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Tips for Hiking Safely on Vacation

Hiking Safely

You may want to explore your hiking options while on vacation. However, the pace may be too unknown for you to spend time hiking safely. You could be at the risk of getting lost or injured. How do you ensure your hike is safe even in a relatively new place?

Carry out research into the area

Before planning your hike, you should look into different aspects of your hiking area. You should consider whether it is a popular hiking destination and whether it has good cell reception. A good location is regularly toured by other hikers, who may help out in case of emergency. If there are few hikers who frequent an area, it should have good coverage to enable you access to quick relief in the event that something goes wrong.

You could research into the security of an area to determine whether it is safe. Some security red lights include places with travel advisories placed against them and areas with minimal government activity.

These records are accessible on the internet, through your travel guide and travel agents. They could be the difference between an enjoyable hike and a tragic occurrence.

Carry emergency supplies

You stand some risk of getting lost or being unable to make your way back to your premises. When hiking in vacation, you can prepare for any negative outcome by packing an additional amount of supplies.

Your emergency food, water, and shelter supply need not be more than one or two blankets, a few liters of drinking water and enough food to last your traveling party a few days. These rations could help you get through any occurrence while you wait for help. You may also pack a compass, GPS navigator and fully charged the emergency phone to help you contact the outside world and get help.

Learn some of the languages

You will interact with a few locals on your vacation, which may even be during your hike. Learning a few phrases of the local language will help you communicate with the people, which could be the difference between getting lost and finding your way out of an area.

Learning the language can be easy, and may even be done over the internet or during your stay. Find specific keywords and phrases that will help them communicate with you.

Hire a guide   

A guide will reduce the likelihood that you may get lost by a significant margin. They are well versed with the area and know the local language as well. They will show you the best and safest places to go on a hike when on vacation.

Some fraudulent persons may pretend to be tour guides for their own misleading purposes. They might be interested in committing theft and other such crimes. You should look into any travel guide you hire before going on the hike. You can reduce the risk by finding a trustworthy travel service and tour guide before you make your trip.

You should not opt for a walk-in method to help you choose a desirable tour guide. Some fraudulent organizations have invested in creating the illusion of authenticity.

Let somebody know

Before going on a hike, you should give out all details regarding your adventure to somebody you know and trust. This can be a family member, travel agent or friend. You can also ask them to get back to you within a certain amount of time, failure to which they should contact the authorities and let them know of your hike.

By letting somebody else know, you provide additional security in case you get lost or derailed during your hike. They will follow up on any suspicious activity and alert the authorities in good time, which will increase your chances of being saved before the situation worsens.

It creates accountability and accuracy, which can be useful in resolving any emergency situations quickly.

Do not hike alone

If you are traveling with other people, you should go hiking with at least a few of them. If you are vacationing alone, you could make a friend at any one of the popular hiking destinations.

You should avoid traveling alone because it increases the risk you may face. For starters, you do not have the security that comes with a larger party. You may be vulnerable to attacks by animals or thieves if you are stranded and are alone. You will also have a difficult time creating a sustainable environment until you can get some help. When you are stranded in a group, you could create a sleep schedule, as well as team up efforts to create a fire and accommodation.

Carry some beverages

When hiking, you are at a greater risk of experiencing exhaustion and dehydration. In hot environments, this drastic loss of water can result in medical emergencies. If you are traveling with children, the risk is even greater. Some of the hiking locations are so remote that there are no nearby ventures where you can purchase beverages.

You can overcome this by packing a few beverages to help replenish any lost electrolytes. A portable mini-fridge can help carry your beverages along with any other potential emergency supplies you may be packing.


Hiking can be as risky as it can be enjoyable. You could create lifetime memories or end up losing a member of your travel party. You could counter this by finding GPS trackers for everyone on board. They are easily accessible and come in a range of convenient accessories. You can put a tracker on your clothes, shoes or bag, or on your wrist or hair.

GPS trackers can be easily monitored phone. You can keep an eye on your search party from the comfort of your hike. Even when you get separated, you will overcome any confusion and get back together quickly.

Final Thought

Without proper precaution, hiking can be dangerous. You should find secure locations and take up measures to help you stay safe while you hike. You could click here to find out more ways to stay safe on vacation.

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