There are at least hundreds of different ways through which you can make money online. But there are many websites which ask you to invest prior to making any money.

However, let’s face it not all of us have extra money to invest into something about which we have no idea! The good thing is that you can actually make money online without having to make any kind of an investment.

We have combined a list of different legit and easy ways of earning money online which will actually help you in paying some bills. Remember that you can also do these jobs as part time along with your regular day jobs.

If article writing is your forte, then you can actually earn a fairly good amount of money by writing for different content writing services and bloggers. Different outsourcing websites like Upwork and People per Hour are some of the good places to start providing your services. However, one thing which you should keep in mind is that you have to be really consistent and sensible in applying for the different jobs. Only commit to the projects which you think you can excel at. Also, you should remember that maybe initially you will not be paid a lot, but with time and experience your clients will be paying you the asking amount.

  • By Guest Posting for Your Clients

This may sound absurd to you, but if you are in need of a handsome amount of money and you are good at guest posting, then you can start doing so for your clients. Clients pay a fairly handsome amount for guest posting in their name, as it automatically generates more traffic on your website. Also, it is usually very difficult to get a guest post approved on good blogs post. So, if you have got excellent writing skills and you want to make some extra money, then guest posting is an excellent option of making money.

  • By Writing Reviews and Paid Posts

If you already have your own blog up and running with a fairly decent amount of traffic, you can start writing reviews and paid posts of different products. Remember that this option is only applicable if you have your own domain name and are not using the free version of Blogger or WordPress. By writing such reviews and posts, the businesses will start paying you in return. Another great aspect of this type of work is that search engines and different other websites will start recognizing your and your blog’s name as well. You can also do the same if you run a Youtube channel with a decent viewing.

  • By Commenting on Different Blogs

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write comments. There are many blogs which auto approves comment without having to go through a moderator. Do your research and bookmark such blogs Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes. Such commentators get different badges and medals and become an asset for different websites. Become an avid commentator and soon you will find the bloggers paying you for writing your comments.

  • Through Affiliate Marketing

A really easy and quick way of earning money without making any type of investment is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid for promoting one or more product online. It can be on your blog or website. You can even make use of your social media accounts for that. Many successful bloggers are making a lot of extra money through affiliate marketing. Make Money on Instagram or Twitter account and start earning bucks!

  • By Becoming a Broker

This is actually a full time job. Becoming a broker means that you get different businesses clients which agree to run their advertisements on their websites. You basically act as a middle man in this kind of a job. You can also start providing consultancy services to those who want to sell their websites, blogs or social media pages.

  • By Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Many online recruiters want to hire virtual assistants for finding different freelance writers, designers and even web developers. This is because most of them are either too busy to do this task on their own, or they want someone else to share their work load as well. A virtual assistant also has to make sure that the team of freelancers under him or her is working properly. You need to be good at communication and should possess a good leadership quality to work as a virtual assistant.

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  • By Teaching Online

There are many parents who are looking for teachers to teach their kids online. This is an excellent option of making money as you just have to work few hours a day. Again, you should have good leadership and teaching skills. Also, make sure that whichever subject you are teaching, you should have a full command over it. You can get paid really well as most of the times, online teachers get paid by the hour.

  • By Doing Data Entry

Data Entry is a very easy way of earning money online. Although it does not pay a good amount of money as compared to being a blogger or a virtual assistant, yet the payment is good enough to help you sustain throughout the next month.


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The options are innumerable when it comes to making money online without investment, yet it is important to know that hard work and dedication is required if you want to succeed.

There are many jobs which can you pay you per hour while others pay you based on your monthly performance. In many cases, a lot of jobs can actually become full time from part time through sheer determination.