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How Businesses Can Benefit From Using Facebook Ads

Benefits of Facebook Ads for business

This day and age, being on a social media platform like Facebook is an absolute must for every online business. With over 1.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook houses a vast majority of your potential customer. Furthermore, the platform acts a goldmine of data, which can help you know more about your target audience, their likes, dislikes, and preferences. Leveraging such insightful information, growing customer engagement should be a breeze for a skilled marketer. Businesses have a unique opportunity to reach out to its target audience on Facebook through effective marketing strategies and ad campaigns. To know more about how you can benefit from having an active presence on Facebook and running a thoughtful ad campaign, read on!

Cost Effective Marketing

Facebook is probably the most economical advertising that you can do for your products and services. Even with a budget as small as $1, you can easily reach thousands of potential customers through fine-tuned targeting. You can also take advantage of multiple bid types available and choose a bidding structure that best meets your marketing goals. The bidding options include-

· CPM or Cost per mille, which increases exposure by bidding per thousand impressions. This option helps you reach and engage with more of your potential consumers.

·   CPC or Cost per click is for those who are interested in getting users to their websites by getting them to click on the ads actively.

· CPM or Optimized cost per mille bidding shows your ad to the people which Facebook thinks will most likely be interested in your ad.

·   CPA or Cost per action works best if you want users to take a particular action on seeing your ad, for instance liking your page.

Strategic Targeting

With Facebook’s targeting and retargeting options, you can ensure that your ads are shown to a narrowly defined group of audience. Facebook offers a myriad of targeting options, which includes age groups, geographic targeting, interests and much more. In addition to that, Facebook’s Power Editor Tool enhances the ease of setting up and handling the ad campaigns. Plus, you can also insert a tracking pixel into pages within your website. This will enable you to target potential customers only with the products they are interested in, further boosting the chances of successful sales. You can also leverage the expertise of Pay Per Click Marketing Firm to catapult your Facebook ad campaigns.

Tap into Mobile Users

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has a massive network of audience. More than half of these active users access Facebook only via mobile, and the number is rapidly growing. As such, if you are not running Facebook ad campaigns, you are most likely missing out on significant leads and sales opportunities. Here, Facebook’s Call Buttons are truly a game changer as it offers a much effective conversion funnel. Imagine, a mobile Facebook user sees your ad, he uses the Call Now button, and the click is turned into a customer!

Drive Repeat Business

Facebook advertising can help you increase repeat business. Facebook allows you to import your previous customer’s email ID into your ad campaign. This ensures that your advertisements are shown to the individuals who have trusted your products or services once, and are most likely to do that again. Facebook also allows you to remarket your products to the visitors who came to your site. Simply, tag your website visitor with a cookie and build your remarketing audience. This will help you capture qualified lead more frequently and also enable you to turn leads into sales.

Boost SEO Rankings

Search engines like Google use social signals amongst other criteria to determine the ranking of a website. These social signals include your activity on social media and the number of likes, shares, and comments on the content you post. With the help of Facebook advertisements, you can improve your social signals and ultimately your website’s ranking on search engine.

Auto Play Video Ads

Facebook Video ads offer an amazing opportunity to businesses for marketing. It’s a relatively straightforward marketing technique, and the reach is incredible. All you need to do is upload your video, set a budget according to your pocket and Facebook will promote it to your specific target audience so that you can get relevant views that are easy to convert. Plus, the autoplay feature enables you to capture your audience’s attention effortlessly. If you can convey the benefits of your products effectively, the chances of getting leads and sales from Facebook video ads are pretty high.

Measurable Results

One of the best virtues of Facebook advertising is that you get measurable results. The numbers speak for themselves, and you know exactly what you’re paying and what you are getting out of it. With Facebook’s extensive analytics, you can easily measure the ROI for the time and resource invested in advertising. Facebook Adverts Manager allows you to track several performance metrics, which helps gauge performance. You can monitor the following with the help of Facebook analytics:

·  Frequency and reach of your ad, which includes the number of times the ad was shown and the number of users who saw the ad.

· Actions taken by the users including clicks, likes, share, comments and overall engagement.

· Cost data showing average CPC, cost per like and cost per conversion.

Once you spend some time monitoring and analyzing the performance of your ad, you can easily enhance its effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Gain an edge over your competition

Lastly, you competitor is already on Facebook. Just like it’s important for a business to be where its customers are, it’s equally important to stay on top of their competitor’s marketing strategy. You can easily gain an edge over your competitors and other big businesses if you can nail Facebook advertisements.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most powerful, easy-to-use and budget-friendly marketing option at the disposal of online businesses. Plus, it offers a level playing field to all businesses alike. So even if you are a beginner, with the right Facebook advertisements campaign, you can make it big in no time.

What you are thinking? Have you produced any Lead Generation with Facebook ads? What were the outcomes? Please share your opinions with us in the comments box below!

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Blogging Tips

5 Tips to Engage Customers on Social Media

Engage Customers on Social Media

Social media has completely changed the business world by necessitating high engagement level with people, not only customers and media but competitors too.

If you are still wondering how to go about engaging your customers in social media, rely on approaches like how to check Facebook shares among others, and slowly identify what your customers enjoy sharing among their circles.

Are you satisfied with the level of engagement with your customers? Do you feel like they understand the course of your business?

Here are 5 practical tips on how you can better engage your customers on social media:

#1. Make Your Content More Interesting

Everyone including yourself is drawn towards interesting content.

The kind of messages you want to pass across maybe nice, but with a little more deliberate effort those messages could be the key to high engagement with your customer.

Let your audience feel needed and represented in your content through the use of conversational tones and key markers like questions that poke them to give feedback.

#2. Go All Out in Your Communication Strategy

Sometimes things do not work out to our advantage because we have a reservation that is all about anxiety and fear.

Social media doesn’t have to be that serious for you, because it is just a virtual strategy to communicate with your customers.

Do not shy away from trying out different formats for the content you share with them like incorporating images, GIFs or even humor and augmented reality. Remind yourself that your audience is humans who are just looking to be informed in the most interesting ways.

#3. Use Social Media Features Skilfully

Technology today is so advanced so that there are so many features at your disposal to make work easier and more fun.

With this knowledge, and the fact that your customers as a diverse ever-changing group of people, consider integrating the skillful use of social media features like AMAs (Ask me anything), Twitter Chats and Chatbots, which will push your customers to be active in engaging with you on social media.

#4. Share More Than Just Your Content

People appreciate when they feel they are looked out for. Consistency in sharing your own content is good but might be sending out a message to the audience that you only care about your needs and pushing your products.

Would you rather people brush you off as selfish or can you adjust to tactfully providing more value to your customers?

A highly intrigued audience is an actively involved people, therefore, consider sharing more than just your content on social media, which is variety and value for your audience and is a good way to keep your audience interested in your posts.

#5. Build a Group or Community for Your Customers

Although social media consolidates all your niche audience in one platform, categorizing them further cannot do you damage.

Instead of randomly sharing content on the internet for anyone to find, create a grouping that brings them all together, for example, a Facebook page is more specified than a general Facebook account.

This kind of specialization could also benefit you in research on how much your customers share your content with others outside of the group.

5 is such an easy number for a list itemized with tips that are a guarantee to a higher result in matters social media. Your customers are waiting for you to take the lead and they sure will engage with you overwhelmingly, and now you have a fair shot at it.

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Top Digital Marketing Strategies for the Online Businesses

Top Digital Marketing Strategies

When it comes to developing digital marketing strategies for an online business, it is no different than designing one for traditional businesses with an online presence.

People are keeping their online business as a side business along with working full time as an employee in some organization.

The growing use of technology and internet has made it possible for people to run their online business uninterruptedly along with their jobs. The Internet has provided with access to many tools which are playing an amazing role in making digital marketing happen!

So many people own different online businesses are reaching their audience and generating sale revenue by using these tools. Here are some of the top digital marketing strategies which will surely help you gain customer attention and higher profit for your online businesses.


Online business should invest in hiring an expert for developing the website. The website must be user-friendly and less complicated. All the big companies and business have their website it does create a good image of the business and makes it easy for customers to rely on. Customers find those businesses less trustworthy with no website.

Online business Website

A website makes it easy for the customer to find and visit your website; it also provides the location of your business. Your website must possess SEO to make it effortless for potential customers to find your site while searching on Google, Bing or any search engine.

Social Networking:

As people spend most of their time scrolling through social media platforms and other social networking sites via mobile phones, it is somewhat understandable for the online businesses to create their presences on these social networking sites for reaching the targeted audience and for creating awareness about your business.

Improve Search Ranking Using Social Media

Through these accounts, they can increase the audience traffic towards their website.

These social media websites allow them to post their products and offers and much more to reach a maximum number of audience.

Some of these social media sites such as Facebook & Instagram provide them with options for their post to reach a targeted audience and to get more visibility by the audience just by investing some money in these post promotional offers.

Online Advertising:

Other than social media platforms online businesses should also invest some money in online advertising campaigns on other famous websites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. Advertising your products through these websites will make sure that your ad reaches a maximum number of people. Advertising your products through these famous websites can be very much expensive, but they guarantee that it will reach the right audience.  

SEO vs PPC: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

Visual content posts:

For all the social media accounts of your online business, it is highly recommended to make all your post visual accompanied by humoristic written content to increase customer engagement. Post with photos and videos are more likely to generate customers’ response on these platforms. Do add the link of the page or website to make it look more informative for those who want to go for details about your products. This can stimulate purchasing decision. By adding an image or creating a video for any special offer or introduction of a new product along with text-based content grabs more customer attention.

Social Reviews on page and website (word of mouth):

Word of mouth matter a lot for all the online businesses, as this is such a delicate topic, it can either ruin your business reputation, or it can make your business stand out for your best quality products and services. It is a most likely behavior of customers to spend a couple of minutes on reading reviews on your website or pages before placing their orders.

That’s why so many online businesses use a Yotop app to generate automated social reviews to provide their potential customers with better insight of their products through these reviews which leads them to trust their products quality. You can easily connect your Yotpo to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. These reviews increase social traffic towards your website and pages which result in increased sales.

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is the finest way to increase visitors to your site and to improve your website’s ranking. Every business needs to invest in New SEO Optimization Techniques for bringing in more visitors because without increasing traffic to your website the business won’t be able to generate any revenue.

seo optimization tips

To achieve these objectives, it should be considered that where your website stand in the list of search result pages. You need to make sure that you make the right use of catchphrases on your site and your products as Google and search engines use these catchphrases.

Virtual Reality:

Utilizing virtual reality is the best to create a stand out an image and drive traffic towards your website. Incorporating your native advertisement with virtual reality will have an immense effect on compelling the audience and engaging them. This increased engagement level of potential customers will result in increased level of sale of the products.


People don’t find it very much authentic yet still it is one of the most visited sites of customers to have a better insight of your business and the products and services offered. Do make sure to create a blog for your online business as it will keep your website and pages active which will position the link of your website on SEO. Smart Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Customers will also remain updated about the posts of your business and about new product and other offers.

Effective use of Big Data:

Big data is not only useful for big businesses but it is also very important for small businesses to do certain analysis related to their target market and customer to do well in a competition. Everyone in business needs to invest in big data. Big data can be used for many purposes such as:

  • Writing personalized emails and messages to the customers to engage them and though this they feel connected to the business in a valuable manner.
  • For making a list of customers by segmentation (interests, demographics, age, gender, etc.) and personalization.
  • Marketing campaigns have proven to be more successful after the efficient use of big data.

Big data has made it possible for the marketers to spot the existing; yet, hidden opportunities for their businesses after getting the insight from their potential customers. An insight of the targeted customers can help you acquire more potential customers.

Author: Shawn Marshall

Shawn Marshall is the father of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares her bright ideas on


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SEO Tips

The 5 Unknown Effects of Social Media on Your SEO!

social media and SEO

Listening others and telling stories, persuading viewer by raising awareness, creating a connection among communities by getting social, catalyzing the moment of serendipity, building relationships or relinquishing control over customers and providing them best customer services, all comes under one head which is social media!

Social media is not just a spoke on the wheel of marketing. It is becoming the way through which marketers can build the entire bicycles of their brand. As an ultimate equalizer, social media give voice and a platform to anyone who is willing to engage. Social media is a superset of online communication channels which are dedicated to community-based inputs, interactions, sharing, and collaboration.

The proliferation of social websites and social applications are making this wild child of marketing an integral part of our online as well as social life. Massive staying power of social media attributable depends on the fact that social media keeps evolving. It is continually exceeding users’ expectations and responding new tech like mobile devices and bringing the better feature to us than ever before.

There is a high consensus among social media marketing experts and SEO evangelists that when it comes to crafting an effective Advanced SEO Techniques, social media is an important consideration. Social media marketing and SEO are two tightly interwoven marketing strategies. Both are organic, inbound strategies, focused on building an appealing identity to attract visitors naturally. Social media marketing is based on high-quality content and increasing the site visibility. On the other side of the story, SEO strategy relies on increasing the online presence of your site and increasing social media reach. Social media play a significant role in increasing your search ranking.

Unfortunately, discussion revolving around the influence of social media marketing on Google rankings leaves vital details. Generally written of material leave out the discussion on how and why social media can improve your SEO rankings.

To remedy this, here is the sneak peak of five unknown effects of social media on your SEO strategy.

1. Sharing Can Lead to Links And Higher Rankings

There are actual connections between social media and SEO. These relationships consist of direct as well as the indirect correlation between these two inbound marketing strategies.

The number of backlinks on your website will contribute to increasing the ranking of your site. Don’t manipulate this effect with black-hat SEO technique. Google look into social signals in order to find out links to a website and to non-manipulate the way in the site can get links. Integration of social media and SEO have replaced the link juice and hard work on creating the link juice. Social media and SEO can work together to give your website the back links it needs for higher ranking in Google SERPs.

Social sharing of the content increase visibility of the page which means the creator of the content such as blogger, journalist and author will notice. That author can mention the link in his following piece of writing, the relationship between the two will increase the ranking of the page.

Another way in which social media influence ranking is the building a working relationship with content creators and specifically sharing the content with them. This concept would be familiar for those who understand the idea of PR in marketing. Social influencers are known for amplifying the impression, but content creators have the capability to create ranking benefits for the site owners. If ranking is your top priority, then relation with the creator would be an important part of your SEO strategy. The effect of the content creator might be not known to you, but it is important.

2. Social Media And “User Interaction Signals”

Imagine you are searching for a phrase and see the 10 search results on the page with blue links. You click one and land on a page which is not helpful. You hit the back button, this is a bounce on the site, and you click another link from the results on the search page. This time you have found a useful page, so you stay here for few minutes.

An entity which is watching all your searching activity with a sharp eye is Google. The search engine, browser, and analytics on both sites keep track of how much time the searcher stayed on the page. Search engine researcher calls this a long click. Google utilize long clicks as an indicator of quality and relevance. Google rank a site with respect to user interaction signals which is time on site and bounce rate. When it comes to visitor engagement what else comes to the mind is social interactions. Likes, shares, tweets and comments all indicate that the page is good enough to attract visitors. Liked pages have the higher ranking as a company to other unlike pages with useless information. Social media interactions are based on quality and quality is associated with increasing the rankings.

Read: How To Improve Search Ranking Using Social Media

From a very long time Google keep us telling that if you want to rank higher then make your page as much enjoyable as possible for the targeted audience. Pay attention on the keyword search and use them in a better way to enhance the experience of the visitors.

3. Personalization    

Google+ activity directly affect rankings because of Google love google+. Google+ post instantly rank for phrases included in the post. Smart G+ users write posts with bold headline titles at the top of the post. Google utilize google+ activity and reviews to personalize the search engine results after the user sign in. connect to an individual through google+ means increasing the ranking of your website. Google+ activity on do not affect the ranking in other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo, but it has a direct and significant impact on search ranking in Google through social activity.

4. Profile Ranking

Whenever you type a name of business, social media profile with official website pop up in the search results on the page. All active pertinent social profiles consistently engage the audience. Targeting a platform that resonates most with the prospective customer will help the site owner to increase search engine ranking. Organic results for social media profiles and google+ pages in the corner of the page not directly send traffic to the website but control the SERP real estate and ensure that there is full branded coverage.

5. Different Search Engines are Partial to Particular Social Media Activity

Google, is not only a single game in a town. It accounts for three-quarter of the search engine market share. The second most used search engine is Bing which looks at the social authority of the user. It assigns weight to SERPs by following the number of people following them.

Google is naturally partial to Google+. Google+, social media platform, increase profile ranking in SERPs and put the business directly in front of consumers. When you craft your SEO strategy for the other two search engine, keep in mind that plants that you  implemented today will cast as wide a net as possible.

Read our article “Using Social Bookmarking For SEO Effectively” for understanding more about Social Media.


Without any doubt, I have revealed the utter chaos behind alliance between social media and SEO. The above discussion proved that social media and SEO are tightly interwoven to each other. Correlation between social media and SEO is not causation, but there is no doubt that there is a significant impact of social media on SEO.

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Search engines not directly affect rankings, but social media is giving marketing professionals various opportunities to put their business in front on result pages of the search engine.

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