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What is cPanel Hosting? A Complete Guide to cPanel for Beginners

cPanel Hosting

When searching around for a web host, you’re likely to spot the word ‘cPanel’. The reason for this is simple: it’s the industry standard when it comes to Linux-based control panels. However, what is cPanel hosting, and why is it so popular?

A breakdown of cPanel hosting

In simple terms, the cPanel is a control panel for managing your website. This means it can be used for everything from creating email accounts to installing WordPress. Thanks to its user-friendly approach, cPanel is utilized by many Linux-based host providers.

What makes it used by so many? Well firstly, it has an easy to understand interface that even beginners can navigate with ease. Users are not hit in the face with intimidating code. They’re not searching around and struggling to find a certain feature. cPanel presents everything in an uncomplicated, clean fashion.

Efficiency levels are further boosted due to the tools supplied by cPanel. It’s already been touched upon that you can create email accounts, but you can also arrange other mail-related aspects such as autoresponders and mailing lists. For easily managing and uploading files on your website, you can set up FTP hosting via cPanel. Plus thanks to compatible software options such as Softaculous, you have the ability to one-click install a wide range of applications to improve your site further. Keep in mind: that’s just scratching the surface with regards to cPanel features.

While a number of benefits have been mentioned above, let’s take a close look at the positives – and negatives –of cPanel hosting.

cPanel hosting: the positives

Easy to learn and use: The accessibility of cPanel is what makes it such an enticing option for both users and host providers. The former love using the software because it makes managing their hosting extremely easy, and they don’t need to possess any website technical know-how. The latter love using the software as it makes their job easier. The more comfortable their clients are using cPanel, the less they’ll be needed to step in and deliver assistance.

Helps save time and money: As an extension of the previous aspect, another cPanel advantage is the amount of time and money it saves overall. The simplicity behind the control panel means you don’t have to spend extensive time learning about certain functions and features. Along with money being saved due to fewer hours needing to be dedicated to cPanel hosting, fewer resources – aka hiring website host specialists – are also required as a result.

Tried, tested and plenty of support available: cPanel would not be the industry standard if it wasn’t a battle-tested bit of kit. Due to being so prevalent and available for over 20 years, many users have tried cPanel, supplied constructive feedback, and ultimately helped shape the platform into what it is today. All of this also brings another advantage: plenty of support. As it has so many people that adopt the platform, it’s only natural there’s an extensive selection of tutorials and support freely available online. This means you will rarely become stuck on an issue when using cPanel.

cPanel hosting: the Negatives

It can be overwhelming at first: Despite every measure being taken to have a clean and easy-to-use platform, newcomers can be overwhelmed when using cPanel. After all, it does contain many tools – which are a major benefit in general – yet a large number of features can leave people wondering where to start.

Mistakes can be made: No, not by selecting cPanel. However, it isn’t too difficult to end up in a certain section of the control panel, and then accidentally alter something. If this happens, it could result in changing some important settings, and you might require help from the hosting provider to get it fixed.

You’re not getting it for free: Unless you’re using a free hosting provider – and this isn’t recommended for a multitude of reasons – you will typically pay for the privilege to use cPanel. Thankfully, you won’t be spending too much. You can get high-quality cPanel hosts for just a few bucks a month.


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