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Unable to Manage Debts? How to Take the Right Financial Decisions?

Financial Decisions

Loss of income when you have too many dues in the market can make life seriously impacted. Mental peace, reputation, legal records, all gets disrupted when you start getting notices from your creditors for non-payment of dues, and recovery of dues and penalties. To bring things into the track, there are some financial decisions you may take. Three commonly taken steps by most debtors in trouble are bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and debt settlement. But which step you would take depends on many factors, which you must understand as you prepare to consult a financial advisor or lawyer. Accessing your situation, and finding out what fits for you is a prime requirement to deal with unmanageable debt.

Considering Bankruptcy

You would consider declaring bankruptcy when your situation may be like this:

  • Your debts are too high for you to pay and you have no funds at all or very meager income which hardly suffices for your basic survival.
  • You see no chances in the future to earn a sufficient income ever so that you may lead a good life and pay a lowered settled amount towards your creditors.
  • You do not care at the situation about your credit score or market reputation and reliability as the debtor.
  • You just need to get out of the situation at any cost.

But it’s good to keep in mind that declaring bankruptcy should be the last option for you, and should not be a healthy choice in the first place. Every person has some hope to get funds or earnings from any source, and you should also try so, and rather think of settling the debt than to give up.

Considering Debt Consolidation

Considering debt consolidation is an option when your situation may be like this:

  • You have multiple debts
  • You are paying high rates of interest for your debts and are looking for a low rate of interest loan to replace the current loans.
  • You are having trouble tracking the loans and their EMI payment dates and getting all the more confused with the debt management.
  • Often you are having trouble paying all the EMIs at different times of the month due to a shortage of funds or slipping out of mind.
  • You have estimated that you can squeeze out a certain amount every month to pay for a single consolidated loan in case you get one approved to pay off all the current dues.
  • You are ready to handle the debts and pay them off instead of escaping and want a reasonable fix for the situation.
  • You do not want your credit score to be affected any further for the nonpayment and missed dues, and you want to rather improve the credit rating in future.
  • You have a residence proof which shows you staying at the same address for at least six months.
  • You have a stable income which would help you apply for the new loan
  • Your credit score is not highly impacted and still shows a reasonable rating to get the loan approved.

If all the points above apply to you, then you are the right candidate for debt consolidation or put it this way, that debt consolidation is a good option for you.

Considering Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is the option for you if you are in the following situation:

  • You have one or more debts which are too big for you to handle
  • You struggle every month to pay for them
  • You have missed one or more payments for a loan, or you feel you are completely unable to pay in the days ahead.
  • You have no stable income, or your earnings are not sufficient to let you pay for the EMIs after deducting basic survival expenses.
  • You are in such a condition where you have become mentally or physically challenged and cannot work further to earn.
  • You have ample time at hand to wait for a settlement, and till that time you are not running away anywhere.
  • You know that your credit score has been affected due to your irregular payments of the installments, and yet you are not seeking an immediate improvement of the credit score through the settlement. Rather you realize and accept the fact that the credit rating will be impacted with time as the settlement goes from initiation to finalization.
  • You are preparing to arrange the lump sum amount to settle the dues after settlement and anticipate gathering the amount by the time the settlement proceeds.
  • You are ready to bear the expenses for paying the required fees to the debt settlement services.

When you see that many of the points above are true for you, then you may plan a debt settlement. In fact, unlike debt consolidation which is applicable only for multiple debts, a debt settlement is applicable even for one single loan if the amount is unaffordable for you. But some research work and feedback study must be done before you proceed.

Things to know before you go for debt settlement

Debt settlement is an important decision and needs to be taken care of by seeking the help of financial consultants and debt settlement advisors. You can choose a debt settlement service by going through other people’s reviews in your area. Services get their debt settlement ratings based on which you may choose one.

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Things to know before you go for debt consolidation

If you are considering debt consolidation, then you must be sure that debt consolidation is possible only when you show a promising income to pay for that new consolidated loan with proper proof of residence and earnings. Also, you must have the minimum credit score to get the loan approved at a low-interest rate. You won’t need any agent or consultant ideally to go for the loan, but hiring one would be your personal choice. Besides traditional banks, there are websites and online banks through which you may apply to multiple sources for a debt consolidation loan.

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1 Comment

  1. Inksplore

    September 28, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Hi Pavitra,

    Excellent article, love the way you have explained those financial terms. Debt settlement is a highly lucrative business, morgan stanley and other financial firms make millions of dollars from such recoveries. As much as motivational speakers punch about not going into debt, making a business survive in this extremely competitive world leaves no other option for a business personal other than to go under debt itself. Thanks for the post.

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5 Ways A Blog Benefits Can Benefit Your Business

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Many people assume that blogs are best-suited for bloggers who want to share their personal stories or for entertainment purposes. While there are estimated hundreds of millions of active blogs online, of various topics, a blog can benefit your business.

Whether you’ve been trying to decide if a blog is right for your business or if you are looking for some new ways to increase your business, check out some of the benefits of a business blog.

1. Attracting Potential Clients

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When you add a blog to your business site or link it to your social media profiles, you have a great opportunity to connect with your target audience. A blog allows you to explain what you do, who you are, and the services you offer without “selling” yourself to potential clients.

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Writing about your business’ mission or the things you are passionate about in your business can breathe life into your business and even remind you why you are doing what you love.


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Food Delivery Apps

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Frequently Asked Question related to Demat Accounts

FAQs on Demat Accounts

Demat account means a way to hold securities in an electronic format. Similar to a bank account where you can transfer and receive money without using paper money, in a demat account, you can electronically buy and sell shares on the stock market without utilizing physical share certificates.

A demat account also serves as a safe deposit for your investment securities and holds various certificates of your financial instruments such as mutual funds, shares, bonds, government securities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in a dematerialized form.

Now that India has embraced Dematerialization, it is essential for an investor to have a demat account before they start trading in Indian markets.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about a demat account that every investor must know.

What Is A Depository?

A Depository is similar to a bank where investment securities are stored in a dematerialized, i.e., electronic format. There are two depositories in India namely National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

What Is A Depository Participant And How Can It Help Me With A Demat Account?

An investor can open a demat account with a depository participant (DP), which is an agent of the depository. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines, banks, financial institutions, stockbrokers, custodians, etc., can become DP with a depository.

The services offered by the DP are listed below:

    • Demat account opening and maintenance.
    • Dematerialization of mutual funds and securities.
    • Rematerialisation of mutual funds and securities.
    • Transfer of mutual funds and securities.
    • Pledging, unpledging or invocation of securities.
    • Freezing or un-freezing an account.
    • Account modification.
    • Account closure.

How Can I Open A Demat Account?

There are certain steps involved in order to open a demat account.

  • Select a DP you wish to open your demat account with.
  • Make copies of required documents such as address proof, PAN card, income tax returns, bank statement of the last three months, passport size photographs, and a crossed cheque.
  • Fill up the account opening form and submit the copies of required documents as proof of address and proof of identity as per SEBI guidelines. Along with the form, you also need to present your original PAN card at the time of opening the demat account.
  • Following the form submission, the DP will open your demat account in their system, and generate a unique account number, also known as BOID (Beneficial Owner Identification number). You can use the BOID for all your future transactions with the broker.

What Are The Essential Features Of A Demat Account?

By holding your securities in a demat account, you can achieve the following:

    • A demat account can eliminate forgery as manipulating paper is easy but shares can’t be forged electronically.
    • By using a demat account, you will ensure that all your investment securities are collected safely in one place meaning no loss or misplacement issue.
    • With a demat account, your securities are permanent and recorded digitally, thereby omitting the chances of paper decay or ink erosion.
    • All the transactions made are hassle-free and less cumbersome since you don’t need to carry physical certificates every time you trade to the buyer of the seller.

How Many Demat Accounts Can I Have?

An investor can open more than one demat account. Moreover, one demat account can be utilized to track multiple trading accounts.

What Are The Brokerage Charges And The Annual Maintenance Fee Involved In A Demat Account?

Brokerage charge is the amount that you have to pay when you buy or sell shares. The charges could either be levied in the form of a percentage or a fixed amount. For instance, if the brokerage fee is 0.5%, then you will have to pay 50 paise every time you purchase shares worth INR 100. The charges are different for trading in financial markets and mutual funds.

The annual maintenance fee can vary between INR 500 and INR 2,000, depending upon the agents and the services they provide.

Additional charges such as demand charges (the fee to dematerialize stocks in paper or certificate format), advisory fee, and ad-hoc account statement fee can also be levied.

Can A Person Operate My Demat Account On My Behalf?

You can authorize any person to operate your demat account by executing a power of attorney (POA). However, it is necessary to submit a notarized copy of the POA to your DP.

Since the inception of demat account, trading has become an easy avenue for investors to earn profits. Moreover, you can make transactions at the click of a button, at your own convenience!

Thus, opening a demat account is worth it and would be valuable in numerous ways for your trading and investment pursuits.


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