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The Hublot Big Bang Watches – All That You Need to Know

Hublot Big Bang

In this article, we will be looking at a watch that revolutionized the industry for decades.

Coming from Hublot, a brand that has existed for 37 years now since it was founded; the Hublot Bing Bang is a watch that features excellent craftsmanship. The watch is beautifully designed and is accurate in timekeeping.

Although Hublot has created thousands of other Bangs in different colors, of different material, and flavor, the Big Bang is still unbeatable.

Let’s take a closer look on every aspect of the watch

  • The Case

The case of the Big Bing outshines other watch models. It is complex in design and features both traditional and latest techniques as well as materials. In the past, great watches were made with a combination of ceramic, steel, and rubber, but today, things have changed following the release of Hublot Big Bang.

  • Mechanical Movement

The Bang comes with a 42-hour power back up. It features an automatic skeleton and particularly precise self-wind movement with chronograph functionality. The case is transparent which makes it attractive to the wearer. Well, the watch is small but the overall design of the timepiece if high-quality.

  • The Dial

The dial is also made with unconventional materials including carbon fiber that provides a texture that complements the mirror-like finish of the ceramic bezel. Regardless of the fusion, it still does not confuse the purpose of a watch which is time telling. The dial is made with broad luminova, large rhodium-plated indices, and modest printed subdials.

The most appealing features are the numerals and indices.

  • Style / Comfort

The Hublot Big Bang is hugely made with stainless-steel and is full of other unique features like the alternating Arabic numeral-stick hour indicators. It also has an infused black theme in addition to the grey and silver color. This makes it stylish and rugged-looking in construction. The design of the Hublot Big Bang is ideal for casual settings but can be won in dress watch style.

  • The Strap

It features a rubber strap with a diamond tread-like pattern which is unique and hostile but not boring. By the look, the hooded lugs hide the point where the straps converge, which is an addition to the seamless whole. You just need to fold a deployment once to protect the strap.

  • On The Wrist

Of course, you will like how fun it is to wear the Hublot Big Bang. It is stylish and flagrantly awesome. It offers maximum comfort and is intelligible. However, the brash look might not be for every wearer, but it would be great to wear it occasionally. The watch is bold and innovative in design.

  • Build Quality

The construction of the watch involves an extensive Hublot 3-step process which ends up with a 33 mm watch with a thin case. It cannot be hampered by water even on a depth of 100 meters. It features a chronograph, date, hour, minute, seconds and small seconds. Its hands are shinier and have three sub dials which are easily seen through the scratch-resistant dial window which also shows the analog dial.

The last stage of making the Hublot Big Bang is where all the parts are assembled. This involves the assembling of more than 200 separate components, where 25-pieces are put together at a time. In places where jewelry needs to be included, high-end machines are used and lubrication is done. Testing is done at every stage to ensure quality is enhanced. During the testing, pieces that do not meet the quality standards are disposed of off.

The classic stainless steel makes the watch simple to wear and take off. The rubber strap gives you maximum comfort on your wrist. The length of the rubber strap ensures that it does not get too tight or too loose for a wrist of any size.

Hublot Big Bang’s rubber strap design has been the distinguishing feature from other watch models for years, despite getting negative criticism. But when it comes to the ease of cleaning, aquatic application and non-decomposition nature of the rubber strap, the rubber strap of the Hublot stands out to be the best.

The Verdict

When it comes to quality, the Hublot Big Bang wins with a huge margin from other models. Pricewise, it’s costly to buy it. But the cost comes with quality, hence giving you value for your money.


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4 Reasons to read Canadian Web Hosting Reviews

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Canadian web hosting companies are among the best in the world. They offer services that enable businesses and individuals to run successful websites all over the world for a great price. Nonetheless, these web hosting companies are not the same. In fact, by digging deeper into individual companies, you will realize that they are very different and that they outshine each other on different fronts. That’s where reviews come into play. Reviews give perspective, on which hosting companies are best for your needs. To help you better understand this, here are 4 reasons to read Canadian web hosting reviews.

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For a website to be successful, it needs to be online 24-hours a day. As such, it is important to work with a web hosting company that has a reliable customer care service. That’s because, when the customer service is good, they can rectify such issues for you fast enough. By using website reviews, you can gauge the sentiment of customers and determine which web hosting companies have the best customer service. This can make all the difference between the success and failure of your website.

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5 Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes from TemplateMonster

WordPress Woocommerce Themes

Planning to start an online store with WordPress? If yes then we are sure that you already know about WooCommerce. Woocommerce is one of the best tools out there to create an e-commerce website using WordPress.

However, when it comes to creating an online store, Woocommerce is not the only thing you will need.

Along with that, you will need a great theme. That is why to help you out we have handpicked the 5 Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes from Templatemonster.

So let’s just go ahead and check them out:

1. Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid is one of the bestseller WordPress woocommerce themes that you can try out. This theme lets you create a unique, better and more user-friendly web store with ease.

Along with that, you will get a bunch of amazing features. This theme is also supported by Woocommerce and Ecwid plugins. Also, you can use the element or page builder to create a drag and drop website within minutes. This theme is also extremely easy to set up, and you get a nice layout which will surely offer a great user experience to your users.

2. Willard – Tools & Hardware WooCommerce Theme

If you are planning to start an online store to sell tools or hardware. Then the Willard can be the best option for you. This theme comes with quite a lot of layout stores. Along with that, you get the full package of cherry plugins so you can enhance the look of your website.

Also, the theme is powered by a flexible power page builder. As a result, you will be able to create responsive websites without touching a single line of code. Moreover, the look of the website is also pretty amazing and offers you a bunch of other features.

3. Shop4U – Modern MarketPlace WooCommerce Theme

You can also check out the Shop4U theme. This is one of the most nice looking themes that you will find on our list. The theme also comes with a bunch of amazing features. Like it offers you some of the Multi-Homepage Designs plus it is mobile friendly. Along with that, you get multi vendors support.  Also, if you wish to create a slider, then you will find also find the option in this theme.

This theme is also supported by the visual composer so you can build your dream website without touching a single line of code. Also, it supports MailChimp For WordPress.

4. Donnie – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

You can also check out the Donnie. This one is also one of the best WordPress woocommerce themes from templatemonster. It is a multipurpose theme which means you can use the theme for all kind of stores.

Plus, you get a bunch of other features. Like it lets you a create a responsive website. Also, it comes with 06 unique home demos and offers you a fast page load time. The theme is also Search Engine Optimized and has an easy customization option. The theme is also translation & RTL ready.

5. Electronics WooCommerce Theme

In the end, we have the Electronics WooCommerce Theme. This theme comes with a uniquely clean and modern design. Along with the theme, you also get plenty of widgets and comes with social sharing features. The theme is also SEO optimized, and it is total cache and autoptimize supported. You will also get unlimited colors. This theme is a perfect option for creating a store for selling electronics.

Final Words:

So those were the Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes from Templatemonster. Now go ahead and check these themes out and see which one is working the best for you. Also, if you want, you can also check WordPress consultancy themes from different vendors on Templatemonster.


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The Art of Construction Digital Drawing Management Software


Drawings are the heart of a construction project. These undergo many phases and iterations. Often, it turns difficult to manage the drawings prepared by the architect during the design phase and the drawings issued during the construction phase. It should be noted here that the contractors must have the latest set of drawings at all the times to avoid any cost overrun. However, digital drawing management software has come as a blessing for the construction industry.

An array of drawings is used in the process of designing and constructing a building. So, here is a check-in into the different types in this article. These are also used in digital construction drawing management.

1. Assembly Drawings

Assembly drawings are utilized to represent items comprising of more than one component. The drawings display how the components will fit in together. They may include elevations, sections, and orthogonal plans, or three-dimensional views showcasing the assembled components or an exploded view which shows the relationship between the components and the way they fit in together.

2. As-built drawings and record drawings

Changes are common in a construction project owing to various circumstances that come up on the site. It results in the preparation of as-built drawings, sometimes during the construction and sometimes after the construction to display what has been built. The contractor marks up the changes to the final construction issue drawings, and then these can be utilized by the consultant team to create drawings displaying that the project is complete.

3. Block Plan

Generally, a block plan shows the siting of buildings as blocks laid on maps of the surrounding area. A standard markup range can be utilized to show roads, boundaries and other details. The scale of block plans is 1:2500, 1:1250 and 1:500. It is dependent on the size of the project.

4. Concept Drawings

Sketches or concept drawings are the quickest and simplest means of exploring the initial ideas for designs. They may not be definitive or accurate but is a means of communicating and investigating the design principles and aesthetic concepts.

5. Component drawings

Usually, the components are taken from a single supplier. The component drawings furnish information in detail on the individual units. These can be drawn at large scales such as 1:10, 1:5, 1:2, 1:1 and so on. These include information like construction, component dimensions, tolerances and so forth.

6. Construction drawings/Working drawings

Construction drawings furnish graphical, dimensioned information to be used by the contractor to build the works or suppliers to fabricate components or assemble or install the components. Along with the specifications and bills of quantities and work schedule, they are part of ‘production information.’  The designers made these and forwarded to the construction team to make a project happen.

7. Detail Drawings

Details drawings showcase a detailed description of the geometric form of a part of an object, for instance, bridge, building, tunnel, machine, etc. These are large scale drawings showcasing parts in detail. These may comprise two-dimensional orthogonal projections displaying plans, sections, and elevations and may be drawn to scale by hand or may be prepared with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

8. Design Drawings

With design drawings, ideas can be developed and communicated on a developing design. In the early stage of construction, it may showcase the client the ability of a specific team to manage the design. These are further utilized for developing and communicating the brief to investigate the sites and assess options and develop the idea and coordinate the design.

9. Electrical Drawings

Electrical drawing is a kind of technical drawing that offers visual representation and information related to a circuit or an electrical system. These can also be used to showcase the engineering design to the electricians’ or other workers who can then use it to install the electrical system.

10. Elevations

Elevation cites an orthographic projection of the external parts of any building. An elevation drawing is a two-dimensional drawing of the building’s façade. The buildings are rectangular shapes in plan, an elevation drawing in a first angle projection. It shows all the parts of the building. Usually, elevations are made of four directional views, such as east, west, north, and south.

11. Floor Plans

Floor plans are a kind of orthographic projection. It can be utilized to display the layout of rooms within the buildings when seen from above. They can be used to prepare the design process or provide the information for construction. These are associated with schedules, drawings, and specifications.

12. Engineering Drawing

An engineering drawing is a kind of technical drawing utilized to define the needs for the engineering products and components. Generally, an engineering drawing aims to capture all the geometric features of a product or component for an engineer or manufacturer to prepare the item needed.

13. Location Drawings

The location drawings or the general arrangement drawings represent the complete composition of an object such as the building. It may need a lot of different kinds of projections such as sections, plans, and elevations and these may transcend across various drawings.

14. Installation drawings

Installation drawings represent the much-needed information for the trades to install part of the works. These are especially essential for complicated installations such as data centers, plant rooms, ventilation systems, underfloor heating and so forth.

15. Location Plan

A location plan is a document, and a planning authority needs it as a part of a planning application. The drawing furnishes a design of the possible development in the surrounding context.

16. Scale Drawing

Scale drawing defines any drawing that shows the items at less than the actual size. It is important especially when the items are either too large or small. It is not easy to draw with the actual size.

17. Section Drawing

Section drawing displays a view of a structure. It helps in providing a view through the surrounding structures and spaces. These unravel the relation of the various parts of a building. It may not be evident on the plan drawings.

18. Site Plans

A site plan is a large-scale drawing. It shows the full extent of the site for existing development. Site plans with the location plans are sometimes vital for the planning applications. Mostly, site plans are drawn by following a series of site investigations and desk studies.

19. Technical Drawings

Technical drawing refers to a drawing that shows the manner something can function or how it is made. Technical drawings intend to depict one meaning which is expressive and can be interpreted in many ways. We can say that most of the drawings prepared as a part of the design and construction of buildings are technical drawings.

A reliable architectural drawing management software is essential to prevent any re-work or else a lot of time would be wasted in coordinating the final decision followed by updating the layout in the drawing by the architect.

Digital drawing management software is the best way to connect the office to the field. Research has shown that about 55% warranty claims were made only because of the inaccurate documentation. It is but apparent that any delay in having the recent information to the field can pave the way for more RFIs and reduction in rework.

What Does Drawing Management Software Do?

Digital drawing management ensures that one can track the latest project drawings and all the revisions in one location. A construction project management software provides that the user can view, upload and manage the project drawings from any place at any time. The users have access to the latest set of project drawings.

The architectural drawing management software is mobile which means that the users can have access to the project drawings from the field or the office. The workers on the ground can get quick feedback on the revised drawings uploaded. The management sitting in the office can interpret the drawings when they get uploaded providing the field workers instant feedback.

How Is Architectural Drawing Management Done Through Software?

The user can upload any digital drawing file to the system, for all the team members to have access to watch and download the drawings.

Distribute the Drawing Revisions

Usually, a centralized drawing revision log in the digital drawing management software tracks the details of the drawings to avoid any doubt in the minds of the team. A repository of all the drawing files can be handled online, and then email notification is sent automatically to the team after the revision has been submitted. Drawings are accessible on mobile devices and are available offline.

Mark up Drawings

The team members can mark up drawings by commenting, redlining, adding text, and stamping approvals. Whenever an alteration is made to a picture, it creates a new version. This activity can be done online on a smartphone having digital drawing management software or even offline. The changes done offline can be done automatically when it regains internet access.

This article should help you understand the art of construction drawing management better.

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