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SqlBak – Best Online Tool to Keep Your Database Backed up

SqlBak Database Backed up

Online database is an integral part of the online business because it is what that keeps all the records of the business. You cannot even think of losing it as it may result in a big loss. Therefore keeping your database safe is one of the most important tasks of your online business.

Nasty hackers are there everywhere who keep any eye to hack into your servers. Therefore, proper security is needed. But sadly, even though you enforce security, sometimes you got hacked. Apart from hacking, the online system failure can also result into database crash or lost.

The best option is to keep a regular backup of your database. There are online tools that you can use to keep the backup of your database. is one such online tool that takes care of such database backup task. Their plans are also very affordable, and the basic plan is FREE which is a treat for everyone.

What does SqlBak offer?

  • Regular backup of SQL Database.
  • Database Monitoring.
  • Easy Database Restore.
  • Quite affordable and the basic plan is FREE.
  • Store backup either on FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.
  • Easy one-time setup. Setup once, and stay assured that your database is safe.
  • Email Notification of Database Server Performance.
  • No tough firewall configuration needed. There are some tools that are needed to be configured with firewall configurations which many of us may find difficult to do. But SqlBak has no such setup thing.

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How to Setup SqlBak and put on work?

SqlBak needs you to setup things at once, and forget. Your backups will be taken automatically. Let me tell you how you can set up.

SqlBak offers a desktop client that you can download on your computer and use to connect to your SQL Database server remotely.

The first step is to download the SqlBak desktop client from its official website by clicking on the Download menu

 SqlBak Download menu

Then, click the link from the download page, and its desktop app will be downloaded. download

After it gets downloaded, please install it on your PC, and run it. Installation process is just like other programs you install. No strange stuff!

You will see the first screen asking for Secret Key, which you will get once you sign up for Get from there, and enter in the desktop app, and click Connect. After that, you will be asked to enter SQL server credentials to connect to your server; do that, and it will be connected.

You have to add backup job(s) in your account dashboard at For this, login there, and click on “add a new backup job”. - add a new backup job

Then, you will see various options that you need to select as per your choice such as where do you want to send the backup whether Google Drive, Dropbox or FTP, etc.

Time schedule for backup is also needed to enter. You also need to select the database on your SQL server which you want to back up.

You will be asked to select the database you want to back up because there might be multiple databases on your SQL server. So, select the right one.

Once all options are selected as per the requirement, you can get the backup up on the schedule you set.

How to Restore the backup?

The main reason we take backup of our DB is that we can restore it if we lose it at some point in time. So, you need to know how you can restore the backup.

With, restoration is just a few clicks job. All you need to do is to go to backup job and click on Restore as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Restore the backup

Then choose the one shown on the next page.


That’s all.

So, in case you have lost your database, and you are using, you can restore the database backup in just a few clicks, and everything will be back to normal in just a few minutes.

Isn’t working with Sqlbak easier?

The basic plan of SqlBak is FREE, so you can try it out first, and then get its paid service if you are satisfied. Basically it has 3 plans

  • Free

This plan offers you to connect to one SQL Server and you can backup 2 database. You can set storage location from any of these: Local/Network folderExternal HDD/NAS, FTP. You will get the server down alert after every 60 minutes which means even if your server is down now, you will be notified after 60 minutes. You won’t get AES encryption in this plan and no extended support as well.

  • Standard

In this plan, you have no restriction of number of servers and databases to connect and take backup. Storage locations can be set from any of these: FTPS/SFTP, GoogleDrive OneDrive, Dropbox. Server down notifications will be sent after every 10 minutes. No AES encryption, no extended support and no server health check are offered in this plan.

  • Professional

In this plan, you get all the features such as unlimited servers and databases, AES encryption, extended support, Server down alert in every 5 minutes, and server health check as well.


Database is crucial for every business no matter online of offline but online business needs to have the database on the server which is on the internet and as you know there is nothing safe online, we need to keep it safe from hackers, viruses, and malware. Safeguarding it with security enforcement is one thing but you need to keep regular backup to ensure that if database is lost, you can restore in just few minutes.

Read More: Convert WordPress site to a Mobile Android Application Free is one of such services that offers the best database monitoring, backup and restoration service at the most affordable price, and thus, you should not think twice before choosing it. Still if you have any doubt, you can try their FREE plan first, and if you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the paid plan.

If you have any question, please write to us in the comments.

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