When it comes to passing the CISSP Exam at your very first approach, I think, getting the right training and proper guideline play the most significant role. You know you can even crack the most complicated tasks if you approach them the right way.

Here in this particular post, we are going to share you some most effective tricks that you can follow to pass the CISSP exam at the very first time. Let’s get started in the following without delay!

Prepare Hard:

This is the first phase of your CISSP Certification Journey. And, the most satisfying thing is- a number of resources are there to prepare yourself for the exam. You can even enroll in CISSP Training Online as a part of your preparation.

All you need to make sure is that you don’t merely learn things without getting the basics of the concept. Your aim at this phase should be making the concepts clear. So, don’t just point at your cramming abilities. Instead, focus more on understanding the basics so that you can solve even the most confusing question.

Revise Thoroughly:

Remember, revision is the most significant part of your CISSP journey and the only key to crack the course at the very first time. So, if you have around 7 to 8 weeks to prepare for the exam, make sure to learn the basics within a week or two and allow the remaining 6 to 7 weeks to revise what you have studied.

To get the most out of your effort, don’t just go through every chapter every day. Make sure you have developed the understanding of what each chapter deals with. Besides, don’t forget to solve the practice questions provided at the end of each chapter of the book you are following.

FYI, you can, of course, try to solve the practice questions from different sources, but make sure you are not referring to multiple sources for your preparation. It can be a complete mess as warned by many experts.

Practice Regularly:

Well, to be very honest, it’s another crucial part and deserves your utmost attention. Don’t be overconfident and pretend like you have prepared enough for the CISSP exam to crack at the first approach. Regular practice is second to none when it comes to passing any particular course at the very first time.

So, keep practicing and measure your progress with time through solving practice questions and taking tests. You will find a number of online platforms where you can test your CISSP preparation and determine your current state of understanding the concepts.

Remember, the more effort you put on practicing, the clearer your concepts will be. As a result, you will feel more confident and expect to achieve a better score.

Polish Yourself:

As mentioned earlier, don’t be overconfident! Everyone can solve the practice questions with just a few careful readings of a particular concept. So, along with regular practice, make sure to point out your weakness so that you can render more effort to those concepts. Besides, do the mock tests and stay on the track until the date of your final exam.


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