SEO has become imperative for every business which has its online existence. An online company cannot survive without getting the services of the search engine optimizers. This is good for the SEO industry, but this increases the burden and pressure on the SEO professionals.

Due to this, those who are associated with the SEO services providing business needs the help of some tools which can reduce their burden and can make the things quick for them.

That is why whoever wants to do the SEO of any WordPress website need to know those tools which can help them to get higher ranks on the Google search engine ranking page.

To help all the SEO professionals especially the new ones, in the next lines of this article, I am going to compile some of the top seo plugins for wordpress that can take your website to the top position in the beginners google search engine ranking page.

Yoast SEO

Top SEO Plugins for Wordress - Yoast
Yoast SEO Plugins

Without a doubt, the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin for the WordPress website. Right now, the Yoast has over a million downloads and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is ranked by the 1,500 users. Through this plugin, you can easily get your desired result due to the functionality of this plugin. This plugin helps you in assigning the keyword to a blog post so you can easily focus on it in your entire content. Moreover, to keep you updated from the appearance of your website, it also has a snippet view that shows you how your website will look in your search result.

Moreover, it also predicts the SEO based performance of the content that you are about to publish. For example, it can tell you that how well a post is optimized before even getting published on the internet.

The Yoast is a must to have plugin if you want to create a website which is perfectly optimized. It guides you entirely with its comprehensive optimization setting panel where you can manage all of your elements efficiently.

Some of the main features of the Yoast are

  •    Complete analysis of your on-page content
  •    Ability to make your Meta tags and SEO title tags optimizable
  •    XML support for site mapping
  •    Control on the page indexing by Google



If you want to increase the number of organic traffic at your website, then the SEOPressor is a great plugin to use. This plugin is great for the beginners too because it optimizes your blog post completely so it can produce results on its maximum capacity. With its numerous features, you will be able to optimize your blog post easily and perfectly.

SEO Plugins for WordPress - SEOPressor
SEOPressor SEO Plugins for WordPress

The feature that standout of the SEOPressor Connect – WordPress SEO Plugin is the keyword analysis which makes it the best for the SEO professionals to use.

The reason why its keyword analysis feature is better than other plugin is that it has a built-in keyword research tool which helps you in finding the long tail keywords with the high bids and searches and also helps you to use it while writing content for your website.

Due to this feature, the content of your website becomes search engine friendly, and Google starts rating it much more than other. top SEO Plugins for wordpress, That is why by using this plugin, you have great chances of taking your website to the higher rankings on the Google SERP.



With the WP Meta SEO WordPress Plugins, you get a handful of great features and functionalities. It is another tool which primarily focuses on the content of your website and makes it highly optimizable and SEO friendly. This is the tool which evaluates your website as a professional critic and sorts out all the issues with your website that can be the reason why your website is not performing as it should be on the Google’s chart.

WP Meta SEO — Top SEO Plugins for WordPress
WP Meta SEO — WordPress Plugins

It also offers a tool through which you can edit your Meta and can make it optimizable too.

This feature of the WP Meta SEO analyzes all your meta of the website including all the pages on which you should have special emphasize like pages of your product.

It analyzes your website and then ranks it by using the percentage ranking system on the optimization level of your permalinks, Meta title, Meta description, wrongly resized image, image metadata, updated and new content, error 404 pages and link titles.


W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

You can achieve your targets just through the advanced SEO techniques. You also have to give some performance too. It is important that your website is as quick as your customers and visitors likes and should be user-friendly too.

For this, you can use the W3 Total Cache SEO WordPress Plugins which is an incredible WordPress website plugins that not only enhance your website performance but also helps you in making it user-friendly.

Having a fast website is not only for the Google ranks but also important to keep the traffic rate on your website. With the fast loading site, you will be able to get more traffic by getting ranked in the higher spots of Google SERP, and this traffic can also convert into your paying customers.


Link Patrol

If you have done with the polishing of your website, then it is time to start focusing on the off-page SEO. For this, the Link Patrol is an incredible SEO WordPress Plugin that ensures all your off-page SEO activities are of the quality standard.

LinkPatrol SEO Plugins for wordress
LinkPatrol SEO Plugins

Through this plugin, you can get sure that your website is not getting any spam links. top SEO plugins for wordpress, It also allows you to add multiple no-follow tags in one fell swoop. With this plugin, you can easily remove multiple links at once which will never be created again and can also take links out of the comments.

Another great thing about this plugin is that you can export all the statistics of external linking on your website via a .csv spreadsheet. This means that if you are handling any website of a client, then it is easier for you to create a sheet at every end of the month.


Google XML Sitemaps

To get your website on the top of the Google ranking page, you have to make sure that your site’s content is getting indexed.

Top SEO WordPress Plugins - Google XML Sitemaps
Top SEO WordPress Plugins – Google XML Sitemaps

For this, you have to generate a sitemap and have to add all the content of your website on that sitemap which is time taking and effort asking task. To ease you out, there is a WordPress plugin for that.

The Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that generates the sitemap for your website automatically. This plugin is easy to understand and efficient that is why it can fulfill all your sitemap needs.


Broken Link Checker

Out of many things which can cause your website a penalty by the Google or a hit on the Google SERP that can take you to the last pages of the result, broken links are one of them.

Brokenlinkcheck - SEO Plugins for wordress
Brokenlinkcheck – SEO Plugins

For this, the Broken Link Checker – SEO WordPress Plugin that can help you in finding any broken link on your website. It often happens that you leave any broken link in the content of your website which is not good according to the parameters of the Google. With this plugin, you can check all of your content and link, and this plugin will find the broken link if your website if you have one.

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Final Words

The WordPress is in itself an incredible platform to construct an entire website. It has all those features that can develop a website which is absolutely optimizable if you have the right knowledge of it. All of the above tools are only for the assistance of the SEO professional.