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A Simple Guide to WordPress and SEO Tips for Beginners

WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners

Are you ready to write Good Blog Post To Attract More Visitors with  with wordpress website?

Each day, thousands of new sites appear on the web. That’s why you need to make sure that your website stands out and sparkles from the very beginning.

In this article i share WordPress and Advanced SEO Techniques Tips for Beginners. We have ready a handy list of things you should do before launching a WordPress Site can be an epic. There are many stages of securing the content, optimizing the website for search engines, and starting browser compatibility.

If we don’t take each step, then we could get punished by Google and create a poor user experience.

Like doing taxes or crafting the right business arrange, there are some things each small business owner should to expertise to try and do. And people must have skills certainly touch your website. You don’t should to pressure, though  I actually have you covered. So as to plan your WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners, I have rounded up my favorite Successful Blogging and SEO Tips that pull double or maybe multiple duty  that means you’ll be able to do a lot with less.

From selecting an SEO friendly theme that’ll improve multiple devices to a one and done plugins, this list can have you ever promotion you’re under performing website for a smooth ROI-boosting website in no time. Your current level of Word Press art doesn’t matter.

As a website developer, I have developed a strong eye for mechanical errors and software that needs to be installed before launching your website. I have found the following 15 updates to be some of the most important when you are launching your wordpress website.

The Beginners Guide to WordPress SEO

To put it simply, I notice, is maintaining my Word Press Blogs awesome building a website with wordpress. Now, i do know it can’t be that hard to try and do the location wouldn’t have countless users, after all, if it were thus not possible to work out. Despite the actual fact that such a big amount of folks sing its tributes, some things should come back as won’t for WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners.

Over the last year almost, I started optimizing my customer’s websites with killer plugins, internet hosting, and more. That’s once I realized; Word Press could be a money spinner for SEO, a) no other platform has all continuous capabilities, and b) you don’t have to mystery to wish started.

But entering into the SEO groove and seeing ROI doesn’t simply happen overnight. It needs to obtain started with the think of your website to be told a way to navigate with success the genuine, darkest, corners of Word Press.

Here’s what I learned and think about this your beginner’s listing to jumping into the WordPress and SEO Tips for Beginners.

1. Web Hosting

wordpress web hosting

The main key to success is navigating wordpress website is fixing net hosting. I’m all concerning handling my virtual private server (VPS) and backing up my knowledge, however, there are some cases you simply don’t have time for and ones you certainly need to create them. So, once it involves time, resources, anyone can set-it-up website, I’m all concerning payments the additional cash for a hosting answer.

If I even have a slow, unresponsive website, my bounce rate can increase, and users can drop off. There’s a huge difference between a website that takes one second to load versus 10 seconds, and if you’ve got the latter, you’re a lot of doubtless to lose users. Before you create the leap to a hosting service supplier, raise yourself these questions:

You can never get the correct web host without knowing what you require. So before you go any more put everything aside and think thoroughly on your own desires.

  • What kind of website are you building?
  • Do you want something common ?
  • Do you want Windows applications?
  • Do you need a special type of software?
  • Does your website need special software?
  • How fast can the web traffic capacity go?

These are some of the simple queries you want to answer for yourself? Have a fast picture of what you want to do with your website nowadays.

For newbies, the no-brainer rule is to always start small with an upright shared hosting account. A shared hosting account is economical, easy to preserve and sufficient for the most new sites. Plus, you can always promote to VPS or dedicated hosting in the late stage when your site grows bigger.

Web hosting provider references:-

  • Bluehost
  • Linode
  • HostGator
  • Site Ground

2. SEO Friendly Theme

One of the best things about WordPress Site is the huge variety of themes to choose from. Within minutes, you can make your website look stunning all it takes is a theme. The best part is that lot of the themes are free. Most folks aren’t usually involved with finding the foremost SEO-friendly Word Press theme.

It might be smart,  really, its other doubtless you’ll pay some time simply attempting to work out what theme’s appearance the prettiest. Majority approval of the business house owners does build the trouble to search out an SEO-friendly theme.

To help you change from staring at nice-looking styles to downloading utterly SEO optimized themes; building a website with wordpress I’ve placed along an unbelievable line-up of essential options which will have you ever clearing out your bookmarked themes in no time.

Some things that you should look for in a Word Press theme:

  • Speed:- speed is a serious factor for search success. Focus on result a quick-loading theme.
  • Lightweight Code- One:- sign of an amateur theme is overstuffed code. Unimportant coding or coding mistakes can slow a site down and reduce its SEO capabilities. Find a trusted theme with streamlined code, even if you have to pay for such a theme.
  • HTMl5:- Most new themes are advanced in HTML5, which is best for SEO. Some themes feature multiple H1 tags on a page, which I do not mention.
  • Responsive:- With Google’s mobile algorithm, it’s essential that your site be mobile-optimized. A good theme will have built-in responsive capabilities.
  • Schema Markup:- Considering the rising rank of data, it’s top to use a theme that supports schema input.

SEO-Friendly WordPress Recommendations:-

  • Best Theme

  • Genesis Theme

wordpress genesis theme

  • Avada Theme

wordpress avada theme

  • Schema Theme

SEO Benefits:-

  • Improved website speed
  • More sheets indexed

3. Cache Plugin

A caching plugin takes your building a website with wordpress  from “meh” to “excessive” with one direct click. More plugins, a caching plugin is hardly considered an avoidable download. Instead, this plugin takes page load time to successive level, with amped-up website presentation and changes the dynamic content to static.

It’s going to sound sort of a large limitless amount to hold (especially if you’re a non-plugin sort of site), however, this can be one in every of this stuff you should  adapt your trend for.

Cache plugin references:-

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • Hyper Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache

SEO benefits:-

  • Improve website swiftness
  • Increased site presentation

4. Categories

WordPress Categories Sattings

The last time I took over a client’s website, they’d a class known as “Travel” and a tag known as “Travel” that formed duplicate content and identical titles. I concluded up no indexing the Tags and created to wash physically the Tags up that we are one huge headache. If your pages square measure of no use to searchers (Archived pages), then index it.

Within WordPress your classes are extensive topics of your monthly posts whether or not you’re writing regarding food, travel, and fashion, whatever. Think about the classes as your table of contents. And, on Word Press, you need to classify your post otherwise; you’ll discover yourself within the “unspecified” section that is of no help to anyone.

Category references:-

  • Continue 5 general topics which can have modern content monthly.
  • Keep every post to one to two types max.
  • Keep in mind to piece content to the taxonomy and archive pages.
  • All classes should represent a keyword that a user would seek for.

5. Tags 

Tagging your content in wordpress website ideas meant you were either keyword-obsessed, disorderly, or simply enjoyed listing 20+ applicable words. Whether or not you’re trying to hold the fundamentals or fix your current tag standing, your Word Press tags must to know how a recovery that goes method on the distant side keyword stuffing. More than 3% of those are referred to by tags listed in the SERPs.

Tag references:-

  • Limit your tagging to relevant topics you coated within the
  • Not each post must be
  • Keep tags short and sweet; now over 2
  • Delete overused and underused tags monthly.

6. Permalinks

Permalinks in wordpress are abundant for for numerous things arranging your URLs with keywords, making shorter links, increasing search rankings and extra.Whether you only wish to look SEO-friendly and Link building Techniques are thinking of altering your URLs or re observing to guide a slight nudge-nudge to your search rankings, there are boundless options to inform this on WordPress.

Permalinks in wordpress website

Example of secondary degree SEO friendly permalink:

Example of a not-so-SEO-friendly permalink:

Permalink references:-

  • The default WordPress plugin isn’t SEO sociable in step with Google, therefore update your settings.
  • Post name, select may be a safe collection as a result of this makes URLs short.
  • If you’re a bigger website, you will need to join dates or class before the post name superior.
  • Leave out ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘! characters in the URL.
  • Use lines (-) rather than underscores (_).

7. Spam Comments

The fresher versions of WordPress are not following associations posted in the comments. A full slew of spam comments packed into one blog post that don’t offer anything applicable to the theme can damage your website.

At the top of the day, your web site won’t achieve well with spam comments.

Spam comment references:

  • Require nameless posting.
  • Use CAPTCHAs to expect automatic
  • Use the “no follow” attribute.
  • Require
  • Use the Askimet plugin to detect spam comments.

SEO benefits:-

  • Improved website quality
  • Enhancing WordPress It appears like everything WordPress driven touches (or rather, creates) turns to gold. From themes to plugins, the platform is aware of specifically what connected, business minded customers wish and the way to resolve any website issues they’ll be facing. And these options below optimize for SEO in each method.For people who can’t appear to seek out the time to find out the SEO from scratch, this section is for your building a website with wordpress.

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8. Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, & More

Let us begin with language as i like the Yoast SEO plugin. I prefer the meta titles, meta descriptions, the well-organized placement of XML Sitemaps, and let’s not forget the popular editor all of it WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners.

Meta titles and descriptions have verified to spread traffic and engagement, and that they be a spot.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions, references:-

  • Transfer the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Optimize your Post kind

9. XML Sitemaps

As mentioned on top of, the Yoast SEO plugin offers a sitemap feature, and you wish to understand a way to use it. Having a sitemap may be a necessary wicked once it involves WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners.

A sitemap contains all of your posts and pages in an exceedingly list that the program will simply scan.

XMP Sitemap approvals:

  • Within the Yoast SEO plugin tab, visit your XML Sitemaps.

Yoast SEO plugin tab, visit your XML Sitemaps.

  • Click on XML Sitemap


  • Head over to Google Search Console, under Crawl, then Sitemaps

Google Search Console, under Crawl, then Sitemaps

  • Clack ‘Add Sitemap’ and submit

XML Sitemap


10. Internal Linking

Between internal, external, and my favorite posts,  is this plugin, WP-Optimize By Traffic simply the thanks to do this. Instead of randomly linking to posts, this plugin allows me to make a flat site style and send link love to the suitable pages on my site.

Internal linking references:-

  • Connect to pages deep on your we site.
  • Link as naturally as possible for the student.
  • Use an inexpensive concerning of links

11. Image ALT Tags

The greatest factor concerning wordpress website ideas is you don’t get to observe smancy HTML or Javascript to edit your image ALT tags. Not solely am i able to optimize pictures with a straightforward click of a button, however I will have it away while not adding a plugin. Image ALT tag references:

  • Name your image file name a natural keyword-rich phrase. I always symbolize my name.
  • Write a descriptive image ALT tag description.
  • Complete the image ALT attribution, description together with your name

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12. Header Tags

  • Not that I even have something against long-form articles while not breaks, however, once it involves my articles, I need things to feel a little more sharing. My philosophy is more and more I never tire of seeing articles of filled with H1, H2, and H3 tags from beginning to end.Header tag references:
  • Title your image file name a natural keyword-rich phrase. I forever symbolize my name.
  • Write a expressive image EL tag description.
  • Complete the image EL attribution, description along with your name.SEO benefits:
  • Additional clear, easy-to-digest content for readers.
  • Enhanced user engagement

13. Robots.txt

If I have money  for all the robots, I had to fix that were blocking the search engines from excellence content. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, robots.txt is actually a file that tells the search engines what to appear at and what to not check out on your Website. With search engines like Bing and Google, wherever websites run rampant, this method of guiding the SERPs can save you a lot of time and cash.

robots.txt references:

  • Disallow readme.html file in your robots.txt folder.
  • Allow all other excellence content to be indexed in the robots.txt file.

Maintaining WordPress 

  • When business owners expand into new WordPress territories, it’s usually within the kind of content upgrades and lead generation forms. This helps boost higher worth tags and content a lot of subtle than we’re accustomed to see.  Let’s not overlook the fundamentals that got us here. Between backing up your website, optimizing your headlines, and cleaning up meta titles and explanations that would make, upholding your WordPress site can be draining.

14. Why you want a CDN for your Word Press Blog?

CDN is brief for Content Delivery Network that could be a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites for users supported the geographic location of the user. Let’s break it down in easier words.

Normally, once a user involves your Increase Website Speed journal, they’re redirected to your internet host’s server like HostGator.

Currently, if you’ve got high volume of traffic, then you’ll overload your server that results in a slow loading website or perhaps server crash. This is often wherever a CDN comes in handy as a result of it’s a network of servers; however, most significantly these servers are a unit unfolds throughout the globe.

Once you use a CDN, your static content is cached and is kept on all of those servers. Static content includes pictures, style sheets (css files), JavaScript’s, Flash, etc. currently once a user visits your web site (original server), and the CDN technology redirects them to the highest server to their location.

User’s proximity to your internet server has a way at load time. By organizing your content across multiple geographically distributed servers, you’ll figure your pages load quicker from the user’s perspective. This is often once CDN comes in handy. In easy words, the earlier the CDN server is to wherever your user is, the quicker the user gets the content.

Content Delivery Network

A CDN can make a huge influence on your website. Below are some of the advantages that we have seen on our site by using a CDN:

  • Speed – Once we started using a CDN on our site, the site got quicker.
  • Crash Fight – CDN allows us to issue the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.
  • Better-quality User Experience – Since we started using a CDN, we have seen a failure in bounce rate on our site. We have also seen increased in page views and numbers of pages viewed by each user. So clearly a fast site means upgraded user experience.
  • Upgrading in SEO – Google has visibly stated that faster sites tend to rank innovative in Search Engines. We have seen our site ranking higher once we did the optimization of our site.

CDN positions:-

  • CloudFlare
  • MaxCDN
  • Incapsula

15. Backup Your website

Being smart at backing up your WordPress Site doesn’t essentially mean you’re enhancing your online presence. It suggests that you’re saving all of your SEO efforts. Once you prefer to backup your website daily, weekly, monthly everybody wins. Backup recommendations:

  • Backup your website manipulation the cPanel if you’re feeling tech-savvy.
  • If the cPanel seems like one thing out of short, then take a plugin like Backup sidekick.

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Keeping up with the phase of wordpress technology is lumpy. Even those people that are turned into the latest plugins and a package will notice it overwhelming.

So it’s no marvel that small business whose owners could stagger slightly as they navigate the more and more connected WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners.

Typically, even the foremost well-meaning and tech-savvy business persons will voyage up.

From caching your website and remark rule, to robots.txt, this text has it all.

Did i miss anything? I sincerely thank you for reading our Blog and share your own experiences with in the comments. 🙂

Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.

Blogging Tips

Simple Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas That Attract Backlinks

blog post ideas

Finding blog post ideas is a hard task. Meanwhile, it is the most crucial one. There are plenty of articles over the blog that crunches about getting blog post content ideas. But, all such fail to talk about the content ideas that get you backlinks.

Here, I am going to share a few ways to find blog post ideas that attract backlinks.

Analyzing your competitor backlinks and getting ideas for your blog posts would be an effective way. Similarly, there are loads of ways.

Before that, let us have a brief discussion about the types of content that grabs most user attention and backlinks.

Types of Blog Posts Content that Attracts the Most Backlinks

How you are presenting your content is much important as what you are writing. Depending on the content type and the media format you include, the reach will be varying. You might notice a few articles will be more popular among social networks. But, that won’t get you backlinks. Few may not get more shares but attract more backlinks.

Before creating content, you must stick on to your goal. Being said that, building backlinks is one of the significant goals of content. Below are the blog post content types that can get you more backlinks. Backlinks to a particular post not only boosts its ranking. It can bring up the ranking of all other posts too. And, you can drive massive organic traffic with better rankings.

#1 List Type Posts

The users would always love the list type of posts. Particularly, there are myths that list type of posts holding odd number does perform well. I am not sure about the logic behind it. For an instant,

  • 5 Ways to Finding out What Your Blog Audience Want
  • 75+ Free Dofollow Backlink Sites
  • 15 Types of Blog Post Content
  • 11 Free online Digital Marketing Webinar Sources

Analyses are resulting in that list types of posts are the most shareable. The key factor for list type of posts being popular is; it is easily scannable. Probably the listed items will be as subheaders. People will promptly run through the entire items even they didn’t read it completely.

#2 Detailed Guides

Generally, the guiding posts and tutorials answering user’s ‘how-to’, ‘why’, ‘what’ will grab much attention. Indeed, if you guide is an ultimate one; then this will attract huge backlinks. But, your guide must be wrapping everything on the topic you are writing. Whenever people are discussing that topic in forums or anywhere over the web, they will intend to link to your guide. Referring to the below image, it’s about Neil’s beginner’s guide to internet marketing.

Detailed Guides

#3 Infographics

Infographics are good to depict any type of message. Through which you could precisely present statistical data or break down a topic into elements. These embed media formats will take your content viral among the online users.

Fortunately, if your infographics content is of high quality, then it is going to rock. Researching data to produce infographics can take time. Still, it is worth. Anyways, you have to spend thousands of dollars to create such infographics content, but you can get significant ROI. It can either be the backlinks, organic traffic, content promotion, social shares or anything.


#4 Discussions & Case Studies

The most common content types that get the most popular among people would be discussions. It includes surveys, case studies, etc. If you are into marketing your product or service, create a case study content. It must cover the unique strategies or features you implemented, from start to finish. Make it as a document and roll it around your target audience. But, the case study content must be genuine and claims real data.

In addition to that, interview posts and expert roundup posts can also get you credibility and attracts more backlinks. In expert roundup posts, you are accumulating multiple experts in a single place. Obviously, the participating experts by themselves will promote your content and get you tons of backlinks.

Further, let’s get into the ways to find such backlinks attracting blog post content ideas. The blog content must serve its best to the search engines as well as the users.

Easy Ways to Find Blog Post Content Ideas that gets you Huge Backlinks

These content ideas will not only attract backlinks but can also drive huge organic traffic to your entire blog posts. Every high-quality article you are publishing in your blog has an ability to boosts your other blog posts too. Internal linking has its vital role in passing link juices among these posts to build authority.

However, there are infinite numbers of resources available to generate blog post content ideas. Among which, I am going to share very few that are easy and actionable.

Let’s get started.

#1 Quora and Other Discussion Forums

Among all the discussion platforms, Quora is gaining popularity among people. Quora would be ideas mining place where you can get ideas on any topic. Moreover, you can also understand the topic that is curious among the public. Feeding the needy would be the best-ever actionable strategy that gets you success.

You can use Quora to know your target audience curiosity, need, and behavior. For an instant, refer to the below image. While searching the topic ‘SEO Trends’, you could notice the topic trendiness from the ‘Questions Stats’, and the number of answers marked. Moreover, the related question section can get you more suggestions on the same topic to write in your next blog posts.

Quora Blog Post Content Ideas

Similarly, there are thousands of forums and discussion platforms are available. But, I would prefer exploring Quora for its user engagements.

#2 Popular Search Engine Results

Google would be the typical place where people can find or get whatever they want. Then why not Google or any other search engine can help you with awesome blog posts content ideas? In the Earlier section, we have seen the types of blog posts content that attract backlinks. From the search engines results page, you can get ideas to come up with any of such content types.

You may use queries as below to find blog post content ideas for different types of blog content. Exploring ideas from various blogs can get your enormous thoughts to have your skyrocketing posts.

“Ultimate Guide” + Keyword

“List of” + Keyword

“Infographics” + keyword

“Case study” + keyword

Google Search Casestudy content

#3 Interviews and Expert Roundups

Conducting interviews and roundups can get you immense insights about a topic. As well as, read top influencer’s interviews and roundup contributions on a regular basis.

Interviewing top influencers in your niche can drive you massive organic traffic. Also, it gets you a decent volume of backlinks and social mentions. There are bloggers who include those interviews in their portfolio. From which you can gain backlinks on authority sites.

Interviews and Expert Roundups

Particularly, expert roundup posts can offer the same. Also, you can roll out polls or surveys or direct questions through email newsletter asking what your audiences are expecting from your next blog post.

You can get an infinite number of ideas. Particularly, these are the potential insights from your target users.

Using Comprehensive SEO Tools

You may use top content marketing and SEO tools like Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, etc. to research on the topic which you want to write about. Using such tools, you can analyze the related topic’s performance over social platforms and target audiences. How people are curious about your topic? What works well?

Depending on the analysis results, you can curate the ideas to present your blog posts. Also, you may refer to the old blog posts that perform well at that time. Study more about the topic and understand its current market standard. You may now write blog post content on that topic with the latest information and data. Undoubtedly, this will grab more users’ attention and get you the most backlinks.

Final Words

I am sure that I have missed out many informative resources to generate blog post content ideas. But these few I have shared here are the effective ways to find blog post ideas that attract backlinks and user attention.

I would suggest you maintain a file where you can keep adding your inspirations and ideas whenever you come across. While drafting new blog posts, you can refer to it.

Ultimately, every webmaster wants to offer quality content to its readers. Obviously, such high-quality content can only get you the backlinks. No one would be ready to provide backlinks if your content means nothing to their readers.

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Blogging Tips

SEO Interview Questions and Answers Guide You Need to Know

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO is all the rage in the digital marketing world. From content marketing to gaining traffic to your website to making any social media marketing campaign Successful Blogging, SEO is the real key.

SEO is Not Magic or Luck, it’s Long Term Hardwork and investment. Pavitra Kumar

If truth be told, the functionality of SEO is difficult to understand and unique in nature. In the field of internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been developed as an excellent method to promote a website that means promoting a website and enhance its rankings in the search engine page results. In order to rank higher on a search engine, a website must be search engine friendly.

As the need for accessing the internet is proliferating vigorously, the extent of internet marketing in the digital marketing world is also in the hike accordingly. From large enterprises to small businesses, the demand for SEO and SEM experts is continuously rising.

However, the interviews held for SEO positions seem to be very baffled as most often it comprised various challenging questions that prove your ability of reasoning, logic, problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

Whether you are a freshener or an experienced SEO professional, read these SEO interview questions and answers that would not only show your skills and knowledge but also help to achieve the SEO job and make you the winner.

Being an SEO professional you would have to prove your capabilities and knowledge of SEO as well as SEO services in order to show your expertise in the field of search engine marketing.

Read these SEO interview Questions and Answers by Pavitra Kumar, SEO Expert at, which will definitely ensure your success in the SEO interview. So, let’s go through.

1. What do you understand by the term SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization” which is a set of techniques to keep optimizing a website in order to enhance its visibility on top in search engine result pages by using specific keywords or key phrases.

2. Define Types of SEO?

Mainly, there are two main types of SEO:

Off-Page SEO: It is the method of getting backlinks from different websites to improve the rankings of the site. This method includes a method of SEO including blog posting, guest posting, forum posting, press release submission, and miscellaneous.

On-Page SEO: It is the technique of optimizing a website which includes on-page work such as creating informative, fresh content, meta title, meta descriptions, ALT tags, as well as ensuring the code and design of a web page can be indexed and crawled by search engines.

You May interested to Read: On-Page SEO Factors To Rank Your Website On First Page.

3. What are some famous SEO tools?

Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Alexa, Google Webmaster, Google AdWords, Open Site Explorer

4. What do you mean Backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are the incoming links to your website, helping users to shift from one web page to another. These incoming links can play a key role in SEO.

5. What are Outbound Links?

The outbound links or outgoing links are links that come from your website to another webpage or website. They provide your web pages with more quality and value for the search engine rankings. Google considers outbound links as third-party votes which improve the ranking of your website rankings.

6. What is Googlebot?

To index and update a webpage/website, Google uses the Googlebot or web spider to cache, crawl, and index a web page by collecting the details from that webpage.

7. What is Crawling?

It is an automated process to filtrate web pages for proper indexing by search engines. Web crawlers regularly check web pages for fresh content and relevant keywords and then bring this information back to the web server for indexing.

8. What do you mean by Indexing?

The process of indexing begins when the process of crawling finishes. Google uses crawling to gather web pages relevant to the search queries and then creates an index that includes relevant keywords or searches terms and their exact locations.

9. What are Meta Tags?

HTML meta tags are basically tags used for a web page which place between opening and closing head tags of any document’s HTML code. They are basically the hidden keywords who present in the code and are invisible to users but are visible by search engines.

10. Have you ever heard about White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

In order to rank higher on search engine result pages, websites go for various methods and techniques. The methods or approaches that are acceptable according to search engine guidelines are White Hat SEO, while methods and tricks that are not acceptable or advised to avoid at any case in search engine guidelines are called Black Hat SEO.

11. What are “no-follow” and “do-follow” links?

Nofollow links are non-crawling links which can’t be passed by search engine bots and can’t be indexed or cached.

Dofollow links are the type of links that allow all search engine crawlers to pass through. They have a great impact on website rankings as these links are counted by search engines as a backlink for your webpage and increase your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

Additional Reading:-  Backlink Generator Tools Website Online You Should Know About

12. What do you mean by SERP?

Search engine page results (SERP) denotes to the page that is appeared when a specific search query is entered over the search engine.

13. What are Organic Results?

Organic results represent the listing of the web pages that are most accurate to the search query entered by the user. It is referred to as the natural result.

14. What are Paid results?

Paid results generally represent advertisements that are appeared above the organic results. Different website owners pay Google to display their websites for certain keywords. Paid results appear when a user enters a query with those particular keywords.

15. Are SEO agencies Beneficial?

Yes, definitely SEO agencies are beneficial but only to some extent. Agencies like Branex believes that, hire an SEO agency only if they aim to provide Search Engine Optimization by following White Hat SEO technique. As Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO and Advanced SEO Techniques. do improve the rankings but they do not last long. Whenever Google bots will recognize that you are following these techniques they will certainly penalize your website.

16. What are keywords and Long tail keywords?

Keywords in SEO refer to the words included in the web content which help the user to find the particular website by entering specific search queries over the search engines. Long tail keywords are key phrases that contain more than 4 words and make search results more specific.

17. What do you mean by LSI keywords?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are semantically associated with the main keyword that a user enters over the search engine. They have appeared at the bottom of the search engine result pages. The search engine finds the semantic structure of the keywords and then extract the appropriate meaning of the text to bring the most accurate results.

18. What is Canonical URL?

Canonical URL is the best URL for the web pages that the user wants to see. They are also called canonical tags that help in content syndication when multiple versions of a web page become available over the internet. It helps resolve content duplication issues.

19. What is SEO friendly URL?

SEO friendly URLs are structured in a way so that the method of website indexing by search engines become easier. Putting the right keywords and having an accurate length (3-5 words) can help improve website rankings and increase website navigation. Clean, simple, short URLs help users and search engines both to understand the page topic easily.

Must Read:- What Is Perfect Guest Blogging Guidelines in SEO?

20. What are the most common ranking factors?

There are top 3 ranking factors that can affect the search engine algorithm:

Content, backlinks, and RankBrain

21. What are mean by robots.txt?

It tells search engine Bots about the web pages on your website that you don’t want to crawl. It prevents the indexation of online content that a website owner doesn’t want to display.

22. What do you mean by Cloaking?

It is a dishonest way of optimizing your website for search. In this approach, irrelevant content will be shown to the search engine crawler than what is presented to the end users.

23. What is the character limit of Meta description tags?

An average meta title’s character limit is 60-70 and meta description character limit is 160 characters.

24. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is used for the promotion of a website by using paid advertising to increase their visibility in SERPs in the advertisement section. On the other hand, SEO is optimizing the website to increase the organic rankings of a website.

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25. Name some famous SEO blogs?

  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Watch
  • MOZ
  • SEOSmarty
  • Search Engine Land

26. SEO Extensions

There are numerous SEO Extensions and Add-ons are available. But the most common ones to look are MOZ Bar that let you know about Domain and Page authority and Alexa that help you idealize the extent of the domain in the world.

Final Words:

If you wish to build your career in the digital marketing world but know little about SEO, you can always take classes and certifications to develop your new SEO skills. With SEO courses and certifications, you can easily jump to the next level and open up new opportunities for yourself.

Good Luck! 🙂

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Blogging Tips

Beginner’s Guide on Essentials Needed for SEO Starter Kit

Beginners Guide to SEO

SEO often gets a bad wrap for being too complex, but that is far from the case especially when you get all your tools for an SEO starter kit lined up. If you are a newcomer to SEO, it is not as complex as it seems.  Beginners Guide to SEO, It is a simple thing to comprehend. See Google has automatic algorithms such as those used by Serp Tracking that it uses to rank your website. Google sends out small crawlers to your website to check on multiple indicators that eventually determine just how useful and popular your site is. An example of these indicators includes things like new content, organic traffic, domain age, backlinks and so many more.

SEO is basically a skill that aims at making these indicators favorable when Google comes ‘crawling’ around. To dominate in SEO sphere all you need to do is pay attention to these indicators in your writing. The even better news is that you don’t need years of experience or to break the bank so as to produce SEO optimized content. If you are just getting started here are a few basic components that you need for SEO.

Build a Website

The very first thing you will need on your SEO journey is to get your own website. Don’t worry there are plenty of website building tools out on the web that is easy to use and affordable, one such tool is WordPress. The tool you choose to help build your website should be easy, clean and multifunctional such that it’s receptive to mobile optimization as well.

Choose Your Niche and Workaround It

It’s important to determine a very specific niche that meets the demands of your target audience. Try and make your niche as small and specific as possible otherwise, you will be left competing with more businesses with more resources and a bigger online presence than you do. Use keyword research to identify keywords that will help relay your message. Once you have identified your niche its time to incorporate it into your content and site. Organize your post in such as way that it has heading and subheadings to make it easier for your readers to understand. Content Marketing Strategy, You can add some of your keywords to the topics or subtopics. Try and ensure that every post gets at least 700 words and the content relayed is relevant to your readers.

Make It a Regular Thing

A dormant site does not rank well with Google or readers. That being said, as part of your SEO basics, it’s important to produce high-quality SEO friendly content on a regular basis, say at least two posts every week. Ensure that all your posts are original, relevant and helpful to your readers. You can also include videos, pictures, audio and other forms of media to spice up your content. Don’t shy away from taking some time to refine your content until it’s appealing to your readers.

Build Relevant Backlinks

A backlink refers to when another domain provides a link that takes someone back to your site from their domain. Link building can significantly boost your ranking on Google searches if used appropriately. The first focus should be on creating high-quality informative content while attaching your expertise and profile to the post. If it’s good quality, you will likely get a few links to your site and much more with experience. If the source of the backlinks is a domain with excellent rankings, then this will work in your favor as well.

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Make It Shareable

Another tactic to bring in more traffic to your site is to use social media as a platform. Social media can have a significant impact on your SEO campaign and Beginners Guide to SEO in a very positive way. You can promote and share links to your site on all your social media profiles. Alternatively, you can attach your social media profiles to your post to make them shareable. This will help gain a stream of new followers to your social media profiles and they can turn to a valuable traffic visiting your site. Moreover, the more your site is shared, the more it becomes visible or popular on search engines.

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