“Google” who doesn’t know it, almost everyone in the world knows Google webmaster tools to improve your On-Page SEO. But when you talk about Google with webmasters, you will come to know that Google is not just a search engine, its way bigger than that.

Many of us don’t know that Google provides a wide range of tools for SEO and webmasters. The most used tools out of these are Google Webmaster.

All these tools are really very useful for website owners. These are developed with high quality coding and programming and thus users get accurate info.

What is Google Webmaster?

Google webmaster is a tool that helps the webmaster to get max out of their websites or internet properties. This tool will help you know more about the SEO of your website or internet property. Google webmaster tools to improve your New SEO Techniques to Promote Your Websites, You can check almost each and everything about your website on this tool. You can check how many and which are websites are linked to your website, you can check the errors your website has got, you can get the posts of your website indexed; you can check server connectivity here and much more.

These are the errors that no other tool can help you find and this thing make Google webmaster the best tool ever.

What Beginners Think about Google Webmaster?

Everyday we see a new blogger or website owner over the internet. Beginners feel that SEO is the only thing that is the biggest, and thus they use Google webmaster just to index their website and submit sitemaps. They never understand that Google webmaster is way bigger than that. There are many features of Google webmaster that can help them in ranking their blog or website better and this will also help them in indexing their website completely.

Given below are the features of Google webmaster

As you are done with the website setup, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to get your website configured over Google webmaster. This will help you in getting in depth info about your website. Check out the features below

Ouery:- This is one of a feature that will help you know the keyword for which your website is currently ranking. This feature provides the best way to decode whether your efforts are working or going waste. You must always keep in mind that “rank for” means you have to bring up your website on SERP’s. so, if your website isn’t ranking and not getting visitors, you must understand that you have keep all these things in mind very carefully. Using this feature you can get the posts of your site ranked so that you get good amount of visitors.

Impressions:- Have you ever wondered that how many visitors are accessing your website, if yes, then how you can check?. Impression feature will help you with this. This is the metrics that will help you know how many people are accessing your website. You can treat this in another way to find which keyword is responding the best. Thus, you will come to know which your visitors are looking for and so you will be able to bring more visitors.

Clicks:- when you have a website, you always look for what people are doing on your website.  But how do you find it?. Here is the tool for this, you can use this so that you can keep track of almost everything. This tool will help you find, you where the visitors are clicking and what they are doing on your website. You can accordingly set your advertisements so that you can get more amount of CTR and good amount of income.

CTR:- CTR is the one that will help you generate huge amount of income. It is usually the percentage of the clicks on your website. Usually this totally depends on the content of your website, The more the number of call to action the higher the CTR will be. But how will you find out that how much CTR you are getting? This feature will help you find the right amount of CTR you are getting on your site and thus you can make easy and good amount of money from your site.

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Average Position:- This is one of the best feature that you can get. This tool will help you in finding the rank for a specific keyword. Since, we always are n search for ranking, this is one of the best ttol that can help us rank better. Even if we come to know just one phrase on which we are ranking, we can easily modify the content and rank better.

If you are the one who have changed the SEO strategy recently, the best feature to analyze it is “With Change”. You can activate this from the search query section and this feature will show you the statistics of current and previous performance.

Robots.txt:- This is one of the features which will help you block or allow the pages, or links that you want to. This feature usually works when with the admin login page in wordpress.

For example, when you configure WordPress, you must have seen that the admin login link by default will come as Wp-admin. Now, suppose if this link is shown on SERP, how much of threat and security issues you will face. That’s where the Robot.txt comes to life.

Fetch As Google:- Many people have complaints that their posts are not getting indexed. Here is the tool that will help you in indexing your posts in just 24 hrs max. This feature is good for beginners, the reason is because whenever a new website is launched, Google takes time in indexing these and thus this feature can be very useful for such people.

Sitemap:- When you submit a sitemap, Google will come to know what all links are there that you want to get indexed. You can submit pages, posts, categories, tags and even images. This functionality works best for news websites as a news website gets news published in a very short interval of time and thus faster indexing matters.

Sitemap consists of all the links to your website and it’s in XML format.

Crawl Errors:- This is one of the issue that every website owner face. After getting good amount of URL’s on your website, you will face the issue as crawl errors. Crawl errors can be because of many issues, you may face this issue because of server time out or connectivity issue from server, or because of wrongly configured robot.txt and many others. You can easily find these issues and errors on the dashboard on the Google webmaster. You will also come to know the URL that have issues so that you can fix errors.

Using the Google Webmaster tool, you can easily drill down the keyword and can easily modify the content so that it can rank better on SERP’s. Even if you find one or two words, you can use the tool and get the best keyword for ranking.

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If your visitors are crazy for something and continuously visiting the same page, you must understand that your visitors need more info on the same and thus you can either update the same post or write a new post with more info or any other further instructions or tutorials. This will help your complete blog better and will engage more amounts of visitors to your blog.

In short, don’t just treat Google webmaster tool for sitemap submission, instead use it in a better way and you will get the success for sure. The best thing about this tool is that its completely free and no other tool provides the exact info as Google webmaster.