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6 Easy Steps to Recover the Deleted Photos in the Smartphones

Recover Deleted Photos

Accidentally or not, you may sometimes delete some collections of your photo in the Smartphone. Later, you have just realized that those photos are really important and you want to have them back. So, what should you do?

Actually, there is a fun fact regarding the phone photo recovery. In some disks and types of memory, the data you have deleted are not literally deleted from them.

Therefore, it is highly possible for you to bring those files back. Anyway, the problem is, how can you recover those files or, in this case, photos?

There are some easy steps to solve this problem. What are they?

Download & Install the Phone Photo Recovery Software

First of all, you need to download and install the software for deleted photo recovery. One of them is Recover Data Recovery; this software must be installed to your PC.

The way to install it is so easy without needing to insert CD. To accommodate the type of PC’s software, two versions are available; they are the Recovery Data Recovery for Windows and Recovery Data Recovery for Mac.

Launch the Software and Select the File

After this phone photo recovery software has been installed, take out the memory card from your Smartphone and then insert it to the card reader to be connected to the PC. It is possible also to directly connect the Smartphone to the PC if there is a connector available.

If you are sure that both devices are connected properly, open the software. In the menu, some options are provided. Choose “External Devices Recovery”. Sure, it means you can also recover other files or data deleted from the computer.

Choose the Data from the Phone Storage

From the “External Devices Recovery” option, there are more options launched. It is the list of the storages including those from your Smartphone. Choose one where the photos were initially saved. Click “Next” button to go to the target location. Then, process it by clicking the button “Start”.

Scan the Storage

After clicking the “Start” button, this Android phone photo recovery software may automatically scan the storage. You should select the storage properly whether it is the Smartphone internal memory or the card. This way, the scanning process will not take a longer time.

When the scanning process is over, check the photos have been successfully recovered. How is if there is no photo intended? Well, you should not worry; repeat the process even some more times by clicking “All-around Recovery” button. Then, the software, again, scans the storage.

Use “All-around Recovery” for more Deleted Files

Still related to the photo recovery, it is possible also for you to find more photos and files that have been deleted a long time ago. Sure, you can still use Recovery software. Then, the feature used is also still the same; it is “All-around Recovery”.

Click the button of this feature. To find more files, it may take more time. But the results are really satisfying anyway. Using this unique feature, the phone photo recovery software free is able to collect your old photos even from the beginning the device was used. Sure, you can select them to find the ones you really need.

Get Back the Deleted Photos

Look at the list of the photos carefully while clicking some of them that you want to recover. There are the previews of the photos to make sure you don’t take the wrong ones. After ensuring there is no mistake, click the “Recover” button to get back those photos. Simply, the photos are back to the store where they previously were.

To avoid the photos are not accidentally deleted, you must save them in the proper place. If it is needed, there must also be the folders with clear naming so that you will not delete the wrong one later. For the photos related to the jobs or other kinds of important business, it is necessary to provide the backups. Therefore, anytime you need it, you will not be puzzled looking for where they are.

More than anything provides also the mobile phone photo recovery as a tool to bring back the photos or any other files that have been deleted. Sometimes, we may just want to see and recall past memories.

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