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Top 16 Twitter Mobile App Redesign Techniques that Makes Sense

Twitter Mobile App Redesign Techniques that Makes Sense

The usage of twitter through the app rapidly increases as people find it to be more flexible. The app also entertains the users with additional features that the desktop version lacks. It turns out to be far simpler to tweet using the app. Statistics say that around 82% of 257 million monthly active users access the server on smart phones. The app usage goes stupendous as one can carry their smart phone all along and the login is too simple. The following are the additional feature that persuades more usage through the Twitter Mobile App  Redesign.

1. Simply Connect

Twitter Connect helps us to seek the apt things to follow if we are trying out twitter for the first time. We get more stuffs according to what we follow. We get supported with more relating things as brands, events, publications etc. We can easily find people who exist there in our contact list on Twitter by simply using the automatic sync option here. The connection is made easy with Twitter connect.

2. The Group Glee

It’s always great to stand as a big community where there would be an overflow of ideas, solutions, fun and of course a lot of support. So come let’s get into groups. Forming a group or being added in an existing group is as simple as possible using “Twitter lists”. Twitter Mobile App  Redesign We can do this by simply tapping on the message icon from the Twitter Handle .This option will be available only for those in the Twitter stream.

3. Mobile Data Savior

Bothered about your mobile data being used? Twitter app manages the mobile data usage to the extreme. Video and audio files, which if has to download by some other means would lead to a drastic consumption but not here. It stands top notch with the saving of mobile data. To avoid automatic download of video we can change the settings and use the same. In order to make it work even faster we can disable the images and start using, which is one of the best options available.

4. Notifications

We can receive notifications on our status and the happenings in the app. No matter what ever happens even if we don’t open it all, the app keeps us informed with the updates. It makes us stay cool for it makes us aware of what goes on. The notifications can be opened and viewed any time later as in other apps.

 5. Dark Mode

The usual smart phone screen appears with white background light, which is at times too bright. Thereby creates a kind of strain for our eyes. Here the white background is replaced with a dark grey light. This would help us reduce the complexity in the illumination of the screen and also safeguards our eyes.

6. Cool Poll

Twitter comes up with a few key changes in the poll option that exists. We can have the four answer options in the poll .They stay active only till 24 hours after creation. The time left in the poll to close shows up in the screen. The percentages of votes acquired by each option are also shown explicitly. Twitter Mobile App  Redesign Once when the poll gets completed, the results can be viewed in public inside the original tweet.

7. Never Crop

What a joy it would be to tweet pictures in their original size rather than cropping the images to fit in the size given, that’s what twitter has done for us. We can have the pleasure of putting the full size image right up there. The images which had been tweeting would have been in crop strips, with only one section of the picture without even the background and now thanks to twitter we can put the full sized image!

8. Moment

Gathering of the top notch information and trying to stay updated is something what everyone wants to do, but nobody likes to go about reading the newspapers and recording the status of everything that happens around us. Moments on twitter enables us to stay updated by putting together the top happenings around us in a nutshell in a crispy form. Start swiping option will take you to the comprehensive part of the information.

9. Capture the Moves

Just capture the moment as a video now without moving out of the twitter app. Engaging to people is made simple and interesting here. One can organize business conferences; interpret things to people in a better way with the video option. Make your own fabulous videos of whatever you feel like and tweet them with pleasure.

10. Retweet and Comment with Delight

Do yourself a favor by just retweeting the quotes and other things you would like to instead of doing the whole thing all by yourself. Comments can also be added to even what is retweeted. They happen to appear more fascinating in terms of your appearance all by themselves in their own style.

11. Go Unlimited

Direct messages, oh my God, they have only up to 140 characters! This is not the state any more. Forget the limit and go up to 10,000 characters in direct messages. Open your mind for more word without restrictions and tweet your heart out! After a long strive twitter has finally done it. Character size, modification is brought about in third party apps like tweetbot also. Find your words and forget the limits!

12. Message to Many

We got used to messaging only to a single person in twitter right, though it was simple and good its time consuming. To resolve the problem twitter has come up with the option to message more than one person at a time. Time can be saved as we simultaneously text people in the direct messages.

13. Like with all your heart

Break the monotony of show our appreciation with a same old favorite option. Here we have a new option we can perk with, which is the new like option on twitter. Convey you likes no more with the favorite sign, but with a heart. watch the star change to a heart. Like everything with all your heart. The

14. Pairing with Periscope

The phenomenal video app which made it for 10 million accounts was taken up by twitter for bigger adventures. When even Facebook and Twitter took about a year to have 10 million accounts made periscope did it fabulously. Working together it’s going to be big!

15. Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are brought about to with the idea of making things more fascinating to gain more followers. The quality of the tweet is aimed to increase with this feature. One can upload high definition photos , audios, videos and other forms of multimedia with twitter. With the target of driving traffic to websites. Comprising of the summary card, the app card, player card and summary cards with large image is the twitter card. Come lets pull the traffic.

16. Gifts on Twitter

Where there can be hearts who says no for receiving gifts? Here comes an excellent chance to gift your loved ones and suppress them to the core with Twitter Gifts. Exclusively unique gifts that steal our hearts. Come on, take up your turn to make people happy with a lovely gift! Snoota offers software products that are built with Airbnb, Snoota Scripts, Uber and other cloning scripts.

Start tweeting in glee with the brand new features of Twitter. Let the tweets sound better and bigger. Keep yourselves busy with the freshest offers on Twitter and stay tuned for the rest of the surprising implements to come.

– Twitter Mobile App  Redesign – Happy Tweeting!   🙂

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The Best 9 Smartphone Cycling Apps For iPhone And Android

best smartphone cycling apps

Whether you want to get away from the perils of daily life or cut down those extra pounds, trust a machine with two wheels to do the magic. Technology has gifted us with mobile phones, which we can use to have an even more amazing cycling experience by using the many free apps available.

Here are nine best smartphone cycling apps for iPhone and Android you need on download today:

1. Strava

A cycling app available on iPhone and Android, Strava helps you record distance covered, speed, the time taken, and location while you are cycling. You can form groups and include people you’ve never met until now to organize group cycling events.

What we love the most: We love Strava’s Segments section because allows you to compete with other users or set goals for yourself. When you win a trail or track competition, you become the Queen (or King) of the Mountain.

Cost: it is free to use, however premium membership comes at a price.


2. CycleMaps

Living in the city meaning you are constantly surrounded by traffic. You can use CycleMaps to check roads without any traffic with the use of CycleStreets and OpenCycleMaps. If you are cycling while running errands, you can feed that in your app and it will come up with a cycling route for you.

What we love the most: The app will find you a scenic route for a more relaxed and quiet ride.

Cost: It is only available on iOS and is completely free to use.


3. Wahoo fitness

Cycling is a hardcore cardio exercise, which makes it very important to track your heart rate and speed. Wahoo Fitness uses Bluetooth to track your speed, heart rate, and pulse. Since it is compatible with Training Peaks, Strava, and My Fitness Pal, you can upload your ride there, so that they can add the calories burnt to your total.

What we love the most: You can customize the tabs that appear on the dashboard and also offers GPS maps.

Cost: It is free to use on Android and iOS. Premium versions are available.


4. Bike Computer

A simple yet efficient smartphone app for bikers, Bike Computer (yes, that’s name itself) records distance, speed, pulse rate, heart rate, and calories burnt. It is compatible with Facebook and Strava, so after you complete your ride it gets shared on your account immediately. The app also shows the route you covered using the GPS map, which is available on the dashboard.

What we love the most: Bike Computer has a dark mode allowing it operate at only 12 percent of battery life. Also, in emergency situations, the app sends an SMS to all your emergency contacts. For that, you have to keep the app’s “Keep Me Safe” feature on.

Cost: It is completely free to use.


5. Cyclemeter

The best cycling app available on iPhone and Android, Cyclemeter not only records your daily cycling routine and vitals but also creates a statistics to help you track your performance over a week or month.

Cyclemeter is like a virtual training partner with a list of workouts that you can perform and increase with intensity. You can share the recorded data on Facebook and ride-sharing websites and mobile apps including Strava.

What we love the most: The app has built-in announcements, so you don’t have to look at the mobile screen while riding your cycle.

Cost: It is only available on iPhone and is free to use.


6. Garmin Connect

An app to connect the Garmin GPS device with your mobile phone, Garmin Connect displays weather conditions and temperature along with daily caloric intake, a number of calories burnt, distance covered while cycling, speed, and time are taken. It also records the number of stairs you climbed and a number of activities you performed in the day.

Using your heart rate, the mobile app records the number of minutes you performed intense exercise. You can share the recorded date with your friends and co-cyclists using LiveTrack.

What we love the most: It records active calories you burn daily using your heart rate, which also involves the calories you burnt while walking or doing other activities.

Cost: It is free to use both on iOS and Android but needs Garmin device to work.


7. Bike Gear Calculator

If you use a gear cycle, then you should definitely have a Bike Gear Calculator on your mobile phone. Use the app to compare and optimize gear ratios by putting in several variables including wheel size, tire width, crank length, and the number of teeth on the chainset and cassette. After you press ok, you’ll get to see a number of setups that you adjust on your bike.

What we love the most: We love everything technical and this app is a dream come true.

Cost: It is free to use on iOS and Android. Premium versions are available.


Read our article Best Medicine Delivery Mobile Apps” for understanding more about Online Apps.

8. Cycle Hire

Are you traveling to London and worried that you won’t be able to exercise? Well, it’s time to put the excuses to rest and download Cycle Hire on your iOS smartphone. Developed by Alexander Baxevanis using data from the London Cycle Hire scheme, the app guides you through various cycle hire stands and routes that you can cruise through the city without asking the locals.

What we love the most: The app gives a number of bikes available in an area and a list of your recent cycle rides, so if you liked a particular route, you can take that again.

Cost: It is a paid app but very affordable.


9. My Virtual Mission

If you are someone who likes setting goals and achieving them, then you should definitely download My Virtual Mission. Say for example you want to cycle your way from California to Florida, so before you start the ride you can mark your route and whenever you complete a certain distance, the app darkens that area.

What we love the most: The app has a feature that allows you to host a charity fund-raising and see how much your long ride has raised.

Cost: It is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones for free.

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4 Best Medicine Delivery Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Best Medicine Delivery Apps

From ordering food to ordering cabs and general needs, we are entirely dependent on the apps and websites that deliver our requirements right at our doorstep on just our single click. If we can order all this stuff, then why not medicines? Why go out to chemist stores and shuffle through to get the Medicine Delivery Apps you need when you can get in on just a flick of the finger?

Here are best four apps that let you order the prescription medicines you need and delivers them at your doorstep.


PharmEasy App for iOS and Android

Rated the highest grossing pharmacy app, PharmEasy offers easy orders and a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription meds. Order your prescription medicines online with the PharmEasy app for iOS and Android by uploading your prescription and get flat 20% off on your medicine orders. Get hassle-free, genuine medicines at your doorstep with secure payment. PharmEasy offers monthly refills and easy return policy too. So, what are you waiting for? use PharmEasy coupons to get amazing discounts and cashbacks on your orders


NetMeds App for iOS and Android

NetMeds offers a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and personal health care things under the categories such as OTC, Diabetes, Baby and Mother, Personal Care, Wellness, Health Aid, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathic. Using the NetMeds App for Android and iOS, you can order all the health care things and medicines on the go and even get customer discounts. Just Download the NetMeds App, upload your prescription and place your order. Your medicines will be delivered to you in two to three days. Payments can be made via cash or by using credit/debit cards. 


Myra Medicines App for iOS and Android

The smartest app for ordering medicinesMyra Medicines is currently only operational in Bengaluru and surrounding areas. A valid prescription is required for ordering the medicines using the app. All the prescriptions are checked and verified by a qualified pharmacist before confirming the order. The hard copy of your prescription will be stamped and an image of the same is photographed before delivery. The medicines are delivered within 30 minutes of placing the order. The service offers a flat 15 % discount on all orders. There are no delivery or shipping charges. Log on to the Myra Medicines Android and iOS Apps and get your prescription medicines at your doorstep along with discounts.

Read our article5 Gadgets for The Mobile Bloggersfor understanding more about Android and iOS Apps.

#4. 1 MG

1 MG App for iOS and Android

A big name in the growing field of online pharmacy in India, 1mg is more than a local pharmacy. In addition to letting you order your medicines, it also helps you gather information on your medicines. Even if you do not want to buy medicines from them, you may use the app to know more about it. You can find out about the substitutes and side effects (if any) of the drugs you are ordering. The app has won several awards for its excellence in the field. Order your over-the-counter and prescription medicines with 1MG App for Android and iOS and get your discounts and quality-tested Best Medicine Delivery Apps without any fuss.

The concept of ordering apps through a web, or using mobile apps is quite new in India but the field is growing rapidly. If you are too busy, or too sick to travel to a medical store, the easy to use apps are very helpful.

So, order your medicines online with these accessible apps and get your Best Medicine Delivery Apps at your doorstep without any hassle.

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The Best Amazon Prime Videos and Upcoming Movies

Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon is much more than just a renowned name in online shopping for products and items. It is also a source of entertainment to millions of its customers and offers unlimited videos, movies and TV shows to its customers. Amazon Prime Video is a paid service being offered by the company to its customers where you can have unlimited fun and get relief from their daily hectic schedules. The prime customers of Amazon can use this service where they can explore from hundreds of TV shows and movies; subscribe it on the monthly or yearly basis at the nominal charges. You can start a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime Video anytime to know the benefits which other prime members are enjoying.

By becoming an Amazon Prime member you can enjoy your weekends by relaxing at your homes and watching the latest movies, TV shows and much more at Amazon Prime Video. Following are some of the latest collection of prime movies that are recently added into Amazon Prime Video List. The Prime members and the tentative customers who are having a 30-day free trial can watch these movies at free of cost while the other customers have to pay a nominal amount to enjoy the movies. You can either buy the HD version of the movies or can also take it on rent basis. The rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started.

The Magnificent Seven

  • There is a modern twist in the classic story in The Magnificent Seven. The small town is under the control of industrialist- Bartholomew Bogue and the people of the town are trying hard to make themselves free from his control. Watch what happens next.
  • Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke
  • Runtime: 2 hours, 12 minutes
  • Genres: Western, Action
  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Buy Movie HD Price: $14.99
  • Overall ratings: 4.1 out of 5
  • IMDb: 6.9 out of 10

A Quiet Place 2018

  • It is a horrifying suspenseful thriller where a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound.
  • Starring: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
  • Director: John Krasinski
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Rent HD Price: $4.99
  • Buy HD Price: $19.99
  • Overall ratings: 4.0 out of 5
  • IMDb: 7.8 out of 10


  • Not all genetic experiments go well; watch the movie to know what happened when an experiment goes erroneous and unbridles super creatures that rampage the entire city.
  • Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman
  • Director: Brad Peyton
  • Runtime: 1 hour,47 minutes
  • Rent HD Price: $5.99
  • Buy HD Price: $19.99
  • Overall ratings: 4.1 out of 5
  • IMDb: 6.2 out of 10

Super Troopers 2

  • Everybody’s favorite law enforcement team has come again on popular demand with the long anticipated follow up to the cult comedy classic.
  • Starring: Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 39 minutes
  • Rent, HD Price: $5.99
  • Buy, HD Price: $14.99
  • Overall ratings: 3.8 out of 5
  • IMDb: 6.3 out of 10


  • In the phase of heroes comes the enormous warrior- Beowulf, who after destroying the overpowering demon Grendel, he incurs the undying wrath of the beast’s ruthlessly seductive mother who will use any means possible to ensure revenge.
  • Starring: Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie
  • Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 54 minutes
  • Rent, HD Price: $3.99 using Amazon Coupons
  • Buy, HD Price: $14.99
  • Overall ratings: 3.8 out of 5
  • IMDb: 6.2 out of 10

Apart from these, there are numerous other movies which Amazon Prime Members can enjoy; Amazon keeps on adding more number of movies/shows etc on its Prime Movies at regular interval of time.

Prime Video: Education & Family

Amazon has something or everything for all ages of its customers; even the kids can enjoy Prime Videos by watching the latest entertaining movies at their homes. With Amazon Prime Videos at your fingertips, you can continue your pack of entertainment anytime with your family and friends. Following is just a glimpse of the movies which are available at free of cost for the Amazon Prime Members.

Bubble Guppies Season 4 Bubble Guppies Season 4

  • Let your kids enjoy the latest great season of Bubble Guppies! Preschooler kids will dance and laugh along with their underwater friends, and they will learn about firefighters and dentists, zoo animals much more!
  • Genres: Animation, Adult Interest, Kids
  • Starring: Jacob Bertrand, Christopher Borger, Brianna Gentilella 
  • Buy episode 1 HD at $2.99
  • Buy Season 2 HD at $31.99
  • Overall ratings: 4.1 out of 5

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

  • Watch how Surly (Will Arnett) the squirrel and his friends tried their best to save their home, Liberty Park when an evil mayor decides to destroy it to build an amusement park.
  • Genres: Adventure, Animation, Adult Interest, Comedy, Kids
  • Director: Cal Brunker
  • Starring: Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, Bobby Cannavale
  • Rent movie HD at $3.99
  • Buy Movie HD at $14.99
  • IMDb: 5.4 out of 10
  • Overall Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

Monster Trucks

  • Watch how a high school senior- Tripp finds out a gas-guzzling individual named Creech, and they both teamed up for a fun-filled, hilarious and entertaining adventure in a real-life super-powered Monster Truck to reunite Creech with his family.
  • Genres: Comedy, Action, Kids
  • Director: Chris Wedge
  • Starring: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon
  • Buy Movie HD at $14.99
  • IMDb: 5.7 out of 10
  • Overall Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

There are various TV shows/Movies etc that will be made available on Amazon Prime Videos soon; following are a list of the latest videos that will provide you the best entertainment in the near future.

Title Description
2018 AVP Hermosa Beach Open – Pro Beach Volleyball 2018 The Hermosa Beach falls from July 27th to 29th, right ahead of Manhattan Beach on the 2018 schedule; you can watch it live on Amazon Prime Videos.

Prime Members can watch it at zero charges

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Watch how CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles into a series of bank transfers and explore all possibilities to known the truth. 

August 31

A Cinderella Story Release date: August 1, 2018
Curse of the Starving Class Release date: August 1, 2018


There is a never ending list of movies that will be released on different dates in August and all the Prime Members will be having an unlimited fun and entertainment coming their way.

So Amazon Prime Videos is one of the best entertaining packages being offered to the customers. Apart from getting the latest products at the best prices, you can also enjoy the newest movies, TV shows and videos on Amazon Prime Videos. The Amazon Prime Members will get the opportunity to watch thousands of popular movies and TV shows including award-winning movies at no other additional charges. So hurry up and start your 30-day free trial now so that you can watch the newest and popular movies with your family and acquaintances and can make your weekends more memorable and enduring

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