A research proved that there is a relation between Outbound Links New SEO Techniques and its ranking.

The researchers confidently say that Google can find the authority of the page or website on the basis of what sources it has an association with outbound links. The marketing firm Reboot, who researched this relation, created 10 new websites for the research.

They included hyperlinks in half of them. All the websites where having same tag structure, keyword and data. The websites having hyperlinks has found to have very high authority than others.

After monitoring these websites Reboot came to the conclusion that, “Outgoing links to authoritative sites are considered good in the algorithms and these links have a positive impact on ranking of the site.”

Do you want to know how the outbound links are responsible for the authority and ranking of your blog?

As we all are the bloggers in the post-panda biosphere, this is the post to make you understand the importance of outbound links.

What is outbound links in SEO

First of all, let us try to explore what are these outbound links?

Outbound Links SEO are the hyperlinks which direct the users to another website from your blog.

When you link the website to related data, the search engine finds it easy to know your niche.

These outbound links increase the trust and quality assurance of your blog. Outbound links play vital role in SEO of a blog.

To be Summarized Outbound Links:-

  • Provides search engines a clear idea of blog’s niche due to relevant links.
  • Are the best ways of building relation with other blogs with the same niche.

You would like to know the links relevant to your blog using Google related link operator. Google related link operator is an operator of Google search. This operator lets you know all the relevant links to your blog from the Google perspective.

It will list all the popular websites of your niche. The link in a comment of your blog post is also considered as an outbound link.

If someone consistently comments on your blog post, he can also be listed in the related site. Simply type “related: (enter your domain name).com” in Google search bar and you will get the list of relevant sites.

With all this information I am sure you understand the need of outbound links in your blogs. But while inserting these outbound links you must take care of some factors. I have listed those factors in this post. Take advantage of this post to get the genuine relevant links.

Link to Blogs of the Same Niche

You should insert outbound links in your blog to attract traffic on your blog. Inserting outbound links is like giving a hand for friendship. We all must be aware of the one we are doing friendship with. You should find the websites of your niche.

Search engines will help you to differentiate genuine and banned websites. You should never insert outbound links of banned blogs. This will spoil your blog’s trust and authority. Outbound links SEO must be inserted linking popular, reputed and trustworthy sites.

The websites with good Moz Rank and good domain value will add trust and authority to your blog.

Don’t Network Private Blogs

Many bloggers create a link network by inserting outbound links to another. That blog, in turn, links the first blog creating a two-way link. Such two-way links from a link farm. Such link farms are not recommended for the bloggers. Search engines can notice such link farm and take a strong action about such blogs.

According to the Google Panda updates came recently, Google is taking down all such blogs having a blog farm. Google is evaluating such blogs.

Too many Outbound Links may not work out

Outbound links are important but too many links may spoil your reader’s mood. Readers may find it too annoying to read a post with too many outbound links. You should insert internal links more than opting for outbound links.

Link to the outer website only when it is of your same niche or relevant to your post. Posts such as ‘101 interesting website’ may contain a number of the outbound link seo. Other than such posts you should opt to use minimum outbound links.

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Two-way links

Provide links to other blogs, and in turn, you can ask them to link your blog in their post. Give and take relation is recommended for the linking of websites. It will benefit both the websites. Try to link only to your niche websites.

This will increase traffic on your blog. Google can find your niche according to this outbound links for SEO. You can use Google-related link operator to get the genuine website links.

Which links you should insert

This is the big question you may get to whom you should link. Which links will be beneficial for you?

You have to be sure about the trust and authentication of the website you are linking with.

If you feel confused about which links you should trust, go for the popular websites such as Wikipedia. Google trusts such website and can authenticate your blog. Link to the website which contains the content related to your post.

The outbound link you inserted must be capable of covering the whole topic it concerned. The links which are highly shared on social media will be beneficial for your Outbound Links SEO. But for such links also you should cross check the authenticity of the link before attaching it to your blog post.

Linking to the website in your niche can create a community of the bloggers with the same audience. All the bloggers of that community can then get the benefit of traffic from same targeted audience of their niche.

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How Do Outbound Links Affect SEO?

With all this information you must have got to know the importance of outbound link and all the factors to be taken care of while inserting the links. Whenever you write the post if you add a word which may not be familiar to the readers, you may link such words to their meaning. Make it sure that outbound links open in new tab. At least few outbound links may help your blog to be ranked by Google.

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