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Unable to Manage Debts? How to Take the Right Financial Decisions?

Financial Decisions

Loss of income when you have too many dues in the market can make life seriously impacted. Mental peace, reputation, legal records, all gets disrupted when you start getting notices from your creditors for non-payment of dues, and recovery of dues and penalties. To bring things into the track, there are some financial decisions you may take. Three commonly taken steps by most debtors in trouble are bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and debt settlement. But which step you would take depends on many factors, which you must understand as you prepare to consult a financial advisor or lawyer. Accessing your situation, and finding out what fits for you is a prime requirement to deal with unmanageable debt.

Considering Bankruptcy

You would consider declaring bankruptcy when your situation may be like this:

  • Your debts are too high for you to pay and you have no funds at all or very meager income which hardly suffices for your basic survival.
  • You see no chances in the future to earn a sufficient income ever so that you may lead a good life and pay a lowered settled amount towards your creditors.
  • You do not care at the situation about your credit score or market reputation and reliability as the debtor.
  • You just need to get out of the situation at any cost.

But it’s good to keep in mind that declaring bankruptcy should be the last option for you, and should not be a healthy choice in the first place. Every person has some hope to get funds or earnings from any source, and you should also try so, and rather think of settling the debt than to give up.

Considering Debt Consolidation

Considering debt consolidation is an option when your situation may be like this:

  • You have multiple debts
  • You are paying high rates of interest for your debts and are looking for a low rate of interest loan to replace the current loans.
  • You are having trouble tracking the loans and their EMI payment dates and getting all the more confused with the debt management.
  • Often you are having trouble paying all the EMIs at different times of the month due to a shortage of funds or slipping out of mind.
  • You have estimated that you can squeeze out a certain amount every month to pay for a single consolidated loan in case you get one approved to pay off all the current dues.
  • You are ready to handle the debts and pay them off instead of escaping and want a reasonable fix for the situation.
  • You do not want your credit score to be affected any further for the nonpayment and missed dues, and you want to rather improve the credit rating in future.
  • You have a residence proof which shows you staying at the same address for at least six months.
  • You have a stable income which would help you apply for the new loan
  • Your credit score is not highly impacted and still shows a reasonable rating to get the loan approved.

If all the points above apply to you, then you are the right candidate for debt consolidation or put it this way, that debt consolidation is a good option for you.

Considering Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is the option for you if you are in the following situation:

  • You have one or more debts which are too big for you to handle
  • You struggle every month to pay for them
  • You have missed one or more payments for a loan, or you feel you are completely unable to pay in the days ahead.
  • You have no stable income, or your earnings are not sufficient to let you pay for the EMIs after deducting basic survival expenses.
  • You are in such a condition where you have become mentally or physically challenged and cannot work further to earn.
  • You have ample time at hand to wait for a settlement, and till that time you are not running away anywhere.
  • You know that your credit score has been affected due to your irregular payments of the installments, and yet you are not seeking an immediate improvement of the credit score through the settlement. Rather you realize and accept the fact that the credit rating will be impacted with time as the settlement goes from initiation to finalization.
  • You are preparing to arrange the lump sum amount to settle the dues after settlement and anticipate gathering the amount by the time the settlement proceeds.
  • You are ready to bear the expenses for paying the required fees to the debt settlement services.

When you see that many of the points above are true for you, then you may plan a debt settlement. In fact, unlike debt consolidation which is applicable only for multiple debts, a debt settlement is applicable even for one single loan if the amount is unaffordable for you. But some research work and feedback study must be done before you proceed.

Things to know before you go for debt settlement

Debt settlement is an important decision and needs to be taken care of by seeking the help of financial consultants and debt settlement advisors. You can choose a debt settlement service by going through other people’s reviews in your area. Services get their debt settlement ratings based on which you may choose one.

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Things to know before you go for debt consolidation

If you are considering debt consolidation, then you must be sure that debt consolidation is possible only when you show a promising income to pay for that new consolidated loan with proper proof of residence and earnings. Also, you must have the minimum credit score to get the loan approved at a low-interest rate. You won’t need any agent or consultant ideally to go for the loan, but hiring one would be your personal choice. Besides traditional banks, there are websites and online banks through which you may apply to multiple sources for a debt consolidation loan.

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1 Comment

  1. Inksplore

    September 28, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Hi Pavitra,

    Excellent article, love the way you have explained those financial terms. Debt settlement is a highly lucrative business, morgan stanley and other financial firms make millions of dollars from such recoveries. As much as motivational speakers punch about not going into debt, making a business survive in this extremely competitive world leaves no other option for a business personal other than to go under debt itself. Thanks for the post.

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Debt Settlement Programs will aid in Improving Your Financial Position

Improving Financial Position

It is absolutely vital that you can understand what the options of debt relief which you can avail for yourself if you were to find yourself in a debt-related problem ever. There are a number of debt settlement programs available which can help people who have a lot of debts to pay. With these programs, one can successfully become debt free. Debt relief programs can help people in getting their personal finances right back on track. They shall never have to face any harassing emails or phone calls of such manner.

It might take a lot of research for you to locate a good debt relief program as all the programs have some kind of benefits. In this article, you shall learn about how you should avail debt relief programs.

Debt Consolidation Loans:

This is an amazing technique of debt settlement which is used by a number of people to pay their old debts off. In this method, the services of a debt consolidation agency or firm are much required. This agency is an external one. It will work as a middleman between the creditor who has given the loan and the person who has taken the loan. In this scheme, all the debts that a person owes will be consolidated into a single loan. The rates of interest also get reduced by some considerable margin. The duration of the repayment is increased.

The person who had taken the loan now would have to pay off this debt consolidation agency the consolidated loan amount within the new time limit and with the new interest rates. The agency, on the other hand, will take care of repaying the individual creditors. Such a debt repayment scheme benefits the consumer a lot because he can actually end up saving some money because his interest rates are dropped.

Debt Settlement and Reduction Programs:

In the debt reduction program, an external firm or agency shall be given the responsibility of negotiating and then trying to lessen and reduce the loan amounts and debts that a consumer owes. The reduced amount can go even up to around 60 percent of the original amount that was owed. With a debt reduction company, you shall be required to pay a certain charge for the amount of cash that you will be ending up saving. In this technique also, the consumer shall be ending up with having been able to save up a lot of money.

For many people, it can become quite taxing to see that they are unable to repay their loans off. In these situations, the presence of such programs offers avenues by dint of which they will be able to get their financial lives back on track. These debt relief programs provide a ray of opportunity to these people to have a chance to start their financial lives in a new manner one more time. These methods are perfectly legal and legitimate.

Some Basic and Essential Information About Debt Settlement Programs:

It might be a lot of help to you to be having some form of essential information about the debt settlement and relief programs. In the event that you were ever to think that a company is trying to trick you and perform a fraudulent action, then having this information can benefit you immensely.

Understand the various forms of loan that you can repay through a debt settlement Plan:

It is vital to know what are some important formalities that you must oversee before applying for any debt relief program. The first thing that is necessary to check is how your financial condition is. You must check the types of debts that you accumulate and which have gone beyond any form of settlement plans. In any debt settlement plan, you will be required to be having good credit scores in order to be eligible for the plan.

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Sometimes, it can also be required for you to be defaulting on any loan so that you are able to present yourself as someone who cannot repay the debts that you owe. You can go for a secured debt consolidation loan program when you are able to provide a form of collateral. In case you do not have collateral to offer then you can always go for unsecured debt relief plans.

Type of Requirements to Fulfill the Debt Relief Program:

If you are enrolling yourself in a debt relief program, then you ought to be following a number of things with absolute certainty. You will have to be following a strict budget; you will have to alter your lifestyle and follow a simpler life. You should not have any more debts added. You should stop using your credit cards and pay with cash only and also look for ways to improve your income.

You need to go through debt settlement reviews in order to learn more about how you can use different debt relief methods and procedures to help you manage your personal finances.


If you are able to manage your finances properly, then it can help you to lead a stable and financially independent and free life. After you start to accumulate any sort of debt, and you find yourself having trouble in being able to pay the debt off, then there are a number of debt relief services which can help you to manage them. There are a lot of people who file for bankruptcy because they manage their finances poorly. When you follow a debt relief program, you will be avoiding such a situation as well. You ought to fix up a budget and stick with it. Then slowly try to increase the savings you have and make cash payments in order not to incur any more debts.

Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you understand how you will be able to use debt relief programs in order to improve your finances.

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The Latest Fashion Trend for this Summer Men or Women

Latest Fashion Trend for Summer

The summer is here, but what should that mean for your wardrobe?

Wearing good clothes makes us all feel better and if they go with the trend than that is just the icing on the cake. But what exactly is in trend for this season is the million-dollar question. Surely you would want to keep up with the trend but nobody likes it if it burns a hole in their pocket.

Luckily, this summer marks the return of old classics like the leather sandals or the denim, but there’s also a ton of new trends to try on!

So whether you are the easy-going dresser or someone who wants to tackle movie stars when it comes to trends, read on and find the best fashion trends this summer for both men and women.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men’s:

Latest Fashion Trends For Men

1. Printed Shirts:

Printed Shirts

Summers are supposed to fun and your clothes should reflect that. And boring shirts just don’t match the vibes. So, it’s the season for shirts to get a whole lot interesting with prints. You can choose whatever print you like from polka dots to abstract or even florals, sure you may not like how that sounds but you’ll miss out. Or you can take a cue from Scarface and the don the latest Cuban styled shirts.


2. Round Sunglasses:

Round Sunglasses

Even with their new square-shaped mates on the block, the round sunglasses are still loved and favorites of many. And with upgraded styles and colors in them, it’s the summer to go old school with the age-old classic. Perfect to suit all the personalities whether you are a preppy kid, the Rockstar or maybe an Instagram queen, they can go well for all of them. And if you are new to Myntra, you can get your some of the best sunglasses with Myntra coupons like the “MYNTRANEW300”


3. Longer Shorts:

Longer Shorts

Every year, the trends never let the shorts stay to the helm. This year the below knee length knee short is where it’s at. The major designs in these shorts are either the abstract prints or bold sporty color with easy fits to wear on your everyday adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, or maybe a hike with your buddies or just relaxing at home, they are a perfect blend of comfort and style and in trend.


4. Colorful Bracelets:

Colourful Bracelets

If you are not a fan of bracelets until now, then visit now is the best time to try them out. No matter who you are, they’re the perfect addition to complete any outfit this summer. From dark ones to go with T-shirts to light color with shirts, they’re the perfect trend to complete your look but need to be done right. You can take one or many of the same color shade to add another dimension to your look.


5. Statement T-Shirts:

Statement T-Shirts

Got something to say to all? a quote that defines you? Or maybe you are feeling pun-tastic, then the Statement T-shirts trends are going to be your favourite this summer. Speak your mind out freely while the t-shirts are as comfortable as it can get in this weather. Easy on your wallet, you can stay trendy every day.


6. Ripped Denim Jeans:

Ripped Denim Jeans

This old style is still going strong and is back in the latest trends this summer. Prepare well to dive deep into all shades of denim this season, as the denim are back from the old days in the sexier than ever version. A preference of many celebrities when they are out, that is exactly what has brought it back into the trend. Find a couple of jeans for yourself over at Myntra and with a few Myntra coupons like the MYNTRANEW500 you have a perfect steal on your hands.


7. Side-Stripe Trousers:

Side-Stripe Trousers

Always considered as an outside option, the side strips are making a revival this summer. The side stripes are totally acceptable as confirmed even by the luxury brands went completely mad at them this time. It couldn’t have come back as a trend at a much better time, as the causal sports segment was dying down. The key to making the trend work is avoiding sporty clothes in the rest of the places and instead a slim-fit shirt or a sweatshirt to get a sharp look.


Latest Fashion Trends For Women’s:

Fashion Trends For Women

1. Ruffles:


Fashion statements by Paris attract people’s attention. This year the new fashion statement was loud and clear: RUFFLES. From sleeves to collars, from pretty frills to decorations, ruffles are the biggest trend of the year. Doesn’t matter if you are feminine or not, there will always be a certain style having ruffles that’ll embark on your design. Ruffles are romantic, but not in a carefree way. Ruffles equate love with epic poems and weeping in the fire escapes. Ruffled tops can be paired with pants or palazzos. There are literally 100s of occasions where ruffles would make sense.

All you need is to be confident and carry your ruffled dress with style.


2. Denim:

This summer, the wide range of denim is hotter than ever. The soft and sexy denim is so comfortable that you’ll feel like living in them. From jeans to dresses to tops to shoes, Denim has conquered it all. Denim is never too much. Denim dungarees and jumpsuits are also in trend.


From a worker’s uniform to a symbol of youth rebellion and now an almost a daily wear and fashion statement, denim remains favorite for ages. With the changing wardrobe requirements of today, the denim is trying to make sportswear out of denim to fit into the changing wardrobes. In today’s world of internet people are always eagerly looking for fashion trends and thus, the fashion makers have pulled up their socks and are trying to improve their fashion with time.

3. Pastels:


Thinking that the pastels this season are frivolous would be a great horror. Rose tinted skirts and shirts with matching blazers give a new meaning to power suits. Pastel colored pantsuits are in trend. Rather than accessorizing the dress, the runways have shown the power of pastels from head to toe by making the pastel dresses a huge success. Pastels have become a fashionista’s favorite, from handbags to home decorations everything is preferably designed in pastel colors now.

Pastels are a great way to change your wardrobe after the dull winter and autumn clothing.

4. Wide Leg Trousers:

Wide Leg Trousers

These comfortable trousers are much less of a trend and much more of a mainstay judging by the number of people that are flocking to it. They range from wide-legged cropped trousers to the high waist options, and this is a probable reason why this trend is catching up with most people so quickly. This comfortable bottom wear would pair up perfectly with a silk top or complete your outfit with the full sleeve shirt and would add another dimension to your look. You can find a variety of these over at Myntra and find the best price option to get yourself the best available Myntra coupons to get yourself the best deal.


5. Athleisure:


Displaying brand logos of the top sports and fashion brands is something that may never go out of trend. And the brands know it too with clothing designed with the trend in mind, with large or funky logo prints on clothing. Sweatshirts, logo tees, yoga pants or sneakers, whatever it may be if it has a logo on it that is more than visible than it’s a perfect buy to stay with the trend. And that’s not all, these sporty attires are actually quite comfortable and much better to handle the heat than most of the trends you will see out there. And the best thing about these is that this trend can work out easily for an everyday look too. And if you’re looking for the top products of the likes of HRX or Nike, then there are some great Myntra Coupons like the “SPECIAL20”

A coupon which would offer a 20% discount on the final price of products of these brands.

6. Chunky Necklaces:

Even the simplest of looks can be made miles better by having the right accessories to go with it. The art of pairing an accessory with your outfit is a tough one as there is a very fine line between the perfect fit and an overdone finish to your look.

Chunky Necklaces

A necklace is an important accessory and can make your look go from perfect for the occasion to attending the wrong occasion in a split second. While it may not be a preferred method to experiment with multiple accessories, for the trend of chunky necklaces, it would rather keep your look on the safe side. Every girl should have at least one of the chunky necklace fit for every occasion as the shiny ones are for the functions while the deep colored ones more suitable to the outings. Every girl should keep these ready as to one she is in the mood to add another trendy depth to her look.

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Final Words:

Those were the top fashions trends for both men and women. This year has seen the return of so many old age styles and focuses much more on comfort than on the look, clearly an advantage in this weather. This summer you get to stay trendy while also not burning a hole in your pocket and also, not have to suffer the scorching heat for a good look. So, find your picks from the above trends, couple your order with some mouth-watering deals from Myntra with the Myntra Coupons and beat the heat in style this summer.

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4 Best Medicine Delivery Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Best Medicine Delivery Apps

From ordering food to ordering cabs and general needs, we are entirely dependent on the apps and websites that deliver our requirements right at our doorstep on just our single click. If we can order all this stuff, then why not medicines? Why go out to chemist stores and shuffle through to get the Medicine Delivery Apps you need when you can get in on just a flick of the finger?

Here are best four apps that let you order the prescription medicines you need and delivers them at your doorstep.


PharmEasy App for iOS and Android

Rated the highest grossing pharmacy app, PharmEasy offers easy orders and a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription meds. Order your prescription medicines online with the PharmEasy app for iOS and Android by uploading your prescription and get flat 20% off on your medicine orders. Get hassle-free, genuine medicines at your doorstep with secure payment. PharmEasy offers monthly refills and easy return policy too. So, what are you waiting for? use PharmEasy coupons to get amazing discounts and cashbacks on your orders


NetMeds App for iOS and Android

NetMeds offers a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and personal health care things under the categories such as OTC, Diabetes, Baby and Mother, Personal Care, Wellness, Health Aid, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathic. Using the NetMeds App for Android and iOS, you can order all the health care things and medicines on the go and even get customer discounts. Just Download the NetMeds App, upload your prescription and place your order. Your medicines will be delivered to you in two to three days. Payments can be made via cash or by using credit/debit cards. 


Myra Medicines App for iOS and Android

The smartest app for ordering medicinesMyra Medicines is currently only operational in Bengaluru and surrounding areas. A valid prescription is required for ordering the medicines using the app. All the prescriptions are checked and verified by a qualified pharmacist before confirming the order. The hard copy of your prescription will be stamped and an image of the same is photographed before delivery. The medicines are delivered within 30 minutes of placing the order. The service offers a flat 15 % discount on all orders. There are no delivery or shipping charges. Log on to the Myra Medicines Android and iOS Apps and get your prescription medicines at your doorstep along with discounts.

Read our article5 Gadgets for The Mobile Bloggersfor understanding more about Android and iOS Apps.

#4. 1 MG

1 MG App for iOS and Android

A big name in the growing field of online pharmacy in India, 1mg is more than a local pharmacy. In addition to letting you order your medicines, it also helps you gather information on your medicines. Even if you do not want to buy medicines from them, you may use the app to know more about it. You can find out about the substitutes and side effects (if any) of the drugs you are ordering. The app has won several awards for its excellence in the field. Order your over-the-counter and prescription medicines with 1MG App for Android and iOS and get your discounts and quality-tested Best Medicine Delivery Apps without any fuss.

The concept of ordering apps through a web, or using mobile apps is quite new in India but the field is growing rapidly. If you are too busy, or too sick to travel to a medical store, the easy to use apps are very helpful.

So, order your medicines online with these accessible apps and get your Best Medicine Delivery Apps at your doorstep without any hassle.

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