A hair follicle drug test is harder to beat for moderate to heavy cannabis users. Cannabinoids, the same substance that gives you the “high” feeling when you take drugs can also put you in trouble. It gets into your follicle and it is the substance hair follicle drug tests try to detect. Because of how long this substance is retained in your crowning glory, this method of testing is one of the surest ways to detect if you have taken drugs recently. There are other methods of drug testing as well. The effectiveness of the tests depends largely on how long the marijuana residue can stay in the locks. You can find out more about them on https://www.weednews.co/

How long does THC stay undetected in hair?

As marijuana breaks down, it leaves a chemical residue in the body known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This chemical stays in the bloodstream and is carried to various parts of the body including the hair. One time users can have THC in their bloodstream for a few days while chronic users can have it for several months after use. The rate of metabolism among other factors can influence how long this chemical is retained in the body. 

For chronic users, hair follicle drug tests can be used to track drug use for up to 3 months. So what exactly is hair follicle drug test and how does it work?  

How does testing hair follicle for drugs work?

A hair follicle drug test is one of the surest ways of screening for drug use. The test takes a small sample of hair and identifies the presence of THC and other metabolites. A good number of companies rely on this type of test not only because it is accurate but also because it can record a longer drug use history compared to other mediums of testing. (Typically about 90 days for 1.5 inches of hair). 

Considering how long the detection window of THC can be, beating this test can be quite difficult. What makes it even harder is the fact that employers rarely give sufficient notice before the test is carried out. However, if you have a hair follicle drug test coming up soon, here are some tips that may help. 

Natural detoxification 

Warning: this is not a quick solution

With enough time, your body will naturally cleanse itself of Marijuana and its metabolite. The process of cleansing your bloodstream naturally usually takes about 30 days. Any hair grown on your body after THC has been cleared from your bloodstream will be completely clean of metabolites. Clean samples of 1.5 inches of hair should be collectible after 3 months of hair growth. Of course, you are unlikely to get this much time to prepare for a hair follicle drug test or any type of drug test for that matter. Hence letting your body clean itself naturally is not an option especially when you are scheduled for a test soon.  

Speed up metabolism through diet, exercise, and supplements: 

Warning: this will only aid natural detoxification. It is not a quick fix either

How fast your body can metabolize THC depends on various factor. Generally, you should be able to speed up the rate of metabolism by staying active, placing yourself on a detox diet and taking an herbal supplement. These will increase how much histamine your body produces and lead to the dilation of blood vessels. All of these may help speed up the detox process by a few weeks. Activities that make you sweat more like going to a sauna may also help as well. 

Hair detox shampoo 

Warning: Hair detox shampoos may cause damage. This is the fastest solution. However, there are a lot of fake shampoos out there so beware 

You can cleanse your locks temporarily using a detoxification shampoos. These are solutions designed to cleanse THC from old layers of hair. A good shampoo product will cleanse your hair and scalp within 3 to 10 days without causing any damage. However, not all cleansing shampoos are of good quality. Some of them don’t work at all, others may cause serious damage to your crowning and a good number of them strips your locks of every nutrient along with the contaminants. This can raise suspicion about the samples presented and put you in trouble. 

Try Home Remedies: 

Warning: mostly effective, but may take longer to work 

There are several home remedies known to produce the same effects as detox shampoos. They are easy to prepare. Quite cheap to make and can be applied quite conveniently without fear of permanent damage to your air. While there are several recipes out there, a good number of them use common kitchen ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, rosemary oil and so on. You can check here for some home hair detox remedies.  

Shave all Your Hair

Warning: this is not a smart move

If all else fails, and you are desperate enough to try this trick, shaving all the hair on your body is one last option you can try. This makes it impossible to take a sample from you. If you are lucky you might get your test rescheduled although this is quite unlikely since most clinicians know this trick already. 

Additional tips 

Stop drug use: you will increase your chances of passing a hair follicle drug test tremendously if you discontinue drug use immediately you are notified of a test. Staying off marijuana entirely if you have an interview coming up is also recommended. 

Test yourself: after following the tips above, you can confirm your chances of passing a hair follicle test by testing yourself. You can buy a home test kit and see if the treatments you have undergone worked. This way you will be confident enough to present a sample. 


Light cannabis users are more likely to beat a hair follicle drug test than habitual consumers. If you take drugs regularly, discontinuing use before your test is scheduled will increase your chances. You can try out any of the methods above. Hopefully, you’ll scale through your test without trouble.


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