Content Marketing Strategies as we know is one of the best ways to increase traffic, leads and skyrocket your business. It is one of the best ways which can help a blogger or internet marketer in ranking a website on the major search engines.

Now a days everyone is trying their hands on Content marketing by networking with other bloggers and sharing content.

If you are a blogger and have just started with content marketing but are looking for some pointers which will help you in making your campaigns more successful then you can have a look at some Content Marketing SEO Tips which every blogger should know.

Create a Strong Base

First things first and that is creating a strong base of your blog. If you are focussing on Content marketing and are serious in generating leads via it then you have to make sure that your blog is having a strong foundation.

Strong Foundation? But what does that mean? By saying strong foundation we mean to say not to go for WordPress or blogger. Instead of getting a URL like go for a self-hosted blog where you are hosting your blog on the online web space and install a good CMS like WordPress on it. Even if you are having awesome content on your blog but your blog is not a self-hosted one you won’t be able to get the best out of Content Marketing. Authority is everything and creating a strong base will help you in maximizing it.

Find Who your Audience is

So you are writing articles daily and are wondering why I am not getting traffic in return. One thing which a blogger should keep in mind is that he is writing articles, content for the readers, the audience who is engaging on the blog. It is essential to know the audience of your blog and finding out what your readers are interested in reading. Let’s say you are having a health blog and you are writing articles related to technology, Duh! What are you thinking of dude !! Focus on your audience and if you see that you are getting queries related to other keywords, go for another blog and you can integrate it with your first blog. In this way you are having two blogs and are targeting multiple audiences.

Lay out a Content Marketing Scheme

You have to plan out your entire content marketing scheme which you are planning to use. Few things which you can add to your content marketing campaign can be founded below.

* Create events as per the holidays/festivals. In this way you will get more readers. Christmas next month? Create an event on Christmas and you can even offer some gifts.

It is ideal to go for an annual event where you are distributing goodies to your readers. The more articles are shared by a user on Social Media wins the price.

Content Strategy

Based on the event which you are going for, think of content which is apt for that event. Write articles on your blog and start doing guest posts on other websites which will help you in getting more traffic for that event. You can also conduct webinars for the events or offer a free e-book to your users.

Optimize your Content

So you have written your articles and are thinking that as soon as you will hit the Publish button you will get thousands of users? No, You are wrong! You have to optimize the content and make it attractive enough for your readers that they want to share it on their social media profiles which will not only get you social signals but will also help you in increasing your readership.

To make your content more attractive add different colors to it, add images and if you are good at creating videos, add some. Make sure that the content which you are penning is search engine friendly and you are not indulging in any black hat practices. Proper keyword research and density is important along with which you can add external and internal links. One thing which should be your top priority should be that your content is unique.

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Instead of going for big paragraphs, go for small ones. It won’t make your content boring and will create interest of the reader. You can also add some humour to your content which will be a plus point.

Share Share Share

Posting content on your website is fine but what about its promotion? Social media is a boon right now with millions of users crawling timelines. Share the content which you just published on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon and many others. You can also take help of Web 2.0.

Along with that if you are having an e-mail list send mails to your subscribers informing new content which you just posted on your website. If you are friends with other bloggers ask them to share the articles which you just posted with will help you in attaining readership.

For easy sharing you can also add sharing buttons right next to the posts so that if a reader loves your post, he can share it right away.

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Last but not the least is advertise your content. You are aiming at some leads so get ready to invest some bucks. Use Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords to reach more people. There are plenty of third party advertisement platforms which you can go for and reach millions of people. This will not only help you in increasing traffic of your blog but will also help you with increased possibility of leads.

All these tips are followed by almost every blogger which is out there. Using these strategies you will be able to get the best out of your Content marketing campaign. Are you following any other tips which you would like to share with us? If yes, the comments section is all yours, just fill it up.

This article is written by Varun Saini, a tech blogger. Varun owns a blog called Rooting Tutorials where he shares guide to root android devices using Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tools. Visit his blog to tweak your Android devices and improve their performance by rooting.