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Want to Handle Your Law Firm’s SEO Activities? A Must Read!

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Let us begin by saying categorically that we recommend you allow professionals handle your law firm’s search engine optimization efforts. This will allow you focus on your real job. That said, you may actually be able to play a role in making these SEO efforts more effective if you are someone who wants to be really hands on.

In this article, we shall look at the idea of SEO and how you may be able to get actively involved in a productive manner. With the SEO tips we will share here, you will be adding great value to the entire process and helping achieve your goals faster.

Before Getting Started

Okay, so before we get right into the thick of it, we need to lay down some ground rules that you will need to abide by to ensure your efforts have the desired outcomes.

There are two ways to go about this. In the first option, there are three golden rules. These are:

  • Work with a professional.
  • Listen to the professional.
  • Confirm with the Professional.

Obviously this first option involves working with a professional. You should listen to what the professional has to say and take instructions from them. When you are done with an assignment, confirm that you did the assignment the way it should be done.

This can be a bit annoying for someone who regards him or herself as an intelligent and highly knowledgeable individual. Understand though that there are different fields of expertise.

If you find the above not to your liking, then your second option will be for you to get the requisite training to equip you will the knowledge and skill required to effectively plan and execute your SEO strategies. Truth be told, if you really have a law practice to run, you won’t have time for this.

Simple Tips to Follow

Let’s now get started with the simple tips that will help you take care of some aspects of your law firm’s SEO strategy.

The whole idea behind any search engine optimization strategy is to promote something. In this case, you will be seeking to promote your law firm as being able to deliver top quality legal services.

To this end, you will need to show your audience that you do indeed have a good understanding of the law and can therefore suitably handle whatever legal issues they may have. We are looking at a highly specialized field in which your SEO expert will likely not be very knowledgeable.

Since you are the expert in your field, your major role, of course with the direction of your SEO expert, will be the provision of knowledge based content. Based on this, you can do the following:

Create Impressive Articles

This is very important as it will be used for content marketing, which is an important part of today’s online marketing and SEO strategies. You will need to write blog posts, comments, guest posts and other posts that expertly address important legal issues.

Two things are however very important here.

The first is knowing your audience. Do not write on what you love or what tickles you. Write on what your audience wants to know. You should therefore take some time to define the buyer personae you are targeting. This will then help you know exactly what information such an individual will be looking for so that you can provide that information.

The second thing is targeting specific keywords. There are important keywords that your campaign should be targeting. Your SEO expert should be able to provide you with these. You should strategically feature these keywords in any content you write.

Create Informative Videos

Aside from articles, another type of content you can create is videos. Videos are highly effective marketing tools. If you want to find out why this is the case, you can read this article here:

Simply considering the fact that a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, it only makes sense to assume that a video will be worth multiples of this. The ability to engage your audience with full emotional expressions, visual effects and images is surely something that makes passing your message across very easy.

Doing this in addition to the articles and post you already create is sure to improve your results.

Get Active on Social Media

This is something else you can easily take advantage of. As of today, over 70% of Americans connect via social media. This same kind of statistic is recreated across the world. Since social has become a meeting point for billions of individuals, it’s important that you meet them there with your highly informative content.

The result will be that after you have established yourself as an authority in your area of expertise, you will naturally be their first point of call whenever they need help or consultation in that field.


Remember that the effectiveness of all the tips we have shared is hinged on your overall SEO strategy. This is why it is important that you have an expert guiding you all the way.

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