Bad links are becoming very scarier these days. Previously, People often try to acquire bad links and low-quality links to their sites. And as a result, they used to get higher ranking and website traffic for all the poorly designed and low-quality content pages.

Thanks to the Google to introduce the Google Penguin algorithm to remove all the low-quality pages and bad links.

Nowadays, Acquiring all the bad inbound links and low-quality links become even scarier. Because if you get caught by Google Penguin algorithm, then you will defiantly take years to recover from the penalty.

These days you can see around, most of the businesses are spending thousands of dollars on just removing the bad links towards their sites of activities. The major thing we have to talk about is the business are spending more than they normally do to acquire the good links to get in first place. That’s the present situation of lots of business and sites.

As we entered into the New Year 2017, Link building and new seo techniques and google’s improvements also moved ahead of previous years. You can see the huge variation in link building for past few years itself.

So most of the people are in a confused state, and they often think about “what types of  Link building Techniques should be avoided” and how to minimize the risk of the Google penalty and how to not get caught by the Google’s powerful Penguin algorithm?

Inbound links to Avoid:

Here I am going to say about the inbound links you should avoid at any cost. From past few years, Google has always been saying about particular types of Links Building Mistakes that should be prevented at any cost. Some of them are excellent examples of bad links. So let’s see them clearly again.

1. Paid links:

Usually, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying links or you are selling paid links. In this penguin era, google has officially stated that each and every site should stay away from the paid links.

So it is best not to use the paid links. Even If you are having the paid links from 3 years ago, which are not indexed by Google. Just get rid of them as soon as possible or else you will get stuck by the penguin.

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2. Article directory links:

Article directory links are easy to acquire, and they are widely important and popular as well. But it is at earlier times, and the now time has changed. Unfortunately, link building techniques and your bad links and content spam have hit the distribution software, and they caused them to become worst content ever. So Google has penalized all most the article directories sites.

These type of article directory links are no longer good for your site’s health. So it is best to stay away from those article directory sites.

3. Link Exchanges or Reciprocal link Schemes:

Link exchanges are popular for years. The entire concept of the link exchange which means “you link to me and I will link back to you” is very common practice among the bloggers and webmasters.

However, this process is also abused, and it is no longer working so to do good seo you should leave these kinds of reciprocal link schemes.

4. Low-quality press releases:

The low-quality content and lack of proper editorial guidelines are worst in modern seo game. You can see most of the free and spammy press release submission sites.  Nowadays many press release submissions sites are completely disregarded by Google as well.

5. Low-quality directories:

The Google has de-indexed most of the old free directory sites. It is just because these sites are becoming worse day by day. So Google has de-indexed many sites. Even if you are linking to the indexed directories, It is still a bad idea because Google can deindex these sites in future.

Here you can still believe some industry specific directories that usually produce high-quality content and useful links then you can use those directories.

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Final Words:

I hope you understood what I want to explain in this article. Broadly, you need to avoid the low quality sites for submitting your site links. Rather go with moderated sites which only accept the selected sites with good content.