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The Best 9 Smartphone Cycling Apps For iPhone And Android

best smartphone cycling apps

Whether you want to get away from the perils of daily life or cut down those extra pounds, trust a machine with two wheels to do the magic. Technology has gifted us with mobile phones, which we can use to have an even more amazing cycling experience by using the many free apps available.

Here are nine best smartphone cycling apps for iPhone and Android you need on download today:

1. Strava

A cycling app available on iPhone and Android, Strava helps you record distance covered, speed, the time taken, and location while you are cycling. You can form groups and include people you’ve never met until now to organize group cycling events.

What we love the most: We love Strava’s Segments section because allows you to compete with other users or set goals for yourself. When you win a trail or track competition, you become the Queen (or King) of the Mountain.

Cost: it is free to use, however premium membership comes at a price.


2. CycleMaps

Living in the city meaning you are constantly surrounded by traffic. You can use CycleMaps to check roads without any traffic with the use of CycleStreets and OpenCycleMaps. If you are cycling while running errands, you can feed that in your app and it will come up with a cycling route for you.

What we love the most: The app will find you a scenic route for a more relaxed and quiet ride.

Cost: It is only available on iOS and is completely free to use.


3. Wahoo fitness

Cycling is a hardcore cardio exercise, which makes it very important to track your heart rate and speed. Wahoo Fitness uses Bluetooth to track your speed, heart rate, and pulse. Since it is compatible with Training Peaks, Strava, and My Fitness Pal, you can upload your ride there, so that they can add the calories burnt to your total.

What we love the most: You can customize the tabs that appear on the dashboard and also offers GPS maps.

Cost: It is free to use on Android and iOS. Premium versions are available.


4. Bike Computer

A simple yet efficient smartphone app for bikers, Bike Computer (yes, that’s name itself) records distance, speed, pulse rate, heart rate, and calories burnt. It is compatible with Facebook and Strava, so after you complete your ride it gets shared on your account immediately. The app also shows the route you covered using the GPS map, which is available on the dashboard.

What we love the most: Bike Computer has a dark mode allowing it operate at only 12 percent of battery life. Also, in emergency situations, the app sends an SMS to all your emergency contacts. For that, you have to keep the app’s “Keep Me Safe” feature on.

Cost: It is completely free to use.


5. Cyclemeter

The best cycling app available on iPhone and Android, Cyclemeter not only records your daily cycling routine and vitals but also creates a statistics to help you track your performance over a week or month.

Cyclemeter is like a virtual training partner with a list of workouts that you can perform and increase with intensity. You can share the recorded data on Facebook and ride-sharing websites and mobile apps including Strava.

What we love the most: The app has built-in announcements, so you don’t have to look at the mobile screen while riding your cycle.

Cost: It is only available on iPhone and is free to use.


6. Garmin Connect

An app to connect the Garmin GPS device with your mobile phone, Garmin Connect displays weather conditions and temperature along with daily caloric intake, a number of calories burnt, distance covered while cycling, speed, and time are taken. It also records the number of stairs you climbed and a number of activities you performed in the day.

Using your heart rate, the mobile app records the number of minutes you performed intense exercise. You can share the recorded date with your friends and co-cyclists using LiveTrack.

What we love the most: It records active calories you burn daily using your heart rate, which also involves the calories you burnt while walking or doing other activities.

Cost: It is free to use both on iOS and Android but needs Garmin device to work.


7. Bike Gear Calculator

If you use a gear cycle, then you should definitely have a Bike Gear Calculator on your mobile phone. Use the app to compare and optimize gear ratios by putting in several variables including wheel size, tire width, crank length, and the number of teeth on the chainset and cassette. After you press ok, you’ll get to see a number of setups that you adjust on your bike.

What we love the most: We love everything technical and this app is a dream come true.

Cost: It is free to use on iOS and Android. Premium versions are available.


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8. Cycle Hire

Are you traveling to London and worried that you won’t be able to exercise? Well, it’s time to put the excuses to rest and download Cycle Hire on your iOS smartphone. Developed by Alexander Baxevanis using data from the London Cycle Hire scheme, the app guides you through various cycle hire stands and routes that you can cruise through the city without asking the locals.

What we love the most: The app gives a number of bikes available in an area and a list of your recent cycle rides, so if you liked a particular route, you can take that again.

Cost: It is a paid app but very affordable.


9. My Virtual Mission

If you are someone who likes setting goals and achieving them, then you should definitely download My Virtual Mission. Say for example you want to cycle your way from California to Florida, so before you start the ride you can mark your route and whenever you complete a certain distance, the app darkens that area.

What we love the most: The app has a feature that allows you to host a charity fund-raising and see how much your long ride has raised.

Cost: It is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones for free.

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Convert WordPress site to a Mobile Android Application Free

Convert WordPress Website into Mobile App

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We are sure that the considerable need and popularity of WordPress is not hidden from anyone. As it is used on 73 million websites. It is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. There is a wide range of themes, plugins, and other features available in WordPress.

On the other side, there is no doubt on the fact that, in the present period of time, there is a boost in the market of mobile app development as people are spending much more time on their mobile devices. In respect of this, we should admit the admissible importance & need of mobile apps to make our life better and simple.

Mobile Application Users in the World

A recent study of predicts that the number of mobile users worldwide will reach 4.77 billion mark. Definitely, this number will cross 5 billion mark by 2019. It is also forecasted that by 2020, mobile apps will generate around 189 billion U.S dollars in revenue. The market demand of mobile apps is in increasing mode, and the credit goes to the increasing popularity of smartphones. By 2014, the number of smartphones users were 38 percent. By 2018, the number is expected to reach over 50 percent.

If you are having a mobile optimized website, then you might be missing a chance of obtaining more traffic. So, for that reason why don’t you think to create a mobile app as companion to your site?

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Let’s have a look at some of the best plugins for this purpose:


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• Reactor

Reactor App

This is usually the best solution for the non-coders. It can turn WordPress content into crafted mobile apps. This also enables an app user to get a free subscription to their site. To simply modify your site, getting push notification tools, and other mesmerizing features a monthly subscription is required. Reactor offers an easy app creation format.



This precisely enables to convert a WordPress website into a native mobile app for Android, iOS (one of the only tools that doesn’t require any prior knowledge of iPhone App Development), and tablets. That’s why, you can get your apps in your Google and Appstore easily. The best features of MobiLoud includes offline access to the content. This will includes ads for monetisation, and push notifications. There are many free monthly plans made available by MobiLoud.



The Mobapper allows to create apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry after installing a WordPress plugin on your site. This service merely enables synchronization of content b/w your site and its companion app. It also lets you choose different designs & templates to ameliorate your website. It is also based on a free trial plan, but after 14 days free trial plan, price started on one app. It is a really affordable solution as well.



Finally, we have “IdeaPress”. This is a premium service and is only available as a paid tool. It is another platform made available for non-coders to develop Android, iOS and Windows app from your website. After installing the plugin, you just have to follow online instructions to design your app. It also offers access to customize colors, fonts, etc. Another considerable benefit is that, the system will automatically update your app, this will let you get recent & trendy market updates on your mobile device.

Hopefully, all the doubts relating to the conversion process have been mitigated after going through the unfathomable guidance about these superlative WordPress plugins. After this, I am sure you’ll have a great deal of knowledge about the conversion procedure so that you can customize your website easily.

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There are usually many advantages & disadvantages of creating a mobile app -Do you know what are usual requirements looked up by the consumer before using a mobile app? We think ‘Cost’ is an important characteristic looked up by any person before using or installing any mobile app. In contrast to this, the services stated above are far more affordable, and, the process is also time saving.

The usage of mobile app also helps to save more time as compared to a website. What usually takes months or weeks for customizing any website, a developer can perform any activity in minutes by using above solutions. Today’s generation is simply fond of using mobile apps, as they make our lives easier and competent. Using a mobile app will be an excellent way to engage with more and more people. This will also lead to more sustained traffic and brand enrichment.

On the other hand, mobile app creation will lead to limited design, choices, and functionality. But despite this, in terms of cost effectiveness and time-saving, mobile app solutions are the best choice for website owners in most cases.

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Generally, mobile apps play an eminent role in gaining more traffic and building traction. So, if the website owners want to reap more benefits, and flourish their business through internet in an effective and efficient manner then they must consider going with the above solutions for converting a WordPress website into mobile application.

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