Are you a blogger? Or you are writing for web-based magazine or newspaper?

Are you mostly being asked that, is it necessary to add an image to my article?

The answer is simple “yes”. When you add an image in your article, it makes your article more striking and it also helps SEO for your article. You need to take some necessary steps in order to Image Optimization for SEO.

What is image Optimization?

An accurate Image Optimization always has the right selection of name and alt, text and it would be helpful to optimize on the search engine. When you are planning to optimize an image then always keep in mind that the downloading size should be small by using the right image compression.

1. Insert Image

When you insert an image in your particular post, blog or in an article, the image makes more sense to your article. It makes definitive enough for readers when you add certain image or images and reader will enable to understand the actual concept of your 1000 words. Finally, your social media efforts become more effective and appreciable. So, you should insert an image in your articles, images will make your article attractive while writing an article for a web.

2. Image Selection

Always keep in mind that the image selection is very important in order to use it for SEO. So, always try to choose the right image in a sense that it reflects the central idea of your whole article. It is also surrounded by related text, to making ranking up along with the Keyword Research For SEO optimize it. If you have used an inappropriate image in your article then the whole article would be the waste, nothing else. You have mostly seen articles along with the images; it is being used for plenty of reasons as follows.

  • It explains the title and central idea of the post
  • It forces readers to read the whole article

The image can be utilized mostly in open graph tags and Twitter cards and will add images for social sharing purposes.

There are plenty of ways to use the images, such as add image along with the title. If a title is similar to the sense of the images then it would be the good thing, but if it goes opposite to the theme of the image then it would be the waste. So, we have mostly heard that avoid adding the title to the image. Don’t add images that already have used, try to add the real image. There is another alternative of images are animated GIF’s to make attractive to your post. But don’t ever try to go overboard it will make your post less attractive to read.

Intend to follow while using the image for an article:

After having a right Image Optimization to insert in an article, the second and the most important step are to optimize it on your website. Always intend to follow things in mind

3. Select File Name

The SEO of image always start with the right file name, actually, this is the place where to use a right keyword. When you give a proper name to an image, you will enable to provide information Google to know what image is about. Let’s suppose that your image is about the statue of liberty, then you shoulda keyword according to it such as United states statue of liberty, it is the actual photo, that is the reason behind adding at the start of the file name.

4. Set Scale For Image SEO

Always set the scale of an image to the size you want to show it. Loading time is very important for SEO purpose. The sooner the site loaded the easier to view index page. Because keep in mind that, an image has the huge impact on loading time. Word Press help you out and provide you multiple image size after uploaded already.

5. File Size should be small

The important step to take is to make sure that the size of the image should be smaller, even tools are available to make it possible. So make an experiment that what size of the image is appropriate. You can reduce the file size removing the EXIF data, having tools like imageOptim and other websites.

6. Add image to your article

The best way of using the image is to relate or place it at the relevant pinpoint place of textual content. You need to make sure that the point where you are using the image, content should be relevant at that place.

7. Caption for image

The caption is that particular text which is written to explain the nature of an image, and the caption should be relevant to the image. It is very useful for SEO because people use the text at the time of scanning of an article. Scanning is based on headings, images and along with the caption. So these elements actually enhance the scanning process such as topic sentences, headings, large type, highlighted text, bulleted lists, and captions as well.

8. Alt text and Title Text

When Alt text added to the image then there will be a descriptive text at the time image can be displayed for specific reasons, not for whatever reasons. Let’s suppose that if someone has turned off images in their web browser just because of visual impairment. The alternating text and Alt text added your SEO keyword and the keyword should be relevant to the image.

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