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Killer List Building Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversion

Increase Your Conversion Rate Online

Are you looking to increase your website traffic and Conversion ?

I confess… I love shortcuts. If you’re a blogger, you must be happy and who doesn’t love shortcuts?

Specially those small twists that directly generate more traffic increase your website conversion with more subscribers and sales.

So in this blog post, I’m going to share the Advanced List Building Strategies for Professionals Bloggers that will turn your blog into a lead magnet. Creating more subscribers from your present traffic.

What are you waiting for?

Learn Advanced List Building Strategies for Professionals Bloggers that will help you raise your email list. These plans include different innovative techniques of growing an email list from your website, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SnapChat, Quora, Pinterest and many other platforms.

To pick the strategy that is best for you, the ebook mentions the struggle and time required for each strategy to work and bring results. List building strategies from professional bloggers and marketers that have mastered the art of getting people to subscribe to their email lists

1) Modifying your webpage

  • Decent testimonials build rapport and shoot up your list

Testimonials give a raw impression of your website to the visitors. Decent ratings and feedback in your testimonials will build a trust to your visitors and they won’t hesitate in providing you email addresses.

  • Plugins to the opt-in area

You can add “sign up for my newsletter” button in the opt-in area for boosting email subscribers. There are free and premium plugins available, which can add this feature such as Plugmatter, WP subscriber pro, Thrive leads and many others.

  • Introducing webinars

Webinars are an effective way to build your list. You can conduct a free webinar and ask people to register their email for watching it. For conducting webinars, you can utilise your friendly relationships with other influencers and bloggers but it will be best if you manage to hire an industry expert for it. You can also offer webinars on your homepage and opt-in-area, which can be further linked with a strong call to action. If you are not able to offer a webinar, then make a short video of something valuable and add to your website.

  • Simplifying the sign-up page

Keep the signup process as simple as you can. Asking too much information like phone number, Address, etc. will minimise the sign-ups as not everyone is comfortable in providing personal details to a small brand.

  • By organised and clean landing page

The landing page should be well organised and clean. It should not have redundant elements that distract the visitors. Besides you can also add some cool headlines, testimonials, etc. in the background to make it more appealing.

  • By using Exit directed pop ups

Though, pop-ups are disturbing, but adding one that asks for a visitor email and appears when the visitor is leaving the website will turn the departing visitor to your subscriber.

2) Through Social Media Platforms

  • Featuring a sign-up button on Facebook fan page

You can add a sign-up button on Facebook fan page. This will let your Facebook fans to be your email subscriber. Eventually, you can also design a separate landing page that has some freebies.

  • Making a Facebook group exclusive for subscribers

Make an exclusive Facebook group for your present subscribers. You will not only know your subscribers personally this way, but they will also promote your group with their friends. Ultimately, it will lead to an increase of your email subscribers.

  • YouTube Promotion with Videos

You can create your own YouTube channel and publish tutorial videos. At the end of the video, you can refer a link for downloading bonus materials. Through the Link building Techniques, you can redirect them to be your subscriber. Though for a new channel, it’s not a piece of cake but you can implement if your channel already has some decent number of subscribers.

  • Instagram promotion

On Instagram, you can influence your followers by offering them digital learning and eBooks. For this, you have to create a good image and cool hashtags.

  • Snapchat promotion

The snapchat is growing rapidly. You can snap your bonus page or e-learning material that asks users to subscribe to your list.

  • Creating impressive social media banners

You can design some impressive cover pages using Online Graphic Design Tools: Canva  for Twitter and Facebook to promote your free incentives.

  • Posting only landing pages on social media

You can post direct landing pages on social media rather than a homepage or something else.

  • Adding share Buttons

Don’t forget to add share buttons in your emails that will simplify sharing your newsletter to your subscriber.

3) Through Digital learning platforms

  • A free e-course of short duration

Free courses often attract people. You can create a small e-course and advertise it all over social media. This e-course can be video course, eBook course or a series of eBooks.

  • Ranking your Ebook on Google

They work more efficiently when ranked on Google. Though it’s not a piece of cake, but you can try with keywords having low search volume and difficulty. Eventually, it will also lead to ranking your landing page.

  • Promotion via Udemy

For those who have courses on Udemy can ask their enrolled students for signing up their newsletter. One can also create a free beginner course and ask enrolling students for signing up.

  • Marketing at public events

When speaking at public events, you can train a quick course. At the end of it, you can refer them to be your subscriber for more learning.

4) Through question and answer websites

  • Promote via Reddit

Although, it’s very tough on Reddit to self-promote but you can choose subeditor to share your free offer. If people appreciate your offer, then hook them with it.

  • Quora promotion

On Quora, you can market by answering questions and adding your landing page with it. Make sure your answers are detailed and useful.

5) By investing a little

  •  Offer some Physical gifts to current subscribers

By offering some small physical gift such as a calendar, poster or a book can delight your current subscribers. Most likely they will turn to be your loyal fans and will promote your brand in their circle.

  •  Facebook Ads

Though Facebook Ads needs investment, but it is value for money and will result in adding some serious following.

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6) Some Shrewd tricks

  • List Swapping

You can swap you subscriber list with other marketers and bloggers. Even though, this exchange is not liked by everyone but your good relationship can make this happen.

  • By introducing in opt-in button in the comment section

You can introduce and opt-in radio button in the contact form and comment section. This will compel people to sign up before commenting.

  • By featuring QR code on your business cards

You can add a QR code to your cards and different things. The QR code will direct them to your landing page once they scan the code. They will most probably end up as signing up.

  • Extracting subscribers from existing email subscribers

In your emails, you can request the existing subscribers to forward it to their friends if it’s relevant to them. To motivate them for this, you can use jingles like Sharing is sexy, Sharing is caring, etc.

  • Feature CTA (Call to Action) when posting as a guest

Don’t forget to feature CTA (Call to Action) when writing posts for other websites. Though the websites will barely allow you for this, so instead of introducing a link in your post, include the link in your author bio that redirects them to the subscribing page.

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So these were Advanced Strategies and methods that will surely increase your conversion rate and help you grow your email list fast.

If you enjoyed this blog post increase your website conversion and found it supportive, share it with others. I would appreciate if you take the effort to share these plans with others who are struggling to grow their email list.

Share this article with your near and dear ones so that they can also know Social Media traffic or SEO traffic.

Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.

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1 Comment

  1. Rajpal Singh

    February 8, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Hi Pavitra,
    thanks for great list building strategies to increase website conversion. i beleive using social media smartly can give you quick results

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SEO Tips

Questions to Consider before Hiring an SEO Professional

Hiring SEO Professional

If you own a company or want to expand your small business (or just to attract traffic to your blog), you probably already know the importance of internet advertising. However, the point of being in the online world is not just to be present, but to be visible and available to those who will bring you some profit or results, i.e., Internet users.

To achieve this, you need to apply the right SEO strategy, which primarily refers to users, but also follows the rules of Internet browsers. Since these algorithms often change and the field of online business is very turbulent, you have to ask yourself – can you do this on your own (do you have the required knowledge, resources, etc.) or do you still need the help of an expert?

Before making a final decision, it would be a good idea to analyze several key points.

Define Your Goal and Be Real

The goal that you want to achieve using SEO strategies is to promote your website, brand, blog, etc. You need measurable results or statistics that indicate the success of your business on the Internet. Clear objectives are the basis for achieving good results.

You have to have realistic expectations. If you are planning to “dive” into Internet marketing, don’t expect results overnight. Neither the local SEO expert you hired can make this feasible that fast. They may have what it takes to help you find your place on search engines, but they are not all-mighty.

If you are not sure how to start, consult the SEO agency. You tell them what you want, and they will “translate” that in numbers. For example, you want to increase your site’s traffic by 30% in the next month. A reliable SEO company will suggest what they can do to achieve your goals, like which strategy they could use and similar. Now it’s up to you to consider how this fits into your financial plans.

The Expertise vs. Staying In-House

Even if you have knowledge in the field of SEO, you need detailed planning of all activities on a daily, weekly or monthly level. To ensure visibility, you must be up-to-date, place new content, guest and social network posts, regularly update links, etc. Since this is just a tiny part of a good SEO plan, you must consider all the benefits and limitations before making a decision whether to hire an SEO expert or not.

If your team has a person who can deal with this, or you have time to devote yourself to SEO activities of your business, that’s great. However, if you are aware of the limitations of your business, which will “require” the engagement of additional SEO workforce or the outsourcing services of an agency, don’t be afraid of it.

The Evidence of Expertise

There is no best SEO expert in the world. Simply, the best are all those who are ready to learn, to improve, to follow the turbulent situation in the world of digital marketing and to perceive changes in the market. Feel free to ask for samples of their previous work.

Everyone can tell you that they are experts in something when you see them for the first time. But can they give you firm evidence of their expertise? Someone may believe in the words, but deeds are the ones that usually prove someone’s knowledge and experience.

On this webpage, check what other qualities an SEO expert should have and what you should look for before hiring them:

Two-Way Communication

An SEO expert must listen to you, that is, to work according to your wishes and requirements. When you expose your ideas and intentions, they have to make it SEO feasible. Don’t fall for promises that your goal will be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. Ask for a detailed explanation of all the procedures, and realistic deadlines.

Communication must always be a two-way street – you are hiring a professional to make your ideas come true. You are the boss, but an SEO expert is here to give you point you the right way. Also, they should regularly report on the results, activities, and changes that occur. When the results are positive, they have to make an arrangement with you how to make them even better. When they’re not that good, you should work together on changing SEO strategy and adapting it to the market requirements.

If you or your company has high-quality content, product, or service to offer to the market, you must find a way to reach clients. A great SEO strategy can help you a lot in the online world and find you the way to the target audience.

Certainly, hiring professionals in that field is the best option, because the funds invested can quickly be multiplied. If the engagement of experts or agency is not possible, you can use your own workforce in the SEO field.

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The Four Essential Tips for Optimizing Your SoundCloud Tracks

Optimizing Your SoundCloud Tracks

If you are an aspiring music artist – a creator or any other kind, really – then you will have inevitably come to SoundCloud to try and make your big break. This platform is all about bringing exposure to talent, and sometimes all it takes is a single track at the right moment to launch your dream career.

Towards this end, many promotional and strategic services specializing in SoundCloud-based business have sprung up, and their vlogs are full up to the brim with awesome advice and hacks, such as the one you can find over at

For those of you who do not really feel like relying on a third party for your successful launch, or for those who just want to led a little oomph to their profiles on the platform, we have put together a little handy guide for optimizing your SoundCloud tracks to get the very best you can out of each upload. Keep reading!

1. Your images and descriptions are basically your lifelines

There is an interesting saying among the professional chefs of the world: “Pleasing to the eye, then pleasing to the nose, and only then pleasing to the tongue!” This is, essentially, perfect marketing in a nutshell. In order to get people to listen to your tracks, you have to make them visually appealing enough that people will want to click on them – and click on the next, and the next.

Therefore, give your uploads a little boost each time. Add some eye-catching cover art for your albums, or singles, and individual songs. Make smart use of the descriptions to make each upload “a bit extra”. Give kudos to your collaborators and link to their profiles. Include guest lists, gear lists, lyrics, and credits. If there is an interesting backstory to a given track, get it up there!

It is important that you pick one style of writing, though and consistently stick to it. This builds style and recognition – basically, it is your branding. For a creative an interesting look into how different writing styles convey different effects, check out this link.

2. Your track titles, album names, and playlist monikers have to be clear

Well, when we say “clear”, we actually mean two equally important things.

First, avoid using any swear words or slur items in your titles, captions, descriptions and so forth. It could get you into trouble with SoundCloud, and even earn you a ban from the platform, and more importantly, it is likely to get you into trouble with your listeners. Not only are you risking unintentionally insulting and triggering your audience, but using “dirty” words here tends to convey a sense of immaturity and unprofessionalism – something you definitely want to avoid.

Second, keep your track titles tight and straightforward. Run from generic filenames like they are the Devil himself because they are.

For example, “005_If_The_Stars_Had_Voices_v17.2_final_upld” is so bad that it hurts. “If The Stars Had Voices” is much better. Always strive to keep it sweet and to the point.

3. Never neglect your genre labels and your mood tags

You may be thinking that you “hate shoving your art into little-labeled boxes”, and you may have a point in that.

However, sadly, this is not how the real world of the music industry works, nor is it how the SoundCloud platform works.

People love labeling stuff because it helps them find the stuff they want to find and avoid the stuff they do not want to deal with. SoundCloud is the same: it recommends music to users in accordance with an algorithm, and the algorithm cannot function without label data.

So go for it freely, but keep it balanced. Assign accurate genre information to each track, and avoid using too many sub-tags. Add a few relevant sub-genres, no more than three, and add some key moods that best describe the track – and then leave it at that. To learn more about the science behind the moods of music, check out this article:

4. Build your personal SoundCloud discography

This is actually a lot easier than it might seem at first glance since this is an online platform that we are discussing, you do not have to wait for dozens of physical sessions and discs. All you need to do is put together a playlist, and then label it as an album, compilation, or as an EP. You can also label individual tracks as singles.

These kinds of musical collections will be listed on your profile in order of their release date, which makes it super easy for your fans to keep up with your latest exploits, as well as to revisit their old favorites. It also keeps your profile neatly organized, which makes it easier for you to manage, and looks professional too.


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Blogging Tips

Understanding the Importance of Guest Posting in SEO

Guest Posting in SEO

Guest posting is something that a lot of website owners rely on for building backlinks to their sites. This is a search engine optimization strategy that has been proven to be effective if used right.

What is Guest Posting?

This is a practice in which a website (or blog) owner publishes posts on other blogs. In exchange for these, the receiving blogs make mention of the poster and link back to the poster’s website. This is a win –win situation for both parties as the receiving blogs get quality content on their sites while the poster gets link backs to their own site.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting has become a popular tool especially for SEO purposes because of the benefits it offers. Here are a few of these benefits:


This is probably the most popular benefit that people reap from guest posting. Search engines judge the authority of your site by looking at the number of websites that point back to it. If a lot of websites are pointing back to yours, search engines assume that your site must be an authority on the subject for all these other sites to be linking back to yours.

If you have a lot of guest posts out there with links pointing back to your site, you will be building your site’s authority and by so doing, increasing your ranking.

Increased Exposure

Aside from the back links you may (or may not) get, guest posting exposes you to a wider audience. When you post on another blog, you are making your content available to a different stream of readers. Once your content is top quality and readers love them, you as the writer will become more widely known and this will in turn give more popularity and weight to your content.

Increased exposure will among other things lead to a widening of your network as a blogger or online business person, increased social media presence as people share your post on social media, increased social media following as more people read your post on social media and like them and also follow you etc.

It is almost like a domino effect, when one happens the others follow in sequence. At end of the day, your brand becomes widely known and you will become an authority figure and influencer in your chosen niche.

Increased Traffic

Following from the point above, having great content on other sites not only builds your brand but also brings you direct traffic from those sites. Unless your post does not have any link back to your site.

You can find a more extensive list of its benefits here.

Effective Guest Posting

This has to be done right for you to get the right results. Let’s look at a few steps to effectively guest post.

Define Your Goals

There are three possible goals you could be aiming at here. These are: Direct traffic, backlinks or establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. It is important to determine this early as this should determine the types of places you choose to post.

For direct traffic or to establish yourself as an authority, you need to post on sites with a lot of traffic. If your goal is to get back links, then you may not be as concerned with traffic as you will be of domain authority. These are just a few examples.

Find the Right Blogs to Post to

Where you post your content to is very important. The niche should be right as should be the site. This is because your content will basically be useless on some sites and some sites won’t add real value to you.

Here’s a simple way to go about it. Find experts in your niche who guest post and search for where they publish their posts. Use the phrase “guest post by” and the person’s name to search. This should show you some great sites you can send your posts to.

Create Great Content

This is a very important aspect of the process. You need to create great content because your content is not likely to be accepted if it is not top quality or at least good enough. Secondly, the quality of your post will also determine how much impact it will make.

Still Not Sure How to Go About it?

It’s possible that everything we have spoken about may still be a bit confusing to you. You may also be wondering when you will find the time to do these. Thankfully, there is another way to handle these postings. There are companies like Quality Guest Posts that will help you create quality guest posts in seo. They will even go further to publish these posts on selected blogs for maximum effect.

This is a great option for quick results especially if you do not have the time to handle the entire guest blogging process. Remember that when this is done right, it adds serious value to your brand and your site.

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