Are you a big foodie? Do you have a flair for writing? Do you like writing about different places and food to eat?

This article will help you star and monetize your food blog!

If you are a keen foodie then you are already halfway to becoming a food blogger! The ever–growing culinary blogging community is based on writing about different places to eat, different cafes, different restaurants and different food items!

The secret to producing great content and a wide readership for you blog, is variety. People want to read about something that they would not be able to under normal circumstances. That is why blogs about exotic foods from around the globe are so popular and well followed!

But your passion or hobby can only start producing valuable, financial results once you learn how to make money from your food blog!

Sponsorships, partnerships, affiliates, freelance contracts and even full–time work can now be gained from becoming a food blogger and monetize your food blog . This guide will help you start monetizing your food blog so that can benefit from it as well! So, where do you start? Let us take a look!

How to Start Your Food Blog

Start Your Food Blog

There are many ways that people can start a food blog of their own.

Here are some very creative, yet simple ways to do so:

  • Decide Your Passion

As mentioned above, writing about food in general does not cut it anymore. People wants some spice! They want some excitement! They want to read about foods that you would not normally find in the restaurant at the corner of the street or the café opposite your building. Your blog needs to stand out!

And so, to make your blog the crème de la crème of all blogs, you must focus on a particular culinary style! Decide your passion for a certain style of food- be it Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mughlai, French or even American. This will ensure that you are deemed an expert on that food style and not just another food blog out there. And hence, you will be able to supply information to a niche market who are also particularly interested in your passion.

  • Decide a Brand Name

Now, we understand that this point may seem silly but trust us, it is not! The thing with blogs is that with the dawn of the internet, everyone has access to everything. Which means, there are dozens of people writing blogs around the word. But not everyone has the time to read them all and decide which ones are better. So, the only logical way of choosing a blog to follow is through their name.

Naming a food blog is no more important than it is to market a product! You want the name of your food blog to be catchy and memorable. While choosing a name, you must keep in mind aspects such as what the blog is about, which genre of foods will it cater to and whether it is easy to remember or not. Remember, this becomes your brand!

  • Creating Great Content

Now that you have decided what you will write on and what your blog is going to be called, you are ready for the next step- the publishing. When you are setting up you are going to start opening up your writings to the world, you must ensure that it is of great quality and that it has enough in it to not only attract new users, but also maintain the attention and liking of the old ones!

And you can do this only by creating great content. Here are some ideas monetize your food blog  as to what you can do to create some refreshing and original writing:

  • In creating great, you can perhaps share a popular recipe but with a twist.
  • You can add a personal touch to a boring mundane dish.
  • You can review some of the top restaurants in your locality or area.
  • You can even perhaps become a travelling food blogger! You can:
  •  You can travel around the country and write about the best dishes in each state
  •  You can venture around one coast of the country and then compare it to the other side.

The possibilities are endless! These are some of the way you can create innovative content that your readers will love reading!

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  • ‘B’ for Beauty, ‘B’ for Blog!

A very important aspect of blogs is their presentability and appearance. No matter how well you have written it, if it looks dull, drag and unappealing no one will venture on to your blog again! The beauty of blogging platforms is that they have the ability to let you share videos and images to your blogs. Images are particularly critical for food blogs because it shows the dish you are talking about an illustrates the beauty of it!

How to Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Blog

In the words of the infamous Mr. Krabs:

Counting me money. Money sweeter than honey. Money this, money that. Profit will make me wallet fat!

Now, while we all did enjoy the show SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Krabs does have a valid point! Writing a blog is one thing. But to actually monetize it requires a totally different set of steps!

Here are a few than can help you out:

  • Get a Domain Name Registered

This is the part where you decide a domain name for your web site to host your blog on. Once you have brainstormed and decided on which one you like, head over to a web hosting store (like Hosting Raja perhaps) and buy a plan that suits your needs. This is the space that will have your blog.

  • Install WordPress on to your New Domain

WordPress Food BloggersOnce you have a “.com” extension from your hosting account, you need to them install WordPress. It is a blog creating software and a recommended platform to use because of the assortment of customizable features it boasts and the plethora of social media integrations it has! This software will make the process of crafting blogs extremely easy convenient and smooth for you!

  • Understand Your Keywords

Your Keywords Food BlogsKeywords are an integral part of any web site. They help with this thing called search engine (Google) Optimization. While writing a blog, you should consider the that will make your piece stand out, and easier to find for users and readers. These are the words you should try and implement in to each post.

Keywords can be anything from phrases one is likely to put into a search bar, or words or any such search terms that potential readers could be searching for, and so the better integrated they are to your blog, the more likely people will be directed to read it!

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  • Advertising

Since the inception of social media platforms, bloggers have been using this as their source of income. In fact, most bloggers use advertisement as their primary source instead of a part time thing! Most display advertising is paid based on a CPM or CPC basis. You can generate money through ads, product placement and other such techniques as well!

  • Affiliate Programs

Up last on this list is the method of Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are an amazing way to monetize your food blog and earn some income from it. This is because there are over a dozen food related products and online food delivering sites out there that can get you a healthy commission for promoting them!

For instance, as an avid food blogger, you can participate in the freshmenu’s affiliate program to promote freshmenu coupons on your blogs and count the money that comes your way.

Monetize Food Blog

These were the ways in which you can monetize your wonderful food blog.

Readers yearn for something good to read and if you give it to them, they will be thirsting for more!

Monetize Your Food Blog

Follow these steps to pen down a good blog and then use these methods to help you start the trickle of monetize your food blog money coming in!

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