In the last few decades, it was thought that students have only one job and that is to concentrate upon their studies. But as time is changing, the requirements and interests are being dynamic, the mainstream thought is also transforming. As a result, in the past few years, the opportunities for online jobs for students have gained tremendous popularity.

Students studying in schools and colleges are looking to ensure getting the right kind of financial support for their and other expenses. Thus, most of them are eyeing an additional source of income.

I’ve seen many people who have engaged themselves in online jobs. They are taking that as a way to earn extra income while pursuing their studies and before heading for a full-time career.

There are several online jobs for students that will help you being a student look forward to earning some extra cash and choose great career options if you want to make a full-time career in the future.

Here I have prepared a list of the 15 most popular online jobs which are suitable for students. I’m sure if you’re looking for a job online for whatever reason, you will find that right after completing this article.

Top 15 Trending Online Jobs for Students In 2021

Although I’m recommending you go through this list if you’re looking for a part-time income source, you can also opt for these opportunities to look for a full-time career. You just need a computer with an Internet connection and knowledge in any of these niches to start working.

1. Blogging

Blogging is considered the most profitable online job for students. As there is no specific academic background required to become a Blogger, anyone interested in writing can become a Blogger.

Students who have finished their 12th exam can create their own blog based on specific or multiple niches. Not only can you make a high part-time income from blogging, but you can pursue blogging as an excellent career option.

I know hundreds of popular bloggers who started their career journey as students, and now they are making a six-figure income from this. Creating a blog is very inexpensive and easy.

2. Content Writing

This is another online job for students who have good writing skills. There are several freelance platforms, including Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, People per Hour, etc. You can create your own writer profile and get writing assignments.

You will get paid for writing different types of content for your clients. A newbie content writer can generally earn between $10 to $20 per hour, depending upon the experience and niche.

Editing and proofreading are also suitable for students who have great knowledge of English grammar. They can edit content written by other content writers.

3. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a job where you can teach small kids on the Internet using facilities such as Skype and other software to interact with them. There are dozens of popular online tutoring websites where you can sign up and create your own profile.

Once you are approved as a tutor, you can start teaching online at home. Online tutors generally get paid $20 to $50 per hour depending upon the subject, knowledge experience, teaching skills, and other factors.

Online teaching is a good idea if you are planning to stay in the education industry. You can also teach spoken English online as millions of people want to learn basic to advanced English levels for their daily use.

4. YouTube Vlogging

When you were thinking about an online job for students, you must have given a thought to starting your YouTube channel. There are many popular YouTube channels run by kids and college students. Those young YouTubers are earning around $1000 and more per month as their extra time.

If you want to become a Youtuber, there is no better time to start your channel than now. Starting a YouTube channel is free and easy. Follow these steps:

  • Start your YouTube channel.
  • Create videos that your audience will love.
  • Publish them on your channel.
  • Advertise your channel and start making money.

5. Translation Services

You can offer translation services from your home by using an active Internet connection. Suppose you are good at your regional language. In that case, you can search for translation job opportunities through the freelancing websites I mentioned above.

6. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a trending online job in 2021. And the best part is affiliate marketing can be done from your home.

You can become an affiliate of popular merchants such as Flipkart, Amazon, and other eCommerce websites. As an affiliate, you need to promote the affiliate programs through your blog or social media platforms. You will be paid for each lead or sale that happened through the link provided on your blog to the merchant website.

Thousands of students are earning $1000 extra from affiliate marketing.

7. Website Designing

If you are creative and boring website UI madden you, you can try your hands-on website designing. Website is the face of any business online, and every business trying to make their space on the Internet creates a website.

The best part of providing website designing services is that you can work staying at your home’s comfort, and website designing helps you gain knowledge in some designing software programs.

If you know HTML, HTML 5, PHP, and other programming languages, you can start this job right away.

8. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a top online job for students who are looking for creative and innovative jobs. Suppose you have knowledge about some designing software such as Photoshop or illustrator. In that case, you can start providing your graphic designing services to small businesses looking for appealing graphics for social media and other purposes.

One of the hottest platforms to find online graphic designing jobs is, and you can create your account to bag graphic designing gigs.

9. App Designing

App designing is a great in-demand online job for students these days. There are multiple tools available for designing applications. If you have good knowledge of some programming languages, you can offer app designing services to businesses.

Initially, you may require some training to create an app. You can create a sample to show the employers who ask for copies of previous works. Some app designers earn up to $5000 in a month.

10. Share Trading

Online share trading is one of the most lucrative online jobs for students, which can be done at the comfort of your home. This may sound somewhat risky, and you need to have the proper knowledge to enter the share market. You also need to be prepared to face the ups and downs as a share trader.

Once you learn the job’s ins and outs, you can excel in the share market as a part-time share trader.

11. Data Entry

Students who are looking for part-time online jobs must have searched for data entry operating opportunities. Data entry operating jobs are great in demand these days, and you can find many openings from freelancing websites. You don’t need to have any training or certain academic background to become a data entry operator. All you need to have is a PC and a good Internet connection.

12. Product Reviewing

Many companies were selling their products online and looking for reviewers to write positive comments and spread good words about their products. Some companies pay the writers, while others provide free product samples along with the payment. If you are a student and looking for an online job, product reviewing is a good career option that you can pursue further in the future as a full-time job.

All you need to do is reach out to the manufacturing companies through their websites and ask if there is an opportunity for you.

13. Art and Craft Selling

If you love creating handcrafts or you love to curate them and sell them, you can make good money by selling those products online. Many students are earning good money by selling their products on E-Commerce websites like Etsy.

14. SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is the need for all businesses right now. As businesses are trying to place themselves on the top page of Google, everyone is requiring SEO experts to perform the task for them.

An SEO expert works online. If you have SEO knowledge, you can search for companies ready to hand over their websites to you for search engine optimization. You need to have professional SEO training to gain some good experience in ranking websites before taking any freelance project.

15. Transcription

Transcriptions are needed in various industry verticals, including medical and law. It is a common online job for students in India and outside the country. You can register with any medical and law transcription service provider and search for a part-time job.

These jobs are suitable for everyone, but they will benefit you more if you are a medical or law student. You can find this kind of job in the top recruitment portals.


The Internet has created a wide range of income-generating opportunities for people nowadays. Suppose you are motivated to earn some extra money to fuel your education or meet your personal needs. In that case, there are many online jobs for students that can help you to do so. If you are already working online, share your experience.

If you know about another innovative online job for students, which is different from what we have mentioned in the list, we would love to know about that.