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A Look at Shared Inbox Software to Boost Your Productivity

Shared Inbox Software

If you have heard a lot about shared inbox platforms or software and you are not very sure what it actually is then this article is for you. We will try to take a close look at this software, what it is, the benefits that can be derived from it and interesting features that some of these software offers.

What is a Shared Inbox Software

This is largely used as an email management software. Actually, many of the software referred to as shared inbox software do offer more than this feature. The shared inbox has just become one of the features offered, especially by the top end contenders.

In many cases, this software can be used as a help desk software as it can effectively handle customer cases at least to a significant extent. The efficiency or the extent to which it will play this role will mainly be determined by the choice of software.

In addition to the above, many organizations use it as a project management software. From the definition of project management given here, most top-end versions of the software are equipped to efficiently play this role. This includes scheduling, project planning, allocation of resources and other aspects of project management.

The increasing sophistication of this software has ensured that it plays a more integral part in a business than just enabling shared inbox.

Benefits of Shared Inbox Software

Given the importance of emails in a company’s operations, there are a lot of benefits to using a shared inbox software. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits of using this software is the increased efficiency it brings to any team. The ability to sync different individual email accounts means less time will be spent attempting to switch from one email account to another. It also means that every team member can access every communication and respond in a timely manner.

This is especially important when it is used as a help desk software. Communications with customers or clients are carried on with ease regardless of which team member started the conversation. Since everyone has access to the history of the conversation, anyone can continue the conversation from any point ensuring that the customer does not have to wait for long to get a response to their query.

Improved Collaboration

Team members can collaborate with greater ease as communication among team members, project schedule, task assignment and more can all be done within the platform. The centralization of communication at one point ensures that every team member has access to the same information and can easily get updated on the current status of the project, case, customer conversation and more. It simply makes teamwork a lot easier.

Improved Communication with the Syncing of All Communication Channels

All the communication channels of a business can be combined on the same platform for improved communication. This goes beyond just emails to cover social media communications, phone calls SMS and more. It ensures that no conversation thread is lost, enabling team members to respond intelligently and helpfully to conversations with customers.

This no doubt improves communication on all levels and as a result, drives customer satisfaction and retention.

Faster Response Time

According to this article:, how quickly a person responds to an email gives an insight into how reliable that person is. We can safely assume that the same applies to businesses.

A software such as we are looking at makes it easier for emails to be responded to in a timely manner. No one individual is over-burdened with a mountain of emails while another has little to nothing. The workload is shared to achieve optimum efficiency. This and the fact that everyone can access and respond to these emails ensures that emails are responded to quickly.

Better Team Management and Monitoring

This system brings a level of transparency that ensures everyone knows what the other is doing. This makes it easy for the admin or team leader to manage and monitor the team. Everyone knows who is working on what and delay points can also be quickly detected and dealt with.

The admin or team leader can also quickly see the workload available and efficiently assign tasks so the tasks are uniformly spread to ensure a more timely completion of the entire project.

Examination of Critical Features

There are a few very important features that a shared inbox software that will be relevant and effective in today’s reality must possess. Let’s look at some of these as shown by one of the foremost of this software – ClientFlow’s shared inbox software for teams.

Friendly User Interface

It is important that the user interface does not have a steep learning curve. Controls should be easily accessible and understandable. Time should be spent doing the actual job and not learning how to use the platform.

Effective Communication with Clients

You should be able to communicate very easily with any client as a team. Every member of the team should be able to respond to any client with ease. Of course, the client will not know it is a team behind the response.

You should be able to track your emails to know when the client has received and opened the mail while your clients should also be able to communicate and take any necessary actions right from their inboxes.

Shared Inbox

All your communications – personal, team and client – should be accessible from one point for increased efficiency. You should also be able to search through emails with ease using well-defined filters.

Improved Team Collaboration

Assigning emails must be easy to do while reviews and feedback should also be enabled. Team members should also be able to discuss among themselves on the same platform with ease while team leaders and admin should be able to receive updates on the progress being made on the assigned tasks.

Project Management

Assigning tasks, adding calendars, task discussions, the status of the task, task tracking and due dates, notifications and other tools for easy project management are very important features to look out for. You should also be able to schedule completion times for tasks among other things.

From the features listed above, you can see that what we are talking about is way more than just a simple tool for the shared inbox. It can become an integral tool for help desk functions as described in this article or for business process management and CRM. Choose wisely so you can enjoy its full benefits.


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1 Comment

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    July 1, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    This email software looks promising. I think I should give it a try.

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