I am reviewing this SEOTesting.com tool because as you know, an SEO site checkup tool is a very important tool for an online business and it is important because the SEO testing tool analyzes your online business website. And helps you to improve your online business website. Seotesting review will give you more insights about the tool. 

And in such a situation, it is very important to use a good SEO testing tool, so today, I am giving you a brief about the SEO Testing Tool of this SEOtesting.com.

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But before starting this review, we know what SEO is and why SEO is important for you.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process by which we rank our blog or website in Search Engines.

Every blogger wants every post written by him to come first on Google. Most bloggers find it frustrating. Whether or not any of your posts will come first in Google depends on the SEO you do.

If the SEO of your post is good, then your post will definitely come first on Google. If you have not paid attention to the SEO of your post, then your post will never come on the first number on Google.

How far a blogger will go in the field of blogging depends on how strong its hold on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is.

If you know the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then you will be able to do SEO of your post well. Today every blogger wants to earn more and more money from his blog.

To earn more and more money, it is very important to have more traffic on his blog. More and more traffic will come to your blog only when your post is on the first page of Google.

Also, there are two types of SEO:

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is what we do when creating our blog or writing a post. On-Page SEO is more important than Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is more important because Off-Page SEO will work properly only when you have paid attention to your On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO: Whenever we talk of Off-Page SEO (Off-Page SEO Search Engine Optimization), the first thing that comes to our mind is Backlinks. Off-Page SEO is not limited to creating backlinks. This in itself is quite a big topic. It also takes a little more time to do Off-Page SEO (Off-Page SEO Search Engine Optimization).

Why SEO is important?

When more than 90% of people do some search on a search engine like Google, then only visit the websites that came on the first page. Only a lot of people go to the second page.

SEO is necessary to increase traffic to our website or blog. By doing SEO, we can come to the top page without giving money to Google.

Nowadays, if you want to know about anything, then people first search on google.

In such a situation, if your website comes on the top page of Google, then it is also good for your online business.

So now let’s start the review of the SEO testing tool SEOtesting.com

What is a SEOTesting.com tool?

By Giving a Seotesting review you will easily get understand what exactly the tool is. With this SEO tool’s help, you can make your blog or online business website number 1 on Google and popular search engines.

SEOTesting.com is a SanityCheck.io Ltd.-built instrument. It came to be known in November 2016, when Google Search Console only displayed access to data worth three months. It was called sanitycheck.io.

This Seo Testing Tool changes posts, pages, or product listings and then monitors and analyses what happens! This Seo Testing Tool

Most online marketers make SEO modifications based on what they believe will work and then forget.

We chuck in a post a few additional keywords and look for it better. But, over time, we don’t monitor the changes and the outcome.

How to use a SEOTesting tool?


  • The second step is to give your Google Search Console account access when you’ve added your website. This is how the tool collects data and proposes modifications to increase your search and CTR rankings.

You would need to pick a website from which you want to collect the data if you have different websites inside your search console.

Click on Add Site and the data you will immediately see for your various reports will be retrieved.

Is using a SEOTesting tool Is beneficial for you?

Here are the benefits of using the SEO testing tool:

  • Gives report of the updated search algorithm

The first thing you can do with SEOTesting sees if any of the recent search engine algorithm updates have had an effect on your site. Simply turn on the “Algo updates” button to use this feature.

  • Gives report of improvement and deteriorate

This report shows you the changes in the number of clicks and impressions caused by individual search queries and web pages over the last seven days.

  • Help in finding

This report allows you to find the pages with low CTR, and the data can assist you to enhance the CTR. The “Top Queries Missing from Page Titles and Meta Desc” report, for example, will identify pages where the top query (based on impressions) is not included in the title or Meta description.

Including the top query in the title and Meta description of a page will always increase click-through rates.

  • Provide tutorial guide

Help guides and tutorials are available which will help you understand and execute each feature for your website. Not only will this help you develop SEO skills, but it also enhances ROI. After all, it is an investment that is to learn a new tool.

  • Gives you content ideas

Next to the section is content ideas, a combination of over 6 tools, and each worthy of use.

SEOTesting Tool Content Ideas

  • Provides you FAQ Schema

You can add those questions to your pages by using the FAQ schema, which will strengthen the impression and CTR.

  • Helps you in finding low-quality content

Another useful feature is “Find low-quality content,” which will assist you in locating pages that are not receiving any search engine traffic. To enhance your website’s overall SEO score, you can prune, merge, or index such pages. Read about “low-quality content” to learn about the various actions you may take.

  • Keyword Cannibalization

There is a Keyword cannibalization feature that lets you discover pages that compete with the same keyword on your website.

  • Rank Tracking

The rank tracking feature tracks the statistics and shows the average ranking on your website. It can be better if they provide data-checking features based on the region.

  • Accidental Keyword Analysis Feature

Accidental keywords are keywords that appear on your website in Google’s search results. See the unintended keywords guide for helping your SEO techniques expand the content.

You may generate new content to enhance those rankings by displaying impressions for search queries that you do not directly address on the page or which correspond to various SERP intentions.

In the last week, the feature in seotesting.com reports new Keywords on your website.

These new search queries will warn you to optimize your website gradually to increase your ranking of keywords.

You can click the keyword itself to go to the query details page for the keyword in question while reviewing these new keyword concepts.

Here you can see the section for the keyword ranking for the past week and decide that the keyword should be included in an existing article or that an entirely new and separate article should be created if you have different intentions – often the internal link.

  • You can expand your content with a questions report

Find out which issues you are looking for in your website that is on Google. It contains ‘people are also asking for suggestions.’

Often we concentrate on single or two-word sentences during keyword study, but more and more people write unique Google questions. These questions are answered by Google and, most importantly, customers.

There are many more features available in the SEOTesting tool and you check them by creating an account on SEOTesting.com

How To Setup An SEO Test In SEOTesting.com

SEOTesting Pricing:

The prices typically represent a buyer or a breaker for any SEO tool and, for any lucrative blog or website, SEO testing is just $19 per month. You are better since you can pay monthly and cancel your subscription at all times, you are not bound to remain on a repeated bill forever!

Pricing of SEOTesting


Conclusion: SEOTesting Review

So after the Seotesting review, we came to know that this SEO testing tool is a very beneficial tool for those who are doing digital marketing or have an online business.

Because this tool can help them by putting their website on Google’s first page.

The tool enhances your Google search console data, and if money isn’t an issue, this tool will undoubtedly assist you in improving your website’s SEO.

I would strongly advise online business owners and digital marketers to use this tool.

If budgets are tight but demand needs to be continued, testing your tactics on a content sample would make decisions very clear.

SEO testing ensures that no dollars go to waste, and you scale as widely as possible when budgets are generous.

Nick Swan seems to improve the SEOTesting tool constantly and is extremely active in SEO communities.

It is a brainer to advertisers with the competitive price strategy and the capability to perform many SEO tests within the dashboard.