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Major Changes Between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Having a website has become the norm in recent times. You have your human body’s presence on Mother Earth. But it is the online presence which has become more popular. It does not matter whether you have a Facebook account. But for a business, it has become mandatory to have a online presence in the form of a website. You have to ensure the website is accessible to the users. It is vital you need a web hosting service provider to provide a physical location in the internet. But of late, it is cloud hosting which is making the news. In recent times, cloud hosting has become famous for its dynamic and virtual scalable infrastructure. Businesses can take advantage of cloud hosting based on demand and usage. In this article, we will see the major changes between web hosting and cloud hosting

Cloud computing has brought about a revolution in hosting of websites. A normal web hosting refers to the old method of having the websites on the internet. There is a lot of discussion on the web hosting and cloud hosting in performance. But, please note, they also have their advantages and disadvantages. 

When you come to web hosting, many companies offer server space and maintenance. To gain the web hosting service and get space in the internet, you need to pay some amount to these companies. But consider cloud computing. It is a bit different. Instead of one server, it hosts many servers, but in work, they will work as a common server. In fact, the vast number of physical web servers act as virtual mode of servers for hosting the websites. The beauty of cloud computing is providing both type of facilities. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service. 

Now, will we look at the major differences between cloud hosting and web hosting?

#1. Definition

A very general combination of words. Web hosting is the service connected with internet hosting. The companies such as Go Daddy offer their servers for space to the website owners.

Cloud computing is the opposite. It uses many servers. It is more described as a superior type of hosting. The reason – because of its dynamic and virtual scalable infrastructure. 

#2. Server

In normal web hosting, you are accessing a fixed server. Or depending on your need, you can access even a part of a single server.

In cloud hosting, many servers will work as one server. 

#3. Expense

Cloud hosting has many benefits, one among them – the cost will vary depending on the usage. For example, you can store all your company applications in the cloud. You can even ask your employees to work at the specified time. Then you can switch the system off and you save money.

The cost will differ based on the packages for a normal web server. In the old method, it does not matter the amount of time used, you have to pay for the entire month or year. 

#4. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, you can only rely less on a normal web hosting service provider. Remember the moment, when with enthusiasm, you want to show the website to your family. But it says,”Server Error” please try after some time. 

In case of a cloud hosting, even if one server fails, you can make a switch to the other server. 

#5. Advantages of Web Hosting

There are three types of the normal web hosting methods.

  1. Shared Hosting – You get a entire package. And the price is affordable. But the server will have many customers on its one server. You can find a large number of performance issues. 
  2. Virtual Private – You can control a entire set of features. There are more number of reliable factors. The number of servers are also more, and thus you can do the savings in expenses. The website can suffer failure because of disturbance in other virtual servers. 
  3. Dedicated Servers – They offer entire control. They also guarantee reliability factors via service level agreements (SLAs). The server hosts only your website. But they are expensive. 

Like to the normal method of hosting, there are three types of hosting even in cloud.

  1. Private Cloud Hosting – In this type, there will be no rooms for failure. You also do not have fear security risks. 
  2. Public Cloud Hosting – The management is by third parties. Industry experts consider public cloud hosting as more reliable than private hosting. The rates are affordable. Another important benefit is the scalability. The hosting happens in a location different from the physical property of the client. 
  3. Hybrid Cloud – The last type provides the benefit of both the mentioned above types. The important applications of the client are in client server. For the other unwanted applications, the storage is at a different location. 

There are also other types of hosting. (1) managed hosting and (2) community cloud hosting. 


There is a famous proverb – Change is permanent. In the 1980s, the computers made a mark. The 1990s saw the growth of internet. and In the 2000, we saw mobiles. And 2016 is the year of apps. There were many, who predicted that cloud computing is a sham and will wade away in the passage of time. But the popularity have made the critics eat their own words. Now, let us take an example. You have, before two years started a online washing machine service center in Bangalore. You repair the machines that have crossed the warranty period. Through the website, you get at least 100 orders a day. And you have a fleet of 150 to 200 qualified professionals. You 

followed the old method of web hosting for two years. Now you opted for cloud hosting. You moved only the important applications to the cloud. Any person wishing the same service in Bangalore can login from any point of the world at a moment’s notice. For the less important applications, you moved them to another server with low cost. To make your washing machine service popular, you released an app with many features. The customer can book the service at his/her own convenience. Your technician will call the customer before the scheduled date to know the need. Then the technician will go to the customer’s house and restore the appliance back to normal. 

We hope, by this article, you got to know the differences between web hosting and cloud hosting. Did we miss a valuable point? Please put a comment in the reviews section. 


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