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How Keyword Research Works and why it’s important for Every Bloggers

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging

Keyword, it is a very familiar term to all the bloggers and with that, it is a very important part of writing any of the blogs. It is quite a process that defines the exact way of keyword research.

Now, it can be appropriately said that keyword research is the basic and fundamental part of writing an effective blog and not only blogging, keyword research comes as an integral part of seeking information, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  as well as online marketing.

Why Keyword Research Is Important For Blogging?

Keyword research gained its importance from the fact that it is important for both users as well as a search engine to process the searching of a site.

It is important that whatever keyword you choose is relevant to the content of the site you are blogging for. Choosing the right keyword is an art that should be learned before you start writing. The basic purpose of a keyword is to optimize the search that means whenever a person searches for those keywords to find the site of relevance.

The art of choosing the right keyword involves figuring out what basically people are looking for and when you know that convert traffic into leads, you can easily target on finding the best-suited keyword and simultaneously you can be at right place at right time and that too with the right content.

As the importance of the keyword is almost clear in your heads now let us talk about how the keyword research is done basically.

How to Research for Keywords?

Finding the right keyword is just the beginning but the real battle is to target the keyword that would actually help in ranking the site high and drive traffic to the site. It can be accurately said that the keyword research is the backbone of the whole writing process and has to be done before you start with the writing. Keyword research will specify the real and actual target for you to write on effectively.


Let’s Talk Strategy!

There are many strategies that could be effectively used to find out the right targeted keyword for your site in relevance with its content. These strategies involve:

  • Analysing Your Website and Setting the Right Keywords

Finding the right effective keyword is not as easy as it sounds. For this strategy to be in action, you must make a list of all the relevant keywords and phrases that are based on or are related to your content and website. If you have a clear idea of what your website is about and you know what your target is then keyword research is not that difficult of the tasks.

Now, How to get an idea which keyword is popular and useful?

Well! to get the idea of that there is a simple way of using google that may reflect some of the common keywords that are widely used. The best part is that the Google itself shows up the few keyword suggestions in “Google Suggest Feature” and this feature is integrated with the google account you own. If you are logged into your google account and have enabled the web history option then, there will be a dropdown list that will display you with some of the best ideas of keywords as soon as you start typing and that feature is commonly known as the Google Suggest. You can also make use of Google Keyword Planner.

Now, if you are not logged into your Gmail and web history is not enabled Google Suggest won’t work.

NOTE: there is also the availability of the suggestions at the bottom of the result page that might help in refining your search.

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Tricks to Pick Keyword

There are many types of keywords that should be selected wisely.

TRICK 1:  It is highly advisable to use long tails after the main keyword and the reason behind this is that it is less competitive and more promising and it is very common fact that lesser the competition better is the ranking results will be.

TRICK 2: Make sure you focus on one particular field while deriving the keyword as the broad category is not the right way to go.

  • Your Target Audience

You should carry out the research to find the targeted audience for your site and specifically do not assume that what you are searching will be the same as what your audience might be looking for. Moreover, it is very important that the targeted keywords are related to the content and the site you are writing for.

  • Analyse Your Competitors 

Prefer doing research for what your competition is targeting on in your niche. This could be easily done by surfing through the competitors’ pages in a website.

  • Expand the Keywords List

Do not and I am serious, never get yourself into the limit and try to expand the list of keywords by using the tools that are designed for finding the keywords of all types. There are many keyword scanner tools that are developed and are widely used.

Some of the top keyword searching and checking tools are:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword SPY
  • SERP Checker

Tips and Tricks to Use Right Keywords

Now, it is great if you have found the right keyword for your writing to proceed but, there are many other points that a blogger should and must take a note of.

Tip 1: you should not overwrite the keyword that is, Keep a Check on the Keyword Density and it plays a vital role in making and creating the best content.

By Keyword Density what we are referring to is the number of times the keyword has been mentioned in the article and in common the density used in the blog of a keyword is 1%.

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NOTE: Usually, the keyword density is 1% of the word limit that you are writing.

Check out the best way to phrase the Keyword that is selected.

Make sure the keyword is relevant to the content you are writing.

Make the keyword usage.

These are all points that a blogger should keep in mind and with this article you might understand things like:

importance of the keyword in blogging and how to find the best and relevant keyword for your blog.

So, keep writing and attracting traffic. Now it’s your Turn 🙂

Share your learning from this article in the comment section and put your queries if you have any.

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1 Comment

  1. Rajkumar

    February 2, 2017 at 12:20 pm


    Well when I first started my blogging journey I never cared about keyword research but later I found that its really important to achieve organic traffic. Great tips shared though.

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5 Ways A Blog Benefits Can Benefit Your Business

Benefits of a Business Blog

Many people assume that blogs are best-suited for bloggers who want to share their personal stories or for entertainment purposes. While there are estimated hundreds of millions of active blogs online, of various topics, a blog can benefit your business.

Whether you’ve been trying to decide if a blog is right for your business or if you are looking for some new ways to increase your business, check out some of the benefits of a business blog.

1. Attracting Potential Clients

Whether your business is a specialty boutique or a startup that provides specific services to your community, a blog is another great way to attract potential clients. Even if you use social media to promote yourself, your posts need to be short and to the point to get noticed.

When you add a blog to your business site or link it to your social media profiles, you have a great opportunity to connect with your target audience. A blog allows you to explain what you do, who you are, and the services you offer without “selling” yourself to potential clients.

East Rutherford attorneys blog regularly and notice an increase in consultation requests after a prospective client reads their blog. Since legal issues can often be difficult to understand, the firm uses a blog to explain and clarify legal issues, so that potential clients gain a better understanding of the type of legal help they need.

2. Create Relationships with Your Customers

Regardless of what type of business you have, your blog can help you establish and maintain relationships with prospective, past, and current customers. Since a blog can also help you become an expert in your industry, customers are more likely to leave comments or ask questions after reading a blog post.

If you respond quickly and frequently to the comments (whether negative or positive), you can help create and improve relationships with your customers. Not only are you setting yourself apart from other businesses similar to yours, but your customers are more likely to see your business as a “real” business run by real people.

3. Address Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ sections are popular and are undoubtedly a helpful feature of any business’ website, but they can often be a little boring or lacking in-depth information. A blog is a great way to engage with your customers and answer frequently asked questions in a more unique and in-depth way.

4. Boost Traffic to Your Site

Even if your business is part of a brick and mortar establishment, you benefit from having a company website. An excellent way to increase traffic to your business site and boost search engine optimization is to have a blog. By creating new content regularly, with your blog posts, you’re adding new content you’re constantly improving your online presence.

Keep in mind that it may take a short period to see an increase, and you need to create new content consistently, but it ends up benefiting your business.

5. Blogging can Boost Creativity and Excitement About Your Business

As a business owner, you’re likely to have moments where you feel like you’ve run out of ideas or even feel a little stagnant. Nearly every business experiences this frustrating moment and blogging may help you get out of your “funk.”

Writing about your business’ mission or the things you are passionate about in your business can breathe life into your business and even remind you why you are doing what you love.


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Web Design Kuwait Experts Explain the Elements of Good Website

Website Design Experts in Kuwait

Today, investing in internet business shouldn’t be called into question. In order to secure the future and the survival on the market, every company that cares about good business results must work on the web presentation.

Today, when most people use the Internet in their everyday life, companies must be able to take advantage of it to present and promote themselves, their products and services, etc. A well-designed website can build trust and credibility, which “activates” people to become potential clients and customers.

However, internet users have different requirements. Some of them will only look at whether the website is eye-appealing, not thinking about the ease of its use. Others will usually be interested in what kind of information it delivers, ignoring the design. The third group, for example, won’t care about whether the site is attractive or not as long as they can use it easily and quickly.

None of the mentioned items should prevail, but company owners and designers should pay attention to how to combine them in the best way.

What Is a Must-Have in Web Design

Although many think that good design means that the website looks attractive, there are many other things web designers should think about. Yes, the web presentation should look engaging, but its design must be functional and fulfill its purpose. Why the appearance of the website matters, check here.

Then, agencies or individual experts engaged in the creation or “upgrading” web site need to consider how the site navigation will work. They have to provide users with the availability of required information. Today, average Internet users won’t bother going through numerous pages, categories, subcategories, and so on. If something is hard to find, they’ll just give up on that.

Attractive Design as a First Impression

In the world of online business, companies have only one chance to leave a great first impression on potential clients. Among all content that is placed on the Internet every day, the odds that an average user will take a closer look to your website are minimal, unless you have something unique to offer them.

Companies shouldn’t neglect the importance of good looking design, because this is what the Internet audience first sees. Emotions can play a significant role in user experience when visiting some random website. Those with appealing visual design and the use of modern technologies benefits will have more satisfied visitors who will later mark the website as reliable and easy to use.

The aesthetically acceptable solution of your website will show the audience that you believe in your company and your business. If your web presentation stands out among the competition, most users will likely return to you as potential clients or buyers.

Don’t Forget SEO Requirements

The content of your site is essential; it’s a way to represent your brand and company, but also to communicate with Internet users. This doesn’t mean that each sentence should point out how your product is best on the market or how your services are unique. In agreement with SEO experts, find a solution on how to send these messages to visitors in a subtle way.

Also, when there is too much text on the page, it becomes overloaded and difficult to read. As we have already said, Internet users have become lazy, and every additional effort makes them lose their will for further reading. Proper text editing involves well-planned input of the text, audio-visual content and blank spaces that will allow the visitor to rest of reading.

More useful guidelines on how to optimize a website find on this page:

Navigation Is of Great Importance

Website navigation can mean either a score or a complete failure, especially in those with many pages. It usually contains a navigation bar, a list of tags, categories that split the pages of the website and external and internal links. Good navigation should be noticeable, easy to understand and manage, which will improve the user experience.

Sometimes designers exaggerate with details, making the site complicated. Experts from point out that the main rule is to make navigation as simple as possible so that all groups of Internet users can handle the website without any problems.

Two-Way Communication

When you establish a “committed” connection with your users, they’ll get back to you. Potential clients should be aware that you appreciate their suggestions and observe their wishes. A website designed for two-way communication can serve as a way to find out what exactly your clients need.

By strengthening communication with potential clients, you can implement everything they consider positive. As you make your site friendlier to users, you will notice how the traffic on your site increases, so as the number of satisfied customers.

Once you get the attention of internet users, you have to find a way to keep it. The company owners should consider all mentioned requirements and combine in a winning combination. The great, functional and user-friendly design will satisfy potential customers and convince them to become your clients.


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4 Reasons to read Canadian Web Hosting Reviews

Canadian web hosting reviews

Canadian web hosting companies are among the best in the world. They offer services that enable businesses and individuals to run successful websites all over the world for a great price. Nonetheless, these web hosting companies are not the same. In fact, by digging deeper into individual companies, you will realize that they are very different and that they outshine each other on different fronts. That’s where reviews come into play. Reviews give perspective, on which hosting companies are best for your needs. To help you better understand this, here are 4 reasons to read Canadian web hosting reviews.

   1. They give you an idea of the prevailing hosting prices

When seeking a web hosting service, you need one that gives you top quality service, and at an affordable price. That’s where reviews come into play. A review like the blogging Buddha, for instance, allows you to compare prices between different web hosting companies and find one that gives you the best price for hosting. The cost savings accruing from such information can be passed over to other aspects of your web business, and that’s a plus to using such reviews.

 2. They help you find a hosting company with the best disk space

Disk space is the key to having a website that loads fast.  The challenge comes in finding a web hosting company that offers disk space that can meet your website needs conclusively. One solution to this problem is to make use of reviews. Reviews give you a platform to compare different web hosting companies and find one that offers you suitable disk space for your website. In essence, by using reviews to compare the bandwidth offers of different web hosting companies, you have an edge, as opposed to randomly choosing one.

  3. You get to compare the quality of customer service

For a website to be successful, it needs to be online 24-hours a day. As such, it is important to work with a web hosting company that has a reliable customer care service. That’s because, when the customer service is good, they can rectify such issues for you fast enough. By using website reviews, you can gauge the sentiment of customers and determine which web hosting companies have the best customer service. This can make all the difference between the success and failure of your website.

  4. They Help You Compare Load Times

Website load times are critical to ranking well on search engines. In fact, according to research by Google, people lose interest when a website takes more than 3 seconds to load. As such, it is essential to go for a hosting service with the fastest load times. Reviews are a perfect way to do this comparison and find a hosting company that is perfect for your needs. Besides, through reviews, you get to make a better decision, by comparing a web hosting not just on load times, but on other features as well. For instance, you get to find a hosting service that has fast load times and is environmentally friendly.

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