We are all living in an imperfect world. Otherwise, you would lead a successful life, thriving in anything you try. In addition, you would have a well-sculpted body, owe no debt, and hit the jackpot whenever you play the lottery. Unfortunately, here in this imperfect world, we cannot be successful in everything we do. You can perform extraordinarily well in some things and flop in others. Even the most influential people in the world have flaws of their own. If you are a leader, you can find yourself living a very frustrating life, simply because you like to be good at everything you try. Worse still, you may think that for you to be successful, you must thrive in everything. The truth is that this is impossible. It is therefore important to embrace your flaws and transform them into strengths.

Here are some ways for you, as an effective leader, to can turn your weaknesses into strengths:

Recognizing and Admitting Your Weaknesses

There is no way your weaknesses can be transformed into strengths if you deny their existence. Even bodybuilders who struggle to achieve their fitness goals have to admit that they are imperfect. They have to come up with good training plans and schedule how to hit the gym and may consider using steroids from reliable vendors like steroids-evolution.com to complement their workouts. So, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you have some weaknesses and then identify them. You may be a team leader who does not like confronting your juniors. If this happens quite often, you can find yourself in a bad situation. Accepting that you have this flaw can be of great help, especially when it comes to decision making, as you have to factor it in before you decide anything.

Obtaining Guidance from Someone You Trust

Finding someone who you trust can sometimes be challenging. You may think that a person trusts you the way you trust them, only to find out that they are undermining you. To avoid being hurt or feeling betrayed, seek guidance from people close to you who have proven to be good friends. The important thing is to bring out what you have found to be your weakness and openly discuss how you can improve the situation. Seeking guidance can turn into a good solution, as these people may provide useful advice.

Being Prepared

If you thoroughly prepare for anything in advance, the chances for failure are minimal. The best way to handle your weaknesses is by preparing for them beforehand. If, for example, you do not have a good sense of direction, the GPS on your car, phone, or tablet can come in handy. Have it ready whenever you are going somewhere, as it can turn out to be an excellent guide. You can use the same technique when you are negotiating a contract that has differing terms. Reading in advance the details of both contracts can help you negotiate a better deal for your organization.


One of the greatest qualities of an effective leader is being able to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It is possible to do so by first accepting your flaws, then getting help from someone you can trust, and always taking time to prepare for potential problems.


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