Having a website does not mean that it will be seen by people, you need to have it SEO optimized so that it comes on the top pages on the results given by the search engines. This is a pretty huge topic and needs to be understood properly by people who own their websites. Once you understand what is new seo techniques is and how to apply it on your website no one can stop you from gaining massive profits through the website. So let’s start by understanding what SEO Services actually is and then go ahead into more and more details on it.

What is SEO?

When you search for something on the web then the search engines give you some results where you will find the information that you are looking for. You may be surprised to know that 90% of the people browsing the web will not go to the next page in order to look for other sites so this means that your page should be on the first page itself.

You may think how is it possible but then you never realize that the websites that are on the first page were also created by someone perfectly which is why they are on the top and others in the preceding pages. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes which makes the point of difference.

The whole page is optimized for search engines in such a way that it can locate the Keywords or Key Phrases that are given on the website and bring it on the results.

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Now what are Keywords and Key Phrases?

Keywords and Key Phrases are results those words that the search engine reads gives out. To make it simple and clear here is a small example that will help you…

Say suppose you have an online store where you sell high heel sandals and in Delhi or so your keyword here will be “High Heel Sandals”  “High Heel Sandals in Delhi” “Buy High Heel Sandals in Delhi” High Heel Sandals Online” so on and so forth.

So here your main Keyword is “High Heel Sandals” as this is what you are selling and the secondary keyword here will be “High Heel Sandals in Delhi” then the alternative keywords will be “Buy High Heel Sandals in Delhi” and “High Heel Sandals Online”. So the main keyword here is the “High heel Sandals” and the remaining 3 are Keyword Phrases

What happens here is that once a person who is looking to buy High Heel sandals in Delhi is searching for these things then the search engines searches for all the websites having these words. Once it locates the keywords then it gives out immediate results on different pages. If your website has proper Keywords and Key Phrases it is more likely to come on the topmost rankings on the search results. So this is what a keyword and a key phrase is.

  • Back links

This is basically that system where the search engines derive results on the basis of how much your website referred to the customers by other websites on the basis of your relevance. For this you need to create back links on other genuine websites as well by getting in touch with the website owners.

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But be careful here as the other website may be used as a mode of spamming by your counterparts as well which will bring the search engine ratings more down for you and then you won’t even be found anywhere on the web.

  • Responsive Design

One of the functions of a good SEO design is that the webpage that you own should be a responsive one. When you read the word responsive this simply means that the website is compatible with handheld devices as well. About 40% of the web browsing these days happens from smart phones and tabs so it is very important that your website is a responsive one and can rearrange its icons and the whole data in the webpage to the screen size of the device on which it is being browsed on.

Around 75% of the websites now are responsive and the remaining 25 percent are obscure websites that no one will ever view. So this is also one of the most important tools of SEO designing that can help your website reach high rankings by attracting more and more customers.

How to Grow your Business using SEO Services

SEO is the only method available in the world now to bring website to the top most pages. When it comes to business in metro cities like Delhi it is very important that your websites are properly optimized using the methods by you or by other SEO Services companies. There are number of such companies here and you can hire the best one depending upon your budget. You will be able to attract huge audience every day if your website is good and attractive as well. So here are 3 ways that will help your business grow through SEO.

  • Results on the web come from Search engine

The results that are shown on the browser are derived from the search engines that look for proper Keywords. So make sure that the website as adequate keywords to be spotted by the search engines. This is the work of the writers and they will make sure that the keywords are placed correctly in the content.

  • People look for specific things

You read the illustration above about the High Hell sandals in Delhi and it’s pretty sure that you understood that people will by typing the keywords itself while searching for things. This means that people who are actually interested in what you are selling will actually come to your website to buy things. So make sure that your website address has one of the keywords as well as this will help a lot.

  • Use Google Adwords campaign

This is basically a free tool available on the web where you can actually search which keyword will be relevant for your website and how many people search things on the web using those particular keywords. This is very important to know if the keyword that you have chosen is correct or not.

If you want your business to succeed through the website then make sure that you first use the Google adwords Campaign and then decide which keyword to use.

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Your Turn! 🙂

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