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How Keyword Research Works and why it’s important for Every Bloggers

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging

Keyword, it is a very familiar term to all the bloggers and with that, it is a very important part of writing any of the blogs. It is quite a process that defines the exact way of keyword research.

Now, it can be appropriately said that keyword research is the basic and fundamental part of writing an effective blog and not only blogging, keyword research comes as an integral part of seeking information, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  as well as online marketing.

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging?

Keyword research gained its importance from the fact that it is important for both users as well as a search engine to process the searching of a site.

It is important that whatever keyword you choose is relevant to the content of the site you are blogging for. Choosing the right keyword is an art that should be learned before you start writing. The basic purpose of a keyword is to optimize the search that means whenever a person searches for those keywords to find the site of relevance.

The art of choosing the right keyword involves figuring out what basically people are looking for and when you know that convert traffic into leads, you can easily target on finding the best-suited keyword and simultaneously you can be at right place at right time and that too with the right content.

As the importance of the keyword is almost clear in your heads now let us talk about how the keyword research is done basically.

How to Research for Keywords?

Finding the right keyword is just the beginning but the real battle is to target the keyword that would actually help in ranking the site high and drive traffic to the site. It can be accurately said that the keyword research is the backbone of the whole writing process and has to be done before you start with the writing. Keyword research will specify the real and actual target for you to write on effectively.


Let’s Talk Strategy!

There are many strategies that could be effectively used to find out the right targeted keyword for your site in relevance with its content. These strategies involve:

  • Analysing Your Website and Setting the Right Keywords

Finding the right effective keyword is not as easy as it sounds. For this strategy to be in action, you must make a list of all the relevant keywords and phrases that are based on or are related to your content and website. If you have a clear idea of what your website is about and you know what your target is then keyword research is not that difficult of the tasks.

Now, How to get an idea which keyword is popular and useful?

Well! to get the idea of that there is a simple way of using google that may reflect some of the common keywords that are widely used. The best part is that the Google itself shows up the few keyword suggestions in “Google Suggest Feature” and this feature is integrated with the google account you own. If you are logged into your google account and have enabled the web history option then, there will be a dropdown list that will display you with some of the best ideas of keywords as soon as you start typing and that feature is commonly known as the Google Suggest. You can also make use of Google Keyword Planner.

Now, if you are not logged into your Gmail and web history is not enabled Google Suggest won’t work.

NOTE: there is also the availability of the suggestions at the bottom of the result page that might help in refining your search.

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Tricks to Pick Keyword

There are many types of keywords that should be selected wisely.

TRICK 1:  It is highly advisable to use long tails after the main keyword and the reason behind this is that it is less competitive and more promising and it is very common fact that lesser the competition better is the ranking results will be.

TRICK 2: Make sure you focus on one particular field while deriving the keyword as the broad category is not the right way to go.

  • Your Target Audience

You should carry out the research to find the targeted audience for your site and specifically do not assume that what you are searching will be the same as what your audience might be looking for. Moreover, it is very important that the targeted keywords are related to the content and the site you are writing for.

  • Analyse Your Competitors 

Prefer doing research for what your competition is targeting on in your niche. This could be easily done by surfing through the competitors’ pages in a website.

  • Expand the Keywords List

Do not and I am serious, never get yourself into the limit and try to expand the list of keywords by using the tools that are designed for finding the keywords of all types. There are many keyword scanner tools that are developed and are widely used.

Some of the top keyword searching and checking tools are:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword SPY
  • SERP Checker

Tips and Tricks to Use Right Keywords

Now, it is great if you have found the right keyword for your writing to proceed but, there are many other points that a blogger should and must take a note of.

Tip 1: you should not overwrite the keyword that is, Keep a Check on the Keyword Density and it plays a vital role in making and creating the best content.

By Keyword Density what we are referring to is the number of times the keyword has been mentioned in the article and in common the density used in the blog of a keyword is 1%.

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NOTE: Usually, the keyword density is 1% of the word limit that you are writing.

Check out the best way to phrase the Keyword that is selected.

Make sure the keyword is relevant to the content you are writing.

Make the keyword usage.

These are all points that a blogger should keep in mind and with this article you might understand things like:

importance of the keyword in blogging and how to find the best and relevant keyword for your blog.

So, keep writing and attracting traffic. Now it’s your Turn 🙂

Share your learning from this article in the comment section and put your queries if you have any.

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1 Comment

  1. Rajkumar

    February 2, 2017 at 12:20 pm


    Well when I first started my blogging journey I never cared about keyword research but later I found that its really important to achieve organic traffic. Great tips shared though.

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What Can iSkysoft Data Recovery Software Do to Solve Computer, PC, or Mobile Phone Crash

iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

It seems that the reinstall Windows system is the only solution to repair a computer or PC crash. This solution is along with the risk of losing data in the computer or PC. Nowadays, you don’t have to reinstall the Windows system to repair computer or PC crash because a specific data recovery software such as iSkysoft data recovery software is offering Windows Preinstallation Environment or Windows PE. Learn the detail about the iSkysoft data recovery software and the Windows PE system.

Repair Computer or PC System Crash

One of the functions of iSkysoft data recovery software is to repair computer or PC crash problem. You just need to use a specific software namely iSkysoft data recovery ultimate. The software is supported by a WinPE bootable media which helps to access the computer or PC after suffering from the crash problem. It is not only fixing the system crash problem, but the iSkysoft data recovery software is also able to recover the files or data so you can use it without any problem even after crashing.

The Way to Recover System Crash with iSkysoft Data Recovery

How does iSkysoft data recovery work to recover valuable data after computer or PC crash problem? To answer this question, you need to learn about how to run the software for recovering lost or deleted data after a computer crash. The steps are explained below.

Download, Install and Launch the Software

You need to have the data recovery software first to use it. So, you must download, install, and launch the software on your computer or PC. To get the software, visit the official website and follow the instruction.

Choose System Crash Recovery Option

Interestingly, the data recovery software can be used for a variety of data lost or deleted recovery. Those are including recovering data from virus attack, system upgrade, lost partition, and many more including system crash recovery. Because the data is deleted or lost caused by system crash it means you have to choose the system crash recovery option.    

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Select the Place of the Lost or Deleted Data

Just remember the place of the lost or deleted data and then select it. This is because you have to choose a disk to scan and it has to be the place of the lost data. It is an important step before continuing the scanning process. When it is ready, you can click the start button and let the software continues the process.

Let the Software Scanning the System

This is the time where the software is scanning the disk you have chosen previously. It takes a few times but the process will be faster. The scanning speed depends on the technology, system, and features installed on the software. iSkysoft data recovery software is developed with the latest technology, system, and features so it is able to scan your computer or disk fast and accurate.

Wait for the Result and Preview It

Just wait until the scanning process is finished. Then, you will see the list of the lost or deleted data on the screen. The good part is that you can preview all of the data first before recovering them. Previewing is important to make sure whether you really want to recover the data or not although you are able to recover all of the lost data.

Recover the Lost Data

The last thing to do is recovering the lost data which you have selected before. The recovering process is also fast so you can get the data back right away. You can check it on the computer and make sure that the data work properly just like normal data.  

Repair and Recover Mobile Phone System

Another great offer from iSkysoft data recovery provider is the ability to improve the performance of your Android and iPhone. In this case, you have to use iSkysoft toolbox application. It shows that iSkysoft data recovery software is able to recover data from the computer and any storage device including Android and iPhone. Just like the software, the application also has some functions including repair and recover lost data from the mobile phones.

The Way to Use iSkysoft Toolbox

Just download and launch the application and then connect your mobile phone to the computer. Next, you have to select the file types and the recovery process you want to do whether you want to recover the lost data from a mobile phone, SD card, or a broken phone. Let the iSkysoft toolbox application scanning the phone and wait for the result. When the scanning is done, preview the result to get the data you want to recover. Now, you can recover the lost data from the Android or iPhone to the computer and use it just like before. The point is that iSkysoft toolbox shows that iSkysoft data recovery software works well to recover data from the computer and any storage device.       

Summary: iSkysoft data recovery software can be used to repair and recover from a system crash. This article shows to you how the software works to solve the problem.

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4 Top Websites for Buying More SoundCloud Followers

Buying SoundCloud Followers

Extra followers on your SoundCloud channel always feel great. It feels like there are many people that appreciate your music. So, how can we get those extra followers? You can use natural methods to build followers number naturally. But, that would be too long. The simple solution is you just need to buy followers. Below, we have several websites that offer good service for buying SoundCloud followers.


This is one of the best places to buy SoundCloud followers. They have several packages you can choose. Each of them has different numbers of followers you can get. You can get at least 1000 followers with the cheaper package. And, up to 10,000 followers for the most expensive package. You can find more about these packages from this link,

The good thing about this place is you can get the followers you bought faster. It’s just a few hours after you buy them, you will get them. Unlike other places that need 24 hours or even longer, this is one of the fastest services you can find.


This is one of the best places for buying SoundCloud followers at the most affordable price. Moreover, they also provide complete service that will help you a lot. For example, they can build the followers number naturally. It’s not fast, but at least your follower’s growth is normal.

Once you purchase their service, they will start the campaign. You can see the result between 1 to 2 days. One of the most interesting services is the custom packages. Unlike other websites that provide fixed numbers of followers, with this custom package you can set the number of followers that you want to get. Of course, the price will be different than the standard package.

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The best about this website is their customer support. You just need to call them, and they will help you with anything. If you buy followers for the first time, they even provide the tutorial on how to use their service. It will help you a lot.


Here, you can find a package that offers most of the followers than other websites. You can easily get up to 100k followers using this service. The best of all, they are all real followers. They are coming from the private network. Therefore, you don’t need to worry or doubt their authenticity.

The price is quite affordable. Moreover, you also can get the followers faster. You can buy the followers using anonymous status. So, for privacy protection and such, this website is one of the best. The best of all is their 30-days money back guarantee. If you think you don’t get the followers that you bought or the followers’ number dropped down, you can always get your money back.


If you have a limited budget or you want to get the variety of payment plan, this is the place you can visit. They offer their service at an affordable price. Moreover, they also have several budget options you can choose, from a single payment to the several months’ payment period. The good thing is you can get a discount when you use the monthly payment.

Buy Real Marketing itself has more than 100k followers on their SoundCloud channel. They use their followers to help your campaign. So, you don’t need to worry about fake followers here. You get real followers and the best of all, they grow naturally. This no-instant-method will help you to create a buzz. And, in the end, your content will become viral content.

When you try to build followers number naturally, usually you must follow back many accounts. At Buy Real Marketing, you don’t need to do that. So, you just need to buy from this website. Then, you can focus on your music. Create a good content and let the followers come to your channel naturally.


Those 4 are an only small part of the service that can help you to get more SoundCloud followers. There are actually more websites that have similar service on the internet. You can use them in comparison with the service we explained above. It helps you choose the place for buying SoundCloud followers easily, without wasting your time, energy, and money.


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Food Delivery Apps– Take Best Coupons, Voucher Code from

Food Delivery Apps

For shopping lovers who wish to have everything on click for each need, these top delivery working very well for them as the user can browse, order, pay and get the food delivered at particular spot informed. Food delivery app today has given choice to select all nearby restaurants for all cuisine available whether you link Punjabi, Thai, North Indian or Fast food, they can offer you everything from favorite restaurants of your choice in affordable rates. IndiaShoppers gives you the opportunity to save extra bucks while you are ordering for food on mobile delivery apps like Swiggy, Faasos, Uber eats, Foodpanda, Dominos, Pizza Hut and a lot more to choose. While using IndiaShoppers will be beneficial as you will save time, by not visiting so many sites for food ordering where you have visit only one site IndiaShoppers where all the app stores are available to compare, make free registration at IndiaShoppers which will give awesome updates on all amazing deals and discount coupons available for these food delivery apps. Let’s check what delivery apps are where you can find your best food in your city from favorite restaurants:

Table of Contents:-


Ordering for food online through Swiggy really a great choice, as Swiggy have entirely great website as well as mobile which can offer you food from all international cuisines from top restaurants which is available near you, where you can choose top food chains like Burger Point, Subway, Dilli6 express, Behrouz Biryani, Pizza Hut or Dominos etc. Choose any payment mode to select best and quick delivery to you but don’t forget to take your Swiggy Coupons Code for IndiaShoppers have to awesome pricing for your Pizza or fast food is chosen. You will find any reason to IndiaShoppers as you can find everything at one stop only related to food ordering, as it will many other restaurants in your city with great offers.


Getting rid of food deliveries, no response of delivery boy just give chance to Faasos which will amaze you with on-demand food ordering segment, with about 60 items on the menu. Where user can find almost top specialized Paneer Wraps, Chicken Wraps, Mushroom Wraps, Egg Wraps with amazing Faasos Coupons even available for Party Orders through You can visit Faasos Coupons and offer section where all products are available with Kulcha, Chicken Kheema Bowl, Rice Tub, Mutton Bhuna Bowl and lot more exciting deals available for Faasos with


Endless menu items from top big restaurants of India working nearby you like Chai Point, Food Expresso, Burger King, Biryani Blues, Behrouz Biryani, Stanley ka Dibba, The Lunch Box, Southern Junction, Crrysum, Giani, Wat a Burger etc. Uber eats offers you healthy food with amazing pricing and quick delivery. Started in few cities but counting increasing with great speed where you can get 100% amazing taste of restaurants of your choice. Just avail best Uber eats Coupon from India shoppers to have the right prices when you will order next time. Not only based upon the product you choose, there are lot more options to order online with amazing new users coupon codes or may be existing users will also be rewarded with amazing exclusive offer codes.

In the nutshell, in today increasing demand of food ordering online in each city for Students, Professionals or any family parties everywhere recommendable to choose IndiaShoppers only when you are going to place next order for food ordering, as it will reward you with extra cashback on top of every discount which brand is offering you. Really amazing deals to have IndiaShoppers with you for each need not only food it can also be used for e-commerce, travel, recharges, cab booking, utility bill payments, movie ticket booking and more way to save with being a loyal user of

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