Ezoic is an advertising platform, or you can say Best AdSense alternatives for bloggers and owners of websites with prior advertising experience. we are doing a deep ezoic review for a better understanding of yours.

The reason behind this overall holistic approach is the general advertising approach of Ezoic.

The company emphasizes that it is a service that uses machine learning to optimize your website performance, not an ad network or even an ad technology partner.

They concentrate on precisely customizing the experience on-site for each guest. This essay explores Ezoic in greater detail and reflects on one of their leading characteristics.

Ezoic vs AdSense

What is Ezoic?

So, what is Ezoic? Ezoic is the software that helps to remedy different items at the same time, such as orders by users, ad placements, monetization strategies, etc.

With the aid of artificial intelligence, Ezoic helps web publishers refine their content management. This allows the website to expand faster and makes the user’s experience more effective.

Ezoic on the wide lines allows us to run the website optimally, and with our personalized demands, the ad can be handled too.

This software works in different ways and is extremely important for users. It operates by automating content to SEO-friendly content and also uses machine learning to enhance visitor comprehension.

Furthermore, Ezoic also helps to maximize profits by positioning advertisements and websites correctly.

It is the website with a tool that helps us by telling us exactly where to place ads, which ad show sizes are the best etc., which gives direct results and helps the website grow better, and we can spend plenty of money instantly without any more effort.

Currently, the Ezoic platform working over 2100 websites that have been used for optimum levels and assists with this optimization process to boost revenues by over 50 percent.

How beneficial is Ezoic for your website?

For your website, it will do some wonderful things. Its artificial intelligence technology can measure and understand tons, to predict what works and what doesn’t.

Ezoic measures ad scale, ad place, ad color, week time, and many more. It may also analyze the actions of tourists on various mobile devices and monitor their login time.

Ezoic also knows how to handle each visitor by serving the most optimal ad number in a special way (as well as taking into account ad placement, ad types, and ad layout).

In exchange, this boosts the customer experience of consumers and raises ad sales. It would also lower the bounce rates.

Let me tell you more clearly about this.

If visitors like to visit the website while offering to advertise that they are likely to click on, these “click rates” will inevitably increase as the ad location’s value will increase.

Not only can you find out it’s time-consuming if you decide to do all this ad research on your own, but you will know it will be difficult to deliver the same results.

Plus, you definitely won’t take into account all the significant factors since basic ad testing doesn’t go as far as the AI approach of Ezoic does.

Ezoic should be called your assistant.

How will Ezoic be set up to raise ad revenue?

This is a fairly quick and patient operation. If someone desires to raise his ad sales to more than 50 percent, the following steps must be followed carefully.

  • Make an Ezoic account and sign up to make use of all the awesome advantages.
  • Link the account to a personalized blog.
  • On your blog, create a personalized script for Ezoic.
  • Convert all recent advertisements to the Ezoic format and optimize all other advertising for the future.
  • Go to the Google ad exchange and run the ad tester there.

This is all you have to do.

Features of Ezoic

Ezoic offers some incredible features to increase your earnings. A few of the main features are listed below in detail.

  • Ad Tester: Ad Tester allows you to set ad units to generate more clicks with the right ad size. Ads will be automatically optimized for visitors after checking ads using a device, traffic source, user behavior, and several more.
  • Layout Tester: Their library has multiple sales layouts and user interfaces. The layouts are for both smartphone and tablet devices which are essentially optimized. You just have to use a design from your library for layout testing.
  • Revenue managers: Revenue managers try to see how much each visitor’s income is generated and how long it lasts to optimize the publisher’s income.

What types of ads are displayed through Ezoic?

A separate process is necessary for users using platforms such as Adsense, Media.net, etc. A somewhat new and complicated method must be undertaken to take advantage of Ezoic

No, it needs another program called ‘Mediation’ to be installed.

You should add the current advertisements onto the Ezoic account and test them later on. Since this process has been finished, the ads will now be kept on running by Ezoic.

The advertisements will become still profitable to be advertised on the website, but only the ad that can generate the most revenue is successful.

Ezoic is the one on all networks which let us hit this optimization level.

It means that we earn as much as we can and still find the most profitable options.

Advantages of using Ezoic

Here are the advantages of using Ezoic:

  1. It’s the perfect platform if you want to grow your online business, blogging website, and digital marketing firm.
  2. It helps to customize advertising to the needs and in the right place, making it possible for the business to raise more money than normal.
  3. It is based on artificial intelligence, which helps to develop content to fulfill personal requirements and expectations.
  4. It’s used to make the website run better, boost users’ experience, and enhance security.
  5. Ezoic is not only creating ads for desktops but also creating ads for mobiles and tablets automatically.

Disadvantages of using Ezoic

Here are the disadvantages of using Ezoic:

  1. The ad setup sometimes becomes lengthy. You can end up with 15-30 ad slots to set up manually based on how many publicity holders the platform needs. But, on the plus side, you’re not alone; your account manager assists with ad placement layout.
  2. Ezoic makes your website slower. This drawback is always in show ads; some ad networks are better, and some are bad. And developers at Ezoic are very well aware of it. Ezoic has carried out Site Acceleration to combat it. I’m not sure about the outcome yet. But, overall, I do feel it helps with the pace of the website.

What are the requirements to join Ezoic?

Your website must have a minimum of 10,000 users per month to use it and must comply with Google’s policies.

Ezoic Pricing

Using Ezoic is free of cost. The core platform of Ezoic is free of charge on all websites.

The first requirement is that all websites have to put a little advertisement at the bottom of their blog or website.

The free package includes Big Data Analytics, SSL creator, and more. You can also have 24/7 assistance and the ability to communicate directly to your experts.

You can also get an account manager and help with the configuration of your account.

They also have a 10% subscription option, but they also provide you with several more features to enjoy.

They also provide major digital media brands with a personalized integration strategy.

Ezoic vs AdSense

In ezoic review, we will tell you the difference between Ezoic and Adsense

Now the main part comes.

Doing this comparison between Ezoic and AdSense.

But before starting the comparison, let’s understand what Google AdSense is and how Google AdSense works?

Google AdSense is an advertisement platform that you can use on blogs, websites, or videos on YouTube to make money.

Companies charge for advertising for it, and by hosting advertisements on your website or channel, you get a share of that money. It is free to sign up for AdSense.

Now let me tell you how Google AdSense works.

Google needs to authorize the website first of all. For certification, Google does not reveal the metrics.

But if the website has unique content and complies with the policies of AdSense, you are fine at submitting. You’re supposed to be at least 18 years old.

You should arrange for advertisements to appear on your site until you get accepted. You can pick which types of advertisements are running and where they will appear on the list.

All the businesses turning up on your platform are bidding for their right to be in it.

Based on your content, AdSense lets its advertisers bid for advertising on your page, as well as how likely they are to get clicks from users on their ads.

 Google calculates the latter by the “quality ranking” of the advertiser. Here, two considerations are at play.

One is the amount of click-through rate or CTR. This is the number of users who Google feels will click on advertisements on your website.

So this how Google AdSense work.

So now, let’s start the caparison between Ezoic and AdSense.

Ezoic is free to join, but Ezoic requires at least 10,000 monthly visitors to your website.Google AdSense is also free to join, and also you don’t need 10,000 monthly visitors to your website.
Ezoic does not provide ad clicks cost per click (CPC) and rate click (CTR).Details, including the number of ad clicks, cost per click (CPC), and rate click (CTR), are given by a detailed report on Google AdSense.
Ezoic pays on monthly bases, but you have to reach the $20 payment threshold if you want to withdraw your money.Google AdSense also pays on monthly basis, but if you want to withdraw your money, you have to reach the $100 payment threshold.
You don’t have to think about displaying more advertising than what’s allowed if you use Ezoic.

Because their technology identifies the advertisements from other ad networks and displays the advertisements only where their system allows it.

Google AdSense auto ads can create problems for your website, such as ad dilution if you use advertising from other networks because auto ads do not detect any ads on your web page. 

More so than the number of ads permitted, Google AdSense car ads can often trigger several ads to appear on your web page. This will result in Google AdSense being suspended and even banned.

If you use Ezoic, then you can control displayed ads.Google AdSense doesn’t have this feature.
Using their caching and Cloudflare applications, Ezoic will help you increase website loading speed.Ads from Google AdSense may slow down your website, and because of this, the bounce rate will increase, which can affect the income from traffic and advertising.
If they suspect something suspicious about your account, Ezoic will first write to you. They will send you a warning and suspend or terminate your account based on your reaction.Without giving you a warning, Google AdSense can ban your account.
Ezoic gives a good amount of traffic to your website because, as you know, Ezoic will display the best ads on your website from different networks.Google AdSense cannot give your website a good amount of traffic because Google AdSense only displays ads only from their Google AdWords on your website.
Ezoic pays per view, which means Ezoic will give you money by only showing advertising on your website.Google AdSense, which runs ads exclusively from their Google AdWords service, and people with Google AdSense, must click on ads to receive some reasonable money.

Ezoic vs AdSense

Conclusion – Which is better Ezoic or Google AdSense:

So after giving you guys a full  Ezoic review and by doing a caparison between Ezoic and AdSense, I conclude that Ezoic is better than Google AdSense.

Yes, you read that right. Ezoic is better than Google AdSense, and this is because Ezoic gives you more benefits than Google AdSense, as you read above in caparison. I hope you would have liked this ezoic review.