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5 Reason You Should be a Travel Blogger if you are from Goa

Travel Blogger About Travel Experiences Goa

Goa is always a fascinating name for everyone, especially for youngsters because it is that place where they open up, take leave from their busy schedule preparing for their futures and taking up major responsibilities.

Goa is that place where everyone wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. It offers you cheap package to travel and soothe and rejuvenate yourself again. It lets you to pull out the child out of you who wants to know herself or himself first, before knowing the world.

Following are 5 reason you should be a travel blogger if you are from Goa India:-

because everyone is looking after Goa to spend holidays at, because not only it is party place but also it comes to you as a package. Goa is a place of party and worship together. Also, people might reject their job but they will never discard the plan of Goa, because it makes you feel alive and who does not want to feel alive and awesome.

The beaches, the night life, churches, water sports activities and many more has Goa to give, you just have to ask for it.  So if you choose to be a travel blogger and take advantage of the fact that you are from Goa, will add stars to your blogging career because people before visiting any place look for blogs which tell more about the place and other stuffs associated to it, hence, for following reasons you should become a travel blogger if you are from Goa and become successful.

1. Minimum Travel Expenses

Minimum Travel Expenses Goa

Since you are a Goa, you will spend the minimum on travel because you would know all the less known travel routes and cheap connectivity for one place to another. If you start your blog on this topic then you would be surely successful because there are people who prefer spending less on travel, and also once you have got the idea of how travel goes in Goa you reach the heart of the state. People from various places to Goa usually come with a limited package and tend to spend a limited part of it on the travel, that’s why belonging to Goa adds extra points to your blogs.

2. Amazing Picture Sites

Amazing Picture Sites

You should be proud of being a Goan, you would beat everyone who comes from other states and countries for capturing the best scenic beauties of Goa because you would be among those few who know Goa to its roots. You be know the best times when the sun sets on beaches, riversides, mountains and many more. Also you would have lot of time to capture the best and beautiful versions from Goa almost anytime. Knowledge of places and ample time to capture the amazing sites of Goa will make you a successful blogger unlike others who come from other cities like Bangalore and Mumbai who have to spend a lot of time identifying the places and timings first.

3. Review Hotels and other Activities

Review Hotels and other Activities Goa

There are a lot of people who go through written or video reviews of hotels and personal experiences of those who have visited Goa before. Since you being from Goa have better experience than the casual visitors hence would be able to give justice to it far better than those who have been to Goa hardly once or twice. You can give reviews of hotels around you based on ambience, staff, facilities, budget and much more. Your genuine opinions will be preferred by a lot of people, hence, it will turn out to be helpful for those who are seeking information about it.

4. Advertisements about Goa Package Tours

Advertisements about Goa Package Tours

You can be in contact with the local tour operators and start your blog about the current Goa tour packages for families and newly married couples who are thinking of visiting Goa for their honeymoon. These packages are usually preferred because people mostly do not have any clue about how much the cost of tour would turn out to be. These packages make their head load a bit lighter because they usually include cost of travel, stay, activities and food under one cost. So being a blogger from Goa if you start your travel blog on this topic you would essentially assist people in their visit, and most importantly your blogs would be read a lot.

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5. Your Blog will Attract more Tourists

Travel Blogger Blog Goa

The most important aspect of being a travel blogger if you are from Goa because your blogs about Goa which will include about beaches, water sports activities, Goa’s food, its markets will attract more tourists to Goa from other parts of world and states of India. This will in turn increase the livelihood options for its locals and people will be engaged in work. More tourists will bring work for its local people.

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