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The Wider Horizon of New Age Technologies

The Wider Horizon of New Age Technologies

Technology much like time is ever changing, Once the wheel was the pinnacle of technology which was used to improve commerce and then came the Bow which the Genghis Khan used to establish the largest empire the world has ever seen. Move ahead by a few hundred years to the inventions of the Rockets and the computer which forever changed the world to shape the future as we know it.

What do we learn from this?

The world is ever changing and the best route to achieve greatness is by inculcating and familiarising one’s self with the upcoming technologies Online Education. There is a common notion that all the emerging technologies are computer science. This is wrong, New technologies encompass all walks of life and commerce some of the fields and their respective technologies are listed here.

  • Agriculture (Closed ecological System, Cultured Meat, Vertical Farming & Agri Robot).
  • Materials science (Aerogel, Fullerene, High Temp Superconductivity, Superalloy).
  • Energy (Artificial Photosynthesis, Cryogenic Treatment, Fusion Power, Nanowire battery, smart grid).
  • Entertainment (Computer-generated imagery, immersive Virtual reality, Ultra HD TV).
  • IT and Communications (5G Communications, AI, Ambient intelligence, Atomtronic, Carbon nanotube FET, Exactable computing, Quantum Cryptography).
  • Medical (Cryonics, Genetic Engineering, Nanomedicines, Nanosensors, full genome sequencing).
  • Military (caseless ammunition, directed energy weapon, Electro laser, Forcefield, Green bullet, Vortex ring gun).
  • Transport (Airless Tire, Beam-powered propulsion, Fusion rocket, Hoverbike, Vactrain).

Each individual is interested and fascinated by different fields so every individual need to recognize his/ her preferred fields and work towards achieving excellence in their respective purview. Educational Establishments are the best resource to learn and work with new age technologies they also enforce the necessary discipline which will help the individual chart a successful path to their aspirations. The B.Tech Colleges in Kolkata are a very good and should be considered by each and every student.

The Advantage of B.Tech in Kolkata:

We believe that competition brings out the best in you and going by this notion, the crowd by far is large, smart and sharp. The colleges provide a conducive atmosphere which helps the student to learn something new every day, helps them learn to code, gain entrepreneurial abilities while displaying leadership qualities. Some B.Tech colleges in Kolkata provide research aspirants with the appropriate facilities and encourage this culture by presenting scholarships and other awards.

The B.Tech colleges in Kolkata recognize that quality should precede quality and with this spirit, they provide the very best infrastructure in the form of laboratories and Recreational activities. If Science and Technology is not your cup of tea, we suggest an alternative!

The Other Alternative:

India being the second most populous country would naturally have a large number of aspiring candidates. With a shortage of an influx of teachers, the government is forced to shut down schools and colleges which is ultimately causing hundreds of students to miss out on education and urban employment opportunities. If you are willing to solve this problem B.Ed Course is the UG Course you should attempt, there are many esteemed institutions that provide a well-rounded B.Ed. Course.  

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