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How to Make Perfect Landing Page for Better Conversion

Landing Page for Better Conversion

A landing page is web page which serves as an entry point for a website or some particular section of a website. It is also defined as a single web page that appears when you click on a search engine optimized search result. The actions taken by the visitor on a landing page is what determines an advertiser’s conversion rate.

Landing pages are often linked to email campaigns, social media and search engine marketing campaigns so as to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The main goal of landing pages is to convert site visitors into leads or sales. To obtain a lead, the landing page will include some or the other way for the visitor to get in contact with the company.

Here are few tips to help increase your landing page conversion rate:


Consistency always refers to two things- the first is to bring consistency in the information that you present and consistency in your user’s experience. Any kind of inconsistency in the facts that you present will serve as a huge red flag for potential users.

Put your time and effort into your copy that ensures that your numbers and facts are consistent. The users will not pursue which number is right as they will just opt out of the page. Coming to the user’s experience, consistency should entail a sense of comfortability for users visiting your page.

Make Incremental Changes

It is important that you continue to improve and create the elements of your landing page, but too many changes at once can cause drop-offs that will decrease your conversion rates. Users can get confused if your landing pages are redesigned everytime they visit your web page. This leaves to a drop- in conversion rates by 20%.

Instead of this, make gradual improvements that educate and excite the users’ one step at a time and eases them into the process. In addition to this, incremental changes will allow you to monitor the changes that triggered an increase or decrease in the conversion rates. This way you can just reverse the changes made which was a cause of the drop- off.

Effective Headline

Feature clever headlines as the ads are trying to steal the attention of your users and stop them from whatever they were doing and look at your page instead. You just have to convince them to stay glued to your content for a while.

The users who visit your site need to decide in a couple of seconds if they want to go back to what they were doing or stay on for a while on your web page and see what it is all about. Go for clear and explanatory headlines and make sure the headlines stand out even more than the logo or name of the site.

Persuasive Sub-headline

To make your visitors stay on the web page, the headlines as well as the sub- headlines should do the work. A sub- headline is positioned directly underneath the main headline and should have some element of persuasiveness to lure the visitor to not leave that page. It can also go into more depth and in detail than the main headline. Also, include a quick description of what you are offering.

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Narrow Your Focus

Make your landing page as clear as possible for your prospects as to what you want them to do. More calls- to- action means more confusion for your prospect. Try to cut your copy into half to ensure that whatever you say is relevant to the service or product that you are trying to sell. In order to keep your content concise and clear, try to limit your value proposition to two lines. Get rid of the excess distractions by providing as few images, forms and copy.

Use Directional Cues

It is the best option to direct your client’s or user’s attention to what is important on your page since you cannot be physically present for the potential users who visit your site. The solution to this is: Directional Cues. They are essential to show the visitors how to read it. These cues can range from arrows that blatantly point towards the information you want your visitor to see to more subtle ones such as the person in image is looking at the call- to- action button. Focus levels double more when directional cues were used on a landing page.

Credibility Indicators

To convince your potential users, use previous client testimonials to supplement the point. They are actually going to trust other users more than they will trust you. Implementing positive testimonials on your landing page and including a picture of that person next to it to enhance more credibility. Skip the use of clichés and use personable ones that actually represent what your business did for the previous users.

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Make sure that your landing page matches the contents of what was in your ad. If your ad makes a promise, keep in mind that your landing page assures the readers that they will find what was promised to them after clicking on it. This ad has to be as identical to the landing page’s header, graphics, information and other necessary parallels.

Design and Strategy

Make sure that everything you place on the page is relevant to its purpose and keep your copy brief. We know that many people will flow through our home page, still you do not have to send them all here. Remember to create dedicated landing pages for your marketing programs which will help you stay focused.

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Strategize well to use more visuals to focus on the most important features on your page. You can also set off the core space of the page with a white space and move the administrative links to a visually down- played footer. Also, make sure that any header or side links do not distract from the core mission of the page.

Focus On the Visuals

Distracting elements work when you are trying to get attention of your users. Do not sidetrack them with a bunch of visual junk. To keep people trained on your call to action, keep your site clean with a simple design and with plenty of white spaces. Keep the fonts big as it makes it easy as well as compelling for them to read and understand what the site is about.

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To conclude, designing your page with the above mentioned strategies makes it easy to maintain your users and convert site visitors into leads. Your landing page should get better responses quickly and your design should not slow down the load time.

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