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7 Types of Content Marketing Strategy You can Generate 3000 visitors Per Day

Content Marketing Strategy

Whenever, I search for opinion to generate high traffic, most of the search results mention to create crazy unique contents to attract the customers. Developing viral contents is one of the key, which is commonly used to open the door of higher ranking. But, from an user perspective, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the ideal types of contents that can boost the website traffic.

If you and I are standing on the same ground, you definitely need experts’ opinion just as I need. Trust my voice; getting expert’s opinion is expensive. So, I figured it out that publishing a list of different types of contents that are truly beneficial to generate high website traffic is vital. However, you can also follow the blogs and podcasts of the Content Marketing Strategy with ContentMarketingInstitute. You can also have some professional courses to from this institute to become a content marketing rock star.

In this blog, I am going to introduce you with smart content marketing tips every bloggers. These contents are truly effective. As I mentioned, experts’ help is crucial to sort out the best contents, I have to acknowledge the Web Content Experts of the WebMarketingGuru for guiding me to select the best 7 types of contents to increase organic traffic.

1. Viral Content

Viral content is the most effective one (so far) and this one is my personal favorite. The ideal definition of viral content in bookish language is the “the content material (an image, video or article) that rapidly spreads in online through social sharing and website links”. To me, the viral content is the reflection of an awesome idea that touched the heart of million people. On of the best example of viral content is the viseo song “Gangam style” by PSY, which crossed more than 58,358,809 views and 136100 likes and still counting!  So, if you are giving a serious thought to increase website traffic, it is my recommendation to you to prepare a viral content. Now, the big question is how to make a content that goes viral? The answer is, there is no definite procedure to develop a viral content. If you want to prepare one, be creative and develop something, which is crazy new and should be off track that can shock people. So, be unique and go viral!

2. Video and Live Streaming

Video and live streaming can be portrayed as the latest additions in the content list that can generate high referral traffic in a website. The addition of live streaming in the hot social media platform such as Snapchat, Facebook Twitter and YouTube develop a craze about these contents. The live streaming of the cricket celebs and singers are receiving shares and likes like anything. The short videos of political turbulences, earthquake and flood are also attracting bulk amount of web surfers.

I also confronted that many of the businesspersons and social influencers are performing live streaming in their websites, where they are giving answers if any queries that asked by online followers. So if you can generate unique videos or go live with one unique moment that can definitely attract more people to your site.

3. Podcast

Podcast is a type of content that forced to change the marketing concept. From personal experience and good amount of research, I can tell you that publishing five podcasts within a week is enough to grab the people’s attention.

You can always add short podcasts to your website. It will make your website media reach and increase the Time on Site. The advantage of podcast is, it is easily sharable and one can listen to it anytime and anywhere without investing extra time. Because of this, podcast is gaining more popularity than the video streaming.

As mentioned by Jay Baer, the number of podcast listeners has grown by 75% since 2013. One of the best examples of excellent podcast is the “Trumpcast”, which is prepared and aired by the Slate. According to iTune reviews, this podcast got 1876 ratings with an average of 4.5! Here is the list of 50 podcasts (by that you need to hear and trust me; you can hardly resist yourself from sharing it.

4. Animated GIFs

The animated posts play a significant role in content marketing. Why? Cause, the use of visual contents, especially videos and pictures are common trend. Many websites are overloaded with images and videos. You may scroll down to skip the images but it is impossible to avoid annoying auto played videos. As per, 845 of the millennials tend to leave a web page because of auto play videos.

The best solution of this problem is GIFs. The GIFs can enhance viewer experience by not engaging them in longer videos and overrated images. Stats from Buffer show that ~23 million GIF posts every day in Tumbler. The number of GIFs posts in Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter is also recognizable.

People love to use animated GIFs to express their feelings in social media. So, if you are using this easy storytelling line (GIFs) in the blogs and service pages of your website, then you are definitely trending.

5. Infographics

A picture speaks thousands words at a glance. The use of infographics in digital marketing is as relevant as it was 50 years ago. According to, average persons can recapitulate only one fifth of what they are reading. It is also argued by the educationists that 83% of the learning occurs visually and our brain could process images 3X faster than the words. So, if you are using appropriate graphics elaborating every details of your message, it will be more promising to attract the website viewers rather than simply putting thousands of words.

Optimized infographics also show higher ranking in for competitive keywords in image searches. Infographics could be used for advertisements on the billboards. Using infographics in website is just like serving old wine in a new bottle, which is even more attractive!

But, SEO gurus may show concern that your web page may fail to “rank” in Google search without “proper content”. So, my advice is, use this unique Content Marketing Strategy (infographics) to please your viewers along with sufficient long write-ups to please the Google Panda!

6. Checklist

Checklists are always comes in handy whether you are planning for a tour or preparing to develop a web page. Checklist can be considered as a type of informational job aid that stays in our potentially short memory. According to my description, checklist is all about making sure that you should never have any loose ends! Many website developers and content writers overlook the importance of checklists.

But, trust me, when you put up bulk amount of content, you have to make sure that the reader should have patience and interest to go through the wordiness. The best way to keep engage the readers is to offer checklist along with attractive images.

A good content with checklist can make it easy to read and help the viewer to remember the key points of the topic. Such as, you can check The Insanely Powerful 2017 SEO Checklistwith 26 points to check while doing SEO for any websites.

It is lengthy but efficient enough to remind you to cover all of the key points. So, try to put a checklist in your content (wherever possible) to longer time in viewer’s memory.

7. Case Studies

From the perspective of a marketer, you will always try to optimize your website for higher conversions. One key feature that can really attract the viewers and convert them to potential customers is your work. Yes, display your work proudly so that the potential customers can learn about you and get enough confidence to trust you. The use of case studies is definitely a better content type to influence the customers to buy your product or accept your services. Offering case studies not only displays talent of services but also shows your work experiences. The new customers only move for quality and experience services.

Read our article “SEO and Content Marketing Tips” for understanding more about Content Marketing Strategy.

You can showcase your service quality and work experience only through the case studies. Well-informed case studies get more shares, which in turn helps to optimize the search rank of websites.

Now, you have a clear idea about the trendy contents that can generate high traffic in your website. It is always good to have a trimmed list with expert opinions to select the best one. I have offered you the same. But, if you are one of those readers who fond of more researches, Write a Good Blog Post I am glad to share a list of 150 content types with you.

Drop your valuable thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below. If I may have Missed anything. Share it with your friends and colleagues. 🙂

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Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.



  1. RajKumar Jonnala

    March 25, 2017 at 2:35 am

    Well I believe we must focus on making post go viral so that the goal is achieved. You have shared some great tips here.


  2. Ankit

    April 21, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Thanks for sharing it really works on my website promotion. Thank You

  3. siful moni

    April 25, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    Good to see another great post. I guess canva is another great tool for infographic.

  4. The Blogging Arena

    May 1, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Very nice post! Thanks for writing this. Kep up the good work 😀

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Blogging Tips

Simple Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas That Attract Backlinks

blog post ideas

Finding blog post ideas is a hard task. Meanwhile, it is the most crucial one. There are plenty of articles over the blog that crunches about getting blog post content ideas. But, all such fail to talk about the content ideas that get you backlinks.

Here, I am going to share a few ways to find blog post ideas that attract backlinks.

Analyzing your competitor backlinks and getting ideas for your blog posts would be an effective way. Similarly, there are loads of ways.

Before that, let us have a brief discussion about the types of content that grabs most user attention and backlinks.

Types of Blog Posts Content that Attracts the Most Backlinks

How you are presenting your content is much important as what you are writing. Depending on the content type and the media format you include, the reach will be varying. You might notice a few articles will be more popular among social networks. But, that won’t get you backlinks. Few may not get more shares but attract more backlinks.

Before creating content, you must stick on to your goal. Being said that, building backlinks is one of the significant goals of content. Below are the blog post content types that can get you more backlinks. Backlinks to a particular post not only boosts its ranking. It can bring up the ranking of all other posts too. And, you can drive massive organic traffic with better rankings.

#1 List Type Posts

The users would always love the list type of posts. Particularly, there are myths that list type of posts holding odd number does perform well. I am not sure about the logic behind it. For an instant,

  • 5 Ways to Finding out What Your Blog Audience Want
  • 75+ Free Dofollow Backlink Sites
  • 15 Types of Blog Post Content
  • 11 Free online Digital Marketing Webinar Sources

Analyses are resulting in that list types of posts are the most shareable. The key factor for list type of posts being popular is; it is easily scannable. Probably the listed items will be as subheaders. People will promptly run through the entire items even they didn’t read it completely.

#2 Detailed Guides

Generally, the guiding posts and tutorials answering user’s ‘how-to’, ‘why’, ‘what’ will grab much attention. Indeed, if you guide is an ultimate one; then this will attract huge backlinks. But, your guide must be wrapping everything on the topic you are writing. Whenever people are discussing that topic in forums or anywhere over the web, they will intend to link to your guide. Referring to the below image, it’s about Neil’s beginner’s guide to internet marketing.

Detailed Guides

#3 Infographics

Infographics are good to depict any type of message. Through which you could precisely present statistical data or break down a topic into elements. These embed media formats will take your content viral among the online users.

Fortunately, if your infographics content is of high quality, then it is going to rock. Researching data to produce infographics can take time. Still, it is worth. Anyways, you have to spend thousands of dollars to create such infographics content, but you can get significant ROI. It can either be the backlinks, organic traffic, content promotion, social shares or anything.


#4 Discussions & Case Studies

The most common content types that get the most popular among people would be discussions. It includes surveys, case studies, etc. If you are into marketing your product or service, create a case study content. It must cover the unique strategies or features you implemented, from start to finish. Make it as a document and roll it around your target audience. But, the case study content must be genuine and claims real data.

In addition to that, interview posts and expert roundup posts can also get you credibility and attracts more backlinks. In expert roundup posts, you are accumulating multiple experts in a single place. Obviously, the participating experts by themselves will promote your content and get you tons of backlinks.

Further, let’s get into the ways to find such backlinks attracting blog post content ideas. The blog content must serve its best to the search engines as well as the users.

Easy Ways to Find Blog Post Content Ideas that gets you Huge Backlinks

These content ideas will not only attract backlinks but can also drive huge organic traffic to your entire blog posts. Every high-quality article you are publishing in your blog has an ability to boosts your other blog posts too. Internal linking has its vital role in passing link juices among these posts to build authority.

However, there are infinite numbers of resources available to generate blog post content ideas. Among which, I am going to share very few that are easy and actionable.

Let’s get started.

#1 Quora and Other Discussion Forums

Among all the discussion platforms, Quora is gaining popularity among people. Quora would be ideas mining place where you can get ideas on any topic. Moreover, you can also understand the topic that is curious among the public. Feeding the needy would be the best-ever actionable strategy that gets you success.

You can use Quora to know your target audience curiosity, need, and behavior. For an instant, refer to the below image. While searching the topic ‘SEO Trends’, you could notice the topic trendiness from the ‘Questions Stats’, and the number of answers marked. Moreover, the related question section can get you more suggestions on the same topic to write in your next blog posts.

Quora Blog Post Content Ideas

Similarly, there are thousands of forums and discussion platforms are available. But, I would prefer exploring Quora for its user engagements.

#2 Popular Search Engine Results

Google would be the typical place where people can find or get whatever they want. Then why not Google or any other search engine can help you with awesome blog posts content ideas? In the Earlier section, we have seen the types of blog posts content that attract backlinks. From the search engines results page, you can get ideas to come up with any of such content types.

You may use queries as below to find blog post content ideas for different types of blog content. Exploring ideas from various blogs can get your enormous thoughts to have your skyrocketing posts.

“Ultimate Guide” + Keyword

“List of” + Keyword

“Infographics” + keyword

“Case study” + keyword

Google Search Casestudy content

#3 Interviews and Expert Roundups

Conducting interviews and roundups can get you immense insights about a topic. As well as, read top influencer’s interviews and roundup contributions on a regular basis.

Interviewing top influencers in your niche can drive you massive organic traffic. Also, it gets you a decent volume of backlinks and social mentions. There are bloggers who include those interviews in their portfolio. From which you can gain backlinks on authority sites.

Interviews and Expert Roundups

Particularly, expert roundup posts can offer the same. Also, you can roll out polls or surveys or direct questions through email newsletter asking what your audiences are expecting from your next blog post.

You can get an infinite number of ideas. Particularly, these are the potential insights from your target users.

Using Comprehensive SEO Tools

You may use top content marketing and SEO tools like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, etc. to research on the topic which you want to write about. Using such tools, you can analyze the related topic’s performance over social platforms and target audiences. How people are curious about your topic? What works well?

Depending on the analysis results, you can curate the ideas to present your blog posts. Also, you may refer to the old blog posts that perform well at that time. Study more about the topic and understand its current market standard. You may now write blog post content on that topic with the latest information and data. Undoubtedly, this will grab more users’ attention and get you the most backlinks.

Final Words

I am sure that I have missed out many informative resources to generate blog post content ideas. But these few I have shared here are the effective ways to find blog post ideas that attract backlinks and user attention.

I would suggest you maintain a file where you can keep adding your inspirations and ideas whenever you come across. While drafting new blog posts, you can refer to it.

Ultimately, every webmaster wants to offer quality content to its readers. Obviously, such high-quality content can only get you the backlinks. No one would be ready to provide backlinks if your content means nothing to their readers.

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Blogging Tips

Beginner’s Guide on Essentials Needed for SEO Starter Kit

Beginners Guide to SEO

SEO often gets a bad wrap for being too complex, but that is far from the case especially when you get all your tools for an SEO starter kit lined up. If you are a newcomer to SEO, it is not as complex as it seems.  Beginners Guide to SEO, It is a simple thing to comprehend. See Google has automatic algorithms such as those used by Serp Tracking that it uses to rank your website. Google sends out small crawlers to your website to check on multiple indicators that eventually determine just how useful and popular your site is. An example of these indicators includes things like new content, organic traffic, domain age, backlinks and so many more.

SEO is basically a skill that aims at making these indicators favorable when Google comes ‘crawling’ around. To dominate in SEO sphere all you need to do is pay attention to these indicators in your writing. The even better news is that you don’t need years of experience or to break the bank so as to produce SEO optimized content. If you are just getting started here are a few basic components that you need for SEO.

Build a Website

The very first thing you will need on your SEO journey is to get your own website. Don’t worry there are plenty of website building tools out on the web that is easy to use and affordable, one such tool is WordPress. The tool you choose to help build your website should be easy, clean and multifunctional such that it’s receptive to mobile optimization as well.

Choose Your Niche and Workaround It

It’s important to determine a very specific niche that meets the demands of your target audience. Try and make your niche as small and specific as possible otherwise, you will be left competing with more businesses with more resources and a bigger online presence than you do. Use keyword research to identify keywords that will help relay your message. Once you have identified your niche its time to incorporate it into your content and site. Organize your post in such as way that it has heading and subheadings to make it easier for your readers to understand. Content Marketing Strategy, You can add some of your keywords to the topics or subtopics. Try and ensure that every post gets at least 700 words and the content relayed is relevant to your readers.

Make It a Regular Thing

A dormant site does not rank well with Google or readers. That being said, as part of your SEO basics, it’s important to produce high-quality SEO friendly content on a regular basis, say at least two posts every week. Ensure that all your posts are original, relevant and helpful to your readers. You can also include videos, pictures, audio and other forms of media to spice up your content. Don’t shy away from taking some time to refine your content until it’s appealing to your readers.

Build Relevant Backlinks

A backlink refers to when another domain provides a link that takes someone back to your site from their domain. Link building can significantly boost your ranking on Google searches if used appropriately. The first focus should be on creating high-quality informative content while attaching your expertise and profile to the post. If it’s good quality, you will likely get a few links to your site and much more with experience. If the source of the backlinks is a domain with excellent rankings, then this will work in your favor as well.

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Make It Shareable

Another tactic to bring in more traffic to your site is to use social media as a platform. Social media can have a significant impact on your SEO campaign and Beginners Guide to SEO in a very positive way. You can promote and share links to your site on all your social media profiles. Alternatively, you can attach your social media profiles to your post to make them shareable. This will help gain a stream of new followers to your social media profiles and they can turn to a valuable traffic visiting your site. Moreover, the more your site is shared, the more it becomes visible or popular on search engines.

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Best Digital Marketing Tools for Pushing Your Campaign to the Next Level

Best Digital Marketing Tools

The digital marketing landscape is only getting more competitive. More businesses and professionals are relying on digital marketing to reach their target audience groups. Simply sticking with a proven strategy alone is no longer enough. You have to be willing to think outside the box to stand out and be recognized.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and apps to help you up your Top Digital Marketing Strategies.

If you are serious about taking your digital marketing campaign to the next level, here are some of the Best Digital Marketing Tools you can use to get started.


UberSuggest is a tool similar to the Google Keyword Planner. Unlike Google’s tool, UberSuggest can be used regardless of whether you are using Google’s advertising network. The features available on UberSuggest also suit digital marketers with different levels of expertise.

You can use UberSuggest to find new topics to write about for your content marketing campaign. You can also learn more about keywords and phrases that relate well to your business or the industry you are in. The tool will even suggest relevant keywords based on the ones you search.

To make the tool even more intuitive, there is a set of metrics to help you determine the best keywords to use. UberSuggest’s Keyword Difficulty metric is particularly interesting because it rates keywords based on how hard it would be to rank organically, as well as the level of competition you may face.


There are a lot of great SERP tools available and most of them come with a vast array of features for all of your search engine optimization needs. SEOCrawler, however, is the best SERP checker you can use for your campaign in 2018.

Keep in mind that SEOCrawler is a premium tool with a monthly fee. In return for a relatively small fee, you get access to tools designed to be compatible with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This is a rarity since most tools usually support one and not the others.

Killer List Building Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversion

With the help of SEOCrawler, you can perform SERP tracking much more meticulously. This means you can fine-tune your SEO campaigns from the reports generated by the tool. If you only need to track a small group of keywords on Google, you may also want to consider WhatsMySERP as a free alternative.


There are a lot of social media management tools too, including popular ones like MeetEdgar. When it comes to social media management, However, HootSuite is the tool to go for. It is one of a very few social media management tools that allow you to schedule Instagram posts directly; this is a huge plus if Instagram is a platform you use often.

HootSuite’s analytics tools and reports are also very comprehensive. You can keep track of your social media presence, how well you’re engaging the audience and the overall success of your social media campaigns from one user interface.

Best Content Marketing Platforms to Boost Your SEO

Combined with the previous Best Digital Marketing Tools we discussed in this article, you have the digital marketing arsenal to take any campaign you run to its fullest.

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