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How to Make More Money Online without Investment

Make Money Online without Investment

There are at least hundreds of different ways through which you can make money online. But there are many websites which ask you to invest prior to making any money.

However, let’s face it not all of us have extra money to invest into something about which we have no idea! The good thing is that you can actually make money online without having to make any kind of an investment.

We have combined a list of different legit and easy ways of earning money online which will actually help you in paying some bills. Remember that you can also do these jobs as part time along with your regular day jobs.

If article writing is your forte, then you can actually earn a fairly good amount of money by writing for different content writing services and bloggers. Different outsourcing websites like Upwork and People per Hour are some of the good places to start providing your services. However, one thing which you should keep in mind is that you have to be really consistent and sensible in applying for the different jobs. Only commit to the projects which you think you can excel at. Also, you should remember that maybe initially you will not be paid a lot, but with time and experience your clients will be paying you the asking amount.

  • By Guest Posting for Your Clients

This may sound absurd to you, but if you are in need of a handsome amount of money and you are good at guest posting, then you can start doing so for your clients. Clients pay a fairly handsome amount for guest posting in their name, as it automatically generates more traffic on your website. Also, it is usually very difficult to get a guest post approved on good blogs post. So, if you have got excellent writing skills and you want to make some extra money, then guest posting is an excellent option of making money.

  • By Writing Reviews and Paid Posts

If you already have your own blog up and running with a fairly decent amount of traffic, you can start writing reviews and paid posts of different products. Remember that this option is only applicable if you have your own domain name and are not using the free version of Blogger or WordPress. By writing such reviews and posts, the businesses will start paying you in return. Another great aspect of this type of work is that search engines and different other websites will start recognizing your and your blog’s name as well. You can also do the same if you run a Youtube channel with a decent viewing.

  • By Commenting on Different Blogs

You don’t have to be a professional writer to write comments. There are many blogs which auto approves comment without having to go through a moderator. Do your research and bookmark such blogs Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes. Such commentators get different badges and medals and become an asset for different websites. Become an avid commentator and soon you will find the bloggers paying you for writing your comments.

  • Through Affiliate Marketing

A really easy and quick way of earning money without making any type of investment is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid for promoting one or more product online. It can be on your blog or website. You can even make use of your social media accounts for that. Many successful bloggers are making a lot of extra money through affiliate marketing. Make Money on Instagram or Twitter account and start earning bucks!

  • By Becoming a Broker

This is actually a full time job. Becoming a broker means that you get different businesses clients which agree to run their advertisements on their websites. You basically act as a middle man in this kind of a job. You can also start providing consultancy services to those who want to sell their websites, blogs or social media pages.

  • By Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Many online recruiters want to hire virtual assistants for finding different freelance writers, designers and even web developers. This is because most of them are either too busy to do this task on their own, or they want someone else to share their work load as well. A virtual assistant also has to make sure that the team of freelancers under him or her is working properly. You need to be good at communication and should possess a good leadership quality to work as a virtual assistant.

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  • By Teaching Online

There are many parents who are looking for teachers to teach their kids online. This is an excellent option of making money as you just have to work few hours a day. Again, you should have good leadership and teaching skills. Also, make sure that whichever subject you are teaching, you should have a full command over it. You can get paid really well as most of the times, online teachers get paid by the hour.

  • By Doing Data Entry

Data Entry is a very easy way of earning money online. Although it does not pay a good amount of money as compared to being a blogger or a virtual assistant, yet the payment is good enough to help you sustain throughout the next month.


Skills: Basic System Knowledge + Internet Searching
This is Life Time project. Our Support Team is always Available for you.
Required Fresher’s, student, house wives & retire person, without registration fee.

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The options are innumerable when it comes to making money online without investment, yet it is important to know that hard work and dedication is required if you want to succeed.

There are many jobs which can you pay you per hour while others pay you based on your monthly performance. In many cases, a lot of jobs can actually become full time from part time through sheer determination.

Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.



  1. Sagar Chauhan

    April 9, 2017 at 1:54 am

    It’s Fabulous Pavitra,
    But, Some Points are Not Highlighted In Your Make Money Online’s Post.
    Such As -Blogging And YouTube
    In Today’s Time – This Ways Are very popular for earn money online. ( Mostly, Teens & Students Are Loved this platform )
    Please Update Your Content with This Important Points.

    @Best Wishesh

    • Pavitra Kumar

      April 9, 2017 at 8:49 pm

      Thanks for your Kind word brother you Like Event Blogging Guide Poiinets, I will update the post soon with more clear Blogging And YouTube also backlink methods.

  2. Anny Arora

    April 12, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Pavitra Kumar Ji Nice Post The Useful Post For Make Money Thanks For Sharing With Us

  3. Nishan

    April 15, 2017 at 9:58 am

    nice artical and good writting

  4. Sourav Bawali

    April 16, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Great article and good writing

  5. niraj bari

    April 17, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Hi, I am thankful to you for sharing online money without investment awesome article with this helpful knowledge. this is the blog that provide the lots of good information thanks for provide a such a good information.

  6. Jelina Roy

    April 19, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Hey Pavitra,

    Indeed some great ways to make money.

    I myself started earning via freelance writing and now after 3 years I own few blogs where I write when I find a topic which I love and I also do some freelance writing when I need some quick money.

    So, I can say you have listed some good ways t earn quick money based on online skills.

  7. Ninah

    June 21, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    This is amazing! Making money without investing…it is awesome especially making money by being a broker. I thought being a broker doesn’t make anything good. I am more enlightened. Kudos Pavitra!

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How To Make Money With A Blog – Top 5 Best Methods

Make Money With A Blog

This is the topic which is all time favorite for all newbies and the one who want to start a blog and make money with that blog. Trust me it is an interesting topic with top methods to make money with a blog or website.

In my previous guides I talked about how to start a blog and in that article I shared all basic and important steps about starting your own blog. So now today I start a new guide where you will learn How to Make Money with a Blog.

This is the most searchable topic on search engines because mostly all the newbies and beginner’s want to start his/her own blog and make money with that blog. But the main question is how much newbies knows real methods to make money.

How To Make Money from Your Blog

How To Make Money from Your Blog

If you are a newbie or recently you start your own blog and finding the best methods to earn money with your blog than or Make Money From Event Blogging this article is for you, because this article includes top methods to make money with a blog.

Let’s Start with Top Methods:

1. Monetize Blog With Google Adsense

Google Adsense Method

This is the most successful, powerful and most usable platform in the world to make money with ads. It is a Google Advertisement Platform called “Adsense”.

Google Adsense Method

For Adsense Account, you need an approval from Google Adsense Team and for that approval you will have to submit your blog on their official website

At the time of submitting their form, they will ask several things like Name, Address and Blog URL etc. In the below section you will find steps to apply for a Google Adsense Account.

Steps Description:

In First Step Sign Up with Your Real and Professional Gmail ID.

In Second Step Enter Your Blog or Website URL like this (

In Third Step Fill Each And Every Field With Your Real Contact Information.

Note: Enter your Name and Address according to your Identity Card and Bank Passbook.

Google Adsense Team will check your application manually so submit it carefully and if your application fulfills their all policies than you will get Congrats Mail from Google Adsense Team.

2. Paid Reviews

I assume that you start your blogging journey and in the past you find out some popular blogs where the author of that blog reviews some products like (Keyword Planner Tool, SEO Optimizing Tools etc.). The most of the reviews are paid reviews, the companies pay huge amount to popular bloggers for writing a best and positive reviews about their products.

So you can also try this method when your blog will get great goodwill and for that you can contact the company and pitch them for their product review with your popular blog and once they like your style to promote products then your income will never end.

Paid Reviews

Note: If you want success in this method then you should be genuine with your visitors because they are everything for your blog (more than money). I tell you how, if you want to recommend any type of product to your visitors then you should try that particular product for yourself and if that product will helpful for you than you can proudly recommend that product to your visitors. Mark my words the visitors is the main key for your success and if you will not be genuine with them than your future becomes darker day by day. So, be genuine and make yourself brighter in this world.

3. Affiliate Programs Marketing

Affiliate is the most popular method in the blogging world, most of the successful and popular blogger’s are making money with that method.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this method, you promote the other companies products on your website or blog or you can also promote other blogger’s tools on your blog because they also give you 10-50% of commission on every sale made by you and when you sell companies products you will get 10-80% commission on every sale.

Affiliate Programs Marketing

How It Works:

In this method, firstly you have to join the companies affiliate marketing programs and then they will provide you a unique ID and when you sale any product with that particular ID then the company will track that this sale was made by you and then you will get your commission or you can say reward ($MONEY$) transfer to your affiliate account.

Yes, you have heard it right you can How to Start the Perfect Micro Niche Blogging Website

How Others Make Money:

As you read above 2nd method which is paid reviews, so like that if you want to sale any product to your audience then you have to write a unique, real and positive review about that product.

The Popular bloggers follow this method to make huge money, they use that particular product for themselves and after that they know what are the positive things they can present in front of their audience and because they have a goodwill in front of their audience they sale product and make huge money.

It is as simple as that the more audience you have the more sales you will generate.

4. Direct Banner Advertisement

There is no doubt that the Google Adsense program is best for all type of blog but you will find out that this advertisement network has limitations.

If you want to try the direct advertisement on your blog, then try BuySellAds. This is one of the most popular platform for direct advertisement.

5. Sell Your Own Services

Everyone has a talent and it may possible that you are best in your talent so why don’t you sell your talent as services to others because if you give something unique to others then there are lots of buyers in the market who will buy your services easily and you can make good amount of money.

Once you build your blog popular and you have good community then you can sell the services like (Logo making, SEO Plugins, Software, Web Development or Video development and many more.) on your blog.

Blogging Ideas That You Can Use to Make Money!

Final Words:

I hope my methods would helpful for you and you will start make money, I’ll make sure I will add some more methods in future.

Share this guide Make Money With A Blog with your friends so they also get help from you.

If you have any type of method which is good for monetize the blogs then please share with us in the comment section below.

Best of Luck! 🙂

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Blogging Ideas That You Can Use to Make Money!

Blogging Ideas to Make Money

Have you ever heard people talking about their blog and wonder why they spend so much time updating something that is read by people they don’t even know?

While there will be someone who do it for the love of their blog, the majority will be doing it to make some money out of their blog.

Yes, you have heard it right you can make money from your event blogging.

While it may seem complicated, the general idea is that a product or service provider will provide goods to a blogger in return for them to provide a review or to simply mention their product positively during a blog post. This could range from a hotel asking a blogger to positively mention their report during their blog about staying abroad to somebody reviewing a new type of cooking oil.

If you like the idea of making some earn on the side with a Blogging Ideas to Make Money but aren’t sure what ideas you could use, below are some great ideas to get you started.

Game Blogger

Blogging idea to Game Blogger

Did you ever thought your favorite pass time gaming can generate decent income for you? Yes, there are lots of YouTube channels like famous “PewDiePie who are earning good amount of money through their gameplay, walkthrough and reaction videos. Not only in YouTube, you can also create a blog around gaming and write different guides for games too. There are many gamers who are stuck on some levels and looking for the answers so you can take opportunity and show them how to pass through those levels. Even there are many tips, tricks and hacks which can help the users to bypass levels. So, combinedly all we can say that if you are hardcore gaming lovers then you should not waste much time and start your Blog as soon as possible.

Beauty Blogger

Blogging idea to Beauty Blogger

If you consider yourself to be somebody who knows their way around a makeup brush and an eyeshadow pallet then you have skills that the world wants to see!

Makeup blogging can be big business if you have a style that nobody else has or if you are particularly good at before-and-after makeup jobs. If you are looking for products to get you started, check out the Groupon Coupons page for ULTA Beauty. Once you reach enough followers you can speak with makeup companies about using their products for your tutorials or reviews.

Travel Blogger

Blogging Idea Food Blogger - Travel Blogger

If you like travelling around the world and like to give your suggestion to other then Travel Blog is the perfect niche. Travel all around the world as it is your passion and also work at the same time. So after travelling suggest your audience about the place and adventures you have done and the budgets. The best part is that you will also get paid for this simple things.

According to me this is perfect way to earn money because you can do everything you want like adventures, meet new people and much more with blogging ideas to make money.

Food Blogger

Blogging Idea -Food Blogger

Are there a number of high-profile food critics that already write reviews for the newspaper employers? Yes. However, these aren’t always about the restaurants that you will want to visit. Particularly, they often only review high-end restaurants with expensive offerings.

Don’t forget to Read article “How to Start and Monetize Your Food Blog” for understanding more about Food Blogging

If you live in an area with a large number of pizza restaurants, consider starting a pizza blog where you rate each of the restaurants close by. Once you have exhausted all of these, move into a new area and watch your followers grow. When you have accumulated a good amount of readers and followers then you can approach restaurants to discuss reviewing their food and services.

An additional tip for this idea – if you do decide to become a food blogger, be sure that you have a special something that other bloggers don’t. Whether it’s a clever gimmick or a particular scale that you use to judge the pizza, such as how it feels against your teeth, you will need something to set yourself apart to drive your subscriber numbers up.

Motor Review Blogger

Blogging Idea Food Blogger - Motor Review Blogging

This is one best blogging niche if you are a diehard fan of motorbikes and cars, as the market is empty. The best part about this blogging niche is that nowadays every go online if they have any confusion, and cars and bikes are a great confusion for a normal people. So this is the best way that you can share your knowledge with the audience.

Not only this, the best part is if you can make out videos and review any cars and bikes. Video is the main part where you can earn money, as the company pays huge amount for promoting their product to your audience. The only thing you need to make sure is that you have good amount of audience in both your Video and in your Blog.

Must Read: How to Make More Money Online without Investment

Technology Blogger

Blogging Idea Food Blogger - Technology Blogger

If you love everything about technology and gadgets then you have the perfect place to start with blogging. With so many new gadgets coming out every day, more and more people are looking to online reviews to help them decide whether they will purchase that new phone or wait for another upgrade.

While it can seem expensive to start, given that you will need access to the latest gadgets, remember that you aren’t selling them, so you don’t need to own the device, you simply need time with it.

With this in mind, speak with your friends and family about the gadgets they have in their home and ask if you can borrow them for a week to write and publish a review. While it will be slow at the start, once you get your subscriber numbers high enough then electronic companies will pay attention and you could start to receive free review units before too long.

Additional Reading:- Best Blogging Platform Sites for Beginners

Making some extra money with blogs is not a new idea and it isn’t a way to access quick cash, however, if you are persistent and driven then it could open up a new way for you to make money online.

Read: How To Make Money from Your Blog

Hope you all enjoy Best Blogging Ideas to Make Money. Please share your experience with us. If you have any queries regarding this guide, ask me.

Drop your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below and Don’t forget to hit that social sharing button.

Thanks for reading, keep visiting us for more updates. Happy Blogging 🙂

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Make Money

Mridul Kabra Presents a TEDx talk on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Mridul Kabra TEDx

Mridul Kabra is the Digital Marketing head at The Nine Hertz from Jaipur and currently pursuing his graduation at NIT, Jaipur in the field of Architecture. He first stepped into digital marketing back in 2011 and has never looked back since. And most recently, he became a TEDx speaker at the TEDx event held at MMU, Sadopur.

During his TEDx Talk at Ambala, the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain was discussed by Mridul Kabra, who is currently a blogger, digital marketer, SEO Expert, and digital marketing trainer, who provided insights about the bitcoins and the future of digital currency. There’s a lot of things he explained about, from how the concept of money started to what made the cryptocurrency stand out from the pool of conventional currency and what does the future hold for them.

At first, he started with a subject that seemed familiar with his explanation of barter system and why there was a need for a currency system. After that, Mridul told us about the latest trend in currency which is cryptocurrency and how it has affected the remittance industry and the future of money.

He explained, the first ever cryptocurrency i.e. Bitcoin, which was formulated in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, which lets you perform direct peer to peer transfer of money without the use of any third-party. He also explained why Bitcoins are so secure because they are on the blockchain. A blockchain is a digital ledger in which all the records of transactions made in cryptocurrency are kept publicly and chronologically. This blockchain is growing at a continuous pace with the growing list of records known as blocks.

As the transaction takes place peer-to-peer it eliminates the need for a third-party or a financial institution and minimizes the fraudulent activities. The cryptocurrency is accepted as a mode of payment by more than 300,000 companies worldwide including Microsoft, which has created trust and increased its demand more than ever.

“There are more cryptocurrencies being introduced with the help of blockchain they are Ethereum, Ripples, and more,” Mridul said. He added, “Ethereum is not like bitcoin, while bitcoin is one application of blockchain technology, Ethereum blockchain can be used to run the program code of any decentralized applications.”

Cryptocurrencies are on the verge of a breakthrough and with bitcoin getting more popular with each passing day, it has made ways for those who follows it, it can be used for transactions all over the world.

One of the most important questions that everyone had in mind was “does it have a future?” and rightfully Mridul addressed this as well, he said “Bitcoin has already died 157 times and 158th won’t make any difference,” Well we totally agree because we know “What is dead may never die.”

Link to the TEDX talk: Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins

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