When you look at content marketing today, it is very far off from how it was in the past.

Before, quality was not so essential because search engines gave more importance to quantity, future of content marketing, the inclusion of keywords and backlinks, and the regularity of your postings.

The more articles you published, no matter how poorly made they are, the more you can improve your search engine ranking.

The online marketing climate is far different today, with search engines doing a crackdown on poorly curated sites while raising the standard so high-quality websites can get recognized. If you compare a best-selling novel with a popular blog, the former is often well-researched and written creatively. Usually, the latter thrives on amazing visuals and staccato-type texts.

If you want to learn extensively about the topic, you cannot expect to find it in most popular blogs publicly available today.

There is now a massive shift in, with content not just related to the text, but also to photos, audio, and videos. Year after year, content becomes all the more inclusive as it welcomes different types of material that can be supported and published on sites.

As you will see today, the importance of high-quality content cannot be underestimated. Many search engines now give points to sites that offer relevant content to any audience. Therefore, having a vast audience following, related keywords, and significant content can help your site fare better in its search engine ranking.

The past few years have seen the rise of photo and video content. This trend has become popular because of people growing increasingly visual and less text-dependent. Instead of reading a five-page article on the controversy surrounding the Apollo 11 mission, more people these days would rather watch a 10-minute video discussing the issue. Text articles have been less relevant these days with people saying they have no time to read anymore. If videos can do the job, many think, “Why not?”

Any digital marketing agency knows that the importance of content in online marketing will only continue to grow. Best Content Marketing Tips is expected to rise and adapt to the changing audience expectations.

People now want value with the things that they do, and they are now more mindful of how they want to spend their time. Therefore, any content marketing strategy that allows people to gain essential information in the briefest manner is expected to continue to become famous.

There is no doubt that content marketing will only continue to rise in the future of content marketing . But, how so? How does content marketing set itself as the future of online advertising?

Here are some content marketing trends expected to continue to remain popular in the years to come:

#1. The Rebirth of Long-form Text

The past years have seen the rise of photos and videos embedded in many site articles. These visual strategies have been a favourite for a time until people started looking for more extended answers to their questions. Because of the limitations of photos and videos, and because of the need to make these visual aids as captivating as possible, many producers go with infographics and short videos that offer a glimpse of the issue at hand.

It may have come to a point where people started looking for more intensive answers to their questions, and they started exploring long-form blog articles. There is an evident scarcity of this type of material, so blogs that offer these articles are now finding an increasingly huge following.

Quality of content is crucial, so invest in research to make your long-form text relevant and something that people can depend on to. Allow integrity to play a central role in your content creation process.

Many people are now fed up with wrong information being pushed to them, so make sure that before you hit “Publish,” you see yourself reading the article that you are about to post. The high-quality long-form text is now making a comeback, and it is good news for everyone who has been craving for research-backed and engaging blog articles for a long time.

Article layout is crucial when you do long-form text because when reading off a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone, it can get excruciatingly annoying. Therefore, layout the article in a way that can get engaging to your audience. Divide your piece, and have headlines and subheadings throughout the different parts of your article. Use creative (but readable) fonts for your headings, and use photos to complement your text. These add-ons can help make your long-form text readable, with people wanting to read on until they reach the end. The more people finish reading your article, the more it is better for your SEO ranking and Future of Content Marketing.    

#2. Promoted and Sponsored Content will Soon say Goodbye

It used to be acceptable for promoted and affiliate content to be included on your website, with some sites not even having the courtesy to say that the article is filled with promoted content.

These types of materials will soon go passé, with more people now wanting for transparency and integrity with things they get across online.

Search engines are now penalizing sites that do not adequately inform the audience whether they are reading a sponsored article or not. As the blogger, for every promoted section, you can simply say, in a tactful way, that the article that the audience is reading is sponsored. It is as simple as that.

However, some bloggers take it the wrong way and think it will be a bane to their site if they do this. Side with authenticity and integrity all the time. Make sure that you are promoting products and services that you will be happy and proud to use. If you are in it just for the sake of paid ads and freebies, it is evident for the audience, and it can cause a loss in following.

Final Words:

Content marketing has gone a long way, but it is here to stay for the long haul. The key takeaway here is, authenticity is crucial for you to find success in your Content Marketing Platforms. Stray away from tactics that do not offer real value to your audience. Make it a point to have the audience in mind when you plan your content marketing tactics, along with making it easy for everyone to understand where your brand stands.  

Author: Jason Berkowitz

Since 2010, Jason has been making moves for the SEO industry in New York City. An advanced digital marketing specialist and CEO of two very successful marketing agencies, SEO Services New York & Break The Web, Jason utilizes out-of-the-norm strategies to provide tangible results online. Jason has been featured in Business.com, Social Media Today, CareerBuilder & more. LinkedIn: