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Ultimate Guide To Increase Domain Authority & Page Authority

Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority

Finally after doing lots of research and gathering the information you have write more blog posts. But why that’s not ranking high on Google? Is Something missing? or wrong up there! Keep Reading this article and know what’s the missing element.

You might have wondered sometimes that why other sites with less content are ranking higher than your link on Google?

You may be ranking for a phrase for a long time, but suddenly you see that some other website is ranking on the first position, it’s all because of a term known as “Domain Authority”.

You should know that Moz has developed an algorithm called as “Domain Authority” (generally known as DA) which is very much similar to Google’s page rank and seo friendly blog Google has officially shut down their Page Rank algorithm in December 2013. After this, Moz’s domain authority algorithm became a key factor for ranking websites on search engines.

Authority is the measurement of a web property in qualitative terms that affects the entire rankings and visibility in search engines. Due to this authority is an important focus for most of the experts in SEO. Some of the popular SEO practices such as link building and generating informative content are done to increase authority.

However, just by focusing on authority you cannot expect a good search visibility of your web property.  As a matter of fact, there are different types of website’s authority and there is no quantitative measure for an authority.  Interestingly, many attempts have been made to quantify what authority is and how search engines are able to calculate the same.

Basically, Domain Authority and Alexa Ranking are the two key terms which are used by advertisers and other similar guest bloggers. Where domain authority has become the ultimate ranking factor for websites, Alexa lost its place. There are few other terms like Trust Flow and Citation Flow which also plays a significant role in attracting advertisers towards your blog.

If your blog will have high domain authority then Google’s search engine bots will make your blog rank higher in search engine results. High Domain authority also implies your blog quality and trust flow among readers.

That’s the reason why every blogger nowadays starts focusing on improving their domain authority.

There are 40 different factors which are used by Moz for calculating domain authority. These factors are updated once in a month.

Before getting started let me tell you what does DA actually means?

What is Domain Authority or DA?

Domain Authority is a metric term which is given by Moz out of 100 scores. On the basis of your Moz Rank, It gives you a fair idea that how well your website will rank as far as search engines are concerned.  Backlinks, Social Networks, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Domain Age, Trust flow, Citation Flow, User-Friendly design, website loading speed and many other factors they score your domain authority out of 100. If the score of domain authority is high it means your website is able to rank high.

Domain authority has now become an ultimate factor which is helping search engines in ranking a website, bloggers in getting more traffic, attracting sponsors and advertisers and other people.

Now just only Domain Authority but Moz has also built another algorithm known as Page Authority. It crawls around 90 billion web pages monthly and then scores them out of 100.

If you are using any event blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc then Page authority is a very important factor for your blog.

In the same way, Page Authority is also a score created by Moz. It gives you an idea about the ranking of a particular page of your website in the search engine. The scores of Page Authority also ranges between 1 and 100. Page Authority depends on data from the Mozscape web index and includes many factors such as Moz Trust and Moz Rank.

Page Authority is an effective measure of predicting the strength of ranking of a single page while Domain authority is used to measure the strength of entire domains or sub-domains.

Influencing Page Authority

Just like Domain Authority, Page Authority is a score which is not easy to influence. If you want to influence the authority of a page you need to improve its link profile which eventually influences its Moz Trust scores and Moz Rank. This can be done by bringing in external links from other pages of high-authority.

Reasons for change in Page Authority

Since Page Authority depends on various factors it can change for many reasons.

Improving Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website

We all know that Domain Authority is a website metric created by Moz.  If the DA of your website is great then you can expect strong traffic and high rank of your website. The good thing is that you can implement certain things to improve the Domain authority of your website.

Important facts about Domain Authority

It is important to know the key facts about DA if you want to increase it.

  • Domain Authority is formed due to many factors. These are factors related to link profile like what is the number of backward links pointing to your website.
  • It is not easy to get a DA number of 100. Popular sites like Google and Facebook have a DA number of 100.
  • You cannot directly influence the DA. In addition, you cannot change the scores of DA.

If you want to improve the DA of your website you need to work on improving your link profile. However, if you are looking to have a good link profile you need to get good links and stay away from bad links.

Here we discuss the important steps to improve the DA

To need to be sure that you’re technical SEO is placed properly

The technical aspect of SEO for your website is very crucial.  You need to map out a structure of URL or optimize your robots.txt in order to get an effective SEO.  The fact is that if you want to improve your DA then you need to improve your overall SEO. This includes all the details that are known to SEO such as URL structure, word count, keywords, alt tags, breadcrumbs, site structure etc. Yu should know that content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand.

You should create lots of linkable content

The truth is that your content directly impacts the DA of your website. If you are looking to have content marketing you need to have plenty of linkable content. You should try to create Infographics or articles on a daily basis.

If you have a good and large content it will pay you in a big way.  Content will help to drive your business and if you want to get the success you need to produce lots and lots of content.

The fact is that it is not only content alone that will drive your links. In fact, it should be high-quality content which has value, power, and authority.

You need to develop strong internal linking

Internal linking is very important in improving the DA of your website as it establishes a powerful network within your website. This network helps not only the user but also the search engines that index and crawls your website.  If your website does not contain internal linking it will become weak. On the other hand a website with strong internal linking would be unbreakable and well connected.

Remove toxic backlinks on a regular basis

You need to remove the toxic backlinks from your website. You need to search your link profile on a random basis so that you can find and remove the spammy links.

The best part of cleaning your link profile on a regular basis is that you get an edge over your competitors. Ideally, you should not wait for a penalty to strike but you should clean your link profile n a regular basis.

Great Ways to Increase your Domain Authority Effectively

Below I have listed down some of the great methods and tips which will surely going to help you in improving your blog domain authority and will make your blog appear on higher ranking in search engines.

#1. By Building Backlinks

One of the most important factor which is responsible for high domain authority is the number of backlinks. In other words, backlinks are the backbone of your blog which determines its success.

Backlinks not only helps you in getting traffic but it also improves your website SEO i.e, search engine optimization and making it more search engine friendly. To dramatically increase your domain authority you just need to build number of backlinks and I guarantee you that you will surely be going to see  increase in your DA score.

#2. By Adding Popular Links to Your Blog Post

By including popular links i.e, authority links in your blog posts like Wikipedia, Google News, Youtube, Pinterest, Forum Links or simply adding your competitor’s links helps you in connecting your blog with those popular sites, which gradually affects your domain authority score.

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#3. Interlinking Blog Post

By building internal links you can increase your domain authority score. By including relevant links in your blog posts you can actually decrease your blog’s bounce rate and can make your readers stay for long on your blog. With this method, you can easily increase all your page authority. If you will going to have good page authority then obviously you will be having good domain authority too.

#4. Update Your Blog Frequently

By updating your blog more frequently or on daily basis you not only get new readers for your blog but you can improve your DA score too. Updating your blog more frequently shows the search engine that how active your are. Moz Trust and other metrics are calculated by the number of daily updates made on your blog.

#5. By Domain Age

If you are planning to buy a domain then I will suggest you buy a domain age which has a good age. Domain Authority and Domain age are directly proportional to each other, older will be your domain, higher will be it’s DA score. This is one of the most important factors among Moz’s 40 different factors which is used for calculating domain authority of a blog.

#6. Off-Page and On-Page SEO Techniques

All the above-mentioned points play a major role in increase your domain authority score. Off-Page SEO and Link building Techniques more backlinks, Inter-linking blog posts, Getting more blog subscribers, Gaining more number of blog post comments etc affects your domain authority a lot. However, On-Page SEO like adding meta tags, keywords, content quality etc. also plays a vital role.


So these were few factors which are responsible for improving your domain authority score. Except for all these factors your blog design, quality of backlinks, social networks etc. are also some important factors which are responsible for good DA score.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps your DA will definitely rise.  However, there is one factor that is not noticed much as far as the rising of DA is concerned- the domain age factor.

The basic rule of thumb is that the older your domain the higher is its authority.  The fact is that if a domain maintains outdated techniques of SEO, does not contain fresh content and creates a junked profile it will lose its DA or Domain Authority.

You have to understand that there is no rocket science behind increase your DA score. You just have to work on above listed steps and I guarantee you that your domain authority will be surely boosted.

Hope that you enjoyed it while reading. If you have any other questions or want to give your feedback after going through the above post carefully then feel free to ask me below in the comment section. At last, Kindly share this blog post with your social networks and help your friends in improving their domain authority score too… 🙂

Keep Blogging and Stay Connected… 🙂



  1. Chiranjit

    March 29, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Thanks a lot, I am searching on Internet – how can I increase my site’s Alexa rank, finally found it here(/) with full guide. keep sharing.

  2. Alena Sham

    May 15, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    Really hats of you Pavitra Kumar. You covered almost all things regarding PA and DA. You clearly explained PA & DA topic here. Everyone who don’t know about PA & Da can understand what you say in this blog about PA and DA. Really informative post you posted here. And I totaly agree with Mukesh Negi that domain age is also mater in increasing PA and DA.

  3. Sreehari Sree

    August 21, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing.
    Very useful information for all.

  4. Beth Hein

    April 10, 2018 at 4:35 pm


    Thanks for writing this post, but I have few questions in my mind, recently while talking to some of my website’s potential buyers, found out that Domain authority is one factor that can fetch me some extra money, but I am confused on how can I quickly increase it, whether I should invest my time or let it be?

    Also While researching about DA, I have found out another metric called MajesticSEO Trustflow, is it also worth following & working?

    Looking forward to a quick response.

    ~ Beth Hein

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