support:

Their customer support service is excellent. They have a maximum response time of 1 minute. You can reach their customer support service via phone, email, or live chat. I have personally used their live chat feature and I can assure you that you will not be having any problems regarding this.

The only major drawback for me was that their calling service isn’t available 24/7, it is a limited-time service. Other than this, the whole experience was pretty awesome.

Hostinger Security:

Security should be the highlight of any hosting provider. Isn’t that right? Hostinger does not take security matters lightly. To provide strict security, Hostinger offers free SSL certificates with their premium and business plans. They do regular scanning for viruses and malware. They provide absolutely the best security for their servers and you won’t be having any outside attacks on your website. In fact, to keep your data safe and secure, they provide backup features.

Hostinger Email Service:

Hostinger Email Hosting Plans

A professional email id for your business can make you look more professional

Hostinger provides an email hosting service. That means you can have a professional email id for your business or even for yourself also.

They offer two kinds of email hosting services; the first one is a business email hosting service which starts at Rs 69/month and the other one is enterprise email hosting which starts at Rs 179/month. If you want a professional email address, then you can go with the first one. If you own a huge company, then you need an enterprise email.

Hostinger Money-back guarantee:

The money-back-guarantee is the best and most loveable feature if you are confused regarding any hosting service. Hostinger offers a 30 days Money back guarantee.

Get Started

If you purchase hostinger hosting and later you found that hostinger hosting service is not satisfying you, you can ask for the money back within the 30th day of your purchase date. The hostinger team will return your money. I think 30 days is a pretty good time to decide if you like their service or not.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hostinger provides almost every kind of hosting service that you can imagine! They offer 4  types of premium quality hosting services.

  • Shared Hosting Service.
  • VPS Hosting Service.
  • WordPress Hosting Service.
  • Cloud Hosting Service.

Hostinger Web Hosting Service

1. Shared Hosting Service

Most people often choose shared hosting plans out of any other hosting plans as it is quite cheap.

In Hostinger shared hosting services, your website will be stored on a server along with other websites just like yours. 

Hostinger comes with 3 types of shared hosting:

  1. Single shared hosting
  2. Business Shared Hosting
  3. Premium shared hosting

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans

To be very honest, the basic plan doesn’t offer that much value that the other two plans offer.

If you are planning to buy one of these plans, then I would suggest you buy the premium or the business plan, because the single shared plan doesn’t have much to offer. The basic plan lacks many important features like “Free domain registration” and “Free daily backups” and many more.

2. VPS Hosting Service

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server. So, if you’re wondering what makes it different from the shared hosting service, then let me tell you that in VPS hosting service, your website will share a server with very few websites and will be giving you the opportunity to utilize the resources of that server.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Generally, VPS hosting is faster than shared hosting and this extra speed comes with a higher price tag. Hostinger basically provides 4 kinds of VPS hosting plans for Windows-based computers and 4 VPS plans for Linux-based computers. The minimum starting price for their VPS hosting plan is 649 Rs/month for Linux-based computers and 1880 Rs/month for Windows-based computers.

3. WordPress Hosting Service

WordPress hosting service is specially crafted for WordPress websites. If you have a WordPress website, then you can choose Hostinger as your hosting service provider.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plan

Hostinger offers 4 Types of WordPress Hosting plans:

  1. Single WordPress
  2. WordPress Starter
  3. Business WordPress
  4. WordPress Premium

Both WordPress hosting and Shared hosting offer more or less similar types of features at a similar price point.

So, if you’re gonna ask me which services will be best for you, then I would say that is totally dependable on your usage. If you own a small company or website, then you can go with the shared hosting plans as they are cheap and come with every important feature that you will need.

4. Cloud Hosting Service

 Hostinger doesn’t provide dedicated hosting but they do provide cloud hosting. Trust me, cloud hosting is the most popular if you want a fast-loading website. They use many servers to provide you with the best speed possible and cloud hosting is 3X times faster than shared hosting.

Hostinger offers 3 Types of Cloud Hosting plans:

  • Startup
  • Professional
  • Cloud Global

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

If you are looking for super-fast hosting, then I can suggest you go with Hostinger’s cloud hosting. You will not regret your decision

Disadvantages of Hostinger Web Hosting

Everything has its own pros and cons. Similarly, hosting also has some drawbacks like :

  • Hostinger does not provide a Dedicated Hosting service.
  • You will not get free SSL certificates with their basic plans.
  • The base plan is limited to a single professional email id.
  •  Compared to their competitors, they have very few data centers around the world. So data fetching time can be high.
  • Instead of 45 days, they are offering 30 Days money-back guarantee.
  • When it comes to customer support service, they do not offer the calling feature

Hostinger: FAQs

Here are some FAQs of the Hostinger.

Is Hostinger an Indian company?

No, Hostinger is a European company bootstrapped in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Is Hostinger a good host?

If you are a beginner and want to start your online journey with the most affordable hosting, then nothing can beat the quality of Hostinger. They provide industry-standard service with premium quality features and extraordinary contact support at a minimal cost.

Can I install WordPress on Hostinger?

Yes, it is quite easy with Hostinger as Hostinger offers Dedicated WordPress Hosting. Hostinger WordPress hosting is specially made for WordPress websites. So you can easily install and manage any WordPress website with Hostinger.

How do I contact Hostinger support?

You can reach their customer support service via email or live chat  24/7.  You can reach them via phone call but call support is limited and not available 24/7.

Does Hostinger use cPanel?

Hostinger Does not offer the usual control panel.  However, Hostinger offers their custom-made control panel, known as hPanel, that provides almost every important feature that you will need. Using the CPanel, you can manage your website easily.

How do I get a refund from Hostinger?

As I said earlier, Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want a refund, simply cancel your hosting and then confirm the refund. Next, you have to provide your payment information. That’s it.

Is Hostinger better than Bluehost?

Both Hostinger and Bluehost come with top-class hosting features and services. However, if you are looking for fast speed, quality support, and great uptime at minimal cost, then hosting is good to go. If you are looking for Unlimited bandwidth, storage, and resources to host your website, then Bluehost is perfect for you.

Final Thoughts of Hostinger Review:

In this Hostinger Web Hosting Review, I have clarified each and every secret component of the Hostinger Web Hosting service. Now it’s up to you. If you are willing to enjoy the most demanding, fast loading, trustworthy Hosting for your website, then Hostinger is the best solution for you. None of the other hosting services are capable to provide features like Hostinger.

Their first-class hosting service, 99.04% of uptime, instant contact support at this affordable price point can beat any hosting provider easily.

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