The link building is the thing which troubles the Bloggers most and honestly, a Blog without links is just a personal diary.

Getting visitors to a Blog with zero links is an impossible task, the only way to it is spamming social media and blog commenting which would take you nowhere.

The Bloggers goes crazy behind link building but often they receive is the disappointment and that marks the end of their blogging career. There are many link building options ranging from blog commenting to software and bots, but nothing can match the technique of guest blogging.

According to few bloggers, Guest Posting is dead but it’s still the most powerful weapon in the hand of a blogger. Google only penalizes those Blogs which don’t follow the guidelines.

For Example: Linking to the spam websites, Linking out of niche ( Tech blog linking to fashion blog) and putting unnecessary links on context.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Guidelines in SEO is the easiest and effective way to build links. These websites will not only offer you a priced back link but will reward you with an unlimited supply of traffic to your website. Moreover, you are no longer a new blogger, you are a notable blogger in your niche.

Now, the question is:

How to find guest posting blogs?

The answer is quite simple, Google will find those Blogs for you just simply search ‘Your niche’+ Guest Posting blogs. The list of ‘n’ numbers of a blog will appear and now you just need to contact the admin and pitch him with a post.

Guest Posting Failure

This process looks easy, isn’t it? Just email the admin of the blog with your post topic. But around 90% of guest post face rejection.

A rejection often shakes the confidence of a blogger and make him doubt his ability. In order to keep your morale high follow the following steps while guest posting.

Reasons for guest posting failure.

1. Content is the king.

Content is the king. The bloggers are looking for the quality content, the main aim is to give the audience with the content of high quality. After Google penguin and panda update the content and SEO is directly proportional to your ranking on Google.

Pro tip: Read few books on quality content writing and read some posts of high-quality blogs.

2. Your Content is General.

The other main reason for the rejection is again the content. The quality of content may be good but if it’s a general topic then you might face rejection. The general topics have a high rate of competition and ranking those keywords in Google search is a difficult task.

Pro tip: Choose a topic which is eye-catching.

For exampleWhat is Seo‘ will definitely fall under guest posting failure but ‘Future Trends in Seo’ will have high chances of acceptance.

3. You are a Noob

Guest Posting is an excellent way to make links, Guest Blogger must hold complete knowledge about the topic and the subject. It becomes extremely difficult when you are a noob and have no knowledge and experience about the topic.

Your pitch is all about copy pasting irrelevant content from XYZ websites. Ultimately getting you a refusal and a guest posting failure.

Pro tip: Before starting guest posting, take some time to understand the topic. Start reading various books and don’t forget to watch few videos on YouTube.

4. Going out of the Niche

Going out of niche is also a reason of the guest posting failure. Don’t get too excited about seeing the Guest Blogger or Write for us column. Guest blogging works well in a relevant niche, getting links from another niche may be considered as Black hat techniques of SEO.

For example We all know what would be the result when a fashion Bloggers try to post on Blogging tips blogs. The answer is rejection.

Pro tip: Use Google search to find blogs in your niche. Niche + Guest blogging will take you to the Blogs in your niche.

5. Poor SEO

SEO is the most powerful tool which used correctly can bring tons of traffic to your blog and traffic is often addressed as revenue. A post which has nothing to do with search engine optimization while not be considered as a guest post.

The SEO has become an integral part of Google ranking system after the Google algorithm and panda update. A blogger needs to be updated with these terms.

Pro tip: Before making a post go and read recent trends in SEO and about Google algorithm.

6. Not Following Guidelines

Each and every blog which accepts guest post has some guidance on a guest post. These are the general guidelines which a blogger should keep in a mind while preparing the post. Mostly, bloggers overlook this guideline which Ultimately leads to guest posting failure.

For Example

  • The article should be of 1000 words.
  • The topic of article should be Tech.
  • No affiliate links.

7. You are a Spammer

Your sole motive in guest posting is just to get a backlink. The post is of inferior quality and filled with links all over.

Instead of spamming, make some useful post that’s helpful for both of you. You will obviously get a link to your blog.

8. Errors

Nothing can piss you more than a post full of errors. Though these errors seem to be small but have a huge impact on the quality of a post.

3-4 errors are justified but if they exceed it will ultimately be a guest posting failure.

Pro tip: Use tools like Grammarly for proofreading and making your content error free.

9. Resisting Edits

Everyone has the different perspective, so don’t get offended when blog owner edits few things. Your content is now going to be on some other blogs, let them make as many changes as they want. It’s always better to be double sure than just being sure.

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After taking care of all these points, you will definitely be able to successfully pitch a guest post.

When your blog post is online don’t abandon that site be quick in replying to the comments. Making personal touch with users is often very important.