In the summer or winter, a tan is one of the sexiest things to have. Most people look slightly better with a little tan. However, most people don’t want health problems related to suntan. With the newest spray tan machines on the market, it is now possible to avoid those. It is very easy to learn how to use a spray tan machine at home. Everyone can do it easily. You can as well.

Spray tanning is self-tanning. It is done by spraying sort of a mist on the skin. The latter has DHA as an ingredient. It has a reaction to the amino acids in your dead skin cells. As a result, you receive a slightly tan or bronzed skin. It will last for around 1 week on average. Self-tanning is also much safer than UV tanning.

Using your Spray Tan Machine

Learning how to use a spray tan machine at home is easy. You’ll need to follow a few steps. So get your machine ready and let’s get started.


Before doing the tanning procedure, exfoliation is necessary. It probably is one of the most important things. Scrubbing it gently is necessary. The reason for this is to increase the life of the spray tan onto your skin. You don’t want it to last only a few days. A week minimum is best.

Cream Barrier

You need to apply the cream. This will moisturize it for better absorption. Hands, elbows, knees, feet must be done. They are the areas that are most likely to be dry. This will make the spray tan absorbed better. It will also stop those areas from looking darker than the rest.

Tanning Area

You’ll need a properly ventilated room or area for the application. The area should let air pass easily so that you don’t inhale the product. You don’t want things getting tan stain around. An air filter in the room helps. The area or room is up to you. It can either be a clean place in the bathroom or even a spare room. Once that is done, learning how to use a spray tan machine at home is easy.

Tanning Process

Now it’s time to know how to use a spray tan machine at home. The base process is mostly the same for all machines.

Into the cartridge, you need to add about 3 ounces of tanning spray solution. Next, close the lid tight. You don’t want any spilling around. Next, you’ll need to adjust the air flow knobs of the machine.

For a darker tone, set on high and for a lighter shade, keep it on low. On children, it should always be low. You’ll also need to adjust throughout the spraying process. Some parts of the body need to have a lighter tone than others. However, this will depend on you.

If possible, you can have a friend do it. It is still doable on your own. Hold the spray tan machine vertically – it is vital. This will avoid any uneven tone. For the lower body, the technique is different. Spray the lower hips and legs in vertical stripes. Don’t forget the armpits. Bend your knee when spraying it. The tone should be light.

For your face, make sure you hold your breath. Do it in circular swipes. The application is done in all three directions. From the forehead to the sides and the temple to chin.

Spray the hands and feet lightly. Once done, it usually dries in about 10 minutes. However, it will depend on your solution and machine. And that is it. You now know how to use a spray tan machine at home.