Whenever, I search for opinion to generate high traffic, most of the search results mention to create crazy unique contents to attract the customers. Developing viral contents is one of the key, which is commonly used to open the door of higher ranking. But, from an user perspective, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the ideal types of contents that can boost the website traffic.

If you and I are standing on the same ground, you definitely need experts’ opinion just as I need. Trust my voice; getting expert’s opinion is expensive. So, I figured it out that publishing a list of different types of contents that are truly beneficial to generate high website traffic is vital. However, you can also follow the blogs and podcasts of the Content Marketing Strategy with ContentMarketingInstitute. You can also have some professional courses to from this institute to become a content marketing rock star.

In this blog, I am going to introduce you with smart content marketing tips every bloggers. These contents are truly effective. As I mentioned, experts’ help is crucial to sort out the best contents, I have to acknowledge the Web Content Experts of the WebMarketingGuru for guiding me to select the best 7 types of contents to increase organic traffic.

1. Viral Content

Viral content is the most effective one (so far) and this one is my personal favorite. The ideal definition of viral content in bookish language is the “the content material (an image, video or article) that rapidly spreads in online through social sharing and website links”. To me, the viral content is the reflection of an awesome idea that touched the heart of million people. On of the best example of viral content is the viseo song “Gangam style” by PSY, which crossed more than 58,358,809 views and 136100 likes and still counting!  So, if you are giving a serious thought to increase website traffic, it is my recommendation to you to prepare a viral content. Now, the big question is how to make a content that goes viral? The answer is, there is no definite procedure to develop a viral content. If you want to prepare one, be creative and develop something, which is crazy new and should be off track that can shock people. So, be unique and go viral!

2. Video and Live Streaming

Video and live streaming can be portrayed as the latest additions in the content list that can generate high referral traffic in a website. The addition of live streaming in the hot social media platform such as Snapchat, Facebook Twitter and YouTube develop a craze about these contents. The live streaming of the cricket celebs and singers are receiving shares and likes like anything. The short videos of political turbulences, earthquake and flood are also attracting bulk amount of web surfers.

I also confronted that many of the businesspersons and social influencers are performing live streaming in their websites, where they are giving answers if any queries that asked by online followers. So if you can generate unique videos or go live with one unique moment that can definitely attract more people to your site.

3. Podcast

Podcast is a type of content that forced to change the marketing concept. From personal experience and good amount of research, I can tell you that publishing five podcasts within a week is enough to grab the people’s attention.

You can always add short podcasts to your website. It will make your website media reach and increase the Time on Site. The advantage of podcast is, it is easily sharable and one can listen to it anytime and anywhere without investing extra time. Because of this, podcast is gaining more popularity than the video streaming.

As mentioned by Jay Baer, the number of podcast listeners has grown by 75% since 2013. One of the best examples of excellent podcast is the “Trumpcast”, which is prepared and aired by the Slate. According to iTune reviews, this podcast got 1876 ratings with an average of 4.5! Here is the list of 50 podcasts (by guardian.com) that you need to hear and trust me; you can hardly resist yourself from sharing it.

4. Animated GIFs

The animated posts play a significant role in content marketing. Why? Cause, the use of visual contents, especially videos and pictures are common trend. Many websites are overloaded with images and videos. You may scroll down to skip the images but it is impossible to avoid annoying auto played videos. As per allbusiness.com, 845 of the millennials tend to leave a web page because of auto play videos.

The best solution of this problem is GIFs. The GIFs can enhance viewer experience by not engaging them in longer videos and overrated images. Stats from Buffer show that ~23 million GIF posts every day in Tumbler. The number of GIFs posts in Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter is also recognizable.

People love to use animated GIFs to express their feelings in social media. So, if you are using this easy storytelling line (GIFs) in the blogs and service pages of your website, then you are definitely trending.

5. Infographics

A picture speaks thousands words at a glance. The use of infographics in digital marketing is as relevant as it was 50 years ago. According to brafton.com, average persons can recapitulate only one fifth of what they are reading. It is also argued by the educationists that 83% of the learning occurs visually and our brain could process images 3X faster than the words. So, if you are using appropriate graphics elaborating every details of your message, it will be more promising to attract the website viewers rather than simply putting thousands of words.

Optimized infographics also show higher ranking in for competitive keywords in image searches. Infographics could be used for advertisements on the billboards. Using infographics in website is just like serving old wine in a new bottle, which is even more attractive!

But, SEO gurus may show concern that your web page may fail to “rank” in Google search without “proper content”. So, my advice is, use this unique Content Marketing Strategy (infographics) to please your viewers along with sufficient long write-ups to please the Google Panda!

6. Checklist

Checklists are always comes in handy whether you are planning for a tour or preparing to develop a web page. Checklist can be considered as a type of informational job aid that stays in our potentially short memory. According to my description, checklist is all about making sure that you should never have any loose ends! Many website developers and content writers overlook the importance of checklists.

But, trust me, when you put up bulk amount of content, you have to make sure that the reader should have patience and interest to go through the wordiness. The best way to keep engage the readers is to offer checklist along with attractive images.

A good content with checklist can make it easy to read and help the viewer to remember the key points of the topic. Such as, you can check The Insanely Powerful 2017 SEO Checklistwith 26 points to check while doing SEO for any websites.

It is lengthy but efficient enough to remind you to cover all of the key points. So, try to put a checklist in your content (wherever possible) to longer time in viewer’s memory.

7. Case Studies

From the perspective of a marketer, you will always try to optimize your website for higher conversions. One key feature that can really attract the viewers and convert them to potential customers is your work. Yes, display your work proudly so that the potential customers can learn about you and get enough confidence to trust you. The use of case studies is definitely a better content type to influence the customers to buy your product or accept your services. Offering case studies not only displays talent of services but also shows your work experiences. The new customers only move for quality and experience services.

Read our article “SEO and Content Marketing Tips” for understanding more about Content Marketing Strategy.

You can showcase your service quality and work experience only through the case studies. Well-informed case studies get more shares, which in turn helps to optimize the search rank of websites.

Now, you have a clear idea about the trendy contents that can generate high traffic in your website. It is always good to have a trimmed list with expert opinions to select the best one. I have offered you the same. But, if you are one of those readers who fond of more researches, Write a Good Blog Post I am glad to share a list of 150 content types with you.

Drop your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below. If I may have Missed anything. Share it with your friends and colleagues. 🙂