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Top 6 Best Vlogging Cameras 2018 for YouTuber Vloggers

Best Vlogging Cameras

With the increased levels of competition in the blogging industry particularly in the marketing sector, vlogging has become a necessity. For this reason, the type of camera used in making the Vlog sensitive. To have the best vlog, vloggers need quality cameras. Recently, a report was released ranking different cameras according to their functionality and quality as follows.

Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark II

G7X Mark II camera is an improvement of its predecessor. With a faster shooting burst and most importantly being able to shoot raws at 8 fps as compared to the one fps shot by Canon G7X mark I. Additionally, the renowned camera has a perfect subject recognition as well as tracking.

Image quality is the most considerable interest of most vloggers, and the model provides that. It has a sharper focus and a high ISO noise reduction settings.

Vloggers no longer have to worry about blurred image because Mark ii has dual sensing IS that utilizes the information or data received from the specific image sensor hence reducing the effect of camera shake.

Apart from the great Video and image capture which stands at 20.1 mp, the camera can connect to WIFI and NFC which allows sharing. Even though the camera lacks the 4k shooting, the model utilizes 1080p at 60fp which increases the video quality.

Canon Powershot SX620 HS

This model is well known for its zooming power of 25 time’s optical zoom and its unique ability to connect and shoot with wifi. When there is the need for portability, the SX620 HS is the model to choose. The camera is pocketable hence enabling portability.

With a sensitivity of 20.2 megapixels, the camera produces high-quality videos which are essential for the vloggers. In addition to this, the camera has an incredible recording power of up to 30 fps. Furthermore, the vloggers are at liberty to apply their creativity in using the camera. For instance filters like those used in movies.

Sony DSC-RX100V

The camera is mainly known for its 4k recording quality. With a controlled shutter. Its burst shooting goes up to 24fps and also focuses on raw files. Apart from having quality sensor its zooming lens has a width of between 24 to 70 mm. it has a zooming power of up to 3.6x which enables the vloggers to have a close and personal shot.

The camera can as well shoot 4k clips which enables full footage. Additionally, the camera has a sensor that has a phase detection autofocus. The model can as well connect to Wi-Fi and NFC which allows data and media transfer.

GoPro Hero 6

If durability and quality are needed, then this is the recommended model. It has a waterproof casing. The GoPro hero six can also connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which allows for wireless transfer, photo editing, and sharing.

The model also has a GPI chip that increases the quality of the images by improving the image stabilization.

The model also has a 4K video recording that has up to 60 fps and 1080p resolution which increases the video quality. Besides, the camera has a 5.0 GHz WI-Fi band that enables the transfer of media files that have a high resolution to any mobile device at high speed.

In addition to these unique qualities, the camera has an electronic image stabilizer that reduces the distortion brought about by vibration and shaking hence ensuring quality.

Additionally, the camera has an inbuilt GPS that focuses on the speed as well as the elevation. The camera also allows for voice control which enables the vloggers to have control over the camera

The zooming power is of up to 2 times which enables vloggers to have a more clear view.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a mirrorless camera that has been able to capture the interest of most vloggers due to its high quality 4 k recording at 60fp. Moreover, its sensitivity is also high and stands at 20.3 megapixels.

The model is designed to have an interchangeable lens which enables the camera to handle both the photos and videos which in turn makes it suitable for use by both users that is, for photos and videos.

In addition to the above features, the model has a unique battery functionality that is; the camera can shoot the videos until the battery dies.

This camera from Panasonic is designed to allow a natural control, for instance, the top buttons make it very easy to operate. It weighs 1.6pound and has a comfortable grip. Apart from this, the model contains an alloy of magnesium that makes it suitable for use even at very harsh shooting conditions.

Its speed and accuracy are also high. Furthermore, the GH5 has an image stabilizer that that reduces any shaking and distortion.

Vloggers would also go for the GH5 because of its excellent performance even at the low light intensity. Additionally, the camera can connect to Wi-Fi and therefore allow data and media transfer to other devices.

Canon EOS 80D

The camera is well known for video shooting within a studio. Though the model lacks the 4k shot, it has 1080p HD recording which ensures high quality. The model is by far unique and desired due to its dual Pixel AF which allows a continuous focus when capturing a video and still within the live or steady capture.

Additionally, the camera has autofocus of 45 points which allows for focusing even under low light intensity.

Apart from the design that enables it to withstand unfavorable weather conditions, the EOS 80D can be connected to Wi-Fi and NFC which allows media and data transfer to other devices.

Sony A7R III

For professionalism, then Sony A7R III is recommended. It has a ten fps and autofocus which allows for a continuous shooting rate.

Moreover, the model has a high resolution of 42.4MP CMOS sensor which increases its quality. The camera further employs a 399 phase detention that and 425 contrast detention that increases focus. The model also applies the five-axis autofocus that allows for both continuous and still video operation.

In as much as there are several Best Vlogging Cameras, these ones have made it to the top of our list.

Hello Readers, Welcome to BlogDada :) I am Pavitra Kumar, A Internet Marketer by Profession and A Blogger by Passion. Young active Blogger from India, Write about Blogging SEO Tips, Review of products and many more. This blog for anyone who runs their own blog or wants to Become A Blogger. Know More About Me.



  1. Vikrant ji

    August 3, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Good article

  2. NIRAJ

    August 6, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    Hello Pavitra,
    i am a newbie in youtuber, i don’t have much subscriber do i need to buy above listed cameras. and do you have and tips for freshers.

  3. Julia Ann

    August 13, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Hello Pavitra,

    Once again you shared a helpful post for YouTuber Vloggers as we noticed. Vlogging is latest in trend and most of the Fashion Bloggers, Tech Bloggers and Influencer are going with Vlogging.

    So sharing a post related to YouTuber Vloggers is like helping to peoples.

    Thanks again for sharing a great post to know the best Cameras for YouTuber Vloggers.

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6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog in 2018 for Newbie Bloggers

Monetizing Your Blog

Nowadays, many people are quitting jobs and blogging, and the trend will increase the future. However, people who aren’t aware of the various methods they can monetize their blog. Where people have definitely shown their interest in writing for all types of topics be it technical or non-technical. If you someone one who is passionate about writing, and want to earn from it too below are some tips that you would want to know.

When it comes to creating a blog, it is free and you can add content as per your wish, anytime. But the thing one must keep it in mind is if you want to earn money and live your life on your own terms then it’s important to monetize it too.

When it comes to a blogging, things change very quickly. To earn money through Monetizing Your Blog, you need to try different monetization methods out. Because not everything might work out for you. Here are few methods you might want to try out.

#1. Get Paid Through Product Reviews

After your blog gets the attraction you have an option for getting paid for reviewing products too (depends on your niche too). You can collaborate with big companies get paid to review their products.

You can find a lot of companies by just a simple Google search that pays for reviewing their products. Start the Perfect Micro Niche Blogging, These include both a physical product as well as a digital product (software, service etc).

They might approach you or you would have to reach out to them. For the latter either you can mail them personally or use a third party website such as GetReviewed.

#2. Bring Adsense on Your Website

Once the blog is created but people who want to earn money through a blog, then it requires an Adsense. To get an Adsense approval, it is important for you to create an established website first. You need a lot of traffic to generate a decent amount from Adsense. Many newbies have a conception that after getting approval they can earn a ton from Adsense but it’s very wrong.

After Monetizing Your Blog has enough content and traffic, you can apply for Adsense and get approval successfully. You can earn from Adsense through impressions as well as a number of clicks that generate Ad revenue.

#3. Conduct Online Workshops

If you love sharing your knowledge and educate more and more people, then you host online workshops. Yes, you can get ready for a particular topic relating to your niche and get it validated by your audience.

If you think you are ready to proceed, then conducting online workshops can help you generate a lot of revenue without many difficulties. It will also help you to make a strong bond between you and your readers.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing! This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of earning online. Just find a product that has an affiliate program and applies for it.

This can be for a digital product as well as a for a Physical Product. The rates vary from network to network.

One of the best sites to earn through affiliate marketing is

#5. Give Consulting

Are you good at doing something?

Well, there are chances that many people and companies out there that might not be good at that thing.

You can help them by providing your opinion on something. This is a little different from working for them. You just need to give your feedback or share your strategies.

Most people charge hourly but you change this according to your preferences.

#6. Create an Ebook or a Course

When you have enough traffic and readers you can create your own products such as an Ebook or an Online course. Selling an e-book is considered to be one of the best ways to generate income from your blog. No, you need not be a writer to do this, just try to help people and add value.

Just to create a proper plan for creating a course or an Ebook. Creating courses and Ebooks need a lot of time so its necessary to validate your idea and get feedback. Also, don’t forget to promote it through Fb Ads etc.  

You can read the post where it compares online course platforms like Udemy etc. Choosing a correct one is very important.


When it comes to earning money through your blog, you will need to try and test different methods. You do not need to be an expert to survive in this field. Make Money With A Blog: All you need to start monetizing your blog and keep growing.

Remember not to keep all your eggs in one basket. Thanks!

If you have any doubts, leave them below in the comments section.

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How To Make Money With A Blog – Top 5 Best Methods

Make Money With A Blog

This is the topic which is all time favorite for all newbies and the one who want to start a blog and make money with that blog. Trust me it is an interesting topic with top methods to make money with a blog or website.

In my previous guides I talked about how to start a blog and in that article I shared all basic and important steps about starting your own blog. So now today I start a new guide where you will learn How to Make Money with a Blog.

This is the most searchable topic on search engines because mostly all the newbies and beginner’s want to start his/her own blog and make money with that blog. But the main question is how much newbies knows real methods to make money.

How To Make Money from Your Blog

How To Make Money from Your Blog

If you are a newbie or recently you start your own blog and finding the best methods to earn money with your blog than or Make Money From Event Blogging this article is for you, because this article includes top methods to make money with a blog.

Let’s Start with Top Methods:

1. Monetize Blog With Google Adsense

Google Adsense Method

This is the most successful, powerful and most usable platform in the world to make money with ads. It is a Google Advertisement Platform called “Adsense”.

Google Adsense Method

For Adsense Account, you need an approval from Google Adsense Team and for that approval you will have to submit your blog on their official website

At the time of submitting their form, they will ask several things like Name, Address and Blog URL etc. In the below section you will find steps to apply for a Google Adsense Account.

Steps Description:

In First Step Sign Up with Your Real and Professional Gmail ID.

In Second Step Enter Your Blog or Website URL like this (

In Third Step Fill Each And Every Field With Your Real Contact Information.

Note: Enter your Name and Address according to your Identity Card and Bank Passbook.

Google Adsense Team will check your application manually so submit it carefully and if your application fulfills their all policies than you will get Congrats Mail from Google Adsense Team.

2. Paid Reviews

I assume that you start your blogging journey and in the past you find out some popular blogs where the author of that blog reviews some products like (Keyword Planner Tool, SEO Optimizing Tools etc.). The most of the reviews are paid reviews, the companies pay huge amount to popular bloggers for writing a best and positive reviews about their products.

So you can also try this method when your blog will get great goodwill and for that you can contact the company and pitch them for their product review with your popular blog and once they like your style to promote products then your income will never end.

Paid Reviews

Note: If you want success in this method then you should be genuine with your visitors because they are everything for your blog (more than money). I tell you how, if you want to recommend any type of product to your visitors then you should try that particular product for yourself and if that product will helpful for you than you can proudly recommend that product to your visitors. Mark my words the visitors is the main key for your success and if you will not be genuine with them than your future becomes darker day by day. So, be genuine and make yourself brighter in this world.

3. Affiliate Programs Marketing

Affiliate is the most popular method in the blogging world, most of the successful and popular blogger’s are making money with that method.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this method, you promote the other companies products on your website or blog or you can also promote other blogger’s tools on your blog because they also give you 10-50% of commission on every sale made by you and when you sell companies products you will get 10-80% commission on every sale.

Affiliate Programs Marketing

How It Works:

In this method, firstly you have to join the companies affiliate marketing programs and then they will provide you a unique ID and when you sale any product with that particular ID then the company will track that this sale was made by you and then you will get your commission or you can say reward ($MONEY$) transfer to your affiliate account.

Yes, you have heard it right you can How to Start the Perfect Micro Niche Blogging Website

How Others Make Money:

As you read above 2nd method which is paid reviews, so like that if you want to sale any product to your audience then you have to write a unique, real and positive review about that product.

The Popular bloggers follow this method to make huge money, they use that particular product for themselves and after that they know what are the positive things they can present in front of their audience and because they have a goodwill in front of their audience they sale product and make huge money.

It is as simple as that the more audience you have the more sales you will generate.

4. Direct Banner Advertisement

There is no doubt that the Google Adsense program is best for all type of blog but you will find out that this advertisement network has limitations.

If you want to try the direct advertisement on your blog, then try BuySellAds. This is one of the most popular platform for direct advertisement.

5. Sell Your Own Services

Everyone has a talent and it may possible that you are best in your talent so why don’t you sell your talent as services to others because if you give something unique to others then there are lots of buyers in the market who will buy your services easily and you can make good amount of money.

Once you build your blog popular and you have good community then you can sell the services like (Logo making, SEO Plugins, Software, Web Development or Video development and many more.) on your blog.

Blogging Ideas That You Can Use to Make Money!

Final Words:

I hope my methods would helpful for you and you will start make money, I’ll make sure I will add some more methods in future.

Share this guide Make Money With A Blog with your friends so they also get help from you.

If you have any type of method which is good for monetize the blogs then please share with us in the comment section below.

Best of Luck! 🙂

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Affiliate Marketing

Powerful Internet Marketing Tips that You Should Remember

Powerful Internet Marketing Tips

Since the advent of the Internet, compared to the business of internet marketing company and advertising has changed dramatically. The Internet has provided a public meeting infinitely wide, where companies from around the world can publish their information, product catalogs and brochures. With the increasing number of products and services, business internet marketing online has become a growth industry with a fair chance of good profit.

Internet Marketing Tips also called e-marketing or online marketing is the marketing and advertising of products and services online. The definition of what it depends because there are many jobs within the field. For example, owners of a manufacturing company can develop a website that promotes its products. Some advertisers may be contracted to provide ways to increase the popularity of specific products and services.

There are several ways to use web marketing.

#1. E-mail marketing

One is the e-mail marketing is the direct mailing address for the business to customers. Emails containing new offers and products, updates and promotions. However, the largest e-marketing business is focused on the development of websites.

The Power of Synergy In Your Online Business

#2. Your Website building

The main tool and subject of Internet marketing Tips online is the website. A good website shows the image the company wants to show the public and the message they want to convey. Your web pages should be easy to navigate and completely to display products and services offered by the company. If the site wants the viewers are directed to other websites, the links must be visible and placed in strategic locations. The most important thing is for a website to be effective, people need to see their content, Internet traffic. Internet traffic is the issue of competition between all sites.

#3. Search Engine Optimization of Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing strategy very popular. SEO explores the technical aspects of web design. It is available to web content and coding so that you receive high-ranking positions when displaying search engines. References to the search engines through SEO are free. Instead, then, companies simply pay the search engines to include in search results, but no guarantee of high rank.

seo marketing tips

But it’s better to achieve natural high search ranking position on your site. You should create clear for users, well-designed and loaded quickly website. Then, create some blog with articles, lists, and recommendations related to your business that will be useful for customers. Add different content like reviews, videos, images, and infographics. Make your website more popular through social media, advertising, backlinks, etc.

#4. Online Advertising

Other models of internet marketing include blogs, writing articles and review and pay per click (PPC). There are sites that host blogs for free online sellers of many, many who only at home, use them to Promote Your website their products. Many also post their comments on blogs, including the reference links. In the PPC system, a company hires several sites to host their links in text or images. Contracted sites get paid each time the links are visited by surfers. In summary, all these methods work if the web hosting receives a lot of visitors.

So, on the next step, we will discuss how to increase your website visitors and customers.

You have probably heard that it’s essential to have a list of prospects or customers, but it’s equally important to build a relationship with your list. The reason you build a list in the first place is that you want to leverage it whenever you want.

But if your subscribers don’t have any reason to feel connected to you, you can’t expect them to be responsive when you email them. You have to consistently stay in touch with them, so you become part of their online world. Send them a steady supply of original and useful content.

If you maintain this practice, your list will start to see you as an authority and value your opinions.

Then your offers will have some credibility, and your response rate and profits will skyrocket. It is necessary to reach out to your subscribers if you want them to buy your products.

The more you build relationships with the people on your list, the more successful you’ll be.

Also, remember that when you’re interacting with your list, you should have a healthy mixture of content along with the offers you’re sending them. If you only send them offers all the time, they will unsubscribe from your list in droves.

A simple but very effective way to communicate with people in your niche is to start a blog on this topic. This gives you a way to stay in regular contact with people who visit so they can keep you informed about what they like.


A basic law of Internet marketing Tips is that you should find out what your target audience wants and deliver it to them. Having a blog gives you a unique opportunity to understand your target market and at the same time deliver your message to them. The more you post on your blog, the more traffic you will attract, and the more your credibility will grow. Another reason to have a blog is that they are well ranked by the search engines.

Another Tip: try not to get caught in the learning phase because many new marketers do too much studying and too little action taking. There are people out there that have a huge amount of knowledge but can’t force themselves to apply it. Success comes only when you take action.

So if you’re just going to jump from course to course, without taking any form of action, then you obviously won’t see any results from it. You don’t have to read other people’s success stories anymore; you can create your own. Your odds of success will tilt in your favor if you just do the work, take action every day, and then treat all people in a good and fair way.

Author: Carol James

Carol James is an EssayLab writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and is an excellent specialist in this field. Moreover, Carol writes articles, reviews on the different subjects interesting to her readers. So, if you have any questions, suggestions on the writing, feel free to ask her!


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