Precise grammar has always been the necessity of any type of content. But being a professional writer and handling thousands of words every day sometimes makes you concentrate more on achieving writing objectives instead of concentrating on the grammar. Here is a detailed WhiteSmoke review to know more.

So, in such cases, online grammar checkers play an important role in the life of a content writer. But online grammar checker has not just built for writers students and other field professionals can also use these tools to correct their grammar mistakes and write perfect mail or any professional document.


Whitesmoke Review: Getting the best grammar checker software is again an irony as there are numerous grammar checker writing tools online. So here we are going to talk about the best grammar checker software used by many professional writers across the globe i.e.

Whitesmoke. Yes, Whitesmoke is one of the writing assistants and best grammar checker software that helps you achieve maximum accuracy in the content. Let’s have a detailed overview of the tool.

What is Whitesmoke?

Whitesmoke is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology-based online software tool that is used to get the improvised English content. This tool is best used for writing, editing, translating, and enhancing your English documents. Whitesmoke has two products one is Desktop premium & the other is Whitesmoke Web. Keep on reading further to know more about Whitesmoke.

Whitesmoke Products

Whitesmoke is an all-in-one English writing assistant tool. It helps you with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and also style checks. This is a single-click activating tool that points out potential errors and suggestions for improved content. The best part of the tool is that even the beginner can use it without much effort to understand the tool. This best grammar checker software is effective and helps you to achieve clear, concise, and error-free English content.

WhiteSmoke Writing Tools

One must understand that a WhiteSmoke writing assistant is not a free grammar checker like other free online tools. But you will be happy to know that the paid version is not expensive and anyone can afford its paid version which starts from just $5 per month. It provides three packages and is priced below.

Whitesmoke Pricing

As you can see they have priced the paid packages so reasonably that even a new writer can afford the paid version of WhiteSmoke. The yearly package deal is even more beneficial.

Let’s see below what you are getting in all these three packages.

  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Translator
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS Sierra (10.12), All browsers, MS-Office, Gmail

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Translator
  • Instant Proof-reading
  • Integrated with all writing platforms
  • 1-Computer License


Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS Sierra (10.12), All browsers, MS-Office, Gmail

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Translator
  • 3-Computer License
  • Instant Proof-reading
  • Phone customer support
  • Extended download warranty

Whitesmoke Premium Features

Whitesmoke (WS) premium includes WS Web, WS web-based solution, and WS Desktop. This has become the best grammar checker software online with utter corrections and suggestions to improve your content quality. This online tool is specially designed to detect errors in the text with its rule-based statistical algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

The prime features of WhiteSmoke premium are as below:

  • Advanced Grammar Check
  • Spelling Check
  • Punctuation Check
  • Translation in 55 languages
  • Writing Style Check
  • Works on MS word, Outlook
  • Works on a web browser, text editors
  • Writing Templates

Why you should go to Whitesmoke?

  • Check your text thoroughly to avoid embarrassing writing mistakes
  • It uses more advanced checking algorithms than any other grammar checker on the market
  • Immense Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology-based
  • Perfect translation in 55 languages
  • Best plagiarism checker
  • Spelling checks everywhere you write
  • Helps to attain a proper writing style
  • Helps you to reduce the punctuation confusion
  • Proofread at its perfection
  • More than 100 text templates
  • Text & video tutorials on writing

Review of Whitesmoke Software

WhiteSmoke writing assistant software is more affordable than the other online grammar checker. We would not say that it is the easiest to use but a professional with good handling of various online editing or writing tool can very well handle Whitesmoke on the first go itself. It is one of the most accurate grammar checkers.

You may need to do an extra step to make changes to your document as compared to other writing tools like Grammarly. This grammar checker software is quite cheaper than other best grammar checker software online.

Pros of Whitesmoke:

  • Reasonably priced if you opt for yearly packages
  • Precise spell & grammar checking
  • Comparatively easy to practice
  • The right software for businesses

Cons of Whitesmoke:

  • The user interface is not attractive as compared to other top grammar checkers
  • Somewhat sluggish as compared to other similar tools
  • No free version is available
  • Slow customer service for business packages

Whitesmoke for Mac Review

Mac users are rising day by day. So who are these mac users? These are students, teachers, businessmen & women, artists, technical professionals, and many more. Emails, Email letters, and many other documents are the first ones to introduce ourselves to others.

Yes, F2F meetings are getting replaced by initial mails and proposals and if that is satisfactory then maybe a VC or F2F meeting is arranged. This is the new style of working everywhere and hence the document is your first impression which must be precise and error-free.

Whitesmoke for Mac has changed the way of writing in many users and everyone is using Whitesmoke in their Phones, tabs, and any writing tool to get their writing perfect. All they do is write what they want to write and just click on “Check”. It is that easy and hence Whitesmoke for Mac is gaining popularity day by day.

Whitesmoke Desktop Review

Having White Smoke onto your desktop is all you need to be a perfect writer every time while writing, E-mails, proposals, essays of any kind of document. You just write and you will get notified of what you have got wrong while writing.

How to start with Whitesmoke?

To start with WhiteSmoke follow the below guidelines,

WhiteSmoke - Grammarly alternatives

  • Enter your Email id and submit.
  • Select the preferred package.
  • Pay for the Service.
  • Whitesmoke is ready to use.

WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly

Now after reading so much about WhiteSmoke the loyal Grammarly users must be wondering which one is better than Whitesmoke or Grammarly?

We will help you out with this. Let’s have a look at a detailed comparison between Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. Check below WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly.

WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly

Not available for free useCan be used free with limited features
The paid version starts from $5/monthThe paid version starts from $29.95/month
Complicated User InterfaceUser-friendly user interface
It does not adapt your writing styleIt adapts your writing style over time
Supports 55 languagesSupports only English
Little slow compared to GrammarlyMuch faster and quick

As you can see the comparative features listed under both WhiteSmoke and Grammarly can give you a better idea about WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly. If you are happy with a limited check for your text with free service then Grammarly is the best grammar checker software for you. If you are looking out for a detailed check on your text with minimum expense then WhiteSmoke is best suited for you. Both the grammar checkers are good at their place and one can select as per their convenience.

What else do you get from White Smoke?

Generally, online grammar checker software only concentrates on corrections and suggestions but Whitesmoke has gone one step ahead and has created video tutorials for its users to be trained in the precise use of grammar concepts.

Whitesmoke has created a video tutorial on concepts like Capitalization, Pronouns, A & An determiners, prepositions, Auxiliary verbs, neither/nor & either/or, prepositions, adjective comparisons, double negatives, The determiners, and many more unique topics which you may like to know about.

So, WhiteSmoke is not only helping you to correct your grammar mistakes but making efforts towards improving your grammar concepts as well. 

WhiteSmoke Review: The Bottom Line

Being a professional writer I must tell you that writing is incomplete without having the best grammar checker tool with you. In this WhiteSmoke review, I have tried to cover the WhiteSmoke writing assistant from every aspect.

Looking at the benefits of WhiteSmoke we can say that WhiteSmoke is a good online writing tool with many important features like translation & plagiarism check that make it even more helpful. This a complete writing tool with all features in one place.

So it is a one-stop solution for all your writing tasks. Though it does not provide free service still it is definitely worth the price to go ahead and give it a try. 

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