If you are working in the affiliate marketing field, you must have heard the affiliate booster’s name. A WordPress theme created only for affiliate marketers. So here we are doing an affiliate booster theme review for a better understanding of this theme.

Affiliate marketers can promote their affiliate marketing products easily with the help of an affiliate booster theme.

If you are a new Amazon affiliate marketer and want to start a new Amazon affiliate website in 2021, an affiliate booster will help you a lot.

But does an affiliate booster help you to promote your Amazon affiliate marketing products? To know this, we are going to give you a review of the affiliate booster theme.

What is, and who created the Affiliate Booster Theme?

As I told you in the introduction, an affiliate booster is a WordPress theme made only to use affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketers can promote their affiliate marketing products with the help of affiliate boosters.

You will have known Mr. Kulwant Nagi if you are an affiliate marketer. Mr. Kulwant Nagi is one of India’s best affiliate marketing cleaners, and he is a man who created an affiliate booster theme.

Affiliate Booster Theme Features

Here are the affiliate booster theme features:-

  • Ultra-Fast Loading

If your website takes lots of loading time, it is a big problem for you because your website loses a lot of traffic.

That also means that the bounce rate is high on your website if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, which is not good.

So that’s why it is essential for you and your website to load quickly when you want to rank high in SERP.

We have first used this theme and then we are doing an affiliate booster theme review for you, an affiliate booster theme will help you.

Affiliate Booster Loading Speed

  • Schema Optimized WordPress Theme for Affiliates

Schema Markup is a code that you should add to your website for more informative results to support search engines better.

Thus, using the Schema Optimized WordPress theme is essential for a better SERP rating. Affiliate Booster promises to be a scheme that is 100% streamlined.

The affiliate Booster theme is eligible for positive results, according to Google’s Rich Results test tool.

Schema Optimized WordPress Theme for Affiliates

  • Google SEO Score

SEO helps crawlers to browse and rank a website from search engines. If your website is correctly designed for SEO, it would be at the top. The primary task of the Affiliate Booster theme is to improve the website.

  • Mobile Responsive

If the user is using your website through his/her smartphone, then the responsive WordPress theme will change automatically according to the smartphone screen.

Some 51% of the people use the internet on mobile devices; they will leave automatically if your website or blog doesn’t look fine on the phone consumers — That’s why you should use a 100% mobile WordPress theme.

A responsive theme leads to enhancing customer interface and has even SEO benefits. Mobile comfort is one of Google’s main factors.

  • Elementor Compatible

The affiliate theme Booster is 100% compatible with Elementor. It means that you can use the most popular page designer in the world.

Elementor is one of the best and known page designers in the market. Elementor works well if you try to build some landing page or post design.

The affiliate booster theme is compatible with Elementor and almost every famous page creator, including Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder.

  • Easy Customization

Affiliate booster theme review tells you about the easy customization of the website. People who wish to stand out must get their website customized in the tough competition. You will make the website suitable for your consumers’ needs and save time and effort.

You will get ahead in the online ranking game by giving consumers a good experience. If you want to simplify the customization process, you can use the affiliate booster theme protocol to assist you.

To give website visitors the best experience, you need to select the best affiliate booster. You will attract consumers’ attention to the brand and products using the right themes and aesthetics.

Images can help massively improve the website’s appearance and give a professional look to users of your website. You need an easy-to-use website with simple headings.

If your website uses the right strategies, your website will respond to different devices, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

You can use the awesome affiliate booster theme to give your website users the best experience if you follow the best customization techniques.

Affiliate Booster Review Conclusion

Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

Here are the features of the affiliate booster plugin:-

  • Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons Block

You will want to outline the pros and cons of a product as an affiliate to help clients make choices easily. You can create beautiful pros and cons with Affiliate Booster plugin blocks with a single click.

  • Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

The creation of a comparison table is the most time-consuming thing in creating content for all affiliate marketers. You have to do many manual design activities, and you still may not find it up to the mark. The Booster Affiliate Table is a fantastic saver of time. It just takes 3 minutes to make the table.

  • Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

If you want to increase conversion, you can use a call to action block in your post. It helps visitors to find out what to do next. You can add a lovely CTA box to your post with a single click.

  • Affiliate Booster Single Product Block

The Single Product block is a block that highlights important product features and improves website revenue and conversions. You need to change the text, create an image and provide a link to your affiliate.

  • Affiliate Booster Notification Block

The Notification Block is used to highlight some essential features of a product to promote something, etc.

  • Affiliate Booster Notice Block

The Note Block helps to draw interest from visitors to your website. Many readers scroll rapidly, and this block is handy in that case.

  • Affiliate Booster Top Pick block

This block will showcase or highlight some of the best products to select among.

  • Button Block & Star Rating Block

These blocks can be used with other blocks separately. As there is nothing special about it, and with the Gutenberg editor, you will find the same thing, it doesn’t have any meaning.

Affiliate Booster Pricing and Plans

Affiliate Booster Theme pricing depends on the number of licenses you require for websites – a single website, 50 website licenses, and an unlimited website license. A discount of 25% is currently available.

The price would be about $20 for one single site license, $40 for 50 site licenses, and $70 for one Unlimited Licence after the discount.

When comparing the features, the affiliate booster pricing is efficient and at the same time moderate, as compared with other big WordPress themes like Generate press or Thrive.

It sounds slightly on the higher side than the themes like generate press, which cost USD 50 for an Unlimited License.

However, you won’t get an affiliate Booster-like strong plugin that makes Affiliate Booster the winner. 

Compared with Thrive WordPress theme, Affiliate Booster is extremely cheap but Thrive theme is features loaded.

I recommend that you take a single-site license, which is cheap, like any decent WordPress theme, for a blogging newbie.

Choose Unlimited or 50 Site License Partner Booster Theme if you run many websites. As this is the first offer, a 25% discount is currently available.

Single Site License50 Sites LicenseUnlimited Sites
100% Schema Optimized100% Schema Optimized100% Schema Optimized
Google SEO Score = 99Google SEO Score = 99Google SEO Score = 99
Fast LoadingFast LoadingFast Loading
100% Gutenberg Compatible100% Gutenberg Compatible100% Gutenberg Compatible
6 Header Designs6 Header Designs6 Header Designs
9 Homepage Designs9 Homepage Designs9 Homepage Designs
5 Single Page Designs5 Single Page Designs5 Single Page Designs
100% Responsive100% Responsive100% Responsive
Typography ControlsTypography ControlsTypography Controls
Color ControlsColor ControlsColor Controls
Elementor CompatibleElementor CompatibleElementor Compatible
FREE Affiliate Booster PluginFREE Affiliate Booster PluginFREE Affiliate Booster Plugin
40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price40% Renewal Discount on Actual Price
$35 Per Year 25% OFF$65 Per Year 25% OFF$110 Per Year 25% OFF
$26.25 Per Year$48.75 Per Year$82.5 Per Year

Why use Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin?

Multiple interface options out of the box are one of the features of the Affiliate Booster Theme. That means you can change the header of your website with a single click. In the customizer, the header choices are present.

Professional bloggers and affiliate marketers can have well-designed homepage designs. With the help of beautiful column templates, full-width featured picture layout, and full-width layout with grids, give your blog a professional look.

Single post formats for experienced bloggers and affiliate marketers are well-designed. That will give your website a beautiful look. Affiliate Booster helps the posts with various kinds of formats, and you change them anytime you wish.

Finally, Everybody is not so smart to code every line on their website, even if you programmed well you’re going to waste hours on a design, or I mean one day, and no guarantee will it be better than your competitor. So that is why I will recommend you to use an affiliate booster theme and plugin.

Affiliate Booster Home Page Layout Settings

Affiliate Booster Single Post Layout Settings


Here are some FAQs about the Affiliate booster.

  • Is the Affiliate Booster Free or Paid?

The Affiliate Booster plugin comes with the affiliate booster theme and is free of cost. No additional charges need to pay.

  • How can you download Affiliate Booster Theme?

From the Affiliate Booster Theme website, you can easily download it.

  • Is Affiliate Booster a plugin or a theme?

Affiliate Booster is a theme of WordPress and also a plugin of WordPress.